Time For Yourself


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Scene Title Time For Yourself
Synopsis Abby meets with Ariel who prescribes a little self-centeredness.
Date July 3, 2009

Office of Ariel Martinez

Ariel Martinez's practice is nothing more than a small pair of rooms, one a receptionist office with no receptionist and the other is where she meets with her patients. She was relieved to hear from Abby when she didn't show up for her first appointment yesterday, and was more than happy to stay later than usual to make up the time for her. Colby was working late, and Ariel was more than happy to use the time for something far more selfess than she originally had planned.

After a few forms were filled out, Abby was asked back into the office, as Ariel locks the front, since Abby would be her last patient for the day. She moves in and sits down across from the blond, "I'm happy that you were able to make it today, Abby. I just need a few minutes to look over this paperwork. Can you tell me a little about why you missed your appointment yesterday? If you want, I mean. You're by no means required to share that with me."

Psychologists have to take vacation. It's a natural fact and while they go away, patients are shuffled to others as well as their files, notes, what have you. After profuse apologies for having missed her appointment, she'd gotten up and dragged herself over to the temporary psychologists office.

I got shot by a pimp with a sawed off shotgun. "I got hurt, I needed to take care of myself, see a doctor. I'm sorry, I should have called earlier, I apologize but it skipped my mind until my neighbor reminded me about it" She was drawn and pale. Took a taxi over as opposed to scootering it. Leonard would have killed her. "I know it's important to keep them up, so thank you, for fitting me in on the long weekend"

There's a soft smile, the friendly counselor just shakes her head. "It isn't a problem really. I don't mind under these types of circumstances to fit those who need it in." As she's talking, she's looking over the paperwork that was provided and she glances up at the woman with a curious glance. "I've counseled those with abilities and those without, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who was gifted and somehow lost that gift." She finishes scanning the document before looking over at Abby, "How did you feel when that happened to you? And how do you feel about it now?"

"Abandoned" Yee hadn't gotten around to asking that yet. Not directly. "Now.. now I feel.." Her shoes have been kicked off, put neatly beside the arm chair she's in and legs crossed. Jeans and long sleeved shirt to hide the tattoo's. Blue toenails not hidden by the clogs. "Resigned. It's been weeks now, and the one try to get it back yielded.. nothing. Just.. blond hair instead of blue. I went to the station to two detectives I know, asked them to give me the evolved test. Two negatives. That and what the woman said, that I shouldn't have had the gift in the first place, I'm giving up hope that I'll ever get it back. I don't think I'm ever meant to get it back"

Ariel is still trying to get a fix on Abby and who she is as a person. She jots a few notes down as Abby speaks, that sweet smile still on her face. She reaches up and brushes some loose strands of red hair from in front of her eyes before she asks. "You said 'abandoned.' Who is it you think abandoned you?"


"I get flak for it, got flak for it always. That god gave us these gifts, these beautiful gifts and the burdens that came with them and that they come with a purpose and a job to fulfil. And I did it all, faithfully. I gave Him due when I needed to use it on someone and he gave it, let me use it. But.. then it was gone. It's been a part of me since I was a kid. And now it's gone. And it's within reach, in someone else. I'm getting used to that. I don't think he abandoned me anymore though" Her elbows resting on her knee's, thumb picking at her forefinger and gentle brow furrowed a bit. "Not anymore"

Ariel's personal religious beliefs never enter into any sort of counseling she might give. However, she also understand that some count on God to give them guidance. When that guidance appears to be gone, that's when she will need to step in with perhaps a different perspective. "Well, I'm glad you don't think He abandoned you. Perhaps it was just time for someone else to do what you did. Maybe it was time for you to pass on your gift to someone else. Perhaps God understands that such a gift can be far too stressful for someone to have for too long of a time? Honestly, I can't stay as to his opinion, but I would imagine that he did what he felt best."

"I know. My Dah said that. Pastor Sumter said that. Still doesn't make it hurt any less. Doesn't make it feel any the less painful to watch someone else use what you did does it? A leg gets amputated and you don't say "someone else needed it" It's not any less painful to watch someone with two legs walking around while you're hobbling along on one and a crutch than it is watching others use their gifts and you're empty" It's taken her this long to accept that she's not getting it back, cemented with Delphine's assertion and then the test.

