Too Cute To Say No


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Title Too Cute To Say No
Synopsis When two hot females ask you to join their club, what do you say?
Date April 6, 2009

Primatech Holding Cell

Katherine Marks and Veronica Sawyer. They occasionally team together and they were put together today to talk with Schuyler Prince. His ability was something the Company wanted under their control. Talk to him and get him to enlist.

An official Homeland Security letter was sent to his residence requesting his presence. Upon arrival, the letter was retrieved and disposed of. He was led to a room where he waits.

Katherine and Veronica make him wait for ten minutes or so before they finally enter the room. Katherine is the first to speak. "Mr. Prince. I'm Special Agent Marks and this is Special Agent Sawyer. Thanks for coming. I don't suppose you have any idea why we wanted you to come talk to us?"

Veronica nods to the man when her name is given, but otherwise stands quietly at Katherine's side, content to let her fellow agent and friend do the talking, as it's Veronica's first recruitment. Both women are, of course, armed, should the man try anything funny. She crosses her arms lightly across her chest as she waits for the man to speak, her eyes gliding over his form, assessing him as she waits.

Schuyler hated having to lie about taking the day off, but since he had only been at Pulse for a few weeks, he hadn't accrued any vacation time and this seemed rather important. So, 'Jury Duty' was used since they can't really argue that, and he put on one of his new suits to go down and see what this letter was about. Sadly, it was taken from him when he arrived at the building and he was set to wait.

It was the longest ten minutes of his life! Finally, when two attractive women come in to talk to him, he gives a start and tries to lean back in his chair, putting on a suave expression, "Well, my first thought was that you found this room to be too boring so you would like to commission a mural. But something tells me that's not quite it. If you guys are the IRS, I may have to quit my current job and apply there!" He gives what he hopes to be a charming smile but it doesn't last too long once he sees the guns they carry.

Straightening in his chair, he clears his throat and offers with as much sincerity as he can, "I actually haven't the faintest idea. Did I do something wrong?" Is he finally caught?

Katherine does smile at that. "Nothing quiet as disturbing as all that, I assure you. It seems your country would like to acquire your services. It seems that Homeland Security is in need of someone with your particular skill set." She glances at Veronica for a moment before turning back. "Have you given any thought before of working for the government? In a law enforcement capacity"

Veronica chuckles a little as Schuyler turns on the charm. "And we don't mean your painting ability, though I do have a rather bland apartment that could use a trompe l'oeil," she says with a charming smile of her own that reveals a dimple on either cheek. She leans against the table that he sits at, tilting her head as she watches him curiously.

His skill set? Schuyler's eyebrow lift and he looks very surprised, "So…you -do- want a mural?" That's the first thing he thinks of when his 'skills' are mentioned. But then one of the women goes on and he actually does a double-take, "I'm sorry, but did you say 'law enforcement'? What is it that you guys think I do?" Blue eyes slide over to Veronica at her quip, "I don't think I've ever done one of those, but I'm game. I've seen some pretty fascinating ones…Wile E. Coyote himself had a fondness for them." But, that said, he has to ask, "I don't understand what you mean then. The government wants me to be a cop?"

Katherine walks over to another table and slips the folder off of it and pulls out a sheet of paper and takes a bright yellow highlighter and circles where it lists his ability and what he can do. She drops it in front of him on the desk. "Not that skill."

The paper is a profile with his picture in the top right corner. Additional information collected during his registration, plus a few additional details that he might now know that they know. Things that perhaps he might not be thrilled to know that they know. What would stand out is the Metamorph listing circled in bright neon yellow. "That skill."

"You can see," Veronica intones, watching Katherine circle the key word so that Schuyler can quit feigning innocent, "how that particular skill might be of interest to a government agency. How we might want to have you in our ranks, rather than on the outside?" she says with a sweet, Company smile. "It's a good job, really. As for lacking the other kinds of training… we can provide that. Those other skills you might need." She taps her fingers on the table a couple of times while peering over at the paperwork curiously, as if she hadn't already read it. "Enlightening, isn't it?"

Schuyler's eyes watch Katherine as she moves to the folder and sets the sheet of paper down in front of him. As he looks at it, his features seem to dull just a tiny, tiny bit. His hair might not be as golden a color and the planes of his face might just be a touch softer. "Oh…" is uttered softly, the former confidence all but bleeding away. He stares at the paper for a long moment before looking from Katherine to Veronica, "Do I even have a choice? I mean…I don't get a red pill or a blue pill, do I? It's sort of this or…disappear, right? In the movies…" his voice fades some there, as if maybe comparing a real government agency to ones portrayed in the movies isn't appropriate.

