Time to Regroup


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Scene Title Time to Regroup
Synopsis Shannon escorts Nick to the pier for a safe retreat from the fires of Manhattan.
Date November 8, 2010

Battery Park City

After assuring Nick that Shannon was indeed there, she started walking, ensuring that he remained nearby. They're several minutes away before she speaks again. "I think we're far enough away from them to be safe," she says thoughtfully, before becoming visible. To him anyway, anyone else looking would still see a definite lack of two people walking towards the pier.

She doesn't stop though, even if her steps do slow to a more relaxed pace. "So what the hell did you do to piss those people off? Besides landing in the middle of the road and making them wreck, anyway. Though I guess that'd be plenty, but even your 'friends' seemed to want to kill you instead of arming you so you could help them kill the others."

Nick lifts the gun that Walsh had handed him. "They armed me. But I figured it was better to get the hell outta there before any cops showed up. I don't trust Irish not to throw me under the bus," he says quietly, concentrating on walking on very sore, now bloody bare feet.

"Those were Triads. They'll shoot anyone that's not one of their own, so I don't think I had to do a lot other than breathe for them to wanna kill me. And I don't know that bitch, but she seemed like she was about of the same mentality, yeah?" His accent is American, even if the 'yeah' is tinged just a touch by his British verbal tics. "Thanks for your help."

He glances back over his shoulder, frowning slightly. If disappearing with this woman has cost him all of his hard-earned rapport with Walsh, he's pretty much screwed. But he can probably come up with some cockamamy story to explain the Nazi coat and appearing in the middle of the street only to disappear again moments later that will explain it all away. Or so he hopes.

Right now, he'd really just like something to eat and maybe some shoes.

Shannon glances at him, arching a brow. "I heard the man say something about shooting you too." She looks back the way they're headed. "Who are you anyway? I like to know the names of the people I rescue. And no John Does or John Smiths, hmm?" She knows all too well about fake names, after all.

She glances down at his clothing, and his feet. "Mmm. Feet got cut up, I'm guessing? I can't help you with that. No spare shoes on me, sorry," she says, not really sounding very apologetic at all. More apathetic than anything. "But it won't take long to get to the pier, and they have medic types there."

"York," he says, glancing at her and running a hand over the back of his head. No hair to rake through, though. "I'll live," he adds regarding the shoes. "He's … someone I kinda work for, and I sorta haven't been around for the last… hell, I don't even know."

Blue eyes scan the skyline, taking in the smoke as he listens to the sounds of sirens and car alarms and horns hocking. Chaos.

"Fuck me, it's November 8th, isn't it." It's not really a question. He's been in the past since October 29th.

"Last time I checked," Shannon says dryly, nodding. "Why, what date did you think it was? A week ago? A month ago? A year ago?" she asks, lips twitching until they form a smirk. "Though i guess it doesn't really matter. May as well live in the time you're in, and not worry too much about times you've already lived through."

"Apparently I've been gone since … uh, I think … a day or two before Halloween," Nick says. "Also accounts for my fucking stellar choice of apparel today." He'd take off the coat but it's kind of chilly. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of places he can nab a change of clothes between the accident scene they just left and the water, so he'll have to make due.

"So you always skulk around in hopes of catching a firefight?" he says, nodding toward her.

His clothing is given a second look before Shannon mms softly and nods. "It's safe enough right now. No one can see you but me. The people we're going to will probably give you a chance to explain before jumping right on the you racist bastard bandwagon." She shrugs then. "Not usually, no. I was bored, so I went for a walk. Though I guess tonight boredom ended up being a good thing for you. I did get you out of there before you got shot, right?"

There's a long pause, then she stops and looks at Nick, her expression serious, considering. "Incidentally, a good way of showing your gratitude for that would be to not mention how I got you out of there to anyone else. Because if you do, I'll make damn sure you regret it. You like your eyes where they are, right? You wouldn't want to tear them out or anything like that?" she asks in a sweet voice.

"You think they'll buy that I was in an off, off Broadway showing of The Producers, maybe?" Nick quips, and then nods more solemnly once she talks about keeping secrets.

"Got it. Thanks again, and your secret's safe with me," he says with a little bow of his head. "Did you tell me your name? If you did and I forgot, I blame the whole almost dying thing, yeah?"

"No," Shannon answers easily. "But they might buy that you had no choice in what you wore since you're shoeless and those pants don't seem to fit you. And no, I didn't tell you my name, though I suppose I should. I'm Shannon. Mmm…we're almost there. Bet you'll be glad to get off your feet and sit down after all you've been through, huh?"

After all he's been through. Nick chuckles and nods. "You have no idea," he says, a smirk curving up his lip in a humorless smile.

"Where are we headed anyway — you seem to be sure there's gonna be a boat with medics and shit — the Coast Guard evacuating us or somethin'?" he asks, glancing her way. "I ain't got no ID on me or anything to prove who I am." Or who he isn't, for that matter. "Government boat might not be the best plan for me. I can just hole up here 'til the shit blows over."

Shannon busts out laughing. "The government? Oh get real. No, this isn't the government. It's just a bunch of people who wanna help. Goody two shoes, really, but they're useful, and they'll get you out of the way until it's safe to come back. Or, well, safer anyway. I don't think this place is going to be safe for a long damn time. So don't worry about ID or anything. Though really, why you're worried about it with me is pretty stupid anyway," she points out, giving him an amused look.

He arches a brow at her. "Yeah? You can make me invisible, but I can't stay Invisible Man for the rest of my life or whatever. I ain't that worried about the government, but with no ID it just means it'll take some time to get stuff sorted out. My record's miraculously clean, and I ain't no Evo, so I'm not too worried."

Nick frowns as they come into view of the waterways, scanning for boats. "Where they headed? And being that I'm not like you — you sure they want people like me on their little boat? I'm not Evolved and I'm a smuggler, girlie."

"Considering that they think I'm as powerless as you, yeah, I'm pretty sure that they'll take you. Why d'ya think I told you to keep my ability to yourself?" Shannon asks with a smirk. "But I told you. Pier. Boat. There's a safe place for people to hide out until things calm down a little around here. Not so much worried myself unless they decide to just bomb the hell out fo the city or something."

"All right." His words are weary. He needs time to regroup, gain his strength. He doesn't have the energy to argue, either, and getting away from the smoke and gunfire behind him, both literally in his present and more metaphorically in his past.

Nick nods to a small boat with some activity upon it down by the pier. "That your people?" he says, moving in that direction, looking for signs of trouble or traps.

Shannon reaches out to grab his arm so she stop him and study the boat. Then she nods. "Yeah, that's us." She makes sure no one's looking before removing the invisibility that's kept them safe, then she nods again. "Come on. Remember, not a word," she says, starting towards the boat again.

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