Staten Island
Owner The Zarek Group
Current Status Open for Business

Independently owned by the Zarek Group, Staten Island was purchased from the United States Government by Kain Zarek in 2012 and quick reform was instated on the island. The Zarek Group’s headquarters is based out of central Staten Island. Crime rates on Staten Island are controlled by the presence of the New York FRONTLINE headquarters having been constructed on the grounds of what was once known as the Rookery, a savage and ruthless region of cutthroat criminals a decade ago.

Staten Island is connected to the mainland by the Phoenix-Narrows, former the Verrazano-Narrows, a bridge reconstructed in the memory of the freedom-fighting organization that helped defeat a potential global extinction event at this very site ten years ago. The double-decker bridge handles all land traffic coming in and out of Staten Island from New York.

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