There's a glance between Katherine and Veronica before Kat turns back to Schuyler. "Nothing like that. You decide not to, then you make one more stop to be debriefed by another of our colleagues and you get to go home." She shrugs. "Though, I think you might want to reconsider our offer. You see, on the outside you have to deal with the public. You have to know that the government is keeping tabs on you because of your ability. You come work with us, then — if you choose — we can control who knows what about you. And I assure you the work you'd be doing with your ability, would not be boring. I am here of my free will and wouldn't change what I do for anything at the moment.

Veronica nods at Katherine's words. "I'm not Evolved," she adds. "I don't do this because of that, but because the work is important and rewarding. It's a service that is necessary to keep the public safe, though the public will never know exactly what you do. It's not a glorious job. But it's a good one." She nods to him. "I mean, what do you use your power for now? Wouldn't you rather use it to help people?"

He's very quiet as it's all explained, watching the two women. "Just…what would I be doing? And what about my other job?" Schuyler lifts a hand to scrub it through his hair, taking a few deep breaths as his appearance goes back to how it was when he first walked into the room. At Veronica's question, he clears his throat again and looks at the sheet that they have on him, "You guys don't already know that? How would I be helping people?"

"Infiltration, impersonation, things that your ability is suited for. Is it dangerous? Absolutely, it can be. Will you be helping your country, definitely." Katherine takes the paper and glances at it for a long moment. "We would allow you to give proper notice to those at Pause. But you'll hardly need the job once you start working here. Or, if you desire, you could probably work some freelance gigs for them. We could make that happen. We would just want your focus to be here, on this work."

Veronica gets up from her leaning on the table and chuckles. "We know what you do. I meant… wouldn't you rather use your power for some purpose, rather than just skipping the bouncer line at Rapture or whatever else?" she says, with a wry smile. "And really, if you didn't have to commercial work, you might have more time to do art that is personal for you," she suggests.

"I got a lot of attention when I went to Whole Foods as Elvis. That was kind of fun…" Schuyler admits, trying to relax some. Notice at 'Pause'…that does get him to wince. "I just started there…but…I mean, it was mostly to get a job for a job's sake that is only remotely in my field." He's not opposed to the idea, it would seem…and Veronica's words did help. "I -would- like more time for my art, but…ok. I need specifics besides just 'Infiltration and impersonation'. You mentioned training…and law enforcement…"

Katherine nods. "Well, of course, we're not just going to throw you out there with no training. You'll be thoroughly trained. You'll have to learn to fire a weapon. You'll be given plenty of time to get used to the job. Obviously, impersonation will be your key assignements, with your ability. But that doesn't necessarily mean that's what your limited to. You'll just be the first we come to when we have a job where impersonation is called for. Understand, we aren't talking about a risk-free environment. There are dangers, as you have probably read in the news. Things are just a bit crazy out there. This is your chance to do some good. To really help."

"Oh, that was you!" Veronica says with a bit of a grin and a nod of approval. "And you'll be partnered with someone, probably someone who has some experience, who can help guide you in the beginning. It's sort of like being a cop but you have more leeway and the work is a bit more specific in nature. No talking to kids about drugs or arresting teenagers for stealing a pack of gum. And this job will probably pay more than you were making at Pause, so you don't have to worry about a job for a job's sake," she says with an encouraging smile.

That was another of his questions…how much would this pay or would this be considered 'giving back to one's country'. Schuyler watches Katherine for a moment before asking, "Wouldn't the impersonation be…well, not exactly the kosher way to go about doing things? Seems like you're really sort of asking me to be a spy…like in 'Alias' or something." He hasn't said 'no' though. "Partnered…" of course, the first day of work he's going to -have- to come as Don Johnson in 'Miami Vice'. That or 'Starsky' or 'Hutch'. The opportunity is just too perfect. "You're both making it sound like a pretty sweet deal. What aren't you telling me?"

Katherine smirks at the question. She does slip out a piece of paper from her pocket and slides it across the table. The Company does pay well. "Starting salary." She glances to Veronica again. "I did mention the danger and the possibility of dying, I'm certain. There's the secrecy thing. Can't really go around telling your friends and family what you do here. The hours are horrible, as you can be called on at any time of the day or night. When things get busy, you are overworked." She looks back to Veronica in case she happened to miss something.

Veronica shrugs at Katherine. Nothing she can think of. "You'll have a cover job of sorts. With your background, it'll probably be inhouse graphics designer or something, so people don't think it's anything too strange," she says, watching his reaction for the figure on the paper that Katherine pushes across the table to Schuyler. "Enough you won't have to pretend to be some celebrity for a fake drink?" she says, a playful smirk curving her lips.

"The drinks were very real…" Schuyler grins at Veronica before looking at the figure on the paper before him. His eyes widen as he looks at it and then at Katherine, "Are you serious? I thought that cops made crappy pay!" Granted, it doesn't sound much like he would be anything like a usual cop. "I don't like the whole 'dying' thing, to be honest. Can I put it in my contract that I'm not allowed to die?"

An eyebrow is raised and Katherine simply says. "No." Though there is a half grin on her face afterwards. "But we will need an answer one way or the other before we can let you leave."

