To Friends


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Scene Title To Friends
Synopsis Adisa and Koshka meet, to further their friendship and discuss important teenage matters.
Date February 2, 2011

The Nite Owl

Having spent the majority of the day with Brian, snacking and watching movies and playing catch up, Koshka decided to skip dinner at home again. The only problem is going out to eat, alone, just isn't all that fun. So she put in a call, contacting Adisa, and plans were made to meet at the Nite Owl. She needed to talk to the older girl anyway.

The cold weather was braved, Koshka bundled in hoodie and coat, skicap, even scarf and gloves while she made the journey on foot. All that is resting beside her in the booth she'd claimed on arriving. Elbows resting on the table, the teenager watches the condensation roll off a glass of water set before her, every so often glancing toward the door while she waits for Adisa's arrival.

Knowing that Tahir would most likely be more than happy to see Adisa out of the apartment for the good portion of an evening, and not only that, but having the chance to hang out with someone close to her age, she jumped at the chance to hang out with Koshka. Bundled up in a multicoloured scarf, a black jacket, mitts, she finds her way to the Nite Owl.

With a little ringing sound, Adisa opens the door to the Nite Owl and looks about for Koshka. Catching sight of the other girl quite quickly, she scurries over to the table. "Hey! How's it going?" She says with a little smile, taking a seat across from Koshka, as she takes off the scarf, jacket and mitts, revealing a light blue long sleeved shirt underneath.

A grin reaches across Koshka's face, tugging at the several days old bruise under one eye, when Adisa appears. "Hey, Adisa," she chirps to the other girl. She pushes the waterglass aside and sits back, shoulders lifting then falling again. "I'm good. Or.. great, maybe. How're you? — And thanks for joining me, too." While the younger teenager is trying to make friends, it still seems a little strange to be making plans and doing normal teenager-ish things.

With eyebrows furrowed, Adisa points to the eye. "What, like, happened?" Comes the most likely expected answer. "I'm like, totally awesome. I like, got this job at a hair salon not too long ago, and today? I like, totally saw a Gucci bag that I totally have to have. It was amazing!" She chirps brightly. "Do you like…like shopping?" If they're going to be hanging out, this is an important thing for Adisa to know!

The first question gets a shake of her head. "Ran into a wall," Koshka explains, in tones that imply that wasn't what happened, but it's nothing to worry over. "That's great! Congratulations on the job! I'm working on that, Brian's going to help." She grins at Adisa, picking up on the enthusiasm a little. "Not sure what Gucci is, but that's cool. And.. I don't know about shopping. I… usually just get groceries or.. that sort of thing."

Blinking, Adisa stares at the other girl blankly. "You…don't know what Gucci is? It's only like…one of the like…best and most fashionable brands like, ever. They're totally amazing. I like, totally have to soooo take you shopping! There's like, a whole world out there for you to like, totally see. And love. There's like, so much amazing clothing and bags and shoes. My god, the shoes!!! Like, after I've totally taken you shopping? You like, totally never know how you lived without this stuff!"

"Um… okay," Koshka agrees to the idea of going shopping, a little uncertain though she might be. She'd gone shopping for clothes, but it had always been more a utilitarian thing, and less of a fashionable thing. Not that she looked unfashionable, but her style has never been for name brands or quantity. She grins at Adisa, shrugging again. "Sounds good to me."

With a wide grin, Adisa nods happily. "Good! Maybe I can like, even talk Tahir into like, buying the stuff for us. Tahir is like, Sami and me's older brother. If I like, can totally talk him into that? Then our budget totally skyrockets!" Oh yes. Adisa has plans. "So, what's like, up in the life of Koshka? Anything like…totally outrageous?!" Hey, what can she say? It's fun to say 'outrageous'.

" — I.. Sami's brother doesn't have to pay for me." Koshka's brows knit together briefly, grin twisting toward unsureness. "I can.. I've got some money." It'll require using that card attached to her father's account, something she's not sure if she should do, even though she could stand some new clothes of the working variety.

Blue eyes tick over to the glass of water as Koshka shrugs again. Color rises into her cheeks even before she begins to answer. "I.. Just the normal, I guess. But… You.. Daryl was thinking that we could double. With you and… someone you know. If you're interested."

