To New Adventure


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Scene Title To New Adventure
Synopsis After an initial test is passed, the question now is where do Aman and Kaylee go from here. The answer?…
Date February 8, 2020

Eleanor’s Coffee Stand, Red Hook Market

"You sure you don't want a cup before your date gets here?" Eleanor asks a touch wryly. She thumbs the side of a glazed china cup while arching an eyebrow at her loiterer. He just shakes his head again.

"No, I'm sure. I can't—" but Amanvir Binepal is interrupted by a ferocious yawn while he leans against the stand's bar-counter, one knee cocked. "Handle more than a cup in the morning." He scowls after at his own weakness. "Don't want to be rude and not have anything when she gets here."

Eleanor merely lets out a knowing tone that's at once skeptical and judgmental. "Is it better to be awake and drink only half a cup, or…"

Aman sighs in frustration, gesturing to her. "All right, you've got a point. Hurry up and get me something before she gets here so I don't look like an idiot."

The money-savvy coffee stand owner can't help but primly smirk as she turns back to the large carafe of prepared coffee, setting the patterned cup beneath it. One hand on the lever on top, she looks to Aman again to pass a comment, then past him. "What did you say she looks like?" Eleanor asks thoughtfully.

Aman looks over his shoulder to see for himself if it's her on approach, straightening his posture some without lifting up entirely from his lean on the bar. He's dressed down in navy jeans, black shoes to match the black leather of the jacket that's definitely not the working coat he'd been bundled in earlier this week. As he turns, he shows off the faded red vest he wears as well as the gray tee that accompanies it. A dark green cotton scarf is looped about his neck, looking like it would do little against the cold, especially with how the loop is so wide it completely leaves uncovered the black cord of a necklace.

His brow lifts when he sees her. "Hey," he says warmly. "Good morning."

“Well, I’m surprised to see you here,” Kaylee comments with a bright, yet crooked smile. “Good morning.” Is offered warmly in return, she seems pleased. Mirrored sunglasses are pushed up on the top of her head before she approaches. Except for the bold splash of color from her thick teal scarf, the rest of her outfit is rather dark. Black pants tucked into knee high black boots, The fashionable long coat she’s wearing is a dark gray, tied shut at the waist, only the slightest hint of a pale gray blouse underneath. “I’m sorry about not calling… I guess you could say this was a little test.”

“Yes, hello again,” Comes the gruff and rather bland greeting from her bodyguard behind her completely ruining the moment. It’s clear that Bob disapproves of this venture.

“Bob,” Kaylee gives in warning, the ‘behave’ look thrown his way. Fingers motion for him to stand elsewhere. There was no need to hover.

“Eleanor? Can I get a Mocha pretty please?” Kaylee asks politely at the counter. Resting an arm on the counter top, she turns to face Aman. “So…” Where do they go from here?

"Surprised?" Aman asks, an eyebrow arching as he stands upright to regard her with a tilted head and the hint of a grin. "Miss Kaylee, you wound me. It might be a little early for me on a Saturday, but I was motivated. I'd not forget about this." The touch of melodrama out of the way, he moves slightly in a gesture of making room for her. A glance is given in Bob's direction only to see where he situates himself, otherwise nonplussed by him. Both his appearance and disapproval were expected, so he just… makes do with it.

Eleanor places Aman his fresh cup on a napkin on the counter, nodding to Kaylee after. "Of course." Before she's off, he lifts his hand in a small gesture to wait. "Can we get another one of these for that guy, too?" His head bobs off in the bodyguard's direction. Eleanor just chuckles and starts on the mocha.

"So." Aman echoes back at Kaylee, turning back to her. He smiles, but when it's clear it's up to him what happens next, he picks up the task with ease. "How was the rest of your week? That favor you were doing for your brother stressing you out any less?" She didn't seem to be thrilled to have been in that powersuit, after all.

"Mine was, ah, a little stressful," he confesses with a faint chuckle. "Had some people in town for a few days. It was awkward, crowded. Glad to have my place back to myself."

“Running a big tech company is always stressful,” Kaylee comments with a chuckle, trying to tuck away that awkwardness that comes with a ‘first date’. “Beyond that, it was… alright.” It’s clear she is hedging around something. “Boring business things, meetings, making sure Raytech doesn’t go down in flames.” There is a small upward tick at the corner of her mouth that tells the last bit might not be true. “I’ll be glad when he’s home and I can go back to my old job.”

