Too Insane To Care


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Scene Title Too Insane to Care
Synopsis In her search for Odessa, Elle tracks down Molly, and finds that she likes the girl more than she thought she would.
Date August 12, 2010

Petrelli Mansion

Ah, the Petrelli home. Normally, Elle would avoid this place like the plague. Angela Petrelli is a creepy bitch, Arthur Petrelli killed her mother, Nathan Petrelli is…well, who knows with that guy. And Peter…wel, part of her hopes she'll see him here, even though she doubts the likelihood of that. But Peter really isn't her objective in this rather unexpected visit to the mansion. No, she's after someone else, whom she has heard is staying here.

Elle Bishop is dressed in civilian clothes today, wearing a pair of blue jean capris and a tank top. Her left shoulder is bandaged to conceal the bullet wound that is still healing, and her left arm is kept in a sling. It's quietly and with an almost humble expression that she steps up to the front door of the Petrelli's home, ringing the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" a young female voice rings out and footsteps can be heard hurrying to the front door. With a quick look out the window, Molly Walker's face is briefly seen before it disappears again and the door is being opened.

"Can I help you?"

Standing before Elle is the human tracker herself, all 5'3 inches of her. The fourteen year old is dressed in a pair of black jeans, brown boots and a long, flowing dark green shirt. Her blonde hair is clipped up and she tilts her head, blue eyes studying the taller blonde in front of her.

She puts a hand on her hip and taps her foot lightly, she must have been watching Degrassi or something. Her eyes flicking down to a cellphone in her hand. Young eyes briefly gazing at the sling that Elle is in. Wonder what happened to her?

It's standard that most people are taller than Elle. It's a fact of life that she's just learned to live with. Normally, she would at least be a little bit taller with the assistance of heels. But, heels and Vicodin don't tend to mix, so Elle is sporting a nice pair of flip flops. She's surprised when she has to peer up at the fourteen year old a bit, and slightly dismayed. Damn, even kids are taller than her. She can't wait until she's no longer on the stupid pain medication, so she can go back to those wonderful heels that make her feel less tiny.

Those thoughts aren't betrayed on her face, however. Instead, as Molly answers the door, Elle offers a charming smile to the teenager. "Hi there!" Well, it's kinda awkward, randomly approaching someone to ask them for a favor. But, Elle stays strong in the face of potential awkwardness! "Aren't you Molly Walker?" She remains cheerful. "'Cause I actually came here to see if I could talk to you!"

Um.. stranger danger? Molly's eyebrows lift and her gaze narrows, she's not expecting anyone looking for her.. and anyone looking to 'speak' to her only want.. wait a minute. Why is Molly so paranoid now?? With a sigh, she leans her hip against the door.

"I'd invite you in.. but I don't know if Angela would like that.." she says with a shrug and then she's coming out the mansion and closing the door. Going to walk around the grounds. Wind blows briefly through her hair. "So, you've figured I'm Molly.. now who the hell are you and what do you want?" she asks with a focused look at Elle's face. She doesn't trust her, but then again she doesn't trust most people at all.

"Because I can count on my two fingers why people like to talk to me." She says with a soft snort.

The smile doesn't leave Elle's face, even as the teenager mouths off. She does her best to remain as pleasant as possible, despite the fact that if she weren't after the girl's help, Elle would probably be electrocuting the girl for her nerve in showing such an attitude. She entertains thoughts of it, though, playing with the thoughts in her imagination. That's the only place she'll let it go, though. No need to hurt the insolent little thing.

"Oh, I don't think Angela would want me in her house. Pretty sure the main reason she's tolerated me my whole life is because of my dad." She keeps smiling. "I'm Elle Bishop." If Molly knows anything about the company, she'd recognise that last name.

"I'm pretty sure you already know why I came to the Petrelli mansion in search of you." She raises her right hand in a defenseless gesture; she'd raise the left one, but that would hurt a bit too much for her right now. The bullet wound is still a bit too fresh. "I need help finding someone. A childhood friend of mine. I don't want the Company to know that I'm looking for her, though. I was hoping you could help me out…"

"Bob Bishop's daughter." She says with a soft nod, "You're the one that hurts people for fun." She grins widely at Elle, just daring her to think about hurting her. Matt Parkman would turn her brain to mush. Molly's heard stuff about Elle.. when she was staying in with the Company. Though she's sure Elle's too insane to really care about Matt.

She looks away towards the grounds, "You're like me.. always with the Company." Though Molly was with her parents before Sylar killed her parents. "Before.. he killed them." She says with a glare towards the ground. That's where she thinks he is.. in hell. "Who is it, and what's in it for me?" she crosses her arms and stops to look at Elle up and down.

"If you can't think of anything.. money talks." She says sweetly, a gust of wind blowing a loose strand of her hair in her eye.

Elle thoughtfully regards the girl, a small smile forming on her face that's much more genuine than the one she had on before. She likes this kid. Little bitch is growing on her, and fast. No wonder that crazy psychic guy adopted her or whatever…though he probably likes her for different reasons. "Yup, that's me!" This is said in a cheerful tone.

"Yup…thinking about it, you and I aren't so different." She doesn't give voice to the fact that she's soon to cackle gleefully as the Company dies, and probably dance on its grave when all is said and done. Or, at least, so she hopes. "I'm looking for Odessa Knutson." She pulls out a picture of said subject of interest, holding it out to the girl. "And it depends on what you want. Sky's the limit, kid. This is important." She's still smiling, but at least this time, her smile is a lot more genuine-looking.

"Dr. Knutson?" Molly's eyes widen and she nods her head. Of course she knows the other blonde. With a look at Elle, Molly closes her eyes and bows her head as she uses her ability to find the other woman. Her body feels light as her consciousness zeros in on Odessa.

"She's in the Greenbelt.." Molly shakes her head and then she opens her eyes. "Getting ready for something." The teen takes her hair down to redo the clip and she's walking away from Elle. Her eyes up towards the sky as she makes her way to the back of the mansion.

"I'll cash that favor in later." She says with a wink over her shoulder at Elle. Hands tucked into her pockets now. Her boots making brief imprints in the grass.

The shorter blonde smiles warmly as Molly complies. She reaches into her purse, pulling out a business card that simply holds her name and her phone number. This is offered to the girl with a bright smile. "Thanks, Molly. I owe you one. Anything your heart desires." She tilts her head, a sudden warmth coming over her features. Uncharacteristic for the electrokinetic, really.

"You know, I can see why Matt Parkman took such a liking to you. You're pretty awesome." Elle smiles winningly to the girl. "Give me a call, any time. I'd better get going before Angela sees me and tries to tranq me or something. Plus…I have a friend to find." She grins and turns, making her way away from the Mansion with a small wave to the girl.

Turning back to take the card. Molly smiles at Elle, she likes the crazy blonde. "I'll call and thanks." She calls after her before she turns again to enter the mansion and then she's smiling as she looks down at the card. Now.. what would that favor be? Molly doesn't even know.

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