Til Someone Gets Eaten


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Scene Title Til Someone Gets Eaten
Synopsis Did someone say chaos? It must be Tuesday.
Date May 30, 2019

Raytech Cafeteria/Lounge

1PO (any order, 1 pose per round)

Location: Raytech Dining Room/Employee Lounge (there's an exterior garden/solar panel crop)
Date: End of May sometime

It's 63 degrees and overcast today, rain falling at intermittent intervals. It means no one gets to eat lunch outside among the solar panels and flowers planted on the rooftop. But the view of the Safe Zone is at least something.

She'd arranged to meet Richard up here for lunch if he could get away, but right now… Right this moment, Elisabeth is standing in the middle of the large windowed room staring at a fucking robotic velociraptor that has for some reason magically appeared from the bowels of Raytech's basement to perch in the corner of the room. And the audiokinetic has zero idea what the fuck that's all about. So… hands on hips, she's simply pondering the matter.

Do you know how you frighten a wild Barney? You put a freaking velociraptor in the lunchroom unexpectedly. That's how you frighten a wild Barney. To be fair he should be watching where he's going. And he is, mostly. But he's also focused on something on his clipboard, thumbing through the pages there. Sure there's all the fancy tech and tablets and stuff he could be using, but Barney likes having physical tangible papers in hand. He's not adverse to the tech, he just also likes having stuff in physical copy. He's walking and talking with someone about a project they're working on. They go one way and he goes the other, only to look up from his clipboard, and launch it into the air. His clipboard is a nice one, a slim metal case that he can put papers inside, as well as being a clipboard. The thing goes flying up in the air and there's a loud bark of surprise from him. "What in the hells?!" He huffs out. There's a clatter as the clipboard hits the floor behind him. He stares at the velociraptor for a moment as if it has personally wronged him before he turns and retrieves his clipboard. "I hate that thing." He grumbles a bit, retrieving the papers from the floor that came loose in the clipboard's brief life as a rocket. “Good afternoon Miss Harrison.” One hand smoothing his now ruffled beard.

Alia has shown up to get singe coffee, and a snack… which leads her to eyeing up the dino. "…nobody notices when you do it on April fools day." She grumbles to herself, then nods to the others present. To Liz she answers the most obvious question on her face first "Warren made."

“It’s Auntie Elle!” Oh no, Ricky has gotten loose.

The small boy, dressed in overalls hanging off one shoulder over a red shirt, rushes around the tables and past Elisabeth (who is less interesting than a raptorbot, sorry Liz) and starts climbing up the back of the robotic velociraptor with his usual monkey-like ability to scale things, crowing as he does so, “Unca Warren made it and it talks like Auntie Elle!”

He’s very fond of dinosaurs.

"Good morning, Miss Ellie," Seren greets as they stride briskly past, early lunch piled on a tray delicately carried between both hands. Baird is having a lazy, slow morning, yellow eastern-dragon form curled around Seren's neck while it dozes, green accents of hair floating this way and that in an unseen wind.

"Good morning!" screeches the velociraptor in reply, unmoving. It sounds nothing like its programmed voice, because at that moment it's not the programming doing the talking.

After noting the non-living, Seren eventually moves onto people that can — you know, respond back naturally. "Morning, all," they chirp cheerfully, and Baird lazily opens one emerald eye. Pausing, Seren looks between Liz and Barney with a slight furrow of the brow.

Whatever was the matter? The velociraptor clearly belonged here.

Zachery is new here. This maybe shows in the way that he's seated, three coffees in (and no solid food, it would seem), and just… choosing not to comment. His face is half buried in one hand, elbow on the table in front of him and fingers pressed hard into his cheekbone. Two things cause this visible tension. One, far too much coffee. Two, 'Unca Warren and Auntie Elle'.

Excuse the one-eyed intern over here, he's having a moment while he realizes exactly what he's gotten himself into. For about the sixth time this month. Staring blankly at the fucking velociraptor from his half curled up position at the table.

Someone kicks open the door to the lounge, insinuating themselves between the automatically closing door and the frame with a shift of a hip. “Now uh, huh huh.” A pencil skirt, black tights, and a pair of converse sneakers are the only things revealed because this interloper is carrying a stack of white bakery boxes in her arms. But she’s also singing. So. It’s clearly Sera.

When I’m daaaancing close to her!” Sera Lang dances into the employee lounge, precariously balancing the bakery boxes in her arms as she sashays and saunters across the floor, wet-soles sneakers squeak-slipping with each step. “Blinding me with science, science!