When Kaylee’s mocha arrives, she thanks Eleanor with a bright smile and takes a sip. “I hate getting up this early,” she admits blandly.

“So a full house, huh,” Kaylee asks after a sip… okay maybe two… of the mocha. “I know a thing or two about that. Spent the war in a crowded bunker.” If he looked into her, then he might know that. Her family had run the resistance's radio station. “I was so happy when I was finally in my own place, even if it is in the same building as my siblings.“

Aman's brow ticks up in surprise when Kaylee reveals just how big a favor she's been doing. "Wow," is the only thing he can manage at first, followed by a short phew. It's obvious there's more to it than what she lets on, but he's not going to pry. Whatever she's willing to share is enough. "Aside from the boring interludes, that sounds pretty intense. Your reprieve coming up soon?"

When Eleanor returns, Aman slides two bills across the bar before returning his attention to Kaylee with an only-slightly sympathetic grin. "Okay, I'm glad it's not just me who thought this was crazy early to be meeting." He does seem— no, he is definitely relieved. He teases her, "I was worried for a minute you might be one of those get-up-and-go power executives who like… wakes up at four AM to do yoga and meditate or something."

He takes a drink from his coffee, shaking his head as he swallows to wonder, "So what kind of test did I pass by showing up, anyway?"

"Because, if it was the Google you and still have the guts to show up test… well." Aman lifts his shoulders in a shrug. He's here, after all. "Or maybe it was the see if he can clean up nice first thing in the morning test." He takes a step back to cast a glance down at himself. "In which case… I hope I pass."

"I did have to pick this out in the dark, after all." He grins again, tellingly. It's a rise before dawn joke. One doesn't need to be a telepath to catch how that one was telegraphed.

The telepath gives Aman a look over, stepping away just enough that she can give a scrutinizing look over all of him. “Not bad, but.. Aman, yoga and meditation?” Kaylee parrots back with an amused scoff. Did he really just say that? “Do I really look like the type?” She knows she does, in fact, her fingers playing along the lip of her mocha. She probably does come off a bit… basic. “Not my jam, handsome.” She looks over at him, out of the corner of her eye.

“And the test… was if you would show up at all. But Google? Huh? I’m impressed. Most guys don’t think to do that.” Kaylee was very impressed and maaaybe a little… worried. “Just… don’t believe everything you read. Hmm?” River Stix comes to mind. “But, somehow I think you might have a few questions.” It’s a clear invitation.

Behind them, Bob looks a touch surprised to have a mocha delivered into his hands. The stern looking bodyguard looks at the coffee with suspicion, then at the pair at the bar.

When Aman is called out on his stereotyping, he shrinks a little. Appropriate wince given, he holds up a hand in apology. It stays there when she seems miffed he looked into her. "You'll have to forgive me for wanting to know what I was getting into." He gestures over at Bob with a glance and a nod. "Your bodyguard looks after you like you're a presidential asset."

He leans back against the bar as he explains, "Besides, I figured I'd save us both the time and get any shock out of the way beforehand." He chuckles faintly, glancing down at his drink. "Make this coffee adventure with a near-perfect stranger as least-awkward as possible."

The invitation to pry out in the open, he seems to consider it for a moment. "I know better than to believe everything I read," he shares carefully. "And definitely know better than to believe any 'historical' rom-com-drama crap produced by the BBC." He takes a drink of his coffee to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth even the thought of River Styx leaves behind. Aman shakes his head after, glancing back to her.

"I know you're a cop— famous Ferrywoman, have a sizable family business working in the background," he smiles a little knowingly at that. 'And a telepath to top it all off.' is bit off before he can say it.

No— that's— rude. Let her go at her own pace with that.

"And, uh, gone through a name change, in some of those articles," he says instead, a little distracted. "But you're not wearing a ring, so I'm going to assume I'm not about to be a homewrecker. Or at least, god, I hope not."

"But— I figure it's you who's got the right to a few questions, given the head start I've got. It's not like Amanvir Binepal exactly shows up on a search, right?"

