Tidings Of Joy


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Scene Title Tidings of Joy
Synopsis Elisabeth stops by just to check on Abby and hang out, and once again becomes the bearer of bad news.
Date Aug 12, 2009

Abby's Apartment, The Verb

It's early — but that can't really be helped. Elisabeth has to go out of town this morning, and before she does it, she wants to lay eyes on Abby. So she ever-so-politely calls ahead to make sure the other blonde's awake, and she even comes bearing gifts. Bakery-fresh blueberry muffins from a real bakery, and designer coffee from the stand down the street. When she rings Abby's bell, dressed casually in a pair of worn jeans and a red tanktop, Elisabeth holds up her offerings with a bit of a grin. "Welcome back."

Abigails up, awake, gathering books and getting ready to head out for class. Final are around the bend, she's caught up and things are going good. So when Liz rings the bell, there's a cat that sticks it's head out the door when it's cracked open for the blonde police officer. "Come in liz. close the door behind you"

Slipping in, Liz closes the door carefully so the cat doesn't get loose and sets the breakfast offerings on the table. "Sorry it's so early, but I wanted to peek in…. say hi. See how your visit home went. You know… the normal stuff that people do when they're not being lame-a… lame friends." She shoves a hand through her hair. "Did you have a good time?"

"I'm always up before this Liz. Thanks to the curfew the bar doesn't stay open as late and so" Abigail shrugs her shoulders, moving to haunt the muffins and inhale deeply. Denim skirt, tank top, blonde hair back in a ponytail and flip flops, the blonde looks ready for school. The gold cross ever present around her neck. "It went good. Victor met my parents, he likes them, they like him. He … asked me stuff, we visited New Orleans" Abigail fetches a plate or two so Elisabeth can join her for the quick breakfast. "I got some fishing time in with my dad and we caught a really big catfish. Momma was thrilled, she was cutting up catfish steaks for like, ages" One muffin is transferred to a plate. "You?"

Elisabeth grins, truly pleased to hear that Abby's visit home was so good. She sets out the cups she brought and admits, "It's not coffee…it's hot chocolate. I know, not so much a summer drink, but I was in the mood. That sounds like a fabulous viist!" She eyes Abby with a smile. "What kinda things?" she asks nosily, her tone one of amused girl-talk 'c'mon, dish!' not interrogation. "Me?" She pauses. "Well… somehow I always seem to have more problems than answers," Liz admits mildly as she takes the plate with the muffin and moves to settle wherever Abby sits. "Not nearly as much fun as your trip, that's for sure."

"Things that are between Victor, me and.. scruffy illegal grandpa as he calls him" Abigail supplies, about as close as she will give Liz. But liz, and he problems more than answers. "Awww Liz. Is there anything that I can do? To help? Like stay out of trouble?"

She can't help it — the giggles just tumble out of her at the 'scruffy illegal grandpa' comment. Liz gasps softly, "Good God, he really calls him that?" She sets her plate down and looks at Abby, her giggles easing to a soft smile. "You can do something for me," she admits. "You can tell me you forgive me for being a complete twit half the time, and an overbearing overprotective cop the rest of it." Liz looks down, her hands toying with her cup. "In the months I've known you, …. I always have this sense of needing to look out for you. Maybe not the right ways." She looks up, and offers one of those half-apologetic, half-rueful purses of her lips. "You should occasionally kick me for it," she says quietly.

"Why should I kick you for it Liz? It's all well meaning. It's you being a friend, not an overbearing protective cop" The younger blonde fires back. You're no worse than… Cat, or who knows else who does what they do and watches over me. Trust me, you're no Brian" Abby points out. "You didn't want to toss me into a house and not let me out the door for fear that I might stub a toe"

"Yeah… well, I'm glad you see it that way," Elisabeth admits. "Thanks." She moves to pick at her blueberry muffin now. "For what it's worth, I definitely don't think you go asking for trouble," she says with a grin. "It just finds you. And speaking of troublemakers… Richard says hello, too."

"Richard!" Abigail grins. "I brought him back something from New Orleans. As a thank you for the trip. I don't know where he got the tickets but, it was good" yeah, trouble finds her, even down in New Orleans. "Hey uhm, so. I uh. I was talking with my dad and you know how I can't heal anymore, and how i'm like, not even evolved, right?"

Elisabeth's chuckles at the way Abby's face lights up. "I'd offer to pass the message, but I'm sure you've got his cell number," she comments easily. She tilts her head at the hesitance, studying Abby for a moment. "Right… you told me that. What about it?"