Sera musically meanders her way over to one of the tables, toppling the entire armful of boxes down with an impish smile and a flick of her blonde bangs from her face. “Science!” She proclaims in a sing-song voice. The boxes, marked Rings of Juniper in pink caligraphy smell of fresh pastries. “I can smell the chemicals,” Sera sings as she throws her arms into the air, bracelets rattling around her wrists and shoes squeaking across the floor. “Blinding me with science, science!

With a wiggle of her hips, Sera begins moving her arms in a locomotive motion and starts to moonwalk back toward the door. “Science, science!” Her head bobs from side to side, hair swishing this way and that. “Mmn, but it’s poetry in mo— ” Sera’s heel hooks the leg of Zachery’s chair, “ooo!” her arms windmill, “ooohshit!” And she trips over herself, and Zachery’s chair, and slips in the water on the floor, and basically falls at him.

“Where are you, you little shit?” Devi’s husky voice carries from the lounge doorway. Raven locks blossoming helter skelter from a messy arrangement atop her head bob as she keeps her head bowed over her left wrist, focused on a black-metal bangle. In the opposite hand, a paper coffee cup is precariously tipped so that she can viciously jabb a pinky at the surface of the one-of-a-kind smart device. “When I find you I’m gunna rip you right back outta-…” Oh look! People!

Devi big brown eyes do make a convincing doe-in-head-lights expression as she nearly walks into the pin-wheeling, falling Sera and Zach-cushion. Maybe she could save her, and him, but instead her arm goes wide, holding the coffee cup out of knocking distance. “Heads up,” she calls out casually.

Train wreck. That's the word that passes through Elisabeth's mind as simultaneously the dinosaur talks, Ricky climbs it, Barney's clipboard flies away, and Sera trips on herself. Well… at least it's distracting enough that it doesn't even occur to Elisabeth that the dinosaur is speaking in the wrong voice — she's never heard it before! Instead… yeah.

"Ricky, who let you off your leash?" Elisabeth chides. "Come down before you land on your head." She has the vaguely exasperated tone of any other mom-of-a-boy. There is not enough coffee in the world for this.

Elisabeth simply waves. To everyone. It's as much greeting as she can manage while eyeballing the male offspring of a certain CEO.

So much happens so quick. There's dinosaurs, and then children climbing them, which has Barney racing forwards to try and save the child from the raptor. It's one of Warren's inventions. For all anyone knows becoming a child's jungle gym is the activation to turn it into a giant godzilla bot that rampages around and destroys New York. "Mister Ric…" Barney begins, but trails off when Liz takes it all in stride and handles the kid. "I'm less worried about him landing on his head than the robot deciding he's a threat. Or worse. It is one of Mister Warren's inventions." Nuff said.

"There's donuts." Barney chimes in helpfully, smiling at Liz before takes a couple of steps back, and turns, to regard Sera and Zachary. "Are you both okay?" Asks the big ginger as he walks over and tries to help Sera up, off of Zachery. "Wait… why is the robot speaking with a different voice? Who reprogrammed the robot dinosaur. Better yet why did someone reprogram the robot dinosaur that was invented by Mister Warren. Are we even sure that thing has been properly disarmed?" He asks that question primarily of Devi, a hopeful look given to the woman.

Alia’s reaction to the robot talking is a -sight- as she damn near jumps a foot straight back, reaching for something behind her back that isn’t there… -then- she relaxes and grumbles. “Safe. system’s off, main board in my office.” Alia takes a slow deep breath. She’ll let Liz handle the kids. She’s better at it, honestly. That and Alia’s heart is still skipping a few beats in its rush to pump panic into her system. Later, she will catch the bit of Sera pinwheeling into the newbie. And she’ll edit it to be just that, uploaded as a clip from at least two different angles.

Alia picks up Barney’s clipboard and hands it back to the man once he has a free hand and she nods to Devi.

“It’s okay! Really, it’s fine, I’m good, just let me— “ Ricky’s already half-way up the leg of the raptor as people try and intercept him, and then he sighs and slides back down since his mum is telling him no and he’s a good boy. No matter what Aurora says. He didn’t actually put the bug down her dress, after all!

He does put his hands on his hips and look up at Elisabeth, lamenting, “But mum it’s fun and it’s a dinosaur and Jonah loves dinosaurs and he’s so jealous we have one and— “

Ricky might keep going, but then there’s a voice from the robot and he blinks up at it, looking confused. “Did Unca Warren change the voice? I liked when it sounded like Auntie Elle!”