"It was a large part of me. After everything I went through, to only end up with… nothing. I thought I'd have it forever"

There's a pause as Ariel waits to see if Abby was finished with what she needed to say, plus she doesn't want to come across as if she has all the answers, because she surely doesn't. "Do you know who has this gift now? You mention watching someone else using it." She tucks her leg under herself as she resettles herself down. She will remember to add a few notes here and there, but most of her paperwork will come once the session is over.

"The guy who was with me in the alley when it happened. I try to help him, make sure it doesn't eat him alive. You need to eat so much if you're using it" Abigail leans forward, stretching a bit and letting her fingers dangle downwards. "Hard. Even the way it feels when he uses it on you. It's not the same. It's slow.. thick… weighed down. Not light and .." She doesn't know.

"I think it's important that you continue to guide him the best you can, as long as he's open to your help. You have plenty of experience with it, while he had it thrust upon him. Perhaps that's how it's intended to be used. Given to someone, then passed on to someone else. I don't know, but it seems to be what's happening. Being guided by someone who's been there surely is critical to the success of that sort of gift." Ariel stops writing as she speaks, watching Abby's face for signs of belief, disbelief or any other type of emotion that may flicker across her face.

"I'm not the kind of person to abandon people" She'd been training Sylar to take it. Not Flint since he wasn't the ability collecting part. A flare up of dislike at the notion of not helping whomever ended up with her ability. "I've run myself ragged into the ground to help people. Heal people. I'll keep helping him, long as he wants it, long as he can tolerate me trying. He hides when he doesn't want help, then shows up when he needs food, safe place to sleep. Rest"

The obvious observation. "Seems as if you spend a great deal of time taking care of others, Abby." Ariel doesn't at all look like she disapproves of this at all. It's what she does as well. "Let me ask you this. Are you taking time to take care of yourself as well? I know that others have needs, but you also have needs, Abby. So, are you? Taking care of your own needs?"

"Starting to" Abigail will concede to that. "It's hard. But I'm trying. I keep wanting to find another way to help people but, Dr. Yee was helping me to realize that if I don't take care of myself, that, there will be nothing to take care of others. I take care of my spiritual needs always. Everything else, God will provide. What he can't provide, I have to provide."

She still picks at her forefinger, lips pressed together and her tongue running side to side against the press of her lips turned inwards. "I was shot. Wednesday. I was in Staten Island with my friend, the one who has m.. the gift now. Shotgun hit to my side. It's healed over. But my neighbor gave me grief because as I was getting into my apartment, I was offering to make her meals when I saw her, casseroles, cause she just lost her son. She told me no, not until I was feeling better. I guess, I'm doing a bad job still of taking care of myself instead of others"

Ariel watches the woman for a moment. Listens to her responses. She notices that they've already exceeded their time for today. She doesn't mind, as this is important. "Abby, we've run out of time, but I'd like you to do a little homework for me and when we meet again next, I want you to tell me how it went for you. I'd like you do find something, anything, that you can do for yourself. Not for someone else, but for Abby Beauchamp. I would like you to share that experience with me when you come back. Would you do that?"

"I can try and do that" Abigail nods her head, unfolding from the chair. Her feet coming to settle on her clogs and slide into them as she pushes herself up from the chair. "I can try. Right now, It's me sleeping a lot and ignoring everything else but I have a roommate who's take care of me" Her messenger bag is dragged up from the side and slung over her shoulder. Her golden hair is tucked behind her ears and her hand offered out to the woman. "Thank you. You're not Dr. Yee but I'm glad she has me coming here while she's gone"

As Abby rises, so does Ariel, gracefully getting to her feet as she slips her hand into Abby's and gives it a delicate shake. She smiles sweetly to the woman and nods. "You're welcome anytime, Abby. As long as Dr. Yee needs you to come by, I'm more than happy to have you. I look forward to seeing you next time."

When Abby takes her leave, Ariel tidies up the office and turns the lights off as she prepares to leave for home. Before she leaves, she calls Colby, letting her know she's on her way home.

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