"I was five. I was five when I got it. I thought, what the hey, i'll ask my dad right, if he'd ever met a guy name francois when I was like twelve or so." Abigial slips her feet under herself on the couch. "I was five and he was hurt in the woods and I guess, I came running for my parents and taking them back to where he'd been, but.. he was missing. My dah said that if there hadn't been blood, they would have thought that I was making it up"

The expression on Elisabeth's face goes from curious to thoughtful as she listens, but she doesn't interrupt right now. Abby's telling it in her own way.

But there's nothing more. Abby's finished. Much like when she poked her father for more, there was no more. "Mr. Nakamura said a man named Francois, had the ability before I did. I didn't remember anyone name Francois, but my dad did. Remembered me meeting someone in the woods behind the house a bit off near the highway

Elisabeth nods slowly. "I'm less concerned about the ability itself than about how you're handling being without it after all these years, Abby," she admits quietly. "God sent Francois to you for whatever reason… but I don't want you to think that just because it's time for it to be somewhere else that you're somehow less."

"I am less Liz. In some manner, I am. There is that part of me that's missing. But I'm dealing with it. I have to go see Ariel soon, I just got back and I need to go set up my appointments again. I like her more actually, than Dr. Yee. Dr. Martinez is helping me deal with not having God's gift anymore, and it being in Flint" She doesn't know yet about the Psychologists death it seems. "It doesn't make me less of a person and I don't think that he's punishing me anymore, but, I'm getting there, i'm enduring and living"

Elisabeth pales for a long moment and says, "Ariel Martinez is you therapist?" Oh shit. How does she tell Abby this. "Abs…. I'm so sorry, I don't…. " Christ. Why does she always seem to be the bearer of bad news?? "There was an some kind of incident with one of Dr. Martinez's patients. She… was killed."

She might think that the blonde was joking if it wasn't for the quick absence of the blood from Liz's face. Which leaves Abigail's smile slipping away from her face to regard the police officer across from her. "when"

She's so not joking. Liz's blue eyes are apologetic and actually there's a flash of tears there as she struggles with the fact that Fate has once again kicked Abby in butt. "About a week ago," she says quietly. "She's…. a cop's spouse," she adds. "Which is honestly the only reason I know her name. I didn't realize you were seeing her or I would have ….." She pauses. "No…. that's not true. I wouldn't have called you for it. I won't lie."

"Dr. Yee went on Vacation and she was, Ariel was the person who got given my file. She.." A cops wife. A patient did it. Suddenly the blueberry muffin was like a lump of lead in her stomach. Of course Liz wouldn't have called her. Liz didn't event tell her who all was hurt in whatever that went down with Pinehearst. The last half of the muffin is placed down on her coffee table. What the woman's husband must be going through. Loosing your spouse. "Has the funeral happened yet?"

"I'm sorry," Elisabeth says again quietly. "As far as I've heard, no." She grimaces a little bit. "I would have called about the funeral, if I'd known you were a patient of hers, so you could send flowers," she admits softly. Which is moot because she didn't realize Abby had ties. "Her spouse… her wife… was arrested that same day for killing the kid who did it." Elisabeth shakes her head. "It's all a huge mess. For both of them. Officer Martinez was taken into Homeland custody, though I'm not exactly sure why."

"Her wife?" Dr. Martinez was… wow. Abby'd never realized that. But the wife was arrested and, someone else died. Abigail's lips purse tight. She'd told the woman that she didn't think she could take another person dying on her only three weeks before. And then… her shrink gets killed. Dr. Yee was still gone, who was.. who was she supposed to go talk to? Oh god, the poor officer loosing her wife. "I uh, I have to get going to school Liz. I got finals coming and i'm still playing catch up with my two weeks gone"

There's a soft sigh and Elisabeth nods. "Boy, it's always nice when I come by, isn't it?" she asks darkly, standing up and heading for the front door. "I'm always such a fuckin' font of good news, right?" So much for seeing her friend and just… hanging out for a few minutes, Elisabeth has to think to herself. She turns to look back, her expression more tearful than Liz would usually be. "I'm sorry, Abby. I'm …. " She shakes her head, not able to say anything else that's even worth saying. And then she opens the door and lets herself out, making sure the cat doesn't come with her.

"Usually, yeah, it's better. Take uhh, take care today, have a fun day at work" Offered up to the departing officer as the cat is scooped up so she won't flee into the hallway. And liz is sorry, she's always sorry. Abigail just tosses the cat onto the couch. "God Bless Liz" just as the door closes. The younger blonde stares at it for a few minutes before she starts to slowly go about gathering her things to head out for class far more subdue'd than she normally has been.

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