God, I hope not. he thinks to himself.

"But if you want me to go ahead and ask why you gave me a shot…" Aman trails off, leaving her the out if she wants to take it.

Doesn’t like River Stix?

Little does Aman know this may be a bonus in her book, it was crap… but maybe because she knows the truth behind the stories. Not going to let him in on that yet only, offers a soft knowing, “Mmm,” after a sip from her cooling coffee.

“Well, you are not exactly, the typical type of guy I go for,” Kaylee admits sheepishly. Which is true… she tended towards the older men. “But… I don’t know, I guess I was feeling… adventurous. Go in a new direction, since my past choices seem to… backfire?… on me.” To be fair, she wasn’t completely sure one was even something to backfire… maybe that’s why it did.

Or did it?

“I.. ah…” Sudden uncertainty flashes through Kaylee, leaving her a bit speechless. What was she doing? There was so much about her and her family that Aman didn’t know, what he learned was only a small piece of a much, much bigger iceberg. The fact he hadn’t run away from her being a telepath was a step in the right direction but… “I don’t know,” Kaylee murmurs after a hesitation. “Maybe this was a bad idea.”

Kaylee’s expression is apologetic as she turned to Aman. “My life is not normal and won’t ever be normal. Only normal thing about me is I’m newly divorced and have kids that live with their father. My son specifically comes to see me often. If you want safe and normal, I might not be the right person for you to even know.” Kaylee’s gaze drops to some point on his chest as she adds, “And I’m…” Kaylee sighs, turning towards the bar and her cup, watching her reflection in steaming liquid, “I guess looking for someone that can hold their own. Especially around my family and friends. And considering what happened when you delivered that package, I thought maybe you could.”

What did she just say?

“I noticed what you did to me,” Kaylee finally admits. “Took me a moment, but I know and I wanted to see if you were playing at something or if you genuinely were interested.”

Wow, flickers in Aman's eyes as he takes her in, drink forgotten for a moment while she speaks. When she gets to confessing her uncertainty about being a safe option, he shifts toward her, hand sliding closer to hers.

He stops short of resting his hand on hers when she comments at his slip.

His gaze drops for a moment as he breathes in, trying to decide how he wants to acknowledge that. He needs to pick something better than what he wanted to say, which bounces around in his head ever so usefully. Fuck. Then he winces, perfectly mindful. Sorry. is offered up in case she is listening. Despite being told she doesn't, usually, he can't help but imagine she might.

You know. Given the circumstances.

"I'm really sorry about that, actually." Aman sighs out, glancing past her to Bob for the first time before looking back to Kaylee. "To be honest, I thought we'd end it at harmless flirting and go our separate ways. You're not the … type of girl I usually go after myself, you know?" He's careful then, short blonde curls coming to mind, turning red before the image fades away. He lets out a faint laugh at himself. "But we've all got our exceptions, right?"

His eyes narrow for a moment as he gets back on track, voice lowered to avoid eavesdroppers as much as possible. "I let myself get distracted and walked away with more than just my pen, and had to find a way to give your ability back to you. I'd hoped you'd not noticed, but I guess with an ability like that…" Aman looks up to her with the trace of a grin. "It was pretty hummy. Bet you noticed right away."

"Call me interested, Kaylee, because I am," he says more earnestly, more at a conversational level. "I get making choices and having them backfire on you, I get having a weird sense of normal. Running packages isn't my full-time job. I've got a new normal every week, and it's getting weirder all the time."

"If I'm being honest about what I'm looking for in someone, it's someone who's okay with that. I'm not looking to settle down or anything like that, I'm just looking to have a good time and make some connections." His head dips to the side briefly in a sort-of shrug. "Maybe things work out to be more than that, maybe they don't. That's life. But this thing with you?" Brows arch as he says, "I'm interested in that, in seeing what happens there. Seeing what adventurous means for you."

Aman smiles, though it fades quickly. "Only if you want that, too, though."


The word slips out of Kaylee before she can stop it, her cheeks coloring as her enthusiasm. Even so, the telepath relaxes almost immediately, her smile brightening in his direction. “Just remember you’ve been warned,” she teases lightly. Or is it a tease? He’ll learn one day, she feels.

