Victor Childs
Officer Victor Childs
Portrayed By Jeremy Sumpter
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Superspeed
Age 30
Date of Birth February 5, 1989
Date of Death No!
Occupation NYPD Detective
Family Gillian (sister), the Petrellis (in-laws), Jason Childs (son)
Significant Other(s) Monica Dawson (wife, divorced)
First Appearance Coming Soon
Last Appearance Not As Soon

Grew up, filled out.

Character History

Ever the crusader, Victor Childs became an NYPD patrol officer in 2009. Having registered in accordance with the Linderman Act from its inception as well as being involved in the initial apprehension of Gabriel Gray, his good reputation was off to a running start in the department. Never a particularly good student in school, it turned out that police work was a perfect fit for Victor. He very quickly (as he does most things) cemented his reputation as a good officer and something of a near-superhero since he never had to try to hide his publicly registered special abilities.

In the proceding years he formed a relationship with Monica Dawson who followed him into policework. They became partners in Patrol, fast friends, and frequently more than friends. By 2011 Vic asked her to marry him and she did. Jason (Jay) was born by 2012.

Of course once Vic and Monica got married department policy broke up their on the job partnership and reassigned them to new partners on the force. The result of this was that they no longer worked together as closely, and being able to spend less time together at work translated to less time together at home what with being on different shifts, beats, and assignments. The stress of this plus raising their new son eventually culminated with Monica and Vic mutually divorcing in 2014. Strangely that seemed to have been the best thing for their relationship. What had become a romance and marriage that degenerated into fighting and dissatisfaction turned into the peaceful mature friendship that some divorced parents manage to find.

The years between have seen Monica and Vic begin even to toy around with the idea of trying again, although progress on that has been slow. Jay has gotten to the age that he's begun to drop hints about wanting mommy and daddy back together, though.

In 2017, Victor was promoted to Detective in the Homicide division where he continues to do the good work of a police officer with insufferable and near-spotless integrity.

Vic faced the demons that stood between he and his sister Gillian years ago, and he often offers to visit her and Peter for holidays and other such occasions. For her own reasons Gillian is rather distant with her brother though.

Evolved Human Ability

Superspeed: Victor's abilities have incrementally grown. For all intents consider him about three times as fast as his 2009 incarnation, now able to run about 1,500mph, or close to Mach 2. He is now able to speed his perceptions and nervous system without actually engaging in physical superhuman speed. Aside from these two changes his Evolved abilities remain the same as his 2009 self.


Pre-April 2019
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Memorable Quotes

  • The moment he says something you'll remember it.

Trivia and Notes

  • Inspirations include Barry Allen.
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