Time Marches On


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Scene Title Time Marches On
Synopsis A recently awoken council member is visited by another.
Date April 06, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Infirmary

Fifteen minutes round about, has passed since Barbara eased down into a chair beside the bed that has been Abby's residence for the past few weeks. Her dead end hall in the castle with the cross propped on the windowsill has been absent and instead, she's eben down here scaring the shit out of everyone once she slipped into the coma.

But Megan had good news and it had been wending it's way through the populace. The council member was awake once more, going to make it. It wasn't a lie, the EMT laying on her side, no control back yet over her legs, but she's starting on the getting better road. Muscles ache and she's still coughing up mucus and blood.

Water in a glass, lunch brought down for everyone down here who can eat, she's rousing up from sleep, opening her eyes which means that she see's Barbara parked there. A surprise.


Sitting there quietly in the infirmary, Barbara had taken to killing time by snickering at the copy of Mean Heat that had been left there by accident. She wasn't sure if it was Lynette's copy or another wayward one belong to someone else, but either way it did a good job of keeping her from getting too worried or bored as she waited for the other councilmember to wake up.

When she hears Abby's voice, the book slowly folds shut, set down in her lap as she looks at the fire mimic with a small smile. "Welcome back to the waking world, Abigail," is said rather cheerily. "How're you feeling? Is tehre anything I can get you?" Not that Barbara's really a nurse or anything, but it's a bit of a trained response from her when visiting the sick.

"Like the ass end of a donkey. But Megan says I'll be better" Still nasally, southern and labored in talking. Taking her time to speak. "The water" Wet her throat. She can smell lunch, that will come around soon enough. "You vaccinated?" She doesn't want Barbara to get sick, as if the council needs another one of theirs dying in the infirmary.

There's a bit of a chuckle from Barbara, though she gives a slow nod regardless.A glance over to the water, and acrefully it's picked up and handed over to her. "I'm all caught up on my shots, I guess you could say," the triplet remarks, "so I think I should be fine. THere's lunch here, if you'd like that too." Sitting up a bit, she focuses a bit more on Abby once the water is passed off. "We're all relieved you're okay. It was looking grim for a bit. Try not to it again, hmm? Makes people worry too much." The last parrt is added with a humerous tone.

"I won't be so stupid next time" Because it's inevitable, there will be a next time. She's not going to try and explain why she thought she was immune, she's sure it's been spread about, Abigail's folly. She intercepts the water, hand closing around it weakly, resting the glass on the edge and sipping from the straw. She's nowhere near Delia state post coma, but she's not going to be doing any jumping jacks anytime soon.

"Megan says I'll recover. Back at my seat soon. B..burning things up" She goes back to sipping again, looking up at the redhead. "Council?"

"Mm. That's good to hear. We've… been on edge here. You're not the only one that got so sick, and it had everyone worried." Closing ehr eyes, barbara takes a slow breath. "We even lost some of the kids. It's been.. bad. But it looks like things there are starting to get better, for the moment. Both you and Gillian are getting better, and I believe the rest of the kids are as well."

The mention of Council has Barbara's posture straighten a bit. "You've missed some things, as far as Council goes. Much of it… not good, as is the usual way these things go, unfortunately."

She'll ask later who of the kids didn't make it. In truth, she's just so very happy that Kasha didn't get sick. A determination in her that when she's better, out of here, she's going to find out where the youngling was taken and start making good on her life, even is circumstances have changed.

But there's council things, not good, some good and Abigail focuses on Barbara in front of her. "What's Eileen done?" Because she knows about that other person residing in the woman's skull and the dread in her stomach is that that woman, that crazy thing has taken Eileen over.

"Eileen? Nothing." Her eyesbrows quirk up a bit as she crosses her legs. "Just been a few odd matters of business, and… some rather big changes on the mainland. I suppose that's the most important thing… we were offered an opprotunity, we thought, to rescue Harkness and Judah Demsky, based on information pased to us from Ygraine Fitzroy, to Elisabeth Harrison onwards to us. It… was a trap. We didn't lose anyone, but there's been a shitstorm on the mainland. I've heard Liz has been exposed and ousted from FRONTLINE, and I personally haven't heard for Fitzroy at all." The councilwoman shakes her head, sigh. "It's an unfortunate situation. I believe there's a meeting on Friday to discuss what's next, if you're up for it. I'm sure we can at least procure a wheelchair to get you there."

"Can't. Nice that you're thinking of that but I'm still contagious. You'd have to ask Megan but I can't make it" She's not going ot risk spreading it to places within the castle when everyone knows the transient nature of the populace. People come and go. Even if it is the likely worst kept secret.

She's taking the time to process what was spoken before, hair in need of a wash, spread on the pillow and her cheeks. "We get them? Scott and Judah?" Please let them have gotten the two men, trap or not.

Barbara's head hangs for a moment, and shakes. "From what I heard, they weren't even there. They were smart on this one, and that really scares me. They're finding ways to draw us out, and it worries me about howit's going to escalate thing. There's some talk of retaliation, though I think all of that's being saved for the meeting. I'nm hoping it doesn't come to that, myself."

