To Drink Or Not To Drink


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Scene Title To Drink Or Not To Drink
Synopsis Sabrina just wanted a drink. One not made by an Evo or to spend ten minutes in the bar wondering if even breathing was gonna bring down the wrath of the Evo terrorists. Abigail just completely busts that little stereotype by being her charming southern self, even when she's figured out she's got another Evo hater in the bar. If only Sabrina knew…
Date May 6, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

There's something about Wednesday afternoons that just screams for alcohol. Maybe it's that while two days have past there's still two more before the weekend, but Sabrina has found herself a seat at the bar at Old Lucy's on her late lunch hour, though she's nursing a martini rather than a sandwich. Instead of her standard t-shirt she's actually wearing a blue button down. Work at least insists on business casual these days. Raising the glass to her lips she takes a slow sip of the green liquid. "It's good." She tells the bartender. Like maybe she's surprised something's going right today. It's hard for alcohol to ever be wrong.

Brenda, a flaming redhead just grins at Sabrina. "Well all right then! If you need anything else just scream for Brenda!" And with those words, the provocatively clad woman is sashaying over to another customer who isn't quite waiting for a drink as he already has one, but he's male, there's no wedding ring so he's fair game to the man eater of Old Lucy's. There's another redhead though who's walking in from the front door, someone who doesn't look old enough to be allowed in a bar, a couple textbooks that deal with anatomy it seems, a black leather jacket with tan piping and a helmet.

It's the same girl who two weeks ago was splashed all over the news. Miracle healer! Evolved woman save man in central park! the list goes on. Behind the bar she goes, ready to stick in a few hours before she has her appointment and then church. Maybe having to skip something to heal the mayor's son when they let her. She offers up a smile for Sabrina when she see's the blonde. 'Welcome to Old Lucy's!" before into the back she disappears.

While Sabrina tends to avoid things like TV and the newspaper, it's awfully hard to be uninformed in this digital age. She gives a nod to the redheaded bartender as she heads off to service another customer and looks up at Abby as she slips behind the bar.

A half second after recognizing her, Sabrina drops her drink after having raised the glass midway to her lips, sticky green appletini mix splattering the bar and her shirt, along with taking a big chipped chunk out of the glass itself as it hits the counter. "Shit! Shit!" she exclaims, half standing and holding her hands out so she doesn't get any on her.

Brenda's oblivious but there's a stack of bar napkins within reach. But Abigail's back out jacket gone and just a plain black tank top, little gold cross and wrapping the strings of the bar apron around her hips. "Heavens, you spilled" Seeing the position Sabrina is in, reaching for a clean rag and handing it to her. "Here, wipe your hands, I think we had a tide to go pen around here somewhere. For when Brenda sets some grenadine on her ridiculous skirts"

"They're NOT ridiculous" Comes from the more vapid red head who then redirects her attentions to the hot hunks in front of her all wearing business suits.

Abigail just shakes her head and ducks down to rummage around beneath the counter.

Sabrina takes the rag from Abigail, holding it between two fingers at first like maybe it might get some Evolved on her. When it doesn't seem to bite or morph into anything, she carefully starts dabbing it on her shirt with one hand, while the other scoops up a couple napkins to mop up the majority of the spill. "Sorry about that." She says once she's recovered some of her composure. "I just wasn't expecting…" she trails off a little bit and then clears her throat, "The kick. From the vodka. Or is it vermouth?"

"Depends upon what kind of Martini you got. A classic martini? Then it's vermouth. Martini lovers rally to both sides though and get spitting mad when the other says that theirs is the best Martini" All this from behind the bar as the younger redhead pops up and uncaps the stain pen. "I you get it fast, no one will see it" A gesture to the splashing on her shirt. "Besides, all I see is a woman who someone bumped into while she was drinking" and that's the story Abby is sticking to, to save the woman some face. "I'm Abby. Or the Nun, take your pick. I'll make you a new one"

"Yeah. I know your name." Sabrina says with a voice that falls a little flat as she puts the rag down on the bar and accepts the little stain pen to start dabbing here and there. "Can't imagine there are people in this city that don't. No!" She then adds abruptly as Abigail offers to make her a new one. "…no thank you. I was on lunch anyway. I'm already going to go back reeking of alcohol from this, I'd rather not be tipsy on top of it. Makes the 'I spilled it all over myself' excuse look a little thin." There is a pause before she begrudgingly offers for the sake of politeness. "I'm Sabrina. I can pay for the glass, too."

