Tonight We Dine In Hell


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Scene Title Tonight We Dine In Hell
Synopsis Delilah is the welcome wagon, bearing cake that will surely send it's consumers straight to hell in it's deliciousness
Date March 20, 2009

Abby's Apartment

Description of location, if any.

Though it took only a few minutes for that shell of defense to waver away, Delilah has not properly spent enough time outside of her home the last few days. Perhaps it is a bout of depression, or perhaps she just feels the need to stay low-key. Up until the teenager found out that someone new moved in next door. When she came to the building, she knew nobody- now there is a chance to start knowing everyone that moves in, beginning with Number 311.

Standing outside Abby's door, remaining quite oblivious, is Delilah; in one hand is a covered plate, the smell of chocolate noticable. The redhead is dressed in what looks like something pulled right out of a 1950s boutique- a mid-length, full-skirt white dress with an ivy and flower pattern with short white heels, her hair pulled back from her face and clipped at the back.

Knock-knock-knock! It's a bright, almost surprising noise at the door, despite the quietness with which Dee managed to escape from her own place.

The woman who answers the door is far from 50's housewife. It's someone who may or may not be familiar to Dee. She's got jeans on, and a long sleeved cotton shirt. Threadbare fuzzy blue slippers, blue eyes, all this from the crack of the door as it's opened. At her feet, something four legged, small and black, decidedly feline is peering too. "Hello?" She looks like she should be stuffed full of whatevers on the plate.

The first pair of eyes that Delilah meets is the feline's, and as she lifts her face with a smile, she meets Abby's. The blonde girl isn't familiar right off the bat, but there are a few reasons for it.

"Hi! I live next door. I brought you a 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' cake." Still smiling, the look on Lilah's face is mildly infectious in its degree. She moves the dish to both hands in a gesture of offering/goodwill/peace/et cetera. Red's here to make friends, and it seems as if she may not take No for an answer. "I'll feel terrible if you don't like chocolate. I could barely get it out the door- swore I was gonna eat it myself." And boy, does it smell good- even covered up. No wonder.

Delilah's eyed, carefully, weighing whether it's neighbourly kindness (this IS something that Abby has done herself and likely would have done if she wasn't how she was right now) or whether it's a ploy. Thank you Logan, for the paranoia. After a moment or two, the door is closed, after making sure the cat's nose isn't caught and the night chain comes off. A few moments later, the door's unlocked and opening all the way for Delilah to enter. There's thunk as something that was in Abby's hand is put back to it's home beside the door.

Delilah turns her eyes in the direction of the wall when Abby apparently puts something back down against it. They pop back up almost immediately. Was she ready to fend me off? Dee can't tell if that is hella scary or just disconcerting.

One other thing, Abby hasn't said a word. "It's just a layer cake, but I also had some apricot filling that needed using- Oh yeah. I'm Delilah." She'd probably hold out a hand if she weren't holding the cake- but all's well, because she might snap off Abby's handshake arm with too much jaunting. "I live in twelve, right there." Her head nods next door.

That was a shotgun, easily seen when the door is closed behind them. But she's making no move to take the cake, or to hide the shotgun. "Abigail, Eleven. This is Scarlett" The black cat, lean, still filling out it's body which means it's still very young buts it's head under her chin and starts up with the purring. The layout is nearly the same to Deilah's just laid out in opposite. Boxes reign supreme everywhere, but the kitchen is unpacked, and there's a fairly decent couch in the living room area. Down the hall is that ever present cross above Abby's door and a sticky note to the second bedroom that states 'al's stuff'. There's a second person who supposedly lives here. "That's Pila, she belongs to a friend, I take care of her for him. You can put it on the counter. I'll get a plate"

Delilah glances back over her shoulder to check what it was that Abby had put down, and wishes she hadn't. Jesus! Why would she have that? The younger woman turns her head back around to examine the place rather quickly, noting to herself. Judging by the boxes, Dee is guessing that Abigail hasn't quite been able to settle in yet. And then she remembers- the things that she learned not long ago. Was Abby a Ferrymen project? Or was she just hiding out, and that's the reason for the gun? Close enough.

Delilah wanders through after Abby, and into the kitchen to put down the cake dish. There's a few silent seconds where she stops to look at Abby, eyes blinking into a slight squint. "Have we met somewhere before? You look so familiar."

