To Friendship, Tempura and Sushi


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Scene Title To Friendship, Tempura and Sushi
Synopsis Two new friends have lunch and a toast is involved. Also, flyer models.
Date December 3, 2010

West Side Sushi

Located in the Upper West Side, West Side Sushi is a small sushi bar and restaurant that caters towards a medium income though manages a more upscale environment. The decor is tasteful and modern, vibrant in the tone of wooden floors, reflective glass bars, tricky lighting fixtures and artwork on the walls. A winding bar occupies one side of the building, the other devoted to private, comfortable tables with booths and armchairs. A decent range of Japanese cuisine is offered, from light meals to proper dinners, with a focus on sushi of varying prices. A full range of liquor is also available, including sake.

It has a trendy kind of vibe that implies temporary success and limited lifespan, but while it's in its prime, it's a nice place to go, with a casual if still sophisticated ambience with prices that aren't out of reach of the common man but quality that doesn't guarantee it will be overlooked by the wealthier patron.

Busy, busy days Fridays seem to be lately, at least in the life of Robyn Quinn. She'd been up early this morning, with the intent of getting some supplies, and picking up something she'd seen on Craigslist - an older model iPod, with no connectivity - for her trip to Pollepel Island this weekend. All rather mundane stuff, if not for a mundane at all weekend. The real fun, the shopping for herself, was going to come later.

What she hadn't expected was the phone call she'd received around lunchtime.

She'd only met Lucille Ryans briefly, but the two had seemed to get along well enough. So the call to get together had been a welcome one, even if Quinn hadn't known that the other woman was back in town yet. Perfect timing too, being the lunch hour, plans were quickly acquired and Quinn was soon on her way.

Sushi wasn't exactly her food of choice - to be honest, she'd only had a few times in her life, and she couldn't remember the last time. Still, she's willing to try anything again for the first time! It's about half past noon when Quinn pushes in the door to West Side Sushi, a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Sure, it's cold, and even Quinn's bundle dup in a long black coat and long black pants rather than her usual attire, but her trademark pair of large headphones still rests around her neck.

When she spots Lucille - it seems Quinn's penchant for being late has repeated itself once again - she gives a wave in the woman's direction, making ehr way over to where she sits rather quickly. "Heya!" she announces as she walks up. "Long time no see." Said ironically, of course.

The woman being spoken too, looks up from the menu she's reading and her glass of water. Light grey eyes seem to smile at the other woman before the smile reaches her eyes and she nods towards the seat opposite her. "I thought we should have lunch, hangout. It's so good to see you." She means it, Quinn is a pretty nice girl, Lucille's figured. And she has no friends, so lunch with a potential true friend is a awesome idea.

Dressed in a pair of denim jeans and in a dark green sweater that hangs off one shoulder. Her long, black pea coat is hanging on her chair. Booted feet crossed as she smiles towards the woman. "How's life for you, returning here and all?" She waves her hand around, meaning the city.

Her hands are glove free yet again. She's getting more and more comfortable with her ability, not thinking she's gonna lose control too easily. Her hands fold together and are placed on the table. She scans the waitress as she comes to bring water and another menu to Quinn.
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Quinn offers a warm smile in return, hands buried back into her coat following a brief wave. "I'm glad you thought t' call me. Day would've been rather boring otherwise," she remarks, laughing a bit as she takes a seat across from Lucille. "I mean, shooping's great, but most of my other friends are workin' or outta town, so it's nice t' get t'gether with someone."

A look is afforded at the water and the menu, Quinn unfolding it, silent for a few moments as she scrutinizes the first page. "Busy," is a succinct enough response. "Like, way busy. Been in the studio a lot. My bad, we finally got a drummer, an' sometime soon I'm supposed t' be goin' on the radio t' promote 'em. Really outta nowhere kinda thing, I'm lookin' forward t' it alot." She puts down the menu after a moment,r eaching for her water. "What about you? Keepin' busy?"