With every new thing that happens, Zachery has more to ignore. Honestly, he's probably busy fantasizing about when he'll have his own office some day, and money to buy a proper lunch with, and some silence. Even if he wanted to understand some of the things currently going on in this room it would probably take him at least half an hour of context explanations. Maybe he'll tackle one of them at a time.

Or maybe he'll be rudely interrupted by his chair being jostled, causing him to shove his heels into the ground and to scoot his chair back while the mostly finished coffee in his hand goes flying across the table as reflexes take over to try and — ??? What is HAPPENING.

"AaaaAAAAaA." Before he knows it, he's halfway up, instinct driving him to catch Sera in his arms with a somewhat bewildered, "Oof!" Fortunately, she manages to miss crashing into stinted fingers, which end up sticking out somewhat awkwardly in their blue confinement. The look he gives Barney upon being asked if he's okay is wide-eyed and about as informative as a blank page to a blind man. I don'T KNOW anyMOre.

Seren looks back at the raptor thoughtfully when so many note its difference in sound. They've never actually heard it while it was engaged. Maybe a little trip to Alia's office was in order to rectify that. You know; for science.

Baird lifts its head off their neck, watching the spectacle Sera makes even before she slips and falls. For better or worse, no sound comes from the snakelike dragon, its head remaining perfectly balanced and focused on the catastrophe while Seren starts and turns to see for themselves, wide-eyed.

What to do, even.

"Good morning, miss Devi," they call out unhappily, already moving to help however they can in untangling the donut-loving secretary from the yet-unknown intern. "Wow, are you both all right??" Eyes darting to the table, they decide maybe cleanup would be the best thing to offer here instead. Baird must share the same idea, slinking off of Seren's shoulder to begin floating in twists and air-slithers toward the paper towel dispenser.

Coffee mug already raised out of harms way, it's a short effort to make the gesture a shrugged response for Giant Ginger's wandered search for hope. "Don't look at me," Devi retorts, backing up a pace from the invisible vortex of 'what-the-fuck' that seems perpetually attuned to Zachery's soul. "I was just told to disable the explode-y stuff. No one said anything about the smashy stuff, or the slashy stuff, or the wooshy stuff." Whatever wooshy stuff might be. Even still, the designated one-woman Warren-Bomb-Squad smiles fondly at the big redhead.

The biker bitch's dark gaze comes back around as she finally dares bring the little paper cup back to usable level. Seren's familiar voice has drawn her attention, but it narrows as she sees her coworker lingering nearer the intern. "Careful, Little Bird." Something about the weighted nature of her husky tone suggests its not the hot coffee Devi is cautioning Seren against. She tips her head subtly and lets her gaze slide to Zachery awkwardly cradling Sera. Then, just as easily, she looks away and perks up. "Did I hear donuts? I like the powdered ones." Because, of course she would.

Well… Barney isn't wrong. It is a Warren construct. Elisabeth eyes the dinosaur, and then fetches her stepson from Barney's hold while he goes to help Sera and Zachery. "You know," she tells Ricky in amusement, "one of these days you're gonna climb something and you're gonna have to be rescued and it's going to be so not-primal, son." She nudges him toward the food line. "Go, get a sandwich and stuff. I'll be right behind you."

Putting her hands on her hips as she studies Zachery and Sera, she just shakes her head. They look okay and Barney is helping and Baird and Seren are assisting. She's not getting into that mess. "Devi… Slashy stuff and smashy stuff definitely fall in your purview," she teasingly informs the woman. "Whooshy stuff, though, you get a pass." (haha, sucks to be you, Devi!)

Is it weird that she's taking the chaotic dining room in stride? Maybe it's because she just expects everything to be insane — this is Raytech! Some days you just have to pretend that no matter what weirdness is occurring, it's just normal.

Barney happily takes his clipboard back with a softly murmured thank you, putting the papers he's gathered back together, if not in the right order at least they're all secured back on the little metal case. Though he promptly thinks better and opens it, putting the papers inside so they can't go scattering everywhere again. He frowns at a dent to the corner of it, pushing a thumb against the warped bit of metal. He puts the clipboard down on the table as he moves to help Sera extricate herself from Zachery, then turns his head to look over at Devi and then Liz. "I should certainly hope that includes things that go woosh as well since those are likely combustant weapons of some kind, flamethrowers and the like."