Veronica smiles. "He's funny. We get to keep him, right?" she says, looking over at Katherine with raised brows of amusement. "I'd like that clause too, really. And remember, you're probably less likely to die than me. I'm just a poor boring normal person, after all. And I've been at this… five years? six? I haven't died yet." Just almost. Oh so many times.

Schuyler gives a snap and an exaggerated sigh before he offers a very serious, "I know." It was sort of a hope. He still hasn't decided fully yet, but Veronica's words get him to smile again. At least the government folk don't seem to be stuffy! "I'm not all that different than you, really. I can just…make myself look like other people. But if you shoot me, I'm still going to be all hurt. So really, not that different at all." But it's good hearing that she's been at this and hasn't died yet. "You two make a good case. I can't really say 'no', can I?"

"Your life… won't be your own, now that the government knows who you are and what you do. You might as well capitalize on the opportunity to get something more than other people's perks for it, you know? I mean, you can still do that, but now you'll be getting paid for it," Vee says.

"You're Government. You can tap my phone lines and make sure that the only mail I ever get for the next twenty years are Readers Digests." It's said with a smile, but Schuyler knows there's truth to that. "My life is…well, I guess I sort of signed that away when I registered, right?" But then again, would they be able to find him if he just faded into the background? "What other perks besides seeing you two lovely ladies every day and that fat paycheck?"

"I would think that would be incentive enough, right?" Katherine turns to Veronica and nods. "Wouldn't you think?" Katherine walks over and picks up the remainder of the folder and tucks that piece of paper inside. "There's really nothing more than what we already offered you. This isn't necessarily a negotiation. We've been asked to offer you what we have, and try and sell you on the job. Obviously we wouldn't be doing it if we didn't believe it ourselves. I could not imagine doing another job." she says with sincerity.

Veronica nods to Katherine. "It's an important job, and it pays well. You won't have to worry about anything that most people with a power have to worry about — you're automatically accepted for who you really are, what you really can do. You're a commodity and you're respected and needed. Those are things most people want in a job. It should be enough. If it's not… there's the downside to not joining up. You might think you can go back to the way things were, but what if you slip up?"

"I could slip up lots…and being registered protects me somewhat," that's how he understood it, "but…I think there are probably more 'pro's' in this instance." Granted, Schuyler hasn't had very long to think about it. "I can't leave until I give you an answer, right? And it's a secret so it couldn't reflect back on my family and friends…" except for the fact that he's going to be switching jobs so soon. "Maybe I can freelance for Pause, like you said…It's not a bad opportunity, but I'd rather have time for my own art…" and he would certainly have more funds now.

"I'm afraid we need an answer." reiterates Katherine. "We can give you a few minutes here to think about it, if that's what you need."

Vee nods encouragingly at the man. "It's possible you can, you know, train and stuff, and if it doesn't work out… well, nothing ventured, nothing gained." She doesn't mention the Haitian would come wipe out his memory of the "trial period" if that were to happen. But then if he says no, the Haitian is going to wipe him anyway.
"Do you mind?" is asked of Katherine. "I wouldn't mind a few minutes to think things through…" even though Sky nods to Veronica, "Good to know that I can sort of see how it goes. I might suck at it…" he's never really been the physical type and all that.

Katherine nods and turns to leave. "There's a phone here. Just pick it up when you're ready to resume talking." The phone only goes out to the desk. "Sawyer?" she beckons her partner and opens to door, slipping out.

The shorter of the two brunettes nods and follows Katherine out of the door, glancing over her shoulder to give an encouraging wink to the man at the table. She shuts the door behind her, then turns to glance at the window to watch the man for a moment. "He'll say yes," she says with a shrug.

Schuyler rests his elbows on his knees and runs his fingers through his hair as he stares at the desk. It's not the easiest decision he's had to make, and the money would certainly help. But this is going to be more than just a day job. His hands then move, clasping together before he rests them on his lips. The chance of death isn't an incentive, but he could get hit by an out of control taxi, right? Same chances…? It's nearly ten minutes before he reaches for the phone, picking it up and saying into it, "Ok. I made my decision. Want it over the phone?"

The door reopens and Katherine follows Veronica into the room. "Nah, we'll take it in person." She turns to Veronica. "I'll be expecting that hundred dollars here shortly when he says no."

Veronica chuckles, crossing her arms as she leans against the wall of the small room, waiting for the verdict. She looks pretty relaxed, but then, if they really have a one-hundred-dollar bet, on the salary they must be making, that really isn't going to hurt too badly. "So? Shall we go get your badge picture taken?"

Schuyler's eyebrows lift, "You made a bet on me?" He looks between the two before standing and nodding to Veronica. "Lead on, MacDuff." And then, just in case they needed an official answer, "Yeah. I'll do it. Sorry about the hundred bucks."

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