Leaning on the coffee bar, Kaylee props her chin on her hand, with fingers of her other curled around the warm cup. It’s mostly forgotten for the man next to her and the conversation. “So questions.” She hmms thoughtfully. “We’ll start simple and remember I can probably tell if you are lying.” It might or might not be a bluff.

“This is an important one,” Kaylee shifts her weight forward, which gets her a little closer. He can get a better look at the mischief in those blue eyes. “Favorite food?”

When it appears Kaylee is on board, Aman can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. But then he arches his brow at her as she advises he’s been warned. Oh?

He has no idea what he’s getting himself into.

Her leaning in to the conversation merits a similar shift from him, fingertips gracing the lip of the coffee cup in front of him without actually drinking, arms folding against the bar. The warning to not lie encourages him to be extra certain in his response. But then she asks that question and— oh no.

His eyes widen, a hiss and a grimace lighting up his face. He stifles a laugh at how extreme his reaction is before explaining as delicately as he can, “I’m pretty sure I’m contractually obligated to say anything my mother makes, or there’s a hitman set to take me out on the spot.” He leans in anyway, speaking in quieter tones, risking immediate assassination, “… But between you and me, and I hate to say it, ramen from this very specific joint out in Yamagato Park. Nothing like it. Blew my mind the first time I had it.” His hand tilts away from his coffee as he explains, “Place closes down during the winter, though.”

“Can’t take you on a date there just yet.” Aman laments, then he gestures to Kaylee with a tilt of his head. “What about you? What’s your favorite dish?”

It’s clear the place seems familiar, Kaylee’s eyes unfocus and narrow thoughtfully as she casts back into her memories. “Mmm… I think I’ve been there, we’ll have to .”

“But me? I mean, I love a good homemade southern meal. Fried chicken, especially… I make the best.” In fact, he might detect the faint remnants of a southern accent in her words. “But bear with me here,” she says with both hands raising to stall any comments. “Nothin’ beats a good Ice cream sundae and I was raised to believe that it can be a meal.”

“Hmmm?” Brow lift knowing, Kaylee’s grin is wide. “To be fair, you could have said anything, and I’d be okay with it. Me and…” The words freeze in her head as she almost blurts our Luther’s name. It takes effort, but she manages to change it to, “my friend…sss like to try different things. New flavors and tastes.”

That same mischief returns as Kaylee teases, “I did enjoy the squirming, though.”

Aman watches the stumble as she works around mentioning whoever it is that's on your mind. "Your ex?" he asks sympathetically, then waves it off. There's plenty else to the conversation without digging into that.

"For a minute there, you had me worried it was a personality test based on my favorite food," Aman laughs it away, peering at her with amusement of his own. "But you're just a food lover, aren't you? Comfort food classics…" He hmms at her, standing up from his lean. "I hope you're serious about trying new things. I can see it now— a lineup of places that would make a traveling foodie salivate. In exchange, you can sell me on this famous fried chicken of yours."

"Where are you from? Can't say many people around here have Southern-style meals as their favorite dish."

The telepath doesn’t correct him when it comes to the ‘Ex,’ the truth was much more complicated and this was only the first date after all. Discussions about alternate universes and choices were at a much higher commitment level.

“Can’t go wrong with the classics.” Kaylee agrees with the assessment letting it shift the conversation from the more awkward stuff. She isn’t sorry for her choice of foods at all. “And you’re right. I like food so… challenge accepted. I hope you are up for it.” Finally, the telepath takes a sip of the mocha. “And you’ll find that I don’t do that salad thing. I like a good steak and potatoes. Fried chicken and potato salad.”

And yet, Kaylee looked like she barely ate.

When it comes to where she’s from, Kaylee chuckles and shrugs, “I was born in Kansas and raised in Kentucky by my Alabama born and raised Granny. She made me a believer in a good home cooked meal. Only came to New York for school and well.. You’ve seen where that went.” Her hand flicks away that her past like it wasn’t important.

Kaylee chin tips in his direction, he can see that she’s studying him, curious. Interested. “What about you, Aman? You a born and raised New Yorker? Or I guess now it’s Safe Zoner.”

