To The Point


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Scene Title To The Point
Synopsis Colette gives blunt relationship advice to Kameron. Perhaps Brian wasn't quite aware of how that conversation may go.
Date March 3, 2009

The Lighthouse

Avoiding Brian is not intentional. It just.. happened that she arrived shortly after he left, or he arrived just as she was leaving. It was weird. And truthfully, Kameron was wishing she could go back in time so things could go back to normal. That whole kiss - well now that she thought about it she could see the little tells - like the flowers. On the plus side, spending the night at her apartment did give her time to think and make some decisions. Confronting Brian with them was not something she wanted to do though, especially since she wasn't fully sure of the why and how of everything.

Nonetheless, the door to the lighthouse swings open, and Kameron comes stepping into the room, rubbing her hand at her eyes, shades in the other hand. Prince is trotting along at her side, off the leash.

"Zhànzhù Bai-Chan!" Comes a scream from upstairs, followed by a familiar little dark-haired boy running down the railing of the spiral staircase, carrying a laptop over his head. One foot is planted on the wall as he continues his movement along it laterally. Soon after, the source of the voice comes charging down the stairs, hair half pinned-up and neatly brushed, dressed not like a boy but more like a young woman — it's jarring.

"Bai-Chan! Tamade hùndàn!" Jumping off the last couple of steps, Colette's stocking covered feet scuff along the floor as she brandishes a hairbrush up at the boy now hanging upside-down from the ceiling, "Give me back my laptop!" Her brows lower, face flushed a bright red, most of her bangs hanging down across her forehead, some pinned back with surgical steel clips. "//Now you little sh— //"

Colette squeaks and chokes back her words as she notices Kameron standing by the door, mouth opening in disbelief before clasping her free hand over her lips.

It's probably a good thing that Kameron hasn't gotten around to learning Bai-Chan's language just yet. Then again, rage was universal in any language. Stopping short at the yelling, even as the shouts blend into English, Kameron gets the gist of what happened. Bai-Chan swiped the girl's laptop and she was fuming about it. "Colette? Bai-Chan?" Quickly she slides her shades back on, while Prince, excited by the shouting and running, turns his attention to the resident spider boy, trotting over to a spot beneath where Bai-Chan is to bark up at him anxiously. Come down and plaaaaay~! "Sorry," Kameron smiles weakly, "I didn't think he would take something of yours." Sticky fingered little kid.

"I left my door open while I was doing my hair," Colette murmurs, looking up at him with a sheepish expression, brushing back her bangs before clipping her hair in place with a lopsided smile, "I just don't want him to break it." Giving a shake of her head, Colette stayes up at Bai-Chan, giving him a long, expectant stare with mismatched eyes. The boy's brows lower, lips pursing, before he quietly scales down the wall and walks over to Colette, holding out the laptop with a crooked grin. All just a game.

"Nnh…" Those mismatched eyes squint, and Colette carefully picks up the laptop and tucks it under one arm. "Liumang," she notes with a smirk, and Bai-Chan just smiles wider, looking up to Kameron before trundling back up the stairs, presumably to find something else to play keep-away with.

"Sorry," ruffling at the back of her hair, Colette takes a few slow, scuffing steps over to Kameron with her arms folded. "Hey ah— you know, wall-crawling kids aside," her eyes track to the stairwell as she talks, "Do you have a minute?" When she looks back, the young woman's dark brows are creased together. "I don't mean to— you know— ambush you, but I wanted to talk to you about something."

Kameron smiles, "You're pretty good with him," Kameron scritches her head, "I'm not so great with kids. Except Lily and Joe - Bai-Chan, I don't think he likes me much." Or maybe it's Prince he didn't like. She chuckles as it seems that Colette has her laptop back, and tilts her head curiously, "Uh -w-well.. yeah, sure, of course." Kameron smiles. "Is something wrong?" she takes a step forward, a hand out low to feel for the arm of the couch in order to seat herself. Once she's perched in position, she waits patiently for Colette to join her.

There's a bit of a grimace as she watches Kameron's reaction, eyes following her as she moves to the sofa. "No— No nothing's wrong just…" she can't quite find the right words, moving to follow in Kameron's footsteps before coming to sit down on the sofa, crossing one leg over the other as she smooths out her skirt once seated. "So," letting the laptop rest on the couch beside her, Colette leans a bit towards Kameron, "You're single right?" One eye narrows more than the other, one brow raising.


What?? is a VERY good question.

Kameron actually freezes for a second, appearing to just -stare- at Colette in total non-comprehension. Wait. Did she really just ask that? Why did she ask that? "Um." She drawls after a second. "Y..Yeah. W, why would - what - I-I mean -" she lifts her hands and gestures slowly, "You - you single as in, without a-a-a, um -" Augh. "A boyf.." the rest gets lost in a quiet noise that is *probably* the rest of word, but is squeaked out so quietly it's hard to hear. Man, what are the odds Colette would ask this after -.. yeeeeaaaaaaaah. "A-anyway, yeah…why?"

