Dr. Sonny Bianco
Portrayed By Adrian Grenier
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Physiological Manipulation
Age 39
Date of Birth November 29, 1979
Date of Death
Occupation Director, The Healing Hands Group
Family President Harry Bianco (father), Melinda Bianco (first lady)
Significant Other(s) Bijou Baxter (fiancee)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Dr. Bianco is the director of The Healing Hands Group, a charitable coalition of Evolved healers and doctors. He is the son of Democratic President, Harry Bianco.

Character History:

After the spotlight was put on Phoenix, Sonny's alternate identity of Connor Kinney faded into the background. He didn't feel like that identity could stand up to public scrutiny. Given Connor was more of a support player for Phoenix, it wasn't difficult for him to disappear unnoticed.
Sonny decided to slip away as well. He signed up to work with Doctors Without Borders and spent two years in third world countries. The bulk of his work was helping people maimed by land mine explosions, birth defects or other deformities. For the first time in his life, he felt like he was making a real difference.

Even after Sonny returned to New York, he didn't rejoin the social scene. That lead to many rumours about his personal life, especially as his father's political career was gaining steam. After Harry Bianco's second term as mayor ended, he became a Congressman for New York. There were murmurs through the Democratic party that he might end up as a Presidential candidate sometime in the future.
Not long after his return to New York, Sonny began laying the groundwork for what would become The Healing Hands Group. His work abroad had given him a new perspective and made him realize how much good even a handful of healer-Evolved could do. He stopped working at The Bianco Clinic, though it remained in operation under that name with conventional cosmetic surgeons on staff.
The Healing Hands Group was formed as a coalition of Evolved healers, or doctors with Evolved abilities to help out the terminally ill and people who couldn't be helped in any other way. The organization regularly sent Evolved healers abroad to help out in poor areas, or sent to places where outbreaks were occurring to help stem the tide.

The work has given Sonny a great deal of professional satisfaction, though his personal life has remained unfulfilled. Recently he has become engaged to Bijou Baxter, aka Bebe. Now that his father is president, it's important for him to have a publicly known personal life. Rumours abound that the union is only for show.

Evolved Human Ability:

Over the years, Sonny's gained finer control over his powers, but they haven't increased greatly. He can use them faster and without physical contact (up to a range of one meter.) He has never developed the more violent potential of his ability, simply because there's never been a need.

(for details, see Sonny's present page)


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