To Be Lost Again


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Scene Title To Be Lost Again
Synopsis Colby and Minea tell Veronica that Katherine Marks is alive. The supposedly dead woman's former lover doesn't take the news too well.
Date September 23, 2009

Fort Hero Minea's Quarters

One of For Hero's apartments building is the home of a woman who has seen the world and saw fit to bring it back with her. Not cluttered by any means, it is however an apartment that is filled with well thought out things and of good quality. From the suede living room set that occupies the main open area, to the tables and chairs where one eats. There's thick plush Persian carpets a fairly modern Kitchenette.

Off to the side in a spacious main room is a set up of computers and fancy lighting. A drafting board and racks of inks, papers, you name it. There's also a few computer systems and a fairly expensive looking printer. A door off to the side denotes where the bedroom and the bathroom are, and if the doors are open, one can see the influences of southern France in the airy fabrics used for bedding and the decorations about the room.

Vee's cellphone had been called up by Minea as they were leaving homeland from dropping off "june" to get checked over and checked over good. Standard operating procedure and even though she hadn't wanted to, she left so that she could call up Veronica and get her to meet her out at Fort Hero if the woman was there, and if not, get there. Something that would pique her interest had come up.

But instead of meeting her in an office, Minea and Colby headed to the residential levels to wait in Minea's apartment at the fort. COffee made and hot water on for tea, even Minea is unnerved by how this is all going. There's so much on her plate, so much still to do. But Veronica should be told by people she knows. She looks to colby, to the grandfather clock that she owns and then back to Colby, waiting for the other agent to come through the door. "Fuck, this is going to kill her. Maybe we should have doen it in the infirmary so they can tranq her"

Colby lofts a brow, wrinkling the smooth plane of her tan forehead with a show of subtle interest and slight confusion. She was still much out of the loop on the history that intermingled between these three agents. "It's good news. She's not dead, yeah?" A subtle shrug. "Plenty of other questions no doubt, but at least your chica is alive." She nods slowly to herself, but the work and twitch of her fingers interlaced and crooked around the mug's handle reveals a slight worry that does not show elsewhere.

The agent in question was actually at home, doing some background work on the "Monroe crew." For now it's hurry up and wait; let the undercover boys do their thing so they're not countering each other's moves — in short, a game Veronica hates. She's been avoiding the base as much as possible; doing her work from home, calling in to Len, all in an effort to avoid certain people she finds undesirable around the office: Namely Martin Crowley and Albert Paulson.

Thus, it takes some time for her to get out to Montauk. She's dressed casually, her usual hip-hugging jeans, a black t-shirt, and a pair of boots that raise her height a couple of inches. She knocks on Minea's door, a bag of bagels from one of the best places in Manhattan for Minea to eat for the next couple of days, complete with a little tub of cream cheese.

"Come in Vee" Minea calls out, turning around at the knock. There's a hand that comes down on Colby's shoulder and a squeeze. She knows the blow the woman suffered not long ago. Realizes just now how painful this might be for this agent. "oooh, bagels. Nice. Listen, you need to sit down. Colby and I, we found something, someone, and … You're going to want to hear about it" Possibly see for yourself. Minea meanders to her desk setup, plucking up a folder anbd exchanging it for bagels and cream cheese.

A smile, an empty one, but a smile nonetheless, is offered in gratitude Minea's consideration. It is stories like this - people returning from the dead - that give false, unstable hope to women like Colby. She stuffs the thought away to mull over later, fixing her smile more appropriately on her pale lips as the other agent arrives. "Hola," she offers alongside a simple nod before turning to rest her hip absently against a seat.

The younger agent takes the folder with a curious look — figuring it's something referring to an old case. Has Tyler Case popped up yet again? Is it someone related to the Monroe thing? She opens the file; her head tilts slightly with confusion at the photograph she sees inside. Her brows instantly knit together and she shakes her head. "I don't… What?" She looks up at Minea, and shakes her head again. In moments like these, she tends to look younger than she is; smaller and more vulnerable, with those large brown eyes wide and swimming with confusion. "Explain?"

"Kat's alive. From what we can gather, and i'm telling you this because you need to know, she's been somewhere. She's, honest to god the same woman that you pulled the life support on. Down to the mark, the ability, everything. SHe's been wandering around Staten Island going by the name "june" and trying to fix everything" Minea licks her lips and looks over to colby before bringing out her black berry and the picture she took of Kat with her on board camera.

Colby offers an easy nod, as if one source of this information alone would not be enough for Veronica. "She says a Dr. Allison told her that her name is June, told her to stick to the island to be 'safe'." Her look is serene as her attention slips towards Veronica, as if her sole purpose alone was to offer the other agent all the details she could. It was true, but there was a second hope - that this name might ring a bell and give them a lead.