There's something of an amused grin, for the first time in her admittedly short life, Colette is the one on the other side of that awkward expression and she understands now why everyone else finds it so amusing. The girl grins, broadly, and asks, "Oh you know, I was thinking you were pretty cute." She lets that hang in the air for just a moment longer than is appropriate before bursting out in a fit of giggles, shaking her head, covering her mouth with one hand, "S-sorry! S-//Sorry! I— I couldn't help myself!" She snerks, breathing in a wheezing breath as one hand rests just below her neck, "Wooh, that— aahh goodness your reaction— "

Trying to calm down, Colette slaps herself lightly on her cheeks with both hands, "This is about Brian — you know, tall, blonde and puppy?" Dark brows rise slowly as she leans over towards Kameron again. "He's really, really smitten with you, and it's really adorable, and he's just— he's not sure how to— you know, tell you that he's totally head-over-heels for you without stumbling over his own tongue."

Grinning, Colette tips her head to the side, "So, I told him I'd talk to you. He'll probably be wicked embarrassed that I told you that, but like— really— he's a sweet and thoughtful guy and you could totally do a lot worse than him." Her tone becomes more earnest, less teasing, "He really, really likes you."

There is an almost comical high pitched noise that comes from Kameron when Colette teases her about thinking she was cute. It's a strange enough noise that Prince cocks his head at the two girls, padding over to see what's going on. Kameron relaxes a little bit when she discovers that it was teasing, but her face lights up a rosy color at the giggling. So mean. "That.. that's not funny," she stammers, doing her level best not to giggle. The twitching of her lips doesn't help, and she finally allows a grin.

Until Colette says the B word. The smile wavers slightly, amused by the description of her friend, only to completely vanish at the following. Stricken, really - sure she had really really really hoped that he hadn't… done that because … well. "T…talk to me?" She draws back, as if she would just love to take a flying leap through the nearest window.

Her hands seek and bury into the soft fur of her dog, so perhaps Colette won't see them shaking a little. Sure, she's fine. Cool. R..nngh. "He.. he told you that?" The barely suppressed panick probably isn't the reaction that Colette was expecting or looking for.

"Actually he was telling it to a glass of applejuice," She notes with a cool-as-a-cucumber attitude while kicking her feet up on the coffee table, hands folding behind her head, "It was," her mismatched eyes track back to Kameron, "incredibly sad. He was just sitting there, staring at the roses on the table, murmuring into his applejuice." Her brows raise, creasing together. "He was really down, but it's his own stupid fault for not being straightforward with you."

Colette cracks a smile, looking down to her vest, fixing a crooked button, "I told him I kind've learned the shy, quiet thing doesn't work from experience, I mean— you— " Furrowing her brow again, she takes extra time fumbling with her own button before smoothing the front of her vest down again, picking white lint off of the pinstriped black, "you have to be confident, straightforward, to the point." Her head bows at that last sentiment.

"I told him I'd talk to you— you know, girl talk." Pausing, she watches Kameron out of the corner of her eyes, "So, be straightforward with me. Is he, you know, not quite your type?" There's something about the way Colette phrases that which seems to give it a double meaning.

Hearing that just makes Kammy feel worse, considering. "…he was." Honestly, she wishes he hadn't - she'd have preferred not knowing. Although it would mean poor Brian would have suffered in silence while she remained clueless. She focuses her attention on the dog, unwilling to look at Colette - eyes open or closed. "I -" Nergh. She doesn't actually pick up on the double meaning, though grudgingly she speaks up, "I-I don't know what my type would be. This is a mess." She sags forward, letting her forehead bump against her dog's forehead.

Silent for a long moment, thinking about what to say and how to phrase it. "I mean… it's not the sort of thing I think about. I know I care about Brian; he's one of my closest friends here, but.." she shakes her head, sitting up and leaning against the couch as she fixes her gaze on the ceiling. "I just - I mean.." Why is it so hard for her to get a simple point across? Just spit it out, Kammy! "I can't do that to him." Bwah?

Rubbing one hand over her face, it somewhat muffled the awkward laugh Colette gives. Scooting across the couch, shifting her laptop up and over to her other side, she moves over to rest a hand on Kameron's shoulder, "Look, I— I'm like the last person that should ever be giving like, this kind of advice. I'm— not— " There's a bit of a sigh, her hand slipping down and away, "I'm not good at dealing with guys, like— at all. But, I mean, you should talk to Brian. If you're not like, you know, into him than let him know. He's so worried that he did something to upset you."

Colette leans forward, looking up at Kameron with one raised brow. "All he wants is for you to be happy, and from the sounds of it, that's what you want too. He just— he's smitten, and maybe you aren't— or maybe you just never thought about it, but the one thing I can give advice on," the young woman smiles warmly, "it's that when love wants to find you, it doesn't wait for you to be ready to acknowledge it. It shows up, and doesn't go away."

