To Friendship


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Scene Title To Friendship
Synopsis Two of Tartarus' employees enjoy a night away from work.
Date July 29, 2010

The Rock Cellar

It had been a busy day of hanging out for Quinn, and this night was no different. She felt a little bad to be honest, she had brought up this hangout over two weeks ago, and here she was just now following through on it. Hopefully, Nadira wouldn’t hold it too much against, and if she did? Well, Quinn was sure she could find a way to smooth things over.

It was around seven when she rolled up to where Nadira was staying on her scooter, retrieving her newfound Egyptian friend and a helmet to match. The plan for the night was to head out to the Rock Cellar, now that Quinn knew of its existence, and grab some dinner. After that was up to grabs, but hopefully there would be some quality music playing that night. Hopefully.

Walking in the double doors, Quinn looks around the place with a smile on her face. “Trust me,” Quinn says, looking back at Nadira, “This place is awesome. I know it’s another loud club, but I think it’ll be right nice.”

"I've no problem with loud clubs, and I'm sure it's fine." Nadira peers towards Quinn, heading inside with a little bit of a chuckle. "I will trust you on this." Her gaze moves about the Rock Cellar, taking it in with a calculated eye.

Quinn grins, attention turned the stage as she reaches the podium, ID out to be checked. There’s a three piece band on stage, playing some rather raucous garage rock, a pretty big change of pace from the industrial and gothic sounds of Tartarus. “I only discovered this place the other day,” Quinn comments as her ID is passed back to her. “Bar or booth? Don’t really care m’self,” the Irishwoman says with a grin.

Once her own ID is checked, Nadira moves smoothly in after Quinn. "Well, are you wanting privacy or socialization?" She questions, curiously. "You might be able to pick up someone at a bar." She teases.

Quinn snorts, shaking her head. “Maybe! That’s not why I’m here, though! Plus, that might kinda awkward, you know?” The Irishwoman shrugs, spinning back around to face Nadira in a manner that causes her white dress to twirl out around her. A smile is plastered on her face as she tilts her head. “What, are you lookin’ to pick someone up? Otherwise, I’m thinkin’ booth. More comfortable, I hate sittin’ on stools for too long.”

"And why? If you meet someone here, you could leave with her and I wouldn't mind." Nadira grins, a flash of teeth. She notes the twirl and grins wider. "And you do look charming. Are you sure you don't need me to distract the men while you make your move?" She nods towards an empty booth. "A booth it is."

Quinn blushes, waving a hand dismissively as she follows Nadira to the booth, sliding in. “T-Thanks. And just what would you be distracting the men from?” she asks with a grin, waggling her fingers as she reaches for one of the menus, unfolding it. She waits a few beats before she looks up at Nadira with a smile. “I wouldn’t be here for men,” she remarks first, and after taking a second to gauge her response, she shrugs. “Besides, I’m in a… mildly complicated situation at the moment. But I guess you could say I have a girlfriend.”

She coughs afterwards, glancing over to the band with a mild look of annoyance on her face. “This band is a little terrible. I still need t’ talk t’ Cat about maybe playing here sometime…”

Nadira raises an eyebrow. "Ah, well, I suppose I shouldn't lead you into temptation and help you catch another woman, then. But I was saying… not all these men might realize your persuasion. I could… be distracting. But I suppose the point is moot, shall we say?" She slides into the booth, settling comfortably as she looks at the menu. "Hope your girlfriend doesn't mind me having drinks with you."

Quinn laughs, shaking her head. “Not at all. It’s not like we’re out on a date.” She jokingly waggles her eyebrows at Nadira. “She’s not the jealous type, an’ even if seh was I think she’s too nice to make a big deal out of it.” She grins. “That said, I never get tired makin’ fools out of men, terrible as that might be.” She laughs nervously, relaxing a bit in her seat. “What about you? You said you’re new in town, right? Managed t’ snag anyone yet?”

"I've had a few real dates and one or two flings." Nadira smirks, just slightly. "Last night wasn't bad. Usually the flings tend to be with guys… they don't like to stick around after." She runs her fingers down the edge of the menu before setting it down, having decided.

“Usually?” Quinn regards Nadira with amusement, before shrugging. She wasn’t normally one to pry into such things, but the qualifier had caught her attention. After a moment Quinn also sets down her menu, now just watching for a waitress she can flag over. “So, that drink you made’s been a success, by the far. I’ve gottena few people to try it, an’ have yet t’ hear anything bad. I think you be on t’ something.”

Nadira smirks. "Again, guys tend to take things a lot less seriously, I'm afraid. Women, on the other hand, tend to have feelings." She laughs, eyeing Quinn for a moment. "Well, it's not one of my favorites, but it's fairly good… I prefer my ridiculously fruity drinks. Or something hard. I suppose I'm one for extremes."