"Poison us like rats in a wall, now they're baiting the traps with peanut butter" Abigail lifts the water, passing it back to Barbara to be put on what passes for a side table. "We don't have the resources for retaliation. We barely have the resources to open one safehouse" She curls inwards, reaching for a clean rag put in reach, feeling a cough coming on and not wanting to accidentally get Barbara.

"I agree," is a simple enough response, "and I will be disappointed if that's the direction that people want to go. I am hoping there's something that can be done without things coming to that, but I suppose we won't find out until Friday." She shrugs a bit, looking off and down into the infirmary. "Beyond all of that… I believe we're settnig up an official, if limited, line of communication with Endgame. There's also been talk of taking a Bella Sheridan into the Ferry if she ends up needing it, that seemed to be a bit of a hot button issue with Lynette."

"Bella experimented on Lynette" Kept the woman captive, Abby knows that and looks over towards the clone that is ill and laying in the bed next to her, fast asleep. "I suppose that would be like… like giving Muldoon or Logan refuge" She wouldn't like it, but… but it's not up to her. "there's a lot going on" A lot has happened while she's been in the coma.

A nod, and Barbara relaxes a bit, leaning back in her seat. "Time marches on, unfortunately. We're all just glad you're better now. A grimace sits on her face about Bella and Lynette. "That would explain her… vehement rejection of the idea. I wasn't aware. I imagine she's not the only one, then? Catherine was saying Colette would kill her at the drop of a hat as well." Not that Colette is anywhere to be found at the moment, but that's beside the point.

"Colette. Pastor Sumter. She hooked him on Refrain" So very lowly said, with most of the ferry slaughtered or kidnapped by the government, it's unsure of who knows about the Pastor's problem with the blue drug. "Can you, when you attend, can you come down and tell me what's going on. I can give you my vote. I'm just sick, not dead, I can participate. I got my wits about me"

Barbara can't help but frown deeply at that. She hadn't heard of this, no, and it saddens her to hear. But that's not a subject to be discussed here and now, nor one she wants to pick at. "If you want, I can see if we can spare a walkie-talkie or a radio or something, so that you can listen in yourself. If Nora's around, she might be able to set up something easy. A bit of a pain in teh ass, but if that won't work, I certianly don't mind coming down tog et your thoughts on matters. It's important we all be as informed about this as possible."
Would that work? Could that work? Would the rest of the council feel comfortable with that? It would likely disrupt the rest of the patients though down here. "We can try, you can ask Eileen. That's even if I'll have energy Barbara. I'm awake for 20 minutes at a time" ABigail points out to the other woman
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"We'll see. If not, I'll come see you Make sure you're aware of things. I think this is going to be something that needs as much input as possible." Babrara's arms cross as she leans back a bit, eyes moving up to the ceiling. "Hopefully, you'll be feeling better tomorrow." One can hope, yes?

"I'll still feel like the ass end of a donkey tomorrow, things will still hurt, but at least I won't be in a coma or dead" Abby points out to the triplet, reaching out with a shakey hand to lay it on the womans knee. "Thank you, for coming down here and letting me know. I'm sure there's some others who would be telling you not to burden me yet" She's sure of it.

That gets a bit of a nonchalant shrug. "It's no problem, Abigail. Burden or not… it's better that you're prepared when you're ready to get up and about again, instead of being blindisded by what's happened." A pause, and she smirks. "Plus, I thought it would be good to check in on you, now that you're awake and Lynette's busy." Not that she didn't while Abby was in the coma, but it's hard to talk to someone in a coma.

"I'm sure many people will be dropping by if they're allowed" and she's awake. Which leads to a question that others haven't been so keen to answer, avoiding it. "Robert hasn't been here, has he?" She's got a sinking feeling that the conversations that she remembers having… weren't with Robert.

A curious expression, Barbara's head tilting a bit as she regards Abby. "Robert? No, not that I'm aware of. I can check around, but I haven't heard of him being around or seen him." Which is sad, Abby having to be separated from her husband while so sick.
"You would have known if he had been here Barbara. I think.. I hallucinated him" WHich is depressing, in and of itself to the brunette. Not as depressing as the thought of the possibility of having died and then… someone having to tell him that she'd passed. She nods her head - more to herself - and looks up as someone’s coming around to dish out lunch, a steaming bowl of soup which will require her to actually sit up. "You sticking around to have lunch with me? Lynette was reading Mean Heat to me before I went into a coma"

Barbara holds up the book that's been sitting in her lap, smirking at Abby. "I figured someone had been doing something like that," she remarks quietly. There's no laugh ilke there might normally be. "I'm sorry, he… he hasn't been there then." She doesn't really know what to say to hallucinating a loved one. They don't exactly make Hallmark Cards for that. "I can stay for lunch. Thankfully, there's a bit of a lull today. I'll even pick up where she left off, if you’d like."

"I don't know where she left off" Abigail confesses. But if Barbara just picks a spot - preferably not one where it jumps right into the hoocie coochie getting it on part, Abigail will listen, have her lunch and keep listening till she'll end up closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

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