"If we made customers pay for every glass that broke, I think we'd be making more money on that than the alcohol itself" Yeahhh well, not everyone knows who she is. People know for a few days then forget. The bonus of the times in which they latch on to something else 15 minutes later. It's been a blessing really. "I think that I have a button down in the back that might fit you, you can bring it back another day but it'll be better than a note from me saying 'sorry, I spilled my tray of drinks and some got on your employee, I promise she's not inebriated, warmly, Abigail"

If only Sabrina could forget, then she wouldn't be thinking of all the ways that Abigail and her Evolved friends might come after her for breaking a glass in the bar. What if it was a special glass? What if it had sentimental value to someone? What if it WAS someone that some other freak Evolved turned into glass and then made into a—no, that's just silly. Still, Sabrina looks a little pale. "Ha ha." Sabrina says rather than laughs, which makes it sound even more hollow. "Er." if she refuses what if They take it as a slight? Oh god. She looks up and around for some way to escape the conversation without giving some sort of imaginary offense. Sadly, only bottles full of alcohol and businessmen that are distracted by Brenda are around. Unhelpful! "…that's thoughtful of you?" She tries, studying Abigail a minute to see how she reacts to that vague statement.

Or they could just walk up behind her and turn her emotions five way from Sunday. Or there's Brenda, who Abby is sure is evolved but can't remember if she was ever told what. Oh and her boss if she was still around, could burn the top layer of Sabrina's skin. If only she knew that all but one person who worked here… was evolved. Only Abby was the registered one. The vagueness causes the woman to cant her head slightly to the side. "I try to be, but don't take it just because I offered. Want a soda then, or some water?" All southern accent and gentle. Much like she was on the TV, looking just like a normal person. The broken glass is picked up, put into the grey buckets behind that contain dirty glasses and wiped down the counter with a wet cloth in case there are pieces or slivers left. Wouldn't be good to have someone cut their hand.

Just calm down, Sabrina. Don't call attention to yourself. She must see dozens of patrons every day, try not to be so retarded as to be remembered. With that little internal pep talk, Sabrina eases herself back onto the stool, setting the stain pen down carefully on the counter and saying with a very faint smile, "Water would be great." She hesitates then, trying to think up some light conversation. Something subtle. Something mild and forgettable. "So have you always been…" she starts to say, then gestures vaguely with one hand. "…a bartender? Or is this just an in between sort of job?"

"Water it is!" A highball glass grabbed, ice scooped into it and water poured into it. "Nope. I was a waitress at the Nite Owl four months ago. round about. But I had to leave it, and the owner here gave me a job, even though I'm not old enough to drink yet. Taught me how to make drinks. Work here while I go to school. What about you?" Another bar napkin and with a wedge of lemon stuck in, the water is placed in front of Sabrina. Ewwwww, evolved made your drink. What are you going to do?

To drink it or not to drink it. Sabrina stares hard at the glass, trying to make sure it's just water and not some sort of poison. There is no way to tell! She knew this day was a wash. "I…" can they tell if you lie? Can they smell fear!? Sabrina rubs a hand over her face before picking up the glass of water(?!), though she doesn't take a sip yet. "I work for a non-profit. Which means long hours, little pay, and no tips. But my work helps to get buildings made and parks re-done and protected. Or it will, when the projects are approved. If. With the current climate in this city, it's always pretty up in the air."

"and probably no appreciation on top of the no pay for what you do and the sleep lost doing it" Abby understands that far too well. "You can drink your water. It's okay" She'd had to deal with Aaron who was a belligerent bigot about what Abigail was, and had no compunction about not showing it. "I'm not something you'll catch Sabrina. I'll leave you be but it was nice to meet you" The tone, the way the woman was holding herself. mirrors Aarons to a slightly lesser degree. "I'm making you uncomfortable. If you need anything else you can call for Brenda, she'll probably be better for you"

Sabrina gives Abigail a wan smile that's almost but not -quite- apologetic. Whoops. "…I just…" she starts to say then trails off, taking a small sip of her water. Very small. Then she forces herself to swallow. After a second or two of not dying, she continues. "I should be getting back to work anyway." She sets the glass down and stands, pulling a pair of tens out of her pocket and tossing them on the bar. To cover the glass and the alcohol that she spilled. Maybe. If it was a cheapish glass. "…thanks for the help with the stain…stuff. Uh." Awkward. "…nice to meet you." She mumbles as she turns for the door.

Abigail just watches Sabrina, a soft sigh as the woman takes off. "Sometimes I just wonder" She murmurs, more to herself before Abigail sets about to cleaning the place up, tossing the water, everything removed as if Sabrina were never there and the money put into the till. "Some day" Another murmur to herself

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