Today Was A Good Day


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Scene Title Today Was A Good Day
Synopsis One of the least awkward ruins yet happens in the Red Hook Market
Date May 26, 2018

Red Hook Market

There's something comforting about the day to day of Red Hook, especially at the market; it's usually always the same atmosphere, and a lot of times there is enough change in shops and the like to keep things interesting. The cycle of trading keeps on chugging along gracefully. There hasn't even been any food incidents of late, much to wider relief.

Delilah has had to relocate her little spot of Red Hook paradise a couple of times in the last weeks to make some more room for re-allocating. It's like Tetris, without the Russians. She is currently sliding around plastic totes and arranging bins as a makeshift wall, the shuffle tedious but needed. She wanted to re-do her layout anyway. A radio chimes nearby, piping out the only local station.

"Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, and stars fill my dream, I'm a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been…" Delilah is singing while she works, much to the dismay of the young boy sitting at a nearby table with a paper pad and a stack of markers. She is so embarassing sometimes.

"To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen. They talk of days for which they sit and wait, All will be revealed…"

A voice matches the next line of the song with Delilah. It comes, at first, from behind Delilah, before someone meoves to lean against one of the tables that makes up Delilah's little corner of the universe. Arms crossed, she looks out into the market for a moment, before looking over at Delilah, and then back at Walter. With a headband eyepatch over one eye and a pong scar up her cheek, she waits for a dramatic moment.

And then she grins.

"You know, I wasn't sure just glancing over," Robyn Quinn remarks with a quirked eyebrow and a slightly dry tone. "But I'm glad to see I wasn't wrong. It's good to see you, Delilah. Have you always had a stall here and my blindness is finally getting the best of me?"

Walter is much too involved in his project to pay attention until he hears someone else, and even then he is still looking up with his cheek on his hand, leaning on his workspace.

Thankfully these days, Delilah doesn't spook quite as easily. It took a lot of practice. Still, she pivots away from her bins, hair up and eyes large. The effort put into a dramatic moment is certainly not wasted, given that Dee even freezes for a breath. Then a grin, and bark of a small laugh. Her reply is wordless and a prompt jump at Robyn, arms enveloping her in a bear hug.

That's an answer, right? No? "I most certainly have, ya blind little bat." It's a loving jibe.

And here they are, already with the loving short jokes. Robyn can't help but roll her eyes as she turns to return the hug. She was expecting something dramatic sure, but to this day Delilah's strengh always catches her off guard. She offers a a laugh in return, patting the redhead on the back. "God, that makes me what else I've been missing." Though, in all fairness, to be missing something, she would've had to have been looking for it.


She disentangles herself from the hug, offering a look over towards Walter. She remembers two distinct varieties of Walter. Seeing the missing link between the baby and the grown man brings a bit of a smile to her face, but she doesn't linger long before looking back to Delilah. "I guess I'm sorry it took me so long to notice," is offered in a lower voice, more in line with how she normally presents herself.

Crossing her arms again, she leans back against the table. "Nice setup," is offered, a hint of nervousness creeping back into her voice. "Can't believe I missed it."

Delilah doesn't suffocate Robyn, to her credit, but even when they untangle, Dee keeps her hands light at the other woman's arms for a moment longer, smile unfading and crooking when she wonders what else she's missed. The look to Walter doesn't go unnoticed, and when they both look at him, he gives them an odd look. What?

"God, don't be sorry. I'm just happy to see you." Things were bad for so long, and when they stopped— well— not all of it came back together again. Delilah shakes her head a little, lips curved happily as her excitement settles, brown eyes just a tad emotional. "I'll give you a little wiggle room, I've had to move around a bunch lately. Some days I'm not even here, so— ships in the night, yeah?"

"Hey hon, do you remember Robyn? You might not, you were still a little guy. She's an old friend." Delilah takes a moment to show Ms. Quinn off to the little boy, who just laughs at his mother's wondering if he remembers her.

"Uh… no, mum. But hi, Robyn!" Walter seems well mannered enough for a kid, at least.

Delilah can catch the holy shit that passes from Robyn's lips, but it's thankfully nowhere near loud enough to drift over to Walter's. The laugh that Robyn gives is an amused one, slightly tinged with a hint of meloncholy. "Can't blame him," she offers to the mother, before turning to more directly face the child. "Bonjour, Walter. It's a pleasure to se eyou again."

She'll spare him hints that she knows stories of when he was a tiny little babe, at least.

"Ships in the night," she repeats, turning back to Delilah. A small smile forms on her face. "In my defence, I'm in Rochester more the last few months than here. How have you been, Delilah? It's so good to see you again." And unlike some other reignited relationships, she actually means it this time.

Delilah can guess a couple reasons for the muttering, but she slides it helpfully to the back of her mind. The exchange gets a smile, and Walter passes Robyn a, "Same, I guess?" before she turns back to Delilah and he resumes squeaking markers over the page. There's a tightening of Dee's smile to Robyn as if to say 'thanks for not being weird'.

Things definitely got weird when it came to the little dude.

"Rochester? Yeah, it's good to see you too." Which has been obvious, but Lilah says it regardless. "Oh, you know how the grind can be— but I've been great. Things here keep me on my toes, so there's that! Do you want to sit? I've got some chairs—" The redhead tugs back a partition curtain to slide out a pair of folding chairs from what looks like where she does her tailoring there, portable machine and all.

Robyn smiles at Walter, before looking back at Dee with a sad expression. "I'd be lying if that didn't make me a little sad," she admits in a low voice. "But it might be for the best, given what I've been doing for the last few years." She closes her eye for a moment, before smiling at Dee.

