Tiny Dog Radar Activate


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Scene Title Tiny Dog Radar, Activate
Synopsis Sandra and Mr. Muggles encounter Kendall on a walk through town as snow falls.
Date December 31, 2008

Upper East Side

A soft blanket of snow is falling on all of New York, its pure white drifting over everything, damaged or intact alike and giving it all a homogeneity that it didn't have since before tragedy befell the city. However, life goes on, and the new-fallen snow is quickly trampled down into the dirt by the many feet of the inhabitants, blind to the beauty falling from the sky as they constantly rush from one place to another, slaves to time. Into such a scene walks Kendall, swathed in a large coat and a hat, hands shoved in his pockets as he trudges across one of the streets without any sign of hurry that most people exhibit.

Into this scene of possible beauty is a bundled up woman with a Pomeranian dog that is equally as bundled up, trotting at her side. This duo is none other than Sandra Bennet and her faithful sidekick Mr. Muggles. Mr. Muggles is constantly barking and snapping at the falling snow, as if he can eat it. Sandra, however, keeps him on leash to keep him from going too too wild, as tiny dogs tend to do.

Kendall has lived for years next to someone who had a few chihuahuas, so his Tiny Dog Radar(TM) goes off, and he halts in place to scan the area. Soon enough, his eyes alight on the tiny ball of fluff, and then up towards the lady walking him. Stereotypes insist that people walking tiny dogs have to be either young, sexy supermodels/actresses, or fat old ladies. However, Sandra doesn't seem to be either, so he just shrugs his shoulders at his thoughts and nods a greeting to her.

Tiny Dog Radar is important in many a person's life, especially when it comes to Tiny Dogs. You don't want to accidentally step on one. Mr. Muggles has become temporarily disinterested in the snow, as he never seems to be able to eat any of it! He turns his attention to the closest person to them…who at the moment is Kendall. He scurries up to the young person and starts hopping about, barking and slightly growling at him, trying to get attention brought to him. After all, he is Mr. Muggles, and he deserves attention.

Sandra reels Mr. Muggles back and scoops him up. "No. Bad doggy, bad. You do not bother people on the street. No you don't, no you don't." She speaks to the dog in a babying voice before offering Kendall a tiny smile. "I'm do apologize. He likes people."

"Ah, no worries, I have to say, it's a nice change from getting my ankles bitten like my neighbor's dogs do." Kendall replies immediately, then blinks. People tend to randomly start talking to him. Tentatively, he offers a hand for the little pomeranian to sniff.

Sandra shakes her head and tsks. "Really, dogs shouldn't be biting people's ankles. It's just not proper!" Oh yes, she has a thing or two to say about training dogs! As the hand is offered to Mr. Muggles, he sniffs it tentatively and then barks at Kendall a few times. Sandra just smiles. "Don't worry. That just means he's fine with you." She says kindly.

Kendall smiles briefly. "Well, I wouldn't mind if my neighbors would actually train their stupid dogs. They're like an entire pack of chihuahuas who think they're wolves or something." eyeroll. "Without the sense of a goldfish collectively among them."

Sandra tsks once more, while Mr. Muggles barks his agreement to Sandra. "Chihuahuas need a lot of training. More so than most. They are hyper dogs." She sighs. "Some people don't seem to realize how much training dogs require! It's a shame, really." She smiles. "But I won't bore you with any of that. I've bored my own children with it enough times."

"Sorry to say, but I'm more of a cat person than a dog person." Kendall admits. "No offense, of course." he nods at Mr. Muggles. What, he's worried about offending a dog?

Mr. Muggles does, in fact, bark at Kendall a few times when he says that he's a cat person. How dare he like cats more than dogs! Mr. Muggles looks away from Kendall. "Oh, don't worry about that, Mr. Muggles. No. I'm sure he likes you just fine. Yes he does." Sandra says to the dog, scratching under his chin. "Of course, there's nothing wrong with liking cats." She says, turning her attention back to Kendall. "Nothing at all. Easier to take care of too, I must admit."

"And depending, a lot quieter." Mr. Muggles is eyed, and Kendall shrugs. "Although there's some kinds of cats that are just as noisy as some small dogs, so I can't say all cats are quieter than all dogs."

Sandra nods her head a little bit. "Yes, that is true." She says, while Mr. Muggles pretends to feign disinterest. If dogs can do that, anyway. "But then, I've always been more of a dog person. Cats are nice, but they sleep to much for my liking."

"I suppose it'd be healthier to keep a dog anyway. After all, no one can say walking a dog is bad for your health unless the dog is large enough to drag you where you don't want to go." Kendall looks thoughtfully up into the snowing sky, shivering a little. "Cats are good on a cold winter's night since they're not at all averse to sharing body heat."

Sandra smiles kindly. "Dogs are nice and cuddly too. With the larger ones, if you have them sleep a the foot of your bed, they can keep your feet extra warm." She says happily. "And that is a wonderful thing on days like this, isn't it?" She looks up at the falling snow as well. "Well, it's certainly turning into a cold new years eve, isn't it?"

Kendall pulls his jacket close at the reminder, looking around at all the snow. "Yeah, it is. Wet, too. I hope next year won't be as bad as this one." is he still talking about the weather?

Sandra smiles kindly to Kendall. "I'm sure it won't be." Aha. Is she still talking about the weather? Who knows? Mr. Muggles lets out a few barks. His agreement, perhaps? She shivers slightly. "Well, it certainly is cold out today, but it's nothing a little hot chocolate won't fix."

Kendall shivers again. "I just hope my new school doesn't get blown up this year too. I have a bad track record for that. And anything hot would be good right now. Pity Starbucks charges an arm and a leg for anything they sell."

Sandra smiles. "I'm sure your school won't get blown up." Well, she doesn't know, but she can always say that it won't. "Well, there are always smaller, local coffee shops that aren't as expensive. They're generally excellent places to buy something hot."

"My middle school was in the explosion radius from the bomb, and then last month my high school was blown up by terrorists. Kinda scary, and a good thing I wasn't in school either of those days." Kendall shrugs one shoulder. "Makes me not want to go to school anymore." yeah, like that's a valid reason to play hooky.

Sandra frowns. "Well, I'm sure that the school you're in now will neither be blown up by a giant bomb explosion or by terrorists. Or one would hope not. Education is important." She says, nodding slightly.

Kendall doesn't seem convinced of the fact, and he tugs his hat down a bit farther towards his eyes. "Eh. Not so sure about that. Well it's nice meeting you, have fun walking your dog…" the fluffball is waved at briefly, and then Kendall starts walking off.

Sandra smiles softly. "Thank you dear, have a pleasant new years eve." She says, giving him a little waving and placing Mr. Muggles back on the ground, proceeding to continue on their walk.

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