Daniel Sawyer
Portrayed By Tahmoh Penikett
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Tactile Intuition
Age 44
Date of Birth March 10th, 1975
Date of Death ???
Occupation Major, United States Army (Current), Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Former)
Family Linda Sawyer (Mother), Thomas Sawyer (Father), Nadina Sawyer (Ex-Wife)
Significant Other(s) None (Divorced)
First Appearance None
Last Appearance None
Our doubts are traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win
By fearing to attempt.

Measure for Measure - Act I, Scene IV

Daniel Sawyer is a Major in the United States Army who trains people in the use of their abilities to serve their country.

Character History:

When he retired from the military in 2006, Daniel Sawyer never thought he would return. But that is exactly what happened.

In 2009, as a Special Agent in the FBI, Daniel was using his position to help protect those Evolved that did not want to register remain anonymous. This brought him into contact with the group known as The Ferrymen, as well as their more pro-active wing, Phoenix. Not long after his initial contact, the world was saved. Phoenix was thrust into the limelight. And despite his protests, so was he. Though he was not a factor in the events that made Phoenix the heroes they would come to be known, his limited contact granted him a small degree of celebrity status.

What it didn't give him, however, was a happy Director of the FBI. Not one for having loose cannons and agents willfully breaking the law for their own ends, Daniel Sawyer was fired from the FBI. Perhaps if he had played a bigger role in Phoenix, or contacted them sooner, he would have been granted leeway in his deeds. As it was, his limited participation only prevented him for being charged and thrown in jail for his actions.

His wife didn't take the news very well, at all. A marriage already strained by the amount of time and energy Daniel was putting into helping Evolved snapped when he lost his job. Within months they were divorced. Daniel decided he needed some time to get his bearings, and returned to his parents' home in the Upper West Side. He spent the better part of a year there, and after he stopped moping about his divorce and the loss of his job, he began to practice his ability more.

In late 2010, Daniel was approached by members of the US Army. They knew all about his ability, and thought he could be of use in training younger men and women with abilities. With no other options beyond becoming a security guard or some other demeaning occupation, he accepted. He was reinstated and given a promotion to Captain, becoming an officer in the process. He was brought to a secure military facility in Germany, where he began his new job.

Sometime between 2010 and now, the army began to give their best men a serum produced by a company known as Pinehearst to give them synthetic abilities. Daniel was given a promotion to Major and was relocated back to New York, where ever since he was been training this new generation of men and women.

Evolved Human Ability:

Since he has been training evolved and synthetic evolved for several years, Daniel has been training his ability as well. All of his prior restrictions still apply, excepting that any information he gleans from an item is now remembered by him even after letting it go. This information does fade after time, depending on how long he handled the object in question and it's complexity, generally at a rate of weeks to months. Constant handling and use will leave his knowledge of the object for several months, whereas a one time use will only leave it for a week.

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