Kaylee's stubborn resilience in her choice of food earns her an arch of a brow from Aman, amused at her adamancy in her stance. Her upbringing at least help makes it all make sense, and he nods an understanding of what happened after she came to New York. The whole world went to shit, after all. He's keen enough to know there's a few holes in the story — she came to New York and found family apparently, too — but he's not intent on pressing those details. It's a conversation, not an interview, and definitely not an interrogation.

As for him? His other brow lifts to match the first when her first guess is that he's from New York, a breath escaping him in a mixture of relieved and amused. "Well, I'm from New York," he shares mildly. "But not New York New York. I'm from way up the Hudson, upstate. North of Poughkeepsie, south of Albany… not really sure if anybody really knows of Annandale-on-Hudson unless they went to Bard." The smile he flashes is apologetic, though not for her sake. He's thinking of his parents.

"I'm a second-generation immigrant, first-generation med school dropout. I was going into it for all the wrong reasons— actually wanting to help people, and I didn't end up toughing it out. Should have, but, couldn't find it in me to pull through and do it." He runs his tongue over his teeth for a moment, glancing down at his drink. This is way more open than he normally is for a first date, but it didn't feel right him knowing so much about her and not sharing in return. "Parents wanted what they thought was best for me, which was a good education and a well-paying job, fuck the rest. But I grew up American in a liberal arts college town."

He laughs quietly at it and tops that thought off with a sip from his coffee like it's a beer. "They had no idea what they were getting into moving out there."

Aman looks back to Kaylee with a sort of shrug of his shoulders. So that's him. "Instead of being a surgeon or a doctor or a pathologist, I do what I do. I've got a side-gig with my ability. I bill it as negation with none of the chemical side effects." A less rueful smile comes over him as he gestures toward her with a nudge of his elbow. "I had a college kid with telepathy come to me last fall for their exams. Couldn't shut off the wrong answers in the head of the person next to them, and it rattled their nerves. We worked it out that the only thoughts they heard were theirs for a few days. So far— knock on wood— nobody's ever just dumped their ability on me and never come back."

"Though," and he has to laugh at this, because the other option is too depressing. "There was this teleporter last week who wanted to leave his with me for a while. At first I was tempted, even, but…" Aman shakes his head, trying to brush off a complicated burst of memory, one filled with fear that stands very much in contrast to the rest of who he is. Before any real silence can elapse, he tries to paper it over by explaining, "His ability or whatever induces anxiety, I think. He described his problem as being a 'nervous teleporter', and ultimately, that's got to stay his problem, not mine."

Aman cants his head, looking off at nothing in particular. "People think it would be neat to have a certain kind of ability, but all of them have their drawbacks." is how he concludes that thought.

Brows drop into a furrow as Kaylee listens, concentrating on his words and not the mental flashes battering against her mental walls… or trying not too. He might be projecting loudly as there is a twitch to those brows and she looks away,

“You’re not wrong. There was a time I wish I had something else,” Kaylee says after a thoughtful moment, her attention on a point somewhere in the middle distance. “Telepathy tends to make people fearful about their privacy and question everything when you are around, which is completely understandable. It also means that we have to work harder than most to gain people's trust.” Her shoulders lift, dismissing all that. It was, what it was.

“Now… it’s so much a part of me, I don’t know if I could ever live without it,” Kaylee’s focus pulls back to Aman, her smile a bit more subdued. “My world is a constant buzz of minds. It’s like white noise, when it’s not there I notice. Even find comfort in it. Crowds however… ” Eyes widen a little. He’s had her ability he can guess without her spelling it out.

“And if it’s any consolation, I went to school with the intention of being a lawyer,” Kaylee gives a soft huff of amusement, “Did it for all the wrong reasons. To impress a dad I never met.” Again there is that shrug. “Then went to school for business to help the family run the business… Academy to be a cop.” Kaylee takes a drink of her coffee. “We tend to do what’s expected of us, before what we want to really do… Not that I’ve figured out what yet.”

If there's anything Aman seems to be in regards to Kaylee's being a telepath, it doesn't seem to be afraid, or even hesitant. He might still be wondering what he's doing here somewhere in the back of his mind, but it's not because of her ability. He's relaxed as she explains what she goes through with others, nodding once. "Some people get shitty when they learn you're Expressive, some people get shitty when they're put under a spotlight. Put both together, and you get people acting like fearful idiots." He slants a meaningful glance at her. "It's not understandable and it shouldn't be normalized," he insists with calm determination. "The average person isn't inherently malicious with their ability. Everyone deserves a blank slate and the benefit of the doubt on a first pass, you know?"