"Oh oompa-loompa. If I get him to pay for me, I'm like, totally gonna get him to pay for you too! I'm like, not gonna hear otherwise from you! And that's totally final!" Adisa smiles, with a little glint in her eye. "I've like, totally got money too, but that totally doesn't mean I won't like, try to get my big bro to totally pay!" She says mischievously. At the mention of a double, Adisa tilts her head. "Like…like…a double…date?" For a moment, she smiles widely, but then she frowns. "There's like, only one problem. I totally don't know really anyone in this city. I'm totally still very new! But I'd totally love to!"

Koshka shrugs, a small rolling of her shoulders. She still seems uncomfortable letting someone else pay for things she could just as easily pay for, but that can be discussed another time. The color in her cheeks deepens a little and she nods. "Like a double date. He… you could bring anyone. Your brother even or…" Another shrug is rolled. "…I don't know. We… he.. you're fun to hang out with."

Adisa smile softly. "I'd like, totally love to come on, like, a double date with you guys. That'd be super awesome!" She says happily. "I should like, totally bring you over to my place. And like, by my place, I mean Tahir's place. You totally like, need to tell him that you think I'm fun to hang out with. He probably wouldn't believe it, if those words came from he." She says brightly. "I like, totally like hanging out with you too! You're super cool. I mean, we totally need to work on your knowledge of like some of the big names, but that's totally doable." She says happily. "Oooh! You know what? You should totes be a bridesmaid at Sami and Brian's wedding!" There will be bridesmaids at the wedding, gosh darn it! Adisa will be sure of that, even if it's just herself and Koshka.

Koshka manages a grin, though pink is still suffused through her cheeks. "I told Sami I wanted to meet Tahir, too. To talk sense into him about Brian. So… that could work out, going to your place and… I could be a bridesmaid? But.. Samara and Brian don't even know when they're getting married yet."

With a firm nod, Adisa says, "Well, you'll just have to come over one day! Tahir is like, totally bullheaded sometimes. He like, totally doesn't even like…like…wanna listen to his own sisters sometimes! He's like, so totally a silly willy!" She frowns. "Sometimes I like, totally worry about that brother of mine. I so totally don't know what he's all about sometimes." Well, expect for one thing. But that's another thing all together. "Doesn't matter that Sami and Brian don't know when they're gonna be married! We totally should be their bridesmaids!"

Koshka grins and nods as well. It's settled. Bridesmaids will be whether they're wanted or not. And Tahir will be met, one way or another. "Great! This'll be fun. And we can make plans and.. Yeah. Really cool." There seems to be more, however the server appears at that moment, bringing more water and waiting to take orders. The younger teenager orders a basket of fries.

If Adisa was going to say anything, as well, she was also interrupted by the server. "I'll um…uh…I'll like, have a slice of pie! Apple pie! Thank you!" She says softly. Looking back at Koshka, she nods. "I can like, totally tell that we're gonna be super good friends." She says happily.

"Yeah," Koshka says, her tone rising to turn the word into a question. She looks pleased for that, friends, good friends, not something she's a lot of. "I hope so. You're pretty cool, fun to hang out with." She pokes a finger at the water glass, swirling some of the condensation droplets together. "Can I ask you kind've a weird question?"

Adisa nods a little bit, an affirmative to Koshka's 'yeah'. Tilting her head, she lifts up her own glass of water and takes a sip, looking over at the girl across from her with curiosity. "Umm, like, yeah. Sure. You can totally ask me a weird question. If it's like, super totally weird, I like, might not have an answer for you. But like, we'll totally see."

"Can't be any worse than where I'm at now." Koshka glances up at Adisa, grinning. Though once again that color starts working its way into her cheeks. "So, um… what… how do you know if you're just friends or… like more. Than just friends." She knows the question is a bit out there, hardly knowing Adisa and all, but the older girl is Sami's sister and she knows Sami. Chances are the absent Dunham sister would've been fielding the question, or may yet when she's not so absent.

Adisa giggles softly and shrugs, but waits for the question before jumping the gun at all, in terms of talking. "Oooh. Is that what you wanted to know? Well, that's like, so totally not a weird question. On like, a scale of Christina Aguilera to Brittany Spears, that's totally Christine Aguilera." Confusing, much? "Well, there's like, a few things to totally look for. Like, do you totally hang out all the time and actually like…get asked out for stuff. Like…you know, in a date sorta fashion. And like, if you're spending time with the person and like, all you can think about is them. And if, when you're not with them, you like…wanna be with them. And stuff."

