Satoru Lawrence
Portrayed By Masanobu Ando
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Ossification
Age 30
Date of Birth August 9, 1988
Date of Death NEVER.
Occupation Telemarketer
Family Jonathan Lawrence (father), Yoko Arai-Lawrence (mother), Kazuo Lawrence (brother, deceased)
Significant Other(s) :<
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

His stint in prison apparently didn't teach him much, because once he gets out it isn't long before Satoru starts mixing in with the criminal element - even moreso than he may have been before, really, which was 'not much'. Maybe it's making up for getting sent to prison for what he perceived as a stupid reason, but either way, he spent a lot of time on Staten afterwards. Doing mostly hired goon work, given that he doesn't let on that he's smart enough to do anything better (because he doesn't want to have that kind of responsibility), making cement shoes, breaking legs, putting bones where they don't belong, running packages, that sort of thing. He gets a few more tattoos, maybe, and generally shows no inclination to go straight.

(in either sense of the term)

But once the Zarek Group gets ahold of Staten Island, he runs away along with everyone else, and this time he doesn't go back. Thinks to himself, maybe there's something I can be doing that doesn't involve running away all the time. Steadier pay, don't have to act dumb to keep from getting beat on. He moves back in with his parents for a little while while he finds himself an HONEST job. Doesn't like the feeling that he's betraying what he stands for, even though over the years he's started to figure out that when you decide what you stand for before you get into highschool you probably don't stand for anything. Copes a little more with his brother's death. Becomes a telemarketer, finds an affordable apartment in a slightly better part of town he'd been in before. Lets himself be gay, but maintains most of his self-loathing, it just isn't as intense as present-day. He has Learned To Control Himself.

He's still a jerk. At work, he's often able to pass it off as just joking, and in general he's good with tact, but he'll also speak his mind if he figures he can get away with it. He does have the potential to want to slip back into old habits, given enough persuasion, and while with each passing year it seems less likely, he's near the point where adult life is getting boring. Getting back into crime could shake things back up again. He's not quite there (and won't get there during the Bright Future storyline barring unforseen circumstances) but that'll be his mental state.

Evolved Human Ability:

Satoru's ability can essentially be summed up as 'Contact Ossification'. With physical contact, he is able to turn the flesh of living creatures into bone. He has to make physical contact for the change to take place, and the ability can only be used on things that have bone in the first place (for example, he can't use it on plants or insects).

Any contact with Satoru's bare skin (assuming he's using his power, of course) can cause his target to form bone on the point of contact. However, any part of his skin other than his hands will only create a thin layer of ossified tissue; contact with his hands will produce bone that is thicker and prolonged contact will cause the ossification to spread.

Over time, Satoru has come to figure out how to reverse the effect of his ability - while previously he could only undo it in himself, he can now 'fix' his victims as well, should he so choose.

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