To Save Liberty


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Scene Title To Save Liberty
Synopsis Cardinal is looking for assistance to save the Statue of Liberty.
Date October 20, 2009

As the day wears on, and Cardinal makes preparations for the battle that's to come, a battle that most of the city doesn't even know is going to happen yet. He makes his way down the checklist, and finally comes to one that just says 'Talk to Cowboy'. So a phone's picked up, snapped open, and he kicks back in his chair in a darkened room, eyes closing as he clicks send and lets the number ring.

Len has been scouring a few of his contacts on a lead for Teo Laudini now that he is certain that he is Minea Dahl's killer, along with the kidnapping of Bella Sheridan. Len wants to find him in the worst way right now. He's feeling a new determination that has been absent in the last few days. Maybe even longer than that. He turns his attention to his phone as it begins to play the strains of a country song. He reaches for it and answers. "Denton."

"Hey, Cowboy," Cardinal greets in tired tones, "This is Cranston. My sympathies for your loss, I heard about Agent Dahl… I was passingly fond of her, not that we met more'n a few times."

"Thanks. I've got a solid lead on who's responsible. Hopefully, I'll be rectifying the situation shortly." Len leans back in his chair, the soft squeak can be heard in the background. "As much as I'd like to think you're calling strictly to offer condolences, I'd probably be wrong. What's going on?"

"I was hoping I could persuade you to use those homeland connections of yours on our behalf," Cardinal draws in a slow breath, then exhales it, "I know you're low on manpower, and if the government handles this— it'll be a disaster. Norman White's next move is a fuckin' doozy. I have the people to deal with him, but he's going to be hitting a national monument. I don't want cops and national guard running all over the place getting cut to pieces in the crossfire."

"What monument?" This has Len's attention. Of course, he's technically government, so he's not certain what he can do that won't draw attention to what's going on or bring in other government agencies. "What exactly is it you want me to do?"

"The Statue of Liberty." It's left there like a big heavy anvil fallen on the conversation, before Cardinal says quietly, "I don't think I need to tell you what would happen if he took that down, Denton."

"Well, shit." That's no good. "I hope you have a plan to stop him. What exactly is it that you need from me?" Len asks. "I have no manpower, and there's nothing I can really do without alerting other agencies, which you've said you didn't want me to do. Honestly, I feel like I probably should report this. Seriously, it can't hurt to have more bodies on ground out there if this goes down, or to even try and stop it."

"We can stop him, but if a bunch of bodies on the ground that consider us terrorists too end up shooting the people who can contain White's power? Then there won't be anything stopping him, Denton, the guy can destroy fucking cities," Cardinal says with a grunt, "Mostly we just need access to the island. I don't want to have to shoot my way past the docks if there's no need to. Maybe— I don't know, a fake maintenance crew? I know they're constantly doing repairs up there."

"I don't have any jurisdiction over the island, if that's what you're asking. I not sure what access I have to the island that you don't already have?" Len seems to be lost as to what's actually being asked of him.

"I suppose I was hoping you did…" A faint chuckle of breath from the other end of the phone, rueful, "…I really don't know what sort of pull the Company has these days, to be honest. I know Homeland has a rather wide jurisdiction of powers."

Len chuckles back. "I wish I could say I did. I honestly, have never been there. I haven't outright told my folks to stay off the island, but I have dissuaded them from hanging out there or being out there too very often. There's far too much crap going on out there with everyone's rather tapped out at the moment as it is. Homeland might have some additional pull, but I can tell you they aren't hot on having any of their folks out there either."

Cardinal makes a thoughtful sound in his throat, "Well, that's… actually not bad news. It means that we might be able to handle this without too much collateral damage."

"I can make no promises on what might happen if word spreads that the Statue is a target. It could become a cluster in a matter of hours, but if you think you can stop him, then I'll keep my mouth shut. If for some reason you think you need assistance, you need to let me know." Len sits up and taps a couple of keys on his keyboard. "You haven't seen Teo Laudini about, have you?"

"No. The last I heard was he kidnapped his psychiatrist or something? I don't know, he's been— unstable since the shit that went down with the time travellers," Cardinal admits, "I haven't had the time to go try and figure out what the hell's up with him, since I've been dealing with this White mess…"

Len frowns and stands, walking over to get his gear on. "If you see him, give me a courtesy call. I'd appreciate it." Len starts down the hall towards the parking lot. "If you need any additional help, let me know. I don't care to see Liberty sinking into the ocean on my television over and over again on the news."

Cardinal exhales a faint snort, "Neither do I. The damage that'd do… hell, the nation'd go insane." A pause, "I'll give you a call if I do. And… don't be too hard on Juliet, alright? She's been listening to Monroe's bullshit without knowing what a monster he is."

Len reaches his Jeep, pushing the button on his keychain to unlock the vehicle. "That girl.. I have no idea what I'm going to do with her. So she's really involved with Monroe?" That doesn't sit well with Len. At first he thought she was just playing games, but.. if she's not. "That's another guy I'd like to get my hands on. At least for the most part, I know where to find her, even if I don't always know what she looks like. But I can't be responsible if she's going to hang with Monroe's crew. If you see her, try and talk some sense into her."

"Unfortunately," Cardinal admits, "She actually seemed… really upset that she might have hurt you on some level. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, I don't think, but her body's long dead. I told her what Monroe'd done in the past, but I don't think she completely believed me."

"I told her as well. I have a feeling she thinks this is some kind of game, so yeah, she pissed me off. We have talked since, but.." Len climbs into the Jeep and starts it up. "I've gotta get going, but keep an eye on her." With that, Len hangs up and drives himself out of the parking lot at Fort Hero, heading towards the city.

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