Very confusing. Koshka frowns slightly, confused, in trying to figure out how Christina Aguilera or Brittany Spears has anything to with anything. And while the terms Adisa explains are black and white enough, the younger girl still seems, well, confused. "I… well, we hang out a lot. I guess. But… we just met like a week ago. And… Yeah, some of that is, but… I don't know."

"Well, do you like…wait, is this like, Daryl?" Adisa may seem like a bit of a ditz at times, because…well, truth be told, she is, but sometimes she clues into things! "Girl, listen to me. If like, he's agreeing to a total double date? Than it's totally more than just friends. It's like…dating. You know?"

More than just agreeing to it. "It was his idea, actually," Koshka says quietly. "And.. like we do lots together. And.. I don't know. I told Brian about him and he started asking questions and.. I don't know." And now she's putting words to her own wonderings.

Adisa raises an eyebrow. "You see? Like…he's totally into you. Suggesting this was like…probably like…his way of like, totally seeing if you actually wanted to be dating him. And like, I'm totally guessing that you like him, right?" She asks slowly, taking another sip of her own water.

If she hadn't been blushing before, Koshka would be feeling the heat now. She grins, the sort of grin of one caught sneaking cookies. "Yeah, he's… I like him. Just… not sure if he likes me or anything. I mean.. it seems like it, but… It's weird."

Adisa just stares. "Koshka! He like, pretty much asked you to go out with him when he suggested the double date! Guys like, totally don't ask a girl out if they don't like them!" She says with a grin. "You like him, and he like, totally likes you! Awww. Now I like, totally have to find somebody! It's like, a total must."

Koshka sinks in her seat just a little, looking up at Adisa in a mix of silly and unsure teenage girly-ness and wanting to just disappear. She's saved, at least temporarily, when the server comes back with fries and pie. Which the younger girl mumbles a thanks for. "I'll… call him and… cool. We can do this."

With a small smile and a thanks to the server, Adisa looks at Koshka. With a friendly smile, she says, "Trust me, Koshka, I like, totally know boys." Realizing how that could possibly sound, she says, "I've been on like, a date or two or three. With me at your side, you like, totally can't go wrong. I like, will totes help you with this. That's totally what friends are for!"

Koshka nudges the basket of fries toward the middle of the table, to share in the little bits of warm and tasty potatoes. While grabbing the ketchup, she looks up at Adisa and smiles again, unspoken thanks in the expression. A healthy dollop of ketchup is poured into the basket, beside several strings of fries, then Koshka picks up her glass of water and holds it toward Adisa. "To friends?"

Not grabbing any fries, at least not just yet, Adisa smiles. Holding up her on glass, she clinks it against Koshka. "To friends!" She takes a sip of her water and then puts it down. Looking down at the piece of pie she ordered, she picks up her fork and takes a bite. "Mmm. I looooooove apple pie. Like…totally love." She glances back up at Koshka. "So, this must be like…totally great. Would this be like…is he your…would this like, be the first time you dated someone?" A personal question, perhaps, but she's curious.

Likewise, Koshka takes a drink from her glass before setting it down. She picks up a fry, dabbing it at the puddle of ketchup. "..Yeah," she replies, almost adopting a shy demeanor. "I never… before leaving Chicago.. With school and things, you know? Then… here. We just met and …he's the first."

Adisa sighs lightly, in a happy manor. "That's like, soooo sweet. I like, totally remember the first time I ever went on a date. Terry Rampstien." She lets out a quiet giggle. "It's like, so totally awkward, the first time you like, date somebody. 'Cause you like, totally don't know what to do, right? You're like, totally learning everything about the dating game for the first time."

"Exactly." Someone gets it, and for that Koshka looks relieved, if still self-concious over the revelations of the evening. "Like.. I don't know what's going on. Or… if he's interested. Or… anything. But I like him and stuff and he seems to like me and… It's scary and new.."

Adisa nods a little. "I like, totally understand. Just be, like, totally glad you don't have a super protective older brother who like, totally scares away boyfriends." She says as she takes a sip of her water. "But like, trust me, you totally get the hang of it after a while. It can like, totally be confusing sometimes. But you'll figure it out."

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