Tongue Action


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Scene Title Tongue Action
Synopsis Kendall meets Delilah, and learns that weird people can always be weirder. Thankfully she's only slightly weird.
Date January 2, 2010

The Rock Cellar

Afternoon in the city is usually a casual affair- being that it is a Saturday helps; sometimes people still work only five days a week. Or otherwise are occupied. But generally, Saturday seems to be the day that people go out- the weekend is there, after all. The start of the new year is still buzzing around town like a bit of electricity, and in some places like the Cellar, most of the decorations haven't yet been taken down. It is what Delilah is in the process of doing, at least a little bit. She's taken most of the numerical accents down, leaving up the holiday garlands on the walls and so forth. Neutral, until someone actually tells her to take it all down.

A box of discarded items sits on the end of a bar, which Dee has been putting more into. Eventually she closes up the four sides again, putting it down on the inside and kicking it underneath, out of sight. The redhead's color scheme is half-dark, a brown pleated skirt with stockings, but her shirt is bright grass green, with Yoshi hopping across the front. She seems right at home in here, and though her bearing and appearance is more mature, her bubbling about even in the depth of winter betrays her youth. Delilah, having finished with the box of old decorations, makes her way to the front of the bar again to find that simple apron left on a stool, tying it back around her waist.

Kendall just happened to be passing the bar when he realized he was hungry, and he heard this bar had food. Odds are, they'd let any paying customer in, right? So he steps through the door, peering around curiously. So this is a bar. The person at the podium doesn't even ask for ID, he just holds out the stamp, and Kendall automatically lifts his hand to accept it, then squints at the mark. What's this for? Feels like Disney World. Shrugging his shoulders, he shoves his hands into the pockets of his coat and strolls to the counter, catching sight of Delilah. He seems surprised at her appearance, staring at her…. shirt.

If Delilah minded when people look at her, she would wear more wool sweaters. As it is, however, she has always taken moments where she may catch someone not looking at her face- all in stride. Her hands are behind her still fumbling with a tie when she watches Kendall come inside- the guy with the stamp is mostly …not very busy, judging by the book on the stand, open to the middle. There is no rush yet, so he's got a break. Dee watches the younger teenager out of the corner of her eye for that first handful of seconds, only turning her head to peer back at him when he seems to be studying Yoshi's boots. Hmm.

"Can I help you?" She says this in her waitress tone, as in genuinely helpful. Not just because she wants to make him look at her face. Really. Her voice also has an accent, not placable as British until she continues. "The stamps so you can't buy alcohol- makes it easier than flashing IDs around, especially when there's a band here." Delilah saw that weird little squint, so she's gone with an educated guess.

"Ah… r-right." Kendall stammers, jerking his eyes up. "I was just, er, well Y-yoshi's one of my favorite characters in the Super Smash Bros series." he blurts out. "I was looking at…" gulp. Ahh, he's at THAT age.

That's perfectly fine! Delilah was like that once- and Magnes still is- and most of her younger friends can tend to be. She just smiles brightly at him and knots the tie, putting her hands down to search down into the front pockets of the apron. All she pulls out are some crumpled straw wrappers, exchanging them for actual straws off of the top of the bar. "I'm partial to playing Pikachu or Samus, myself. Did you want to order something? We've got a little menu if you wanted to look at it."

"Ah, sure." hopefully the lighting in the room would hide his blushing better than if he were outside. He looks around for the menu, keeping his gaze away from her in embarassment. "Well Link's my favorite to play, but I do like Yoshi's attacks, they're funny." Kendall seems ill at ease for some reason, wonder what it could be?

Delilah can't help but give him a chuckle, reaching over to where she'd picked up the straws to grab one of the little laminated menus; she steps closer to hand it to him. "Lots of tongue action, hm? You can have a seat wherever you'd like- I can get you a soda or something right now, if you want?" Yeah, the tongue joke was intentional, and she knows it could bother him a bit more- but one might say she is able to thrive on those sorts of things. Not out of cruelty, per se, it is just quite refreshing when your life is full of more serious things.

"No, that's not it at all!" Kendall squeaks out. Great, now he'll never be able to play it again without thinking about that. "Ah… coke! I'll have a coke." he coughs, and goes to sit at the bar first. Then he fidgets, and goes to sit at a table instead. Bars are where you go get drinks, right?

Delilah watches him as he decides- then un-decides- and then finally sits down at one of the little tables. The guy manning the bar watches too, but only because he heard what Ken wanted and is already picking a cup out. While he fills up the plastic with ice and coke, Dee leans on the counter to wait for it; she gives Kendall a glance from over her shoulder at one point, perhaps just to make sure that he hasn't vanished into thin air. When she returns to his sight, it is with his coke that she sets down before him. Another smile comes over her lips. "If you end up liking this place, we do have high schoolers coming in for the bands, sometimes. Maybe you can tell your friends about it."

"My friends don't play, but I'm sure they know people who do. Uh… my high school kinda got blown up last year, so… yeah." Kendall shifts in place restlessly, looking around. "I'm sure the people who still play might be interested though." a quick glance is sent towards her face, then he turns his attention down to his drink, absently slurping some coke through a straw as he pores over the menu.

"Play, or watch." Watch is what she meant, but it's all good. "Lots of rock, obviously. The parties get rambunctious." Delilah tilts her head just a little, glancing up at her surroundings. "You went there? I did too, for a little bit. But that was when we were moving around and then the first bomb went off. After that I sort of never went back to that sort of …thing." Life might be a better word.

"Well that was the second school I've attended that got blown up. My middle school was in the explosion radius of the first one. I have a bad track record with schools and getting blown up." Kendall shrugs. "Made me not want to go to school anymore, but my mom had something else in mind." eyeroll.