He turns back toward her to listen to her breakdown, a soft hmph escaping him at the mention of crowds. "There's no volume control there, is there?" he sympathizes with a shake of his head. The lack of being able to shut others out reminds him of…

Aman finds his thoughts wandering and refocuses on Kaylee instead— on how bright the blue in her eyes are (little does he know his attention's called to it by her scarf!). He takes a moment to admire the glow loaned to her by the gold frame of her hair, of how expressive she is with him, how she returns his ribbing by drawing similarities in their paths. It gives him hope maybe this isn't the last time he'll see her.

He catches himself smiling.

"Ah, yeah," he admits with a touch of distraction as he comes back to the moment. "But it's good experience for figuring out what you don't want to do, so there's that. You've crossed lawyer and businesswoman off your list. Cop…" Aman trails off with a questioning tone. "Going well so far? —Or do you find yourself not missing it, being away from it?"

It was taking everything in Kaylee not to look too closely at those thoughts that bombard her mental walls as he watches her, though enough are noticed that a slight flush colors her cheeks. “Only the volume control I can give myself, but even then, thoughts slip through.” A knowing glance is sent his way.

Lord, she felt like such a teenager. It felt awkward, but she was enjoying the company. It was a nice change. Someone actually looking at her. Wanting to, even. All of her. And not just what she wanted them to see or what they wanted to see.

“Being a cop…” Kaylee sighs, “Maybe in another life it was the perfect job, but I dunno.” She did know and it was that other version’s dream. One that she missed as Vice President. It’s Kaylee’s turn to mentally wander for a moment, then shake her head to clear off memories of another life.

“Uh… “I’ve only been at it a few months. Not enough time to get a feel for it, but even so… it’s feeling a bit restrictive?” Was that the right word she was looking for?

“Considering what the rest of my life was like, it’s been an interesting learning experience.” Kaylee's head wobbles back and forth a little, considering what she just said. “Still is really and it’s new enough that I’ll probably be itchin’ to go back after my brother is back.”

Aman catches the glance and its meaning quickly, brow quirking upward. “Ah.” So she did hear him. He feels a bit of that self-consciousness that comes from knowing directly that he’s being overheard, but it comes with the relief he’s not thought about anything particularly damning. (He thinks.) For now.

“Even dream jobs have their off. And being a cop?… Honestly, I imagine there’s plenty of those, the world we live in and all.” What a world it is indeed. He tsks at the thought of it. “But you’ll find your way with it, I’m sure. Sounds like you’ve got the experience to handle it… even the parts that might make others snap.” Shifting a glance to her, her admits, “And honestly? I hadn’t paid too much attention to it before looking you up, but knowing there’s as many former Ferry on SCOUT as there are… that’s kind of a relief, you know? Hopefully it gives people comfort it won’t happen again.”

The proverbial it. The worry every SLC-E American harbors— a genetic fear imprinted on them from this generation forward.

“But that’s trending a little too dark a topic for this early in the morning, I think,” Aman remarks, happy to draw the line right there. “Better to think about brighter things.”

A touch of curiosity is visible in the brown of his eye as he keeps her in his periphery while he leans forward on the counter again. “You said you’ve got kids? How old are they?”

The fact that he seems relaxed about her profession helps Kaylee relax, her chin resting as she listens to him talk. Much like her telepathy, being a cop has a stigma. She found she liked listening to him, studying those features. He was younger then most of the men she dated, Kaylee wasn’t used to it.

“I went back to my original maiden name, cause of that,” Kaylee offers up at the mention of so many Ferry on SCOUT. “Sure, my father was Edward Ray and I could have taken on his name like my brother Richard did; but people know me as Kaylee Thatcher. It helps connect with people.”

Of course, when Aman decides to shift the subject to her kids, WELL, Kaylee is like any mom. She brightens at the prospect of talking about her kids even though; “Odd to be talking about kids on the first date, but sure.” She is game to get that out of the way, straightening in her seat. It was an important subject after all. “I have three kids, two girls and a boy. All are with their dad. Courts gave him full custody, but I have visitation rights. For the best with my job and life.” She tries to stay pleasant saying that, but there is no hiding some of the… shame.