Veronica shakes her head, and moves to sit at the desk chair. "June." The single word is hollow sounding, her husky voice devoid of any emotion as the other agents' words start to register. It's a slow process. For the past several months, she's come to terms with the fact she would never see Kat again, that she would never hear her voice or feel her touch again. It took a long time to accept it, and now once more her world tumbles upside down, shaking everything she knows is true out of her.

"She doesn't remember who she is? Who the fuck is this Allison person, how did they regenerate her, because god damn it, we watched her die, and why did they hide her away? And dump her on Staten for god's sake? I don't understand. It makes no sense…" She shakes her head again, narrowing her eyes against the tears that fill her whiskey-brown eyes. "Why do that, and then just let her go? It would make sense if they were using her for some reason, but this just doesn't make sense."

She turns to Minea, and shakes her head. "Was she really dead? Did they screw with you and me? An illusion, maybe, or is this some fucked up Frankenstein thing that happened after we left?"

Minea's hands come up. She has no answer. For once, the woman has no answer. "She's down at homeland, they're running tests, gonna get a telepath in and take a peek. Standard procedures when agents resurface. But.. She knew me She knew my name and she kept staring at a jacket on staten in a goodwill that was hers and she had been collecting money to buy it. I think, maybe, if you visited her, it would be good. Might jog her memory"

Comfort. It wasn't her calling, not any more, but that doesn't mean the sight of Veronica's pain, her tears, didn't stir and tug something beneath the Latina's shell. She clears her throat, working past the tightness, and lowers her head. "We'll find out." Assurance, it's the only thing she can give the other agent. At the moment she had nothing else to offer.

"If she's some weird Frankenstein patch experiment, Minea, I don't…" Veronica begins with a shake of her head. "I'm going to go start researching who this Dr. Allison is. Who the hell authorized taking her and not telling us — I mean, it's great if it's her and she's alive, but obviously she's not all right and no one told her, or me, and I was listed as the person to fucking pull the plug." That had come as a surprise, but apparently Veronica was the closest thing to family in Kat's life.

With that, Veronica is on her feet and heading for the door.

Minea doens't stop the woman, just pursing her lips and watching Veronica head off before she looks over to Colby. Upper teeth scrape over bottom lip and finally the other agent takes a seat so she can put her face in her own hands and sigh. "Fuck"

The blank door is Colby's focal point of interest for a long, heavy moment. With a sigh she finally turns back around, closing a few paces between herself and the other officer. "I want to help, as much as I can…" she begins with a notable caution in her voice. Her fingers drum an absent beat along the mug before she continues. "Can you - Can you tell me about her? June? Kat?"

"One of the best agents I knew. She helped train me, train me to company training. She'd been with themf or quite a bit. Whip crack smart. Little off putting at times she wasn't always the friendliest, but once you got to know her. Well." Minea gives a bit a smile. "She was supposed to be my partner, we'd been trying each other out for size and trying to recruit someone when we ran across Adam Monroe. More like he ran across us. She fucked up, she did wrong, and.. he killed her. I got shot up bad. But she never made it. Life support till there was no hope, not even Company healers and Veronica." Minea glances towards the door. "They were lovers"

A brow lofts above the dark gaze that searches back to the doors. "Lovers," she whispers, without having meant to comment aloud. Cocooned in her own loss, she had not even pondered the similar, the exact same, possible loss of those around her. The respect and connection she suddenly felt reaching out for Veronica was uncanny. And, of course, her earlier thoughts of the returning dead made a fighting comeback.

A few coughs, a quick mental wrestle, and she focuses enough to offer Minea a simple nod. "I'll start looking into this Thalia character. See what I can fish up." With a sigh as if her body had become heavy under the weight of this new information, she pushes roughly to her feet and makes a line for the door.

"Thanks. I have.. I have a lot on my plate right now, might have a lead on Ivanov, gonna be heading out back to the city. I gotta check in on a detective. He's spent all of yesterday just… communing with a finger and his ability. I'ma bit worried about him. Keep me update though, please" She's worried about Veronica. In a big way.

While Veronica does intend to begin research, the next few minutes instead find her making her way to the gym. Once changed into her workout gear, she proceeds to beat the shit out of the punching bag. From a distance, she may look like her usual composed, competitive self — good form, strong punches and kicks. But a closer look, which none will get, will see the tears streaming down her face. She does not have hope — hope is something that simply sets you up for disappointment time and time again. Instead, she is filled with fear that Kat has only been found to be lost again. She doesn't believe it's the same soul.

For now, she won't be heading over to visit. Not until she has an idea of just what happened in the moments after she said goodbye, after pulling the plug.

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