Veronica Hunter
Portrayed By Eliza Dushku
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Lie Detection
Age 37
Date of Birth November 30, 1982
Date of Death
Occupation Pinehearst, Assistant of Security
Family Ex husband, Jake Hunter. Daughter, Summer Hunter, age 5.
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Veronica has recently begun work at Pinehearst after taking some years off, due to having a baby and getting married to Jake Hunter about five years ago. The whirlwind marriage came about after Veronica became pregnant soon after the two began dating, if one could call it that. The two decided to try marriage; however, eventually their differences were just too vast and the two have split, amicably.

Veronica Hunter, nee Sawyer, after much debate due to her mixed feelings about Evolved powers, took the Pinehearst formula — her ambition as great as ever, she felt that she should do whatever it took to do her job and do it well, now that she's back in the swing of things with Summer in school. Now "Evolved," she is returning to work with Andrew (Brian) Winters, though this time not as his partner but as his assistant. The two have maintained a friendship, though it's always been a little awkward. Now it will most likely be more so, as Veronica is now single once more.

Evolved Human Ability:

Veronica has the ability to sense when someone is lying, whether vocally or using non-verbal gestures, such as a nod or shake of the head. The power does not work if for whatever reason the subject in question believes they are telling the truth. Though nothing is clear to anyone else in the area, Veronica will get a "tingle" or sensation of a lie being told. The closer her proximity to the person, the stronger the sensation if any deception is attempted.


Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

  • Not known: Summer is actually Winters' daughter. Even Veronica is not wholly aware of this — though she may have her suspicions.
  • Veronica fled a "real" relationship" with Winters due to the fact he was a "replicate." She didn't see him as a "real" person. She ran into Jake's arms — overcoming her issues with Evolved people, though not quite overcoming her feelings regarding Winters as a duplicate.


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