Time To Go Home


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Scene Title Time To Go Home
Synopsis After all that has happened, it's time for Magnes to return to America.
Date May 22, 2009

Nakamura Estate - Tokyo, Japan

It's morning, and Magnes is a bit disoriented, trying to figure out just what happened. He walks through the Nakamura residence, looking around for Hiro while believing Kimiko is still kidnapped. The fight, that's right, there was a fight, then black, then a park bench… Of course Kimiko would have seen the news reports or videos by now, if she watched television or read a paper. "Hiro?" he asks, voice low, every bit of his clothing completely tattered, but strangely he's not wounded at all.

Yes, they let Magnes in. The staff held him at the gatehouse, called in, and he was granted access. "Magnes." Walking toward him is Kimiko, physically unharmed, in a dark business suit and looking very worried. "Have you been with Hiro? Have you seen him?"

"No." Magnes answers as he tugs at his tattered shirt, then it registers, Kimiko. "Kimiko!" he exclaims, running toward her to wrap his arms tightly around her body, momentarily forgetting he's an awkard delivery boy. "Oh god, I didn't know what they would do to you, I tried to find you, I didn't know where to look, so I fought that guy and…"

Kimiko stiffens when he hugs her - she gives him an awkward patpat on the arm and says, "I was kidnapped by Takezo Kensei - Adam Monroe. He let me go after he killed my father - " there is only a slight tremble in her voice, "And he may have killed Hiro. I must find him."

"He killed Mister Kaito?" Magnes asks as he releases her in alarm, 'May have killed Hiro'. "So that guy, Jake, he works for Adam…" he realizes, weighing the situation. Adam is far more powerful than he ever imagined. "Damnit, why is Adam doing this? Did they hurt you? God, tell me they didn't hurt you…" he says, voice wavering slightly, clearly not thinking the best of kidnappings.

"I am fine." Kimiko says curtly. "It is not safe for you here, Magnes. I am going to make arrangements for you to be taken back to America in the company jet."

"I can't leave you here alone." Magnes says quite firmly, moving to gently place his hands on her shoulders. "You can't do anything against Adam's people by yourself, and if Hiro's really… No, he's alive, I know it. But, I have to protect you. You're my teacher and my friend, I won't leave you here to die, I'd rather die with you than leave knowing I could have done something."

"Adam Monroe no longer holds any manner of grudge against my family." says Kimiko with calm certainty, "And there is very little you could do to protect me, Magnes." She just as firmly pushes against the insides of his wrists. "I can, and will, protect myself. I am not a flower."

"Promise me." Magnes demands, sounding as if he could possibly break down at any moment. All manner of things go through his head, many of them imagining Kimiko in Abby's previous situation, only, Kimiko can't heal… "Promise me you won't end up like Abby did, promise I won't regret leaving. If I leave, I don't wanna think of it as the worst mistake of my entire life."

Kimiko blinks in confusion. "Who is Abby?" she asks, and shakes her head. "I will do what is necessary to protect my family." Hiro and the company may be all she has left.

"She was kidnapped with me, in those cage fights. They cut her tongue out, and shot her. She's alright now, but, god, I don't wanna think about that happening to you, or worse." Magnes explains, if there really is a worse. "Kimiko, I'll leave if you really want me to, you're my teacher and I trust you." He takes a deep breath, his tone almost pleading when he adds, "Please please, if anything happens, if you even think you need me, just say something and I'll be here as soon as possible."

Kimiko says as gently and as firmly as she can, "There isn't anything you can do here, Magnes. First and foremost, I need to find Hiro. And then I must fight to protect my father's assets, and clear Hiro's name. You are young, and you are safest back in America. Hiro would be very upset if something were to happen to you."

"Alright, Kimiko. And he's alive, I know he is. I trust him, and I trust you." Magnes walks forward, moving to give her a more gentle hug this time. "Thanks for everything, Kimiko. I, I think I'm ready to go home now…"

Kimiko gives him another gentle pat. "I will make arrangements for you. I hope you have learned something from what Hiro and I have taught you."

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