Barney stands there and blinks for a few moments, as if bewildered at… all of it. The fact that they're casually talking about disarming a robotic raptor, and what sort of robot and invention disarming falls under Devi's purview. "Absolute insanity." He comments after a second, an exasperated but also greatly amused grin spreading across the big man's face before his head shakes with a quick laugh and he goes back to trying to help pretty much everyone. Get Sera out of Zachery's lap, try to help Liz corral Ricky, trying to also organize the donuts, sorting through the boxes and shifting them around by type to make it easier for people to find what they want. "Are the other young ones here Miss Harrison? I could fetch them and bring them all down for lunch if you would like."

Sorry Mr. Handsome.” Sera whispers to Zachery with the touch of a hand at the center of his chest and a lopsided smile. She slides out of his lap and straightens her shirt, then runs a hand through her hair and shakes out any disarray it might have had from the tumble. Realizing that at least Barney and Seren were eyeing her, Sera grimaces and flicks her hair performatively.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I was just making a special delivery to Mr. Handssssachery’s!” Sera slurs one nickname into an actual name, sputtering out an awkward laugh afterward. To cover her (flimsy) excuse she pivots, motioning down to the white cardboard box she left in Zachery’s lap. “As you can see, I brought snacks! So pay attention to that, now, not me!”

Grimacing and backpedaling a bit, Sera glances down to the phantasmal form of Baird. “Captain,” she says to the figment with a subtle salute as if it were a shared secret between them, then angles a look back at the others to see how clear her escape path is.

Alia sighs and rubs her forehead. Then she gets herself a cup of coffee, maybe a bagel too. Before things can get more chaotic. She has no doubt that they will. She just doesn't know how yet.

As soon as there's not a person in his lap, Zachery lowers himself back down into his seat, shooting several people around him a glance with both eyebrows raised, as though that will help him understand what is even going on in this room.

All the same, he can't help but crack a lopsided grin, his hands settling on the box that was deposited in his lap to rap an idle pattern on them. After clearing his throat, he states matter-of-factly, "Please. It's Doctor Handsome."

With that, his attention turns to the box so he can slide it up onto the table for a peek. What's this, then.

“Aw, but Muuuuum…” Ricky’s shoulders slump, defeated, and he shuffles his way along over towards the food line to get some lunch, overacting his dejection to having been denied dinosaur time.

Devi levels a lazily incredulous look upon her dear, blonde friend. “When someone tells me how you can actually take the smashy out of a dinosaur, you let me know.” She jerks her chin up once and then holds out an empty, upturned palm in a useless gesture. With the other hand, she brings around a donut, a big bite shedding powdery white down on her black boots and sticking to her azure lips.

“No flamethrowers that I recall…” The biker replies as Barney comes about to organize the donuts. Why does her powder-cloud of a response sound disappointed? Her pupils expand as her gaze turns back on the dino in the dining area. Yup, no flamethrowers… currently.

Luckily, Devi is still lost in this little mental jaunt of schematics, and flames, and fireworks as the exchange between Zachery and Sera takes a sharp turn into weird. It’s best this way - jelly filling isn’t as appealing in reverse.

Smirking, Elisabeth just rolls her eyes. "Between you and Alia, I have faith that you can literally do anything, woman!" She's not lying. Heading after her scamp of a child, she does her level best not to stare at the situation between Zachery and Sera, because…. It's rude. To stare. And yet she is. Because it's bizarre. "C'mon, kid — you know the drama queen routine doesn't get you anywhere with me," she pokes Ricky lightly and makes him giggle. "Chocolate pudding will fix it." When he comes away from the lunch line with a full tray, Elisabeth seems happier.

And then she realizes Barney asked her something. "No, Barney — you better not get them. If he's managed to evade them, I'd lay odds it's because the girls have cornered their father to plead for something outrageous." And then she pauses, "Well, I'll be damned. How the heck did you evade the others, Ricky?" She peers down at the boy. He rarely manages to evade the girls. "They're not going to … like pop out of a hole in the floor, are they?" She makes a show of looking under tables with a grin at Ricky.

Glancing at the room at large, Liz's gaze is once more drawn to the oddity that is Sera and Zachery. She doesn't know everyone in Raytech, not by a long shot, but when she runs across new faces, she tends to pay close attention, especially when any of her children (yes, the twins are hers too, if you ask her — 'step' is not a word here!) are anywhere nearby.

Seren's juggled their food, their best imaginary friend, and gotten a load of paper towels to try and clean up the coffee spill, and somehow made it back over. They turn, with a double-take, looking back at Baird with an arch of their brow after Sera's greeting to it. "Have you gone off making new friends behind my back?" they ask with some suspicion, and the serpentlike dragon weaving through the air peers back at them inscrutably.

