Too Easy


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Scene Title Too Easy
Synopsis After canvassing Manhattan to find Hiro, Kimiko gets a phone call that may lead her to her brother. But is it all too easy?
Date April 3, 2009

The Four Seasons Hotel/A Comic Book Shop

After a long day of Warhammer 40,000, with a large bag of the latest DC and Vertigo comics, Magnes is about to leave the comic shop. Then there's a flyer on the wall, he definitely knows that man, but who could be looking for him? He looks around for a moment, then goes to the payphone near the door, dialing the number. No one can really hear the conversation, they're too busy discussing the Watchmen penis, and arguing over WH40K rules, all sounds the person on the other end of the phone would sadly have to overhear.
The phone is picked up promptly. The voice on the other hand is accented Japanese and female. "Hello?"

"Hello, I'd tell you my name, but that might be dangerous because I don't know who you are." Magnes says in a serious tone, then someone in the background yells "Hey Magnes, bring us some pizza back from Panucci's tomorrow!" "Yeah, Varlane, free pizza!" which causes him to groan audibly. "Ahem, as I was saying, I know Hiro, but who are you and why are you looking for him?"

"My name is Kimiko Nakamura." replies the woman, her voice calm, but definitely used to being listened to. "I am Hiro's sister." She doesn't seem quick to impart more information than she has to, herself. "When and where did you last see him?"

"Oh, wow…" Magnes seems impressed for some reason; Hiro's sister. "Well, how do I know you're the real Kimiko Nakamura? I mean, you could be anyone after Hiro."

Kimiko is silent for a few moments, considering this. "You do not." she admits. "Any question I answer for you could have been learned by reading the Mendez comic books. All the same, if your information is minimal, I will not jump through hoops for it. I believe my brother to be in great danger Mr. Varlane, and I do not have time for games."

"You know about the comics? Alright, I guess you're definitely serious." Magnes takes a deep breath, his voice getting lower as he moves deeper into the payphone. "I saw him a few days ago, we um, had a little trip together. I can't tell you where, because I still can't be sure of your identity, but if you could give me a meeting place, I could tell all of this to Hiro and let him decide."

"You know where he is now?" Kimiko's voice sounds surprised. "I am staying at the Four Seasons hotel. Give him the number you called me on, and tell him where I am staying. He will find me. Tell him…tell him it is a matter of family."

"I will, I promise! Hiro's kind of my mentor, so I wouldn't let his sister down." Magnes says in a very determined tone, looking around for a moment, making sure no one's listening again. "I'll go do it right now, you can count on me."
Kimiko breathes a sigh of relief. "Please." It could be said that her tone could not be faked, but there are plenty of folks good at acting out there. Still, she sounds genuine.

"I promise." Magnes assures, his tone just as genuine as he gently hangs up the phone.

Kimiko hangs up her phone, looks around her hotel suite. All she has to do is wait. She's certain that she'll find her brother, but…could it really be this easy?

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