"But why? What did I do?" Kameron has to ask now, almost desperately. "I didn't do anything to -to- -I mean he just - he -" rrgh. She glances over towards Colette at the hand on her shoulder, and immediately regrets it. She jerks her head back to look away, shutting her eyes. Okay, so she was upset. By a number of things. Some of them minor ones. "… I know I should talk to him." Goodness, how does she even face him? "I didn't mean for any of this to happen," she mumbles, a hand raising to rub at her eyes. No tears, no matter how upset - that only gives her more problems with her sight, and she has it rough enough as it is.

"I want him to be happy too," Kameron replies. "That's why.. that's why he should find someone else." She grimaces at the last. Love just shows up and doesn't go away, huh? "… will when he finds someone else." Sorry Kammy, it doesn't quite work that way! Usually.

"So you don't like him?" That's not what was said, but Colette is the blunt instrument of relationship advice. She leans close to Kameron again, her hand moving back up to the shoulder to sueeze gently. "You don't need to do anything for someone to fall for you, it— just happens. I didn't choose who I fell for, and she— " Colette shakes her head, cutting off that topic of conversation quickly, "look it— he's a big boy, despite his puppy-dog looks. He's not hurt, he's just— really confused. I sure know I would be," she admits with a lopsided smile.

"Just… the first thing you need to do?" Dark brows lift up, "figure out how you feel about Brian, and not just what the really easy answer is, cause that's the wrong one." The young woman smirks, "Take some time, take tonight, and… you know, think about it. Then, once you know, tell him." Her hand squeezes again, gentler this time, "What else can you do?"

She? Did Colette just say she? … nah. "I know how I feel about him," Kameron answers with a shake of her head. "I just… want everything to be like it was before." When she didn't have a clue. When he hadn't… A soft sigh follows. "I'm just… worried I'm only going to end up disappointing him." She lifts her hand to give it Colette's hand a gentle pat in return. "End up hurting him." Sigh. Stupid love. "I'm not going to let him sabotage himself like this. He's much too nice a person to be stuck with someone who can't even appreciate the same things he can." Someone… not blind, in other words. No offense to the other half-blind person.

"I'll.. I'll talk to him," when she has the nerve. Maybe she should just do it when he next shows up. Get it over with. "… and .. I don't know, maybe me being here will only be a problem. Maybe I should just commute." She murmurs, shifting to turn her attention back to Colette. ".. I appreciate you taking the time for all of this, Colette."

"Hey." Colette sits forward, grabbing one of Kameron's hands, "Hey." There's a firmer squeeze, "Brian would be happy if you so much as smiled at him. I— I know what he's feeling, and to feel it for someone. If— " She shakes her head, "All I need is a smile, the right look, a hug, and it makes the world of difference to me." Closing her eyes, Colette lets the hand go and settles back into a more straight posture. "The only way you could ever disappoint him, Kam," the young girl smiles, but it's a wry, emotion filled one, "is by never showing him how much he means to you."

And that, to Colette, is the advice that hits home the most.

Erp! Kameron startles a bit at the sudden grab at her hand, head tilting. "Well.." She fidgets slightly, "Isn't… isn't that sort of thing - wouldn't it … just make it worse for him? I-I mean…" ugh. "Telling him that I don't care for him like that, but he's still my important friend - if what you say is true, about l.. about love not going away, I mean. Won't it just..make him sad to have those kinds of little gestures -" a look, a hug, a touch, whatever! "And knowing that it isn't going -that I don't.." She bites her lower lip. "I suck at this." And she was bad enough at trying to get her point across! Her primary concern, ultimately, was in upsetting Brian, and she believed that he was going to be upset enough, just knowing she didn't like him the way he did her.

"Better to be honest, than string him along." Colette says in a quiet voice, ducking her head slightly. "But, like I said… you need to look inside yourself, and think about it. Do you really think Brian's someone that you could ever feel that close to?" Her head tilts to the side slowly, "We both know he's a nice guy, but— " Maybe she's not so sure where she was going with that sentence. "Be honest with him," but it's not all, her eye follow Kameron for a moment before adding the other part, "but more importantly, be honest with yourself."

The girl settles back against the couch, folding her hands in her lap. "I suck at it too, trust me… I just— it's easier when it's talking about somebody else. Hey, if I stay here long enough, maybe I'll bother you for relationship advice," a smirk accompanies those teasingly threatening words. "It's always good to have someone to turn to."

Brrr. "I think you'd get better advice from Prince," Kameron replies, a half-grin on her face. She did feel bad - if what Colette said was true, Kameron hadn't..been doing a whole lot of smiling lately. No wonder Brian was worried! "…right." She smiles weakly. "I just… hope I don't end up screwing things up worse." She doesn't have the greatest track record around. ".. I can't believe Brian actually asked you to talk to me." It strikes her as kinda funny. "But I'm glad he did." Otherwise she'd have been wondering about it by herself alone, and either unintentionally leading poor Brian on or winding up avoiding him and hurting him more. Mph. "Never easy, is it?"

"Never," she replies with a crooked smile, "but… in the end?" Colette's head quirks to the side, "If you find the right one, it makes all of the trouble worth it. Without a shadow of a doubt."

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