"Good for her. I had to get my GED last spring; it's awful hard looking at schools now though, they see that and think badly of me. So I always have to explain. But I'm sort of- not- really looking to go to school, lately. Might in a couple years though! Too much going on to do it now. Bigger priorities." Delilah may sound a little backwards, but in her head she has it all worked out so it makes perfect sense. "So uh- it's better that you get a diploma, trust me. You don't look like you have long to go."

"Eh, I don't see the point. I know what I want to do, and I've been told by several people who know what they're talking about that I draw at the professional level already. So what's the point of spending more money taking classes I don't need?" Kendall shakes his head, although an odd expression flits across his face when he mentions drawing.

Delilah seems to be vaguely interested at this progression, at least more than she had been. "Oh, so that's it? You're an artist? You don't happen to paint the future or anything, do you?" If she weren't saying it so seriously, it might be funny.

Kendall snorts a laugh. "Hah! That sounds like something you'd find in a fantasy novel." his laugh trails off uneasily, however, and he gives her a second look. "Right?" it's not possible, that's too farfetched to be the truth!

Delilah levels a look at him, lips pursing and eyebrows lifting far upwards. For her, this is one of her most serious conversational faces. "Fantasy is underestimated." She cracks a wide smile. "Did you see anything you wanted?" Oh, right, menu.

Kendall shifts his gaze hurriedly away from his face and back down to the menu. "Ah… buffalo wings." those are always sold at bars, right? It's practically a requirement! Or is that sports bars? Huh. Are they on the menu? He scans for them.

"We have wings. Several kinds." Delilah leans closer to point them out near the bottom, right above the drinks. "If you start painting the next day or anything, come let me know." She sounds serious about that too, but her smile hovering nearby lends the suggestion more joviality.

"No, nothing like that happens at all, I just paint normal things. Completely normal." methinks doth protest overmuch. "Why you?" Kendall asks suddenly, looking up at her. "My dad says people with powers should be round up and imprisoned, or…" well, actually what he said was 'rounded up and shot', but… yeah.

Methinks he does. Delilah blinks once as her eyebrows come back down to normal level. "Because I'd like to see someone paint the future. Heard it happens sometimes." Like when Gabriel painted her poisoning Humanis First goons. Of course, she only found out who it was after the painting. "Does daddy always speak through you?" This comes off somewhat bitterly, and when something like that comes from Dee, there is something else amiss.

Kendall looks down, practically wilting at her hostile tone. "I don't think that." he mutters. "I think people should just be let alone."

She notices the wilting only because she also realizes how bad that sounded after she said it. There's an apologetic look now, and Dee seems to waffle on what to do for a second. "Sorry, I just- I know a lot of people like that." It's personal too, but she leaves that out. "You'd be kind of put off too if someone went around saying your friends should be rounded up, right?"

Kendall flinches again. "You're… friends with people who have powers?" well if that's the case…. "What if… s-someone has something they can do, but…" he chickens out and falls silent, shaking his head with some vehemence.

"If they're a danger to themselves or someone else, I make sure they get help and learn to control it if they can." It's what she did- is trying to do. Delilah's answer is simple and has no mention of being put away. "There are lots of ways to help without locking someone away- sometimes for things they had no say over. Sometimes it just …happens, nothing they can do. What kind looked good? The wings?" Not powers. Hah hah.

"Oh, um, uh…" Kendall scrutinizes the menu again. "How about the spiciest ones? It's the time of year where it'd feel good to have your mouth on fire." he does have a lot to think about otherwise, especially her offer. "Is it…. confidential?"

Delilah laughs and nods. "Yeah, I suppose it is that time of year." She pauses on confidential associating with either that future painting thing or her words on getting people help instead of prison. "Er, yeah. Confidential." But actually, she is not entirely sure what he meant- but if he is looking for some sort of outlet, it may be better that it is her or someone equally well-mannered. "I'll go put those in- I should check on the other tables too, so I'll be back in a bit…" The redhead pauses again, a silent question of his name, though if he doesn't want to give it that is okay.

"Kendall." he responds automatically, then shifts a glance around the bar in case anyone was close enough to eavesdrop on the conversation. Way to go, idiot, ask about confidentiality then go and tell her your name. He sighs, just a little.

"Consider me the same as a psychiatrist." Dee grins. Well, at least until his interest see-saws one direction; who knows, he might be like Perry! "It's nice to meet you, Kendall. I hope this isn't the last time I see you." She cants her head to him as she turns away, moving off towards the man at the bar with a purposeful swing in her hips.

Kendall can't help it, he stares after her when she swings her hips like that. Damn hormones. "Right then." his voice goes slightly falsetto at that, and he coughs, clearing his throat and pinking again. How embarassing.

Ferrymen> Girls Fuss O'er Boys Delilah says, "haha. Kendall is so cute you guys"
Ferrymen> Teo says, "lol"
Ferrymen> Girls Fuss O'er Boys Delilah says, "Its like Magnes' baby pokemon form"
Ferrymen> Teo says, "awww :("
Ferrymen> Sandra grins.
Ferrymen> Kaylee chuckle.
Ferrymen> Girls Fuss O'er Boys Delilah says, "I am seriously waiting for him to start glowing and turn into Magnes"
Ferrymen> It's Murder! Yay, Murder!> Manhattan says, "Hahaha"
Ferrymen> It's Murder! Yay, Murder!> Manhattan says, "Magnes should take him as an apprentice"
Ferrymen> It's Murder! Yay, Murder!> Manhattan says, "Like some sort've weird Nerd Sith Lord"
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