To Possess A Cowboy


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Scene Title To Possess A Cowboy
Synopsis Len underestimates an opponent.
Date October 2, 2009

Having called Len and spoken to him, Jet now sits at the bar of a nice pub, nursing what appears to be a pepsi as she's probably not twenty-one (at least in this body). Fingers run through her black hair every so often, letting the digits work through the strands as she sits there and waits. Every so often, a small sobbing sound would come from her as she stares intently at her drink. No tears for her though, just the sounds, perhaps the young woman having dried her eyes in the time it will take Len to reach her. A hard swallow, a sip of her drink, then her cell phone is picked up as she begins to delete all of the numbers in her phonebook, one by one.

As Len arrives to the location that was given over the phone, he glances around to see if per chance Minea Dahl has arrived to this location before him. He spots her car and walks over, waiting for her to roll down her window before he speaks. "Sounds like someone had a run in with Adam Monroe. I don't have a good feeling about this, but just keep an eye on things. If he shows up here, do whatever you have to do to take him out. If she's really in danger, then he wants her for a particular purpose, since we both know that Adam Monroe doesn't do anything without reason."

Ever large and looming black SUV, check. Minea's there. So when Cowboy Len comes over, she's pressing the button that lowers the window and listens in. THe Company agents attentive, taking in each word before she nods. "Understood. God, Denton, if he shoots me up again, he better not take my fucking Uterus at this point" It's a joke, a running one. "I'll get geared in case" There's more guns in the back of her SUV, something more than the standard issue company. "Get on in there, I'll watch through the windows" SHe gestures with her chin in the direction of the building before she undoes her seatbelt and starts to squeeze through the front seats for the back. Thank you tinted windows.

Len nods and then turns and walks into the bar. Before stepping all the way in from the doorway, he scans the place looking for someone who might fit the description of who he's looking for. It's when he sees the black-haired woman, hunched over a drink and occasionally coughing out a choke that he makes the educated guess that she's his contact. He walks over and takes the seat next to her at the bar and waves off the bartender who wants to serve him a drink. "Juliet?" he inquires as he rests his elbows on the bar.

The last number was deleted when Len sits next to her, the female lifting light brown eyes to gaze at Len for a moment before they fall back to her phone. The phone is simply snapped in half now at the hinges as it was a flip phone as the two pieces are shoved to the end of where she's sitting. "Yes, I am Juliet." Soft words from her at this, both her hands lifting to rub briskly at her cheeks as she looks past Len now to the outside, then back to him. "I thought you were gonna call nine-one-one, to scare off that British guy if he's hanging around."

"Oh, there are patrol cars circling the block looking for your british guy." Len orders a lemonade since it looks like he might be here for a while. "Tell me what happened, and why this guy is after you. What do you know about him?" Len's hackles are up, if only because he's been harrassing members of Adam's crew and he expects that at some point retaliation will occur. 'Juliet' here could indeed be a part of that plan, which is why he brought in someone to assist.

A shaky breath inhaled, then it's exhaled as she takes a sip of her soda. "I don't know why he wants me," are her soft words, "But he does. He really does." Her doe eyes look up at Len once more, wide eyed as she blinks at the man before her gaze lowers back to her drink. "He…" a pause, "I think he's going to go after your girlfriend."

And that would be the first of warning lights that go off in Len's head.

Only recently divorced, Len doesn't have a girlfriend.

He brings his lemonade closer to himself and takes a quick drink. "Which girlfriend would that be? Did he say? It'll be hard for me to know who I'm to protect if I don't know her name." The insinuation is clear, Len is quite the ladies' man. At least that's what he wants her to believe.

A shaking of Jet's head at this as she takes another sip of her soda before swiveling in her chair to fully face Len as another of her hand lifts to brush back her hair. "He didn't say. I just over heard him talking to someone, and…" a small trembling of her lip, "This is just getting so hard. I want my parents back." Jet doesn't elaborate more than that, though the emotion seems real, of course who knows what aspect she wants her parents back is in.

If Len has doubts, they are starting to fade when the girl mentions her parents. He knows what Monroe is capable of. This would not be something that would be out of his capability if it would get him what he wants. And what he wants is not yet clear to the cowboy. "Are you implying that this man has your parents?"

"My parents died many years ago," come her soft words as her eyes latch back on Len's own, "But that does not mean I don't miss them." A faint smile from her at this, "At least I think their dead. After they made me leave home…" A shrug of her shoulders at this, the female perhaps digressing. "Anyway!" Comes a more perky tone from her followed with a light clapping of her hands, "I'm Juliet." And then her hand is moving to rest upon Len's own, attempting to make contact with flesh to flesh.

Len glances down at the hand, allowing it to rest upon his for a moment. He reaches for his phone because he now senses that this is a trap. He's been taken for a ride. He turns to find Minea's phone number as he scrolls through the list of names. "You seem to be okay for someone who was running for their life just a few moments ago.." he notes as he finally finds her name and starts to hit the dial button to clue her in that he could be in trouble, and just then he attempts to tug his hand away from Juliet's.

And as Len is dialing and tries to pull away from her, many things happen at once. Jet's fingers curl into his hand a little bit more, and in one instant Jet is Jet, and then Jet is no more. the long black haired female suddenly jerks her hand away from Len's as the young woman looks at him crazily before standing suddenly from the bar. Wild eyes look this way and that as a blubbering sound comes from her, then with a sharp cry she begins to run towards the exit. She really does seem frightened.

And Len?

Len just watches her go with a stoic look on his face, before looking down at the cell phone and ending the call that was apparently getting ready to go through. A sucking of his teeth and then he's slidding from the barstool, hands smoothing over his rump in search of a wallet, and from that wallet money for the drinks. A soft laugh from him to the bartender as he simply says, "Crazy bitch, that." Before turning and heading towards the exit.

Hello, whats going on? Minea's hand goes to her waist and the tranq gun there as she see's the two part. Jet coming out the door as she closes her door. "Hey!" To the fleeing woman, dark brows furrowing. "Come back here" A few steps in 'Jets' firection before she's walking over to Len to meet up at the door. "Denton. What happened?"

Hello, whats going on? Minea's hand goes to her waist and the tranq gun there as she see's the two part. Jet coming out the door as she closes her door. "Hey!" To the fleeing woman, dark brows furrowing. "Come back here" A few steps in 'Jets' firection before she's walking over to Len to meet up at the door. "Denton. What happened?"

"No, she just ran. What the fuck did you say to her Denton?" She's debating about running after the woman but since Denton doesn't seem worried. "I didn't see Monroe around, but that doesn't mean he's not lurking" There's a grimace of distaste for the mans name. "So whats the deal now? We going after her or….?" Minea looks to Len expectantly. "Or is this it and i'm get my ass back to my cooking class?"

"Monroe is really a pain in my ass," comes Len's grumbled words. "What information do we have on his significant others? Is it updated?" Len's eyes look away from the direction 'Jet' fled before moving to Minea's own. A beat of silence then, "Nah, let her go. I didn't say shit. Like I said, she just fled. I don't think Monroe really wanted her. Get me the information on his recent love interests, ex-girlfriends, dead girlfriends, current loves, current fucks, everything…" A puff of air from Len at this, "And bake me a cake too. Chocolate." A flash of white teeth to Minea at this, "Enjoy your class."

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