"Long time ago" It'd sprung to her mind. The woman on the street that she and Helena had absconded with after she'd done something to Trent. She had a face for names. "Chinatown. I was with another blonde. We had to get you away from something that had happened. something about your touch sent another guy into convulsions and an allergic reaction" The cat's relinquished to hie off to her tree house of carpet and it takes her a moment to figure out where she put the plates and a knife.

If this were a true moment of house-wifery, Delilah might decide to fake a fainting spell. But, it isn't, and the only thing that the redhead can think to do is bite down on her bottom lip, pale around the edges, and eyeball the cake lid for a few very long seconds. "Oh." Her jaw clenches, and Dee stands straighter, breathing in through her nose. "Oh. I… remember." Seizure guy, on the brink of death. "You had helped him." The redhead's tone turns mildly guilty, and brown bunny-eyes turn over to look at Abby, unconsciously looking for a forgiving word or two.

"That was me. Bringing him back from near death. I do that a lot" There's not forgiveness forthcoming because it was already given that night. "He's okay, last I knew. He was warning me off of his friend who was trying to find me" up on tip toes the blonde goes, fetching plates, bringing them over. No fainting spells please. Lest you want to contact the floor cause she's not strong enough to be catching anyone.

"I see." Delilah's brows find each other over her nose. "Well, I- That's good, I suppose." But now she is watching herself again, making sure that her skin stays to herself, even if it isn't leaking poison. "It's nice to finally meet you, Abigail." AKA, thanks for helping to bail me out. Finally, Delilah chooses now to unhinge the lid and lift it away from the chocolate-apricot cake, and the effect is a sweet smell already floating through the kitchen as if a bubble had been popped.

God. that looks so good. Blue eyes go wide as she finally gets a look at the cake. "Your welcome. Consider the cake your thanks. Sorry i'm all" there's a twirl of her forefinger at her temples. "I've been having a hard time and I'm trying to make heads and tails of stuff. Trying really hard. But thank you, for the cake. I'll have to make you something, when I'm better, got my head on straight"

Delilah smiles wide at the reaction to the cake. That's the ticket. "I'm sure you have a good reason for being kinda loopy." And keeping a shotgun by your door. "If you ever need anything, y'know, I'm right next door. Not that I'm saying you should trust me right away or anything-" Dee just hopes her gesture of being around isn't misconstrued as presumptuous. "-but if you ever need anything at all, really."

"Like tampons, or a cup of sugar" Girl stuff. The knife is passed over, handle fist, her own figers holding the blade. "Your cake, i'll let you cut first"

"Yes. Like tampons, or a cup of sugar." Delilah nods once, heavy and snappish. "Exactly." Her fingers wrap around the knife handle, careful as she takes it from Abby. "Oh, it looks so perfect- I'm gonna hate to cut it up-" With great dramatics, however, the knife does find its point in the soft cake, cutting two pieces into it. "I'm going to cake Hell for this."

"I think there's a special level of hell just for eating this cake" It's Abigail's murmur as she passes over a plate. "Have you lived here long? I got the impression that this building hasn't been open long"

Delilah pulls back her lips in a smile and a laugh. "I don't know how long the building has been here, but me? Just a few weeks or so. I decided that everyone that came after me, I would make friends with first. Because they'll be new too, and we might not be as alone." One by one, Dee puts out a piece of cake on each plate, being extra careful to keep them in the triangle shapes.

"I could really use not being alone right now" Abby answers. There's an sticky note on her fridge, Dr. Yee 1 pm. Notes for things to get for the fridge or what was damaged in moving. The black cat gets brave and heaves her young body up onto the counter which prompts Abby to grab a water bottle and spray at th feline. Off the counter it goes, and with a sigh, she's wiping down where Scarlett had been. "I got a guy staying with me. Brian. Say hi if you see him around"

Lilah didn't mean for that to be so meaningful, but the fact it apparently is makes her feel better about having said it. "Is that who the extra room is for? The roommate? -Wait. There are lots of Brian's around, right? But something niggling at the back of her brain prompts Delilah to ask. "Brian …Fulk?"

"Brian Fulk. But no, that's for another roommate who's out of town. For when he gets back" Delilah knows Brian, No surprise, if she had spent any time with phoenix.

"Oh. I- know Brian. He worked at the Nite Owl with me, and we got to be pretty good pals. Small world, ain't it? Awesome." Delilah goes through a short thought process, ending with a fork being handed up to Abby and smiling, pushing one plate of cake closer. "I shall meet you one day in cake Hell, Abigail. Enjoy."

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