"Rochester, yes. I'm working with Wolfhound as of late. For SESA." She quirks up an eyebrow, before moving to sit in one of the chairs.. "I can sit for a bit. I imagine that Walter has been part of keeping you on your toes." She grins, settling into the chair. "So, seamstressing?"

"Ah, like, babysitting the big badasses or something?" Delilah, of course, oversimplifies. "I know there's quite a few of our old crowd up there with them… How has that gone?" Her dark eyes are curious even after the question angles her way. "Ah, ha, yeah. He does." Said just loud enough so that he doesn't hear her say it.

"Mhm. I got into so much with the Ferry that I never really had a chance for the school thing, and even after the war I had to think about money first. Always was able to do this, so I got a helluva lot better at it."

“I mean…" Robyn's lips thin out a bit, leaning back in her chair. "You might be able to find work that lets you do school. Or a schoalrship." She knows that's what Elaine did. "Though… I guess walter makes that harder." She frowns a bit, suddenly feeling a bit awkward for her comment.

"Wolfhound is… complicated." She shakes her head. "Can't talk too much about it. They're good people, though. And… yeah. Colette's up there. Lucille, Adel. Hana. Avi. February and Noa…" She gives a small shrug. "Don't really see too many people from the Ferry these days, to be honest. Nicole works at SESA. Other than taht…" Another shrug.”

"Yeah. I know there are women that juggle it, but right now I feel like I need to focus on getting him to where he can babysit himself." Delilah taps her temple, smile sly. She seems to not mind the advice. She knows it was meant well.

"Complicated sounds right, from what I've read. I'm glad there are people there you know. It probably makes things a little less hard to understand, since you can see from where they are?" The redhead leans back in her seat, studying the other woman for a long moment. "You look good, Robyn. I really am glad."

"I'm sure there's someone that would." Watch him, that is. Robyn leaves it at that, though. "It's not as good as it sounds," Robyn admits. "Though I think most everyone ahs warmed up to me, it creates a hazardous situation." BUt then she looks over at Deliliah, suprise clear on her face. And after a moment, she lets out a bit of alaugh, somewhat rueful giving away into amusement.

"Is that what you think?" She turns her gaze back out on the market, laying her hands flat in her lap. "You're the first one to," she admits, her voice a bit quieter than before. "I gues… maybe that means I'm doing something right lately." The edges of her lips creep up in a hesitant smile. "Your hair's still red, right, Delilah?" This asked while still looking on ahead.

Robyn might have a hard time looking at herself in such a positive light, but Delilah never fails to see things like that. She defaults to it, even years later. "I really do think that. I know that things got bad as hell for you too." And compared to that, well. "Mhm. Still red, still getting me in trouble, still breaking hearts. The usual."

Robyn can't help but actually laugh at that. A good, hearty laugh. "Guess some things never change," she offers with a grin. "Another thing for me to look forward to if I can get all fixed up." Which is something she should probably talk to Richard about soon, since he's her own real lead.

But after that, she falls silent. "I try not to dwell to much on the hell we went through." Even despite the uncertainty in her voice, she still wears a grin on her face. "Might have gone a bit too far with it, but… I think it'll all work out."

Fixed up? That sounds promising. Delilah grins back, nose crinkling under the scatter of freckles. "If you mean your sight… I hope you can." It would be a boon to her life, she bets. "Every day is a new day, right?" Dee reaches out to take Robyn's hand in a friendly squeeze, brief but affirming. "That's how I see it, anyhow." It will work out.

There's a glance down at Deliliah's hand, Robyn almost instinctually pulling hers away. that probably speaks volumes in and of itself. She's able to, well, stay her hand, her smile growing at the squeeze. "That's the hope. One way or another." She'll bore Delilah with the long story of how, no, it turns out she still is evolved and her ability is still there a bit later. Because that's not the happiest of stories.

And this is a good moment.

"Yeah," is a terse response from Robyn as she relaxes a bit more visibly in her seat. She doesn't entirely agree, but it's a good sentiment for the moment. "I live in Bay Ridge now. Come by."

It's Delilah's turn for a laugh, a glimmer of mischief with it. "So do I. Ships, night." She repeats the analogy again, in a fashion, and then she is lifting her brows to Robyn with a searching expression. "You should let me get your measurements while you're here. You know… um, just in case!" In case she decides to make something. Friend perks.

Robyn stares at Delilah for a moment, before snickering and shaking her head. Several comments run through her head of varying amounts of innuendo. Ultimately, she choses to let it pass her by, though Delilah can see the thought cross her face.

"Of course you do," is offered with amusement. "Seems to be the case these days." She her hand comes to rest at her chin, fingers curling around it. "I don't know why I'm still surprised by that." There's another moment, before she finally rises up, glancing down at Delilah. "But sure. Likely to get you to make something soon anyway."

Hey now, if she wanted to get hands on you, she'd just ask! Delilah catches the look on Robyn's face, but as she says nothing, neither does Dee. She stands and puts a hand to the other woman's back, a welcoming pressure ushering her behind the shop curtain. "Good, because I'm great at this." Never one to short her own talent.

"Not a single doubt about that," is Robyn's response as she makes her way over behind the shop curtain. She huffs out a breath, looking back at Delilah with a smile. "Thanks," is all she offers to the taller woman, before stepping behind the curtain. Today is a good day, she thinks to herself.

Probably the best one in a while, and it's only the afternoon.

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