“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with fruity,” Quinn says with a wink. “Fruity and hard tends t’ be my favourite. Probably why I like the drinks I do so much.” Ostensibly referring to her love for redheaded sluts. “Trust me, some women are just as bad as men. Maybe worse.” Quinn quirks her lips, looking back out for a waitress. “I think I’ve said before how much I like Tartarus. But then, I’m gettin’ paid more t’ do something I did anyway, so it works out like that pretty easily.” Finally spotting a waitress, she waves her over. “So, like… what’ve you been up to lately, if I can ask? I mean, I speant most a’ the last week out of town…”

Once the waitress heads over, Nadira gives a charming smile as she orders before focusing her attention back on Quinn. "Yeah, I noticed you were gone. Not quite as fun working without you. But I have not been up to much… went out for some dinner, ended up having to leave that early. Place had a bit of a water problem… but I got drinks afterwards with a nice gentleman and so we stuck around the hotel afterwards."

“Oh ho, is that so?” Quinn asks with a suggestive tone, grinning at Nadira. “Glad you had fun. An’ hey! I’m back now. Good times are here again.” She winks again, laughing. “I was up in Boston visiting mum. She’s an artist. Never been sure how she manages t’ get by that way, but she does.” Quinn shrugs. “Hadn’t been of t’ see her in a while, and life kinda dictated I take a vacation. I had t’ tell her a few things I’d been keepin’ from her anyway.”

Nadira shrugs. "You'd be surprised how people manage to get by." She tilts her head at Quinn. "Sounds like you had some personal conversations… nothing too awkward between the two of you, I hope? You do seem in good spirits so I can't imagine anything bad happened."

“Well… let’s say that my mum is a very accepting person, you know?” Quinn says with a bit of a grin. “Which is good, because I dunno where I’d be without her.” Realising she’s been keeping the waitress, Quinn quickly turns over and gives her order, smiling nervously at the woman.

“I’m in high spirits because it’s been a… mixed last week or so. But things are startin’ to look up, an’ it has me feelin’ good again,” Quinn says as she retakes her relaxed posture on her end of the booth. “So, was there anything you wanted t’ do after dinner?”

There's a simple shrug from Nadira. "I don't know that I'm so good with plans. I usually just let things happen as they happen, I suppose." Her fingers drum on the table. "Bit restless, though. It's strange being in a place where I know so few people."

“Good,” Quinn replies with a smirk. “That’s how I like t’ do things too. Havin’ everything planned out’s boring. I like seein’ where the night takes me, an’ hopefully it’s somewhere fun. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a fun party or somethin’!” Quinn nods enthusiastically. “I kinda wish Cat was here. She’s fun. Musician like I am. Then you’d know someone else here, since I’m not cuttin’ it,” Quinn says a chuckle.

"Oh, Quinn, that's not how I meant it, you know." Nadira assures her, smiling charmingly. "I like you musician types… very free-spirited. Perhaps I should have studied that while I was at university… too late now, though."

Quinn smirks, shaking her head. “I know, I’m just teasin’!” At the rest of the comment, her smirk widens, even if her gaze becomes more focused on Nadira. “That, my friend, is a load a’ shit.” She has an odd tone, a mirthful seriousness to her words. “It’s never too late t’ learn. I can probably teach you somethin’, depending on what instrument it is. Music’s wonderful like that – it’s timeless. I mean, Jesus, I’m already givin’ lessons in some form t’ two other people. What’s a third cute woman among the other two?” Yes, she’s flirting a little. She never gets to!

Nadira chuckles. "Be careful, my dear. Sometimes it's hard to handle more than one at once." There's a long pause, and she leans forward. "Besides, somehow I think I should stick to serving the drinks, not having them along with a side of groupies."

Oh, man. Quinn can’t help but laugh at that. “Oh, I hope not,” she remarks with a smirk. “But I think I could manage.” When Nadira leans forward, Quinn does so a bit too, but enough to prop her head up on her palm. “Well, I mean- I didn’t mean like that. But learnin’ an instrument can be great fun, and good stress relief.” Quinn shrugs, an eye cast over to the stage. “I’m sure you could play better than any of those three. If you ever consider it let me know, I’d be glad to.”

"I don't think music's quite my thing. But thank you. Other than karaoke. That I might be convinced into." Nadira grins at the thought. "Though you never know… at least those three on stage are really, um, passionate about their work, are they not?"

Quinn looks over to the stage once more and gives a conceding not to Nadira. “Can’t argue with that. If you enjoy it an’ you’re passionate, who cares what everyone else thinks, right?” Turning back, she leans back comfortable. “Karaoke can be pretty fun, I just find it weird singin’ without an instrument in hand. Anyway, I dunno if I asked you before, but since your thing seems t’ be drinks, how’d you get int’ that anyway?”

