Tony Carlucci
Portrayed By Hugh Jackman
Sex Male
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Illusionist
Age 32
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Occupation Casual Laborer, Confidence trickster, and occasional Scam Artist
Family None known
Significant Other(s) Nil Known
First Appearance Irish New Year
Last Appearance

Character summary.

Character History:

Appeared from… somewhere…. in LA, about 2-3 years ago. Since then has been working his way around the country.

Evolved Human Ability:


Illusionism is the ability to trick minds, but therefore not machines- the user can convince people that what they see is what he wants them to see.

These illusions can be simple, single sense illusions, or more complex, elaborate multi-sensory ones, and can be self-targeted, or targeted at an invidivual, or an area.

1: "Reach out with your mind…": The illusionist can maintain a simple illusion for fifty-foot radius, a complex, or immersive one for people within up to twenty feet, and a complex AND immersive one for people within ten feet.
2: "A Deja-vu is a fault in the Matrix": Multi-sense illusions become increasingly difficult and tiring to maintain once more than two people are affected.
3: "A Deja-vu is a fault in the Matrix": As the illusionist gets tired (see below) errors, and faults are more likely to creep into the illusions, possibly warning marks who are alert that something is amiss
4: "The Terminator is a Machine…": The powers simply don't work on machines. This isn't to say that their users can't be affected- they can…. a fake screen image placed in front of a screen will work just fine on the security guard. However it won't affect the video recording, and if it's not known about in sufficient detail, and illusion can't be placed on it… the illusionist can't know the screen is there anyway. In much the same way, automatic burglar alarms know the illusion is just that, and iris or fingerprint scanners are totally unimpressed.
5: "…….He is programmed to not get tired so he absolutely won't stop ever until you are dead….": Complex illusions, particularly fully immersive five sense illusions get very tiring, very fast. There is the danger of passing out, if they are maintained too long, or even of physical injury, perhaps even death.
6: "Your papers seem to be in order."…..Duration: Illusions don't last more than five to ten minutes once the illusionist is out of the immediate (20-50feet) radius. This timing is unpredictable, and best manipulated for dramatic effect. Obviously this means that the most effective illusions are the ones which leave _with_ the illusionist, meaning the Mark never has a chance to see that the passport is just a shopping list in reality.


Irish New Year——

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Which cup is it under? Who'll be the first to wager? You sir!? Yes! You sir! You know where it is? Excellent. Wrong."
  • (rubs a rather different face to normal) "Yes, of courseI have the full paperwork necessary for this withdrawal. Here it is. Now, if you could just put that money into this bag, please?"

Trivia and Notes:

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