"I hope I'm invited to your shows." Lucille grins as she takes another sip of her water. "I wanna hear your stuff and we have to do some more guitar lessons." She trails off and looks out the window, watching people walk by. A hand coming to play with the silver locket at her neck.

"Got a job actually, I start in a few hours. An antique shops called Miss Aphrodisia's. I'm pretty excited about it." She grins lightly and leans forward, as she talks to Quinn. "You are gonna have to stop by and shop and stuff. They have some pretty cool stuff and plus I need to work on my salesperson attitude. Though, if I could sell clothes as a model and drink as a bartender, it shouldn't be that hard right?"

Head tilted to the side, she looks towards the waitress as she comes back to their table and Lucille quickly orders. "But recording? I want to sit in on one of your sessions one day, if that would be okay."

Miss Aphrodisia's? Why does that sound so familiar… Quinn grimaces at the thought, before mentally shrugging it away. She eyes the necklace for a moment, just out of curiosity, before looking back up at Lucille. "Lucille, you are so on the list."

That grin she wears spreads wide as she leans back in her chair, bringing her menuc back up ot eye level as she looks over it. "I am so glad they have more than sushi," she muses for a moment, a bit of a grimace on her face. "I usually only get California Rolls, maybe I can get some tempura or somethin' too."

She nods a bit, looking back up at Lucille. "You can totally come in and sit in on recording sometime! I've had a few people ask sometime, I think it'd be a lotta fun havin' people comin' in an' listenin' t' music as we work on it. It'd be really cool t' get, you know… instant feedback." She smirks, setting down the menu - she has an order in mind! "Where is it? The name sounds familiar, maybe I went there with my girlfriend an' I just don't remember it."

"Awesome and I'll be sure to pass word along about any of your shows to friends." Which won't be that big of a help, since Lucille doesn't have that many friends. "Ah! The tempura is awesome here, if I say so myself." She finishes in a singsong voice and gives the menu back to the waitress. "Bento boxes are delicious."

Luci crosses her feet and takes another sip of her water. "That'd be awesome. Seeing history in the making, I can tell my kids one day. Yes, I'm friends with one of the band members of that awesome band." She muses softly with a chuckle and winks towards Quinn. "Which by the way.. I don't know the name of." She says with a furrow of her eyebrow as she looks at the redhead." The new store clerk looks out the window again and nods her head towards the direction of the street moving away from them. "It's down there somewhere actually, pretty close to here." Hence her choice of this place.

Holding a hand in the air, "Whoa whoa, you have so many girlfriends that you can't remember them and where you've been?" she's teasing of course.

"Mad Muse!" Quinn proclaims proudly, beaming a bit. "I helped come up with it, it's easily one of the best band names ever." Like, duh. "That's for the band, though. I don't really have a 'name' for my solo work. The only thing I've ever had close to for a stage name was… oh, what was it. Oh! Someone called me Little Mouse once an' I liked it. But that's about it."

She shrugs a bit, looking back down at the menu. "I've never had a bento box. Maybe I'll get one of those, some shrimp tempura, an' a bit of green tea…" Quinn nods slowly, having made what she things is a good decision. "Oh? Maybe I'll walk down there with you afterwards, see if it's the place I ahve in mind. An', ahh…" She wears a bit of a weird grimace slash grin. "I only have one girlfriend technically - long story - but we I ahve a terrible memory."

"Mad Muse, you'll have all the greek myth believers wondering how you're writing music if your muses are mad." She says with a light grin and her eyes widen at the mention of her solo work. "Quinny. You are for sure a Little Mouse." Lucille grins widely as she shows her support behind this name.

Shaking her finger at Quinn, she grins widely. "Technically?" she snorts and waves her hand. "You can't dangle the bait in my face and not feed me. So what's the scoop on this technical girlfriend? Because that sounds ten times kind of complicated."

"Ten times kind of complicated is an understatement," Quinn replies dryly. "It's not somethin' I talk about, um, a lot. But she's kinda like… Married? To a chick in the UK. WHo gave her permission? It's weird, but I'll be meeting the wife over New Years." She shrugs a bit, sipping on her drink as she eyes Lucille and waits for a reaction. "Anyway, are you just, like… workin' as a cashir at this Aphrodisia place? Or are you doin' somethin' cool, like bein' a flyer model? You should totally be a flyer model, Lucille."