Clearing their throat, they turn back to the coffee spilled over the table, dabbing at it. "Doctor Intern," Seren quips polite as can be in Zachery's direction. Intern's not his name, and it's also certainly not Handsome. Maybe it's a trick to coerce him into giving his actual name. "Not sure we've met yet. I'm Seren." With a glance over to the floating creature by their side, they indicate, "And this is Baird. Pleased to run into you."

"Miss Devi that is not an invitation to add a flamethrower to the robot dinosaur." Barney comments in a dry tone, eyeing the mechanically gifted currently powdered woman. There's a soft tut and a shake of his head before he grabs a donut and walks it over to Ricky, in a napkin of course, and then crouches down and offers the donut out. "I know that I would have loved to play with a robot dinosaur when I was little. I wanted to be a scientist so I could build things like that. But they're not always safe, and sometimes caution is the better route." After Ricky has the donut he'll rise back to his feet and look over to Liz. "Should I not rescue Mister Ray in that case?" He asks with a half amused and half serious look on his face. He's really not sure of the procedure there. The continued awkwardness from Sera… perpetual awkwardness from Sera is glanced at, bemused, but not commented on. Barney puts his clipboard down and makes to go grab himself something to eat. Because that was the purpose in coming in here, and if he gets side tracked any longer he's not going to actually get to eat lunch.

Zachery's having some trouble focusing on one thing, it seems, his attention going here and there and everywhere until he just… gets up, maybe to leave with one of those donuts.

Except then there's Seren, cleaning the mess he made, and he's only now realising it was there in the first place. Speaking of, he only now notices Baird, too, and straightens with a start that may very well spell out a baffled 'wait, what the fuck?' When he turns to Seren again, his eye keeps darting back and forth from them to Baird and back again. "… Ah. Yes. Hello, sorry," he starts, a little flighty, "'Handsome' is my middle name. Zachery Miller, nice to meet - both… of you?"

… Just for a moment, he catches Devi in his peripheral vision, and locks his sight on her, all pleasantness dropping from his face like a BRICK. And then it's back again, with a tight-lipped, practiced smile at Seren.

Barney’s words, like a deflating barb, pop Devi’s dream of a fire-breathing robo-raptor. And just in time, too! As the tattooed femme turns to regard Barney, lips already parted in what can only be assumed is something with equal measures sugar and spice, she catches sight again of Zachery … and Seren. The donut hits the tabletop in a POOF of powdered sugar.

You know how hair sticks up when you rub a balloon on it, or when cartoons stick a finger in a light socket? Think that - but instead of a balloon there’s an angry cat, and instead of a finger there’s a cattle prod. That is: Devi bristles instantly.


Long legs make easy work of a few steps to try and slide herself between Zach and Seren. Tall-Dark-and-Slender looms in front of Tall-Dark-and-One-Eyed, nearly nose to nose but for the small gap where she brings her hand up and wags a tattooed digit in a tick-tock motion in front of Zachery’s face.

“Just. No.”

Alia, for her part looks at Liz a moment, then blushes, before she just goes to pile a plate full of some real food, and a cup of coffee. Tired technopath has a lack of words to begin with and the current situation(s) aren’t helping at all. But that’s life!

That and she so is not, very much not, getting into someone else’s social life right now, which Devi seems to be up to.

Ricky, for his part, is settled at a table with his lunch tray and a donut. And he’s being good and eating the lunch before he touches the donut. He keeps glancing at Liz to make sure she’s noticed. A cup of juice is cradled in hand for a sip, his eyes wide as he watches the drama unfurling between Seren and Zach and Devi.

It’s better than cartoons!

"Nah… they'll be along at some point, or else I'll take lunch down to the office," Elisabeth smiles at Barney. "Having a lunch date with Ricky more than makes up for getting stood up." She winks at the boy and moves to sit down across from him… and then Devi's doing…. what is Devi doing?

Blue eyes study the tableau over there and she calls, "Devi? Everything okay?"

"It's nice to meet you too!" Seren replies with a meaning smile. It always great when people include Baird right off the bat. The spilled coffee taken care of in the weave of paper towels, they're in the middle of folding them up when Devi begins to bristle. "Have you been with Rayt—?"

The polite question is interrupted by Devi's abrupt appearance between Seren and Zachery, and they take a small step back in surprise, and possibly to make room so this suddenly-awkward interaction might become less awkward. "I'll just…" Seren excuses themselves, paper towels in hand as they make their way over to the trash, eye still over their shoulder. Baird, for its part, continues to float behind Devi, making a looping circle that peeks its head over her shoulder so it can continue to peer at Zachery, nostrils flaring in a probing sniff of his person.

