To Become The Person We Need To Become


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Scene Title To Become The Person We Need To Become
Synopsis Magnes needs some healing from his Nina beating and Sergei's found as well.
Date February 18, 2009

Rusty Warehouse

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this derelict warehouse was used to store loading equipment for the dockyards of Fresh Kills Harbor. Today, it serves as a makeshift prison with storage containers converted into simplistic cells that look out across the warehouse's concrete floor, blocked off with three steel walls and one made from industrial-grade wire mesh with an electrical current running through it to prevent escape.

Each cell is outfitted with a cot, a toilet and sink to provide the prisoners with fresh water, as well as a bucket that can be overturned and used as a stool.

Gerard Harris sits in his cell, idly counting the bricks, it has been weeks now, and still not much movement, his next door neighbor "Alex" as he's been calling him hasn't answered in a couple days, and the former police officer turned terrorist turned gladiator is just bored.

The fight is over, Magnes has been dragged back to his cell, and now he sits hunched over, sweaty and shirtless (fan service!), with a blood soaked shirt wrapped around his left forearm. The forearm is where the most damage is, deep cuts and even a few shallow ones wrapped around it. Going down his torso is a rather long yet shallow cut, and he also has a rather shallow cut across the left side of his face. Perhaps not all his blood, the heavily blood-soaked sneakers and the bottom of his pants might be quite alarming to see, but at least it doesn't seem like he's dying, he's just exhausted.

Abby was fetched for when the fight was done. The willing fighters who need tending are shuffled off to Filatov. The people who are there unwillingly get entirely different service. Gerard Harris's boredom is likely about to end as the doors to the warehouse open, and through it comes a pair of armed guards. Then comes a familiar blonde, in her pink jacket, clutching a four pack of red bull not unlike it was the crown jewels. There's another pair of guards behind her. "Go fix him. You got an hour" Because they don't know exactly how long she takes to fix people.

The blonde stumbles forward when pushed, dark circles under her eyes, her beloved pink jacket stained from water and slush, dirt, things she can't get out. Her clothes wrinkled but clean she looks around the warehouse and it's cages, hands tightening on the red bull cans. "Who's.. hurt?" Called out to the room as a whole. Who knows, there may be more than one.

Gerard Harris recognizes the voice, he moves to the edge of his cage, seeing Abby, he calls out to her, "You there…..My name is Gerard Harris, you have to get me out of here, my family must be missing me." He looks like he is about to say more, but one of the guards moves threateningly toward him, he clamps down on the rest of his statement, eyes on Abby, making sure she got his message. He is dressed as Sergei, though his scarf is not currently covering his face.

Magnes looks up, hearing Abby's voice. He's got a bit less pep than a few minutes ago, mostly from blood loss. "Abby?" he calls out in a strained tone, then adds, "I'm hurt…"

Lord. Sergei. He's alive. But he's calling himself Gerard. "I'll.. come tend you after i'm done tending to Magnes Mr. Harris. My name is Abigail Beauchamp" There's another push and Abby trots over towards the cage that secures Magnes. Her blue eyes widen at the amount of blood, dried and damp, on the man. "Heavens. Magnes" It takes a great deal of willpower to not just fall into tears right there. "I'll.. I'll get you fixed okay" Seems she's not caring that he's shirtless, just waiting for the door to be unlocked for her to get into the cage. "Your not alone at least. You have other people to talk to. Like Mr. Harris, and the others" She keeps up the talking because doing so, makes her less worried and keeps her calm.

Gerard Harris watches Abby through the bars, his eyes scanning the others in the room, but he makes no attempt to speak further.

Magnes smiles at her as the cage is unlocked, beginning to unwrap his forearm, which is bad enough to begin with, but looks a hell of a lot worse than it actually is, due to dried blood and spots where trickles of blood still seep out. He winces with a light groan when pulling the shirt from his arm, trying to keep a brave act with Abby around.

"I fought pretty good for you, but I still lost, sorry. I'll win next time, and I'll save you…" he says in a deeply apologetic tone, his disappointed eyes betraying the shallow smile on his lips. "I even learned a new power."

"You can't save me Magnes. Haven't you figured that out yet? They took me. It's not like I went into voluntary servitude for them and there's some.. debt that needs to be paid. Haven't you figured that out yet?" The red bulls are put down, the door closed and locked behind her and the guards go off to the far corner. They keep an eye out but don't venture close. Small blessings. Wet wipes, she'll have to ask for wet wipes and otehr things to clean off the wounds. Abby sets about into nurse nightingale mode when she see's the wounds. Her jackets taken off, folded in half and laid to the side so it doesn't get more ruined and sets about to placing her hand on his arm over the cuts, and the other on his chest. "Pain'll be gone soon. Mr. Harris. Where'd they find you?" She sets about to quietly praying then, loud enough for only her and Magnes to heal and lo, soon, there's relief coming down the pipe for the would be super hero. She's going to drag it out, give herself as much time out of the dagger as she possibly can.

Gerard Harris says, "They say they fished me out of the bay. I don't remember much, what with all the chaos and riots."

"I'm gonna save you Abby, I promise. I'm getting stronger, and… I can't tell you anything yet, but just trust me, alright?" Magnes whispers, lowering his head with a sigh of relief as the feeling of her healing washes over him. "I'm not alone, you're not alone, we're getting out of here for sure. Just trust me, I won't let you down, I'll never let you down. You can believe in me, you know that, right?"

She doesn't. Her faith in Magnes in the possibilities of saving her, are very low. "I do Magnes" It's one of the first lie's she's bound to tell him while she's here. "Just be quiet for now okay" Abby murmurs. "You'll have to show me your new trick when you get out okay?" For now, she concentrates on fixing Magnes, there's likely a few more others that she needs to tend to, be they small wounds or plenty like Magnes. "God will provide" Her voice cracks a little, keeping her gaze on the floor and not on Magnes.

