Timothy Thompson Found

New York Times; sub article in the Local news section.

Earlier this week, a call was placed to 911 claiming that a little girl had been shot. The anonymous call was traced back to a cellphone located in the ruins of the Midtown area. Once to the scene, the authorities and EMTs found a caucasian male, Timothy Thompson , age 32 near-death whom had been missing for almost two months now. The victim was half naked, missing his shoes, blood pouring from his leg and face. The police report that they believe it was a mugging, the victim was shot in the leg and then appeared to be brutally battered in the face by some kind of blunt object. Police have no leads on suspects other than the cellphone that they found lying near the victim. Currently, Timothy is slowly, but surely recovering — upon awaking, the police tried to ask him some questions but it appears that Timothy has suffered some form of amnesia as he does not recall the event and nor does he know how he even got there in the first place. Timothy told reporters that he remembers being at work and then suddenly 'blacking out'. Authorities speculate that Timothy's condition might be because of some form of mental anguish or stress, so they intend to have Timothy psychologically evaluated sometime at the end of this week.

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