It has a knowing look in its eye once that's done, though much less of an aggressive one than Devi wears. When Seren starts to slink back over to collect their tray of food, they warily look between Devi and Zachery, wondering what could be done to settle her down. "Did you want to join us for lunch, Miss Devi?" Seren asks lightly.

Alia sips her coffee… and just watches this drama unfold. She’ll toss an idea at Liz later, for now, she’s too busy trying not to laugh at seeing someone else have a bit of relationship snafu.

Suddenly, there is a Devi. What could have been a pleasant conversation with Seren is cut short, and Zachery's smile turns to grin all too easily. He has learned something, today.

And it looks like he's just happy to stand where he's standing, staring Devi down after shooting Baird one more brief look of quiet contemplation. "Look at you. Afraid to lose control over a situation, are we? Or… over someone?"

Sorry rest of the room. You're forgotten for a moment.

There’s a wince. It’s subtle, but it’s there. She’s overplayed a hand, and yet… The Biker Queen tips her head gently to the side, as if to consider Zachery from this angle might make his visage somehow more palatable. It doesn’t work, though - lending her azure-painted smirk to pucker slightly with distaste.

“Sure, Seren… I’d love to join ya for lunch.” This is spoken loudly, as if the elevated volume of her husky tone might inject some sense of ‘everything’s fine’.

Reaching out to rest a hand on the back of a nearby chair, she leans in and drops her voice. Only those closest to this tentious little display would hear, “If you had any control over anyone or any situation, I probably wouldn’t be standing here - and you’d probably have a full set of optics in your skull, Tough Guy.”

The chair comes out with grating, grinding groan across the floor, yet she does not sit.

Ricky eats his lunch contentedly, wide-eyed as he watches the scenario play out.

Maybe someone’s going to swear! Or throw a piece of pie!

There is a subtle narrowing of blue eyes at the situation as it unfurls on the other side of the room, and Elisabeth's voice is very quiet… strange how it still holds a whipcrack of authority. "To your separate corners, Devi. Now." Elisabeth doesn't look like she's too thrilled with what's going on, and well… we've already have one massive HR incident recently. And while it sort of looks like Devi's being held accountable, it could just be that Liz feels more comfortable bossing around the biker bitch than Zachery. Hard to say on that front.

She looks down at the boy who looks so fascinated and comments dryly, "This is an object lesson in how not to behave in public, son."

Zachery does not immediately reply, frozen, for a moment, as Devi leans closer. She might notice the muscles in his arms tensing, before his shoulders roll back in an attempt to relax them again, fingers curling inward. His eyes narrow, blue and unnatural white both twitching in their sockets as he searches her face. Still amused.

Only once Elisabeth has commented aloud does he say, flatly, "… It's nice to get to know you a little better, Devi." His answer is, notably, at normal speaking volume. He flashes a smile - fake, but obviously so - toward Elisabeth and Ricky, and turns to amble nonchalantly toward the exit, scooping up a donut on the way to wave it over his shoulder. "I look forward to doing more of that."

“Okay, Mooooom,” Devi calls back…. Granted, she doesn’t take her eyes off Zachery or even bother to move. But, at least she hasn’t done one of a hundred OTHER vicious, bodily-harming things she’d been contemplating either so… there’s that. Her sharp nose twitches in some semblance of a sneer at Zachery’s parting words.

Look ‘s best you can. Dontchoo worry, I got an eye on you, too…”

The tall, raven-haired woman turns quickly around to her shorter compatier, a fleeting glance turned over Seren’s body as if to make sure simply being in Zachery’s vicinity has not caused anything untoward. Finding all is well, she rests a hand on Seren’s shoulder and offers a quiet, husky, “Watch out for that one.” She lifts her chin, looking up at Liz across the way, and gives a simple nod.

"Oh, he doesn't seem that bad…" Seren murmurs, undeterred. They glance at the retreating form of the doctor, uncertain but willing to try and believe the best despite warnings. Either way, they pull their tray closer to start into their lunch finally. "But to each their own."

Elisabeth merely rolls her eyes at Devi and sticks her tongue out at the other woman. Be nice! she grins a bit, watching Zachery head out of the room, and then settles into the seat across from Ricky to enjoy a (step-)mum/son lunch with him. The time is precious and she's missed far too much of it.

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