Tamara Brooks
Tamara Brooks
Portrayed By Rachel Hurd-Wood
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Precognition
Age 29
Date of Birth March 4
Occupation Professional Psychic
Family Kathleen Brooks, Judah Demsky, Colette Nichols-Demsky
Final Appearance


At the age of 29, Tamara has finally finished the long process of growing up, and the combination of full maturity and additional experience has given her a much better handle on the chaos that is her power. She isn't, and will never be, sane by any technical definition — but she's a lot better at translating the crooked paths of her thoughts into lines other people can follow, and she has a better grasp of the division between present and future. The power itself, however, hasn't changed and never will, only her ability to manage it.

This greater clarity — the capacity to put on a believable facade of normality — allowed Tamara to actually open a business based around her power in 2015, as per the amended Unity Act. For the past four years, she has been a psychic-for-hire, assisting everyone from law enforcement officials and private detectives like Colette to children looking for lost pets and teenagers wondering if pursuing a relationship is a good idea. Of course, her hours are as erratic as her attention span still is… but people who have questions that need to be answered have no difficulty being found by her.

Tamara and Colette retain close associations with Judah and Felix; they also live near and often spend time with Elisabeth, Delilah, Abigail, and their children. The woman hasn't lost any of her whimsy, and appreciates children for their ability to accept her more random behavior with fewer questions. She has occasionally worked with (i.e. foretold things for) Peter and other Pinehearst officials, Gabriel, probably almost anyone else in law enforcement, and Teo.


Tamara is a precog who perceives all possible outcomes of events at all times.


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