“The girls are not happy with me, so you might not see them much. The oldest is Emily. Smart one, we adopted her when she was a toddler. Her parents were lost in one of the November 8th attacks.” Which one? There were so many. “Hannah is my step-daughter and such a tough cookie. She is gonna be a handful when she’s older. Then there is Carl.” While there is a sadness tainting her pride in those girls, she brightens even more when she talks about her son. “You might meet him and be prepared, he’s judgy when it comes to the men in my life.”

Kaylee looks down and away as she thinks about her son, “He’s my miracle. Found out I was pregnant in the middle of the siege on the island.” Didn’t think they were going to make it out, but that would be falling into a dark subject again. “Smart kid, very observant. Very good at math. Couldn’t ask for a better kid. All of them really.”

When Kaylee explains the shift in her name, Aman lets out a short tone of understanding. He has a few thoughts— she's more than forever just a Raytech Ray with the name change— is a shift back toward who you were then, too?— but he does his best to quiet them, focusing instead on the aforementioned brighter things.

Even if that topic does wane slightly with what Kaylee fails to hide entirely. The moment she perks up again he capitalizes on it, letting his demeanor brighten too. "They all sound like great kids. And if they're taking things hard, maybe they're just worried for you in your new gig, you know? We live in an age." His brow creases even as he smiles. "But man, great at math and not even ten yet? Careful, you might have yourself a budding genius on hand."

He chuckles, taking a drink from his coffee to let one beat pass and move on to another. "But what I'm hearing is you've got some free time you might not have had before," is how he opts to move on, gesturing loosely with his mug hand— which might need a refill here shortly. "So what kind of adventures are you looking to get into, you think? Aside from the culinary." No quarter is given to any potential wallowing, apparently. “Both kid-friendly, and not.”

“I….” Kaylee is taken by surprise at the question. What kind of adventures? “I never thought about that… I guess you could say adventure comes to me.” A motion is made to Aman, as a case in point. In truth, the information out there didn’t cover half of what she’s been into her entire existence. Especially, in the last ten years.

“I’ve never thought about what adventures I want to get into.” It’s clearly an alien concept to the woman who tends to do what is needed or expected of her. Brows furrowing a little as she tries to think of something.

“It feels like there is not much adventure left out there that I haven’t done,” Kaylee finally admits. “Travelling the world without there being an ulterior motive would be nice. See places I haven’t been to in the world. Places deep in history, would be even better.” Though she has lived history before.

Seeing how his question stumps her, Aman can't help but grin again. "We'll have to think about that then, won't we?" he asks, entirely earnest about it despite his amusement. The thought of travel to other countries wasn't exactly where his mind had gone, remembering the way things were thanks to the EUSR and other similar laws and stances… but there were always other "countries", too. There was the California Safe Zone, technically its own country.

"Maybe there's room for travel coming up in my schedule," Aman suggests. After all, he'd been recommended to take some time out of town. "We could do a long weekend to like… Praxia, maybe. How about we start there? It's not historical, exactly, but it could be an adventure to see how the other half lives out there."

They would have plenty of time to cherrypick an actual different country on future dates, maybe. And hey, who knew, when that money hit his account, he could afford it, too. Just the one adventure.

"What do you think? Could be nice." he muses.

Somehow that casual mention of Praxia surprises Kaylee, pulling a disbelieving huff of laughter from her. Of all the places to suggest for a vacation.

“Praxia?” she asks, even though she knows he's serious. Brow lift, like ‘Wow,’ turning her attention to the mostly emptied coffee. He doesn’t know, she thinks to herself with a small smile. He didn’t need to either, because that rabbit hole was far deeper than she wanted to get into.

“It would definitely be an adventure,” Kaylee finally agrees after a moment. “Gotta start somewhere, huh?” A gentle smile turns Aman’s way, blue eyes touched with mischief, “Sure. Why not live a little, hmm?” The telepath lifts her cup up towards him, like she’s giving a toast.

“To new… adventure.”

Though the question is… was she talking about travel or them.

It’s hard to know.

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