She blinks at the mention of a wife. "That's more like a soap drama, honey." She chuckles and takes another sip of her water. "Well.. in my honest opinion, I wouldn't get involved with someone that's married.. permission or not. It's like you're spitting on that bond that's made when vows are spoken." She shrugs, if Lucille were ever to get married, she could never have an affair with another person. Regardless of whatever or not her husband said he didn't mind. "Just be careful with your heart Quinny." She says and touches the musician's hand with a light smile. Waiting on their food. Granted they just ordered.

"A flyer model?" she chuckles and shakes her head. "I wish, my model days are over.. for now. At least while I'm on the run." She throws a hand over her shoulder as if to say, ahh it's whatever. But really, she hates that she's not modeling. She really enjoyed it.

"I am a sales clerk, meaning. I can get you to by anything that I want." she says with a grin and she's laughing now. She sold clothes as a model and drinks as a bartender. This can't be that hard, right?
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Quinn exhales sharply, slouching down a bit in her seat. "Like I said, it's complicated. I don't blame people when they don't think it's a good idea. I didn't really know when I asked either, but… she's wonderful, an' the two of them are away from each other a lot, which is apparently why it's okay." She looks off to the side a bit, rolling her shoulders. "I love 'er, though, even if there's no real chance it can last forever." She suddenly feel kind of like she hadn't broached the subject, and instead takes the opportunity to divert the topic when Lucille presents it.

"Oh, shit, that's right," Quinn replies with a bit of a wince. "I forgot about that. S-Sorry." It just gets worse, eh?" But she still manages a laugh, fingers drumming on the table as she looks back at Lucille. "Nah, can't be that hard. I mean, I've sold music as a musician before! You probably could get my t' buy anything, though. Gotta make friends look good, right?"

She waves a hand dismissively as Quinn apologizes. "It's fine honest. Life is just a little crazy right now, ya know?" She grins and ruffles her hair a bit. Taking a look towards the waitress as she hurries over with food. "Yesss, thank you, thank you." Lucille says to the woman as she gets her mix of different shushis. Her eyes alight with excitement.

"I'll have to exercise my ability to get my friends to buy anything." She stops for a moment and grins openly at Quinn. "I haven't really been able to call someone a friend in a long while, Quinny. Thanks." Aww sapppppp.

Quinn smiles and laughs, looking down at the food that's been brought and set down bfore her. Mmm, tempura. THe first thing she does, before even considering a response to Lucille (no offence, Lu!) is take a bit - and then choke out a cough. Hot tempura is hot! She reaches for tea and thens tops, grimacing. Hot tea? So not going to help the problem at hand, and in that effort the glass of water is quickly scooped up instead, Quinn taking several long gulps before she finally sets it back down.

Letting out a relieeved sigh, the musician smiles wide at Lucille. "Well, you have someone now," she replies simply. "That's not something you'll have t' worry up unless you decide t' reveal yourself t' be a total bitch. Or you decide t' date an' ditch one a' my friends, but since most a' them are women, it doesn't seem like that'll be an issue!" She gives a bit of a wink and another laugh, before raising her water and motioning it to Lucille. "To frienship!"

To Quinn's antics, the former model chuckles and checks to make sure that Quinn is okay before laughing again, all in good fun really. She's then digging into her food as well for a few moments. And then Quinn's proposing a toast and Lucille grins and then quickly swallows her food and holds up her glass. Yeah, no worry of that happening." She chuckles.

"To friendship, looking fabulous.. and being independent." She says as she clinks glasses with the redhead and she takes a drink of her water. It warms her inside, to finally have a friend of her own. It's an awesome feeling. She just hopes she can cling to this feeling for as long as she can. It's hard for her to stay to happy nowadays. But she's gonna try her fucking hardest.

Everyone needs friends right?

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