"Have they hurt you?" Magnes asks, a question that's slightly strained, almost afraid of what her answer may be. "It's alright to tell me, if they have, I won't do anything stupid. I can't screw anything up just 'cause I'm pissed…"

"No Magnes, they haven't hurt me" It's loud enough spoken for 'Gerard' to hear. "They keep me underneath the brothel. The whores bring me my meals and he brings me people to heal. He's making good on the red bull, giving it to me when I need it. Other than that, it's very boring" She adjusts a hand, sliding it along his arm, looking at the wounds for a moment, judging. She's tired. "I'm kicking a caffeine addiction in a bad way though. Didn't realize I drank so much of it"

Magnes' eyes widen, his arm jerking slightly with a wince, but he goes back to his original position, sighing. "They have you staying in a whore house?! That's just, it's, what the hell! I hope that guy lets me punch the hell out of those leaders…"

'Would you rather they housed me here Magnes? At least there I have a bed and a bathroom and privacy, and warmth" She points out the whole bathroom thing and privacy. She's almost done, with the healing. "They're not making me turn tricks. No ones hurting me. I Promise"

"Well, alright, I guess. This is just a bit much, this whole situation, but in some ways I think this is good for me, I mean, other than you being captured." Magnes reaches out with his good arm to touch her cheek in a slow caress, smiling again, at least relieved that she's not getting hurt. "I'm learning a lot about myself, and all I gotta do is wait a while before we get out of here, so I just have to make the best of it." He pauses for a moment, something apparently hitting him, then he looks down at her again. "Did you know a Hitman was supposed to kill me?"

"I didn't Magnes. Welcome to the wide world of helping people who are terrorists and vigilante's and the not so legal world. There's quite a few who want to do the same to me. That or keep me like they're doing now" Abby pulls away from the touch to her cheek, squeezing her eyes shut. "Please don't Magnes. Not right now. I can't take you touching me like that" The healing done, not a scratch left on the gravity manipulator and she pulls her hands back, flexing her fingers. "I'm done with him, can you let me out please?"

Trask watches the other cell, frowning a little at Magnes's familiarity with the healer. He then returns to his poker face, watching as Abby asks to get out.

"Are you mad at—" Magnes quickly cuts himself off, not wanting this to be the last thing he says to her before she leaves. Who knows, he could die tomorrow, or tonight. "Later, Abby. I'll save you."

"No Magnes, I'm no.. yes, I am mad. I'm mad at a lot of things. I'm made because you want to by my boyfriend when I obviously don't want one, or want you to be one. I'm made because you're bartering yourself for something that will never come to light. These people, they don't play by rules. I don't like touching. You should know that by now" The guys are coming, two of them, to unlock the cage and let her dart out, jacket and red bull grabbed. "I'm angry at myself because I should have taken Matt Parkman up on his offer but it's too late now" Her weary steps take her across to 'Gerard's' cage now, and he can see the tears welling in the blondes eyes. "Give me your hand, i'll fix you" She can't fix Gerard, even if there was something to fix. But she can pretend. The guards, seeing that they don't need to let her in, retreat again.

Trask puts his hand through the bars, clasping Abby's "Just remember, the lord will provide, he has a plan, sometimes we can't see that plan, but sometimes the path we are on, is the one we need to be, to become the person we need to become. To do the things he wants us to do."

"I'm not trying to force you to be my girlfriend, and I'm doing whatever I can to get you out of here, I don't care if they follow rules or not. Doing nothing is a lot worse than trying and screwing up. I couldn't forgive myself if I just sat here and let things happen." Magnes defends as she walks away, but doesn't bother saying anything else to her after that, he just lays down and stares up at the ceiling. "This place is terrible…"

"It's not called doing nothing, it's called biding your time" Abigail shoots back over her shoulder as Trasks hands close around hers. She bows her head over them, as if praying, but really, she's not. "They think your dead. They're looking for you. John Logan is the brothel owners name. the other man, is Muldoon. He.. his touch tingles. I don't know what he does. John Logan he.. he can.. He makes my body feel sheer delight to where I'm.. like.. some lazy cat getting it's belly scratched and won't protest when his eyes are glowing green. They have me in the basement of the brothel, I have a small window. I don't know whether they'll save you first, or whether they'll save me 'Gerard'. They took me from my front steps, with Magnes. Look like I'm washing away any hurts you have. Or they'll take me away"

Trask gets a look on his face, like he is being relieved of a great weight. "They'll get you first most likely, don't risk yourselves for me. Just let her know I am keeping my promise. No matter what it takes."

"I will" Abby whispers. She keeps holding onto Trasks hand, tight. "keep an eye out for Magnes. He thinks the world is super heros and villians. I don't.. want anything bad to happen" She looks up. "If they get you first, you know where I am. You know how to help them get me out. Tell Teo that I'm untouched and to make sure Pila and Scarlet are taken care of" Abby drops her hands onto her jacket and coat. "I have to go, before they get suspicious. Helena and Al and one of Brian's copies are with Homeland. They caught them. But everything succeeded. The virus wasn't unleashed. Elisabeth is fine, everyone else is fine. God help us though, I'll try and.. keep faith"

Trask nods and squeezes her hand again, once, "Thank you. You know this won't work again, they'll do the math" He whispers the last before looking over at the guards.

"I know. But now you have more than you did before" Abby gathers her stuff, heading towards the armed men who are coming. "That seems to be all. God bless, Mr. Harris. Magnes" There's a motion to the door with her redbull, she'll consume it on the way back to the brothel. "i'm ready to go"

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