"That's what tambourines are for!" Nadira chuckles. "Or clapping. You can clap. How are you supposed to hold the microphone if you're playing an instrument… you've got to hold it… so you can sing passionately." She does pause. "A lot of my friends were fond of being in bars. I befriended a man, he was very kind to me, and he taught me his trade while my friends gambled and drank. I learned many things from the man."

“A tambourine is so cliché. I like playing piano while I sing. An’ if I could sing and play violin at the same time, I so would.” Quinn nods in confirmation as she speaks, tilting her head at the end. “That’s pretty cool. I mean, I’m way into music an’ all, but I never really had, like… a mentor like that. My mum got me into it a young age, against dad’s wishes. It just kinda went from there.”

Nadira laughs. "I sincerely doubt my family was all too happy at my choice of occupation. My parents would probably have heart attacks for the rest of their lives if they knew of my choices in life. Parents will never quite approve, even when they do. They always have some expectation on us."

Quinn tilts her again at Nadira, a questioning look on her face. “You think? Mum seems awfully approving. All she’s wanted for me t’ be happy an’, once I got int’ it, revel in music. She doesn’t seem all disapprovin’ of my choices of life, be it havin’ girlfriends, or… other things.” She wrinkles her nose. “Dad’s… yeah.” She says with a frown. “I guess I can see that there.”

"You'll always have at least one. My parents don't quite know what I'm doing. Neither does my brother, though he knows more than they." Nadira leans forward a bit. "Don't try and please everyone, though. Your life is your life."

“Oh, absolutely,” Quinn says in agreement. “I love my mum t’ death, but it won’t break my heart if she disagrees with somethin’ I do. Same deal with my girlfriend. I’ll do almost anythin’ to help people, particularly the ones I love, but…” She nods slowly to Nadira. “Yeah. It’s still my life. Hell, I’ve runnin’ counter to a few people lately. It’s been hard, but there’s things you can’t just give up on, you know?”

Nadira nods. "Good. It is the best way to live life." She smiles, almost fondly. "You're a smart girl, Quinn. I'll give you that. You'll go somewhere someday. Make it big. Just got to have the right friends. Know the right things. Know the next step."

“See, you really doget it!” Quinn says with a laugh, recalling an earlier conversation of theirs. “That’s the plan, someday. I think I’ve finally settled on how I’m going t’ do it. What I’m going t’ play, who I’m going t’ get t’ help me get there. I’m in a band, we played at Tartarus’ opening, but… I want t’ make it big on my own. Like Tori Amos, or Allison Sudol, playing a piano. It’ll be wonderful.”

"Got plans for that? Set it in motion. No one will do the work for you, Quinn. Others will help you, but they will not if they don't know they need to help." Nadira smiles warmly. "Use people as your assets, let them bring you to the next step… and you'll get what you want."

“I have somethin’ I’m workin’ on, yeah,” Quinn says with a nod. “Soon, hopefully, I’ll be able t’ get some stuff professionally recorded. I haven’t recorded in years. I’m not expectin’ anyone t’ do the work. I wouldn’t want them to. Some things just need t’ fall into a better place first.” She nods again, smiling at Nadira. “You’re really inspirational, you know that? I mean, I try t’ always be positive. To be hopeful. But you’re really good at bein’ inspiring.”

Nadira seems genuinely pleased at that. "I like seeing people go places. People watching is what I do. You see everything, as a bartender… it's nice to see more than just that brief glimpse into someone's life. And if I can help, from what I know… I like to."

“See, this is why I think we’re going t’ be good friends,” Quinn says with a smirk and a nod. “You an’ I think a lot alike, if through different means. It’s really nice t’ find people like that. There’s too few people in the world who genuinely want t’ help people.”

"I feel like I always want to know what goes on with people. It's like… playing God but doing none of the work." Nadira laughs. She shifts in her seat, making herself more comfortable. "It's… genuinely nice to have a friend."

And now Quinn, in turn, is the one who looks just pleased as punch. A smirk crosses her face. “You are perhaps very lucky I have a girlfriend, Nadira,” Quinn teases, sticking out her tongue at the bartender. “In all seriousness… I’m glad you think that. It’s good t’ be a friend.” Having not previously noticed that her drink had arrived, she takes hold of it, pulling it over, and after a moment, she holds it up. “T’ friendship, then?”

There's a warm laugh as Nadira raises her own glass. "To friendship. And to you having a girlfriend. It gives me an excuse not to shamelessly flirt with you." She teases before sipping from her drink.

“I don’t know if I can toast t’ that,” Quinn snickers, deciding it best to make no further comment in return; at least not of the nature that immediately came to mind. Her glass hits Nadira’s with a gentle clink, a sip taken and it replaced in front of her. “There’s one other thing, though,” Quinn notes a bit more cautiously, leaning forward a bit. “Somethin’ I’ve gotten int’ the habit a’ telling all my new friends, after a few bad situations in the past.”

There's an eyebrow raised carefully. "Oh, dear. Is this something I should be fearing?" Nadira asks, casually sipping from her glass, but she sits forward a little, eyes calculating as she observes Quinn.

“Besides that I can be a terrible flirt?” Quinn says with a raised eyebrow – so much for that. “I… that depends, I guess.” The Irishwoman leans back, a pensive look on her face. “More on how you feel about, um… evolved than anything else.” Her eyes shift off to the side for a moment, then back to Nadira, a half smile, a hopeful smile on her face. “I can’t remember if we’ve talked about this before. Hopefully I’m not makin’ an ass outta myself.”

"Quinn, it would be very difficult for you to make an ass of yourself." Nadira chuckles. "Flirting is that, flirting. It's when you act on it that makes the difference. There's nothing wrong with suggestive banter. So warning me about your terrible flirtiness isn't something you have to do. It's you that should be on the lookout." She winks, almost slyly. The drink is sipped. "As far as Evolved go, I don't think you have anything to worry about with me."

Quinn laughs nervously, blushing a bit. “It wan’t- a warn-“ She stops, shaking her head in an effort to wipe the confused look from her face. “That’s… good,” Quinn says happily, tilting her head at Nadira. “Because you know those totally awesome light shows I put on at work? They… aren’t from actual lights, if you get what I mean.”

"You alright there, Miss Quinn?" Nadira raises an eyebrow, clearly teasing. "As for your light shows… that's pretty impressive. Kind of a fun ability, if you ask me. I'm sure it has plenty of uses." She takes a sip of her drink.

“Miss Quinn?” Quinn repeats, looking amused. “Robyn, if you’d rather. Most people call me Quinn, but… I’ve grown accustomed t’ Robyn lately. It’s a nice change a’ price.” At Nadira’s thoughts on her ability, she smirks. “It’s a buncha fun! I mean, like… I’m registered. I thought it’d be smart in case I ever do make it bed, so technically I don’t have t’ worry about gettin’ in trouble. But I save thingslike my light shows for friends, an’ DJin’ shows so that no one thinks it seems out of place. It’s not somethin’ I like to make a deal of in public.”

Nadira raises an eyebrow. "The woman of many names. So do you prefer Robyn or Quinn these days, then?" She drinks once again. "I suppose it's good you registered… legal and stuff. Keeping yourself out of trouble when you get high profile is important."

Quinn shrugs, still looking rather amused. “Doesn’t particularly matter t’ me. Not anymore, at least. I’m getting used t’ being called Robyn again. And yeah, that was my thought, too. The last thing I’d want is t’ finally get a record deal, or otherwise become famous, an’ then oops! I’m evolved and that’s a scandal! God, that would be so stupid. So I went ahead and got registered, rather enthusiastically. Even before they had the tests.”

"Robyn it is, then. Since most people call you Quinn, it'll mean I'm special." Nadira winks, the warm smile still on her face. "Well, they also say that any publicity is good publicity. Your scandal could have been free press. Ah, well."

Quinn grins and nods. “Well, you may be right. But, I don’t think I could handle that kinda scandal. Scandal about bein’ gay? Or political views? Sure, somethin’ like that I could handle, I think. But Bein’ Evolved, and plagiarism are the two I don’t think I could handle. Not that I ever would plagiarise something knowingly.”

"Well, you'll just have to come up with something scandalous." Nadira chuckles. "Well, plagiarism is something you can help… being Evolved isn't a choice. It's a gift, or a curse. Or both."

“It’s what you make of it,” Quinn remarks simply. “I mean, in most cases. I guess there’s people who just get some disastrous abilities, from what I hear on the new sometimes. But I think for the most part, like anythin’ else, it’s what you make of it. So for me, it’s a gift.”

"Good. Gifts are things to be treasured. They're really good… I'm glad yours doesn't cause any problems. Be careful with it, though. Gifts sometimes come with trouble." Nadira gives a bit of a nod.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Nadira,” Quinn says with a nod and a smile. “The last thing I need now is more trouble. But, I’m glad we came out tonight. Getting t’ know each other’s been right fun, an’ I could use a friend outside a’ the band an’ the folks at Gun Hill. Particularly another cute woman,” she says again for emphasis, voice decidedly teasing.

“But I’m thinking for the rest of the night… how do you feel about dancing?”

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