Too Much Of A Heart


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Scene Title Too Much of a Heart
Synopsis In reporting his burglary to Yana, Magnes yet again finds himself questioning right and wrong. Yana of course seems impassive
Date April 14

Yana's Apartment


This time Magnes actually calls Yana before coming over, having asked if she were busy and would like a guest. He had something important to discuss. When he arrives and Christopher lets him in, he walks over to the couch and takes a seat, sighing. He's clad in a black blazer, a buttoned up white shirt, blue jeans, and black loafers. "Someone stole one of my guns, the rabies vial, and my car. They also stole my copy of the Art of War. Who steals these things? I mean, those things specifically…"

Yana is going through outfits when Magnes arrives. She has several dresses laid out across her bed, one or two of them elegant, but for the most part they all look quite professional. She is preoccupied with the task of selecting clothing, looking thoughtful at each one. His announcement about being robbed gets minor attention, seeing as how this is New York and that sort of thing is common. About the only things that registers is the vial of rabies. Quickly she looks at him, a bit of distress behind her eyes, "What? You lost the vial? You lost.. a deadly disease to god knows who?" The news doesn't sit well with her, "It was fine when I knew what you were going to do with it, but now that it is unchecked.. Do you know what that could mean?" she sighs, "Actually, the best we could hope for is that they were a drug addict and use the vial and die from the virus alone." Pressing her fingers to her temples, she rubs lightly, "Maybe Mr. Rosen can help. I'll call him in and see if he can find out something."

"We don't need him to help, I'll get it back myself. They took my car, it's probably the only car of that model and color in the entire city. If I find my car, I'll find the vial if they haven't used it. Just… let me worry about it, alright? I only kept it because the person I was going to give it to disappeared." Magnes turns to look in the direction of her bedroom, a bit curious. "So uh, I'm celibate now, so you don't need to worry about me making any physical moves anymore."

"Oh nonsense, don't be daft. If you were confident about getting your things back, you wouldn't have mentioned it to me. You would have simply solved the problem first, and then told me what happened. Now granted, I did release the new H5N10 into society, and I plan on wiping out an entire correctional facility, thanks to Mr. Rosen. But those are controlled experiments. I can't let a virus go unchecked. Especially not one as dangerous as the rabies I altered. It was never intended for multiple exposure. You do what you can, I'll work it on my end." She pulls a particular dress from her closet, with a blazer to match, moving over to the mirror and modeling it on her body a little. "Celibate. Well that is good, I suppose. I plan on attending an event near the end of the month, and depending on what I decided, I could either become someone's date, or purchase one myself. So it's good that you're off of that habit."

"Some of those people could be innocent, how can you wipe out an entire facility?" Magnes stands and starts to walk to the bedroom now, stopping just short of entering. "And what do you mean become someone's date? Are you planning to take that Rosen guy?"

"Magnes.. have you no faith in the justice system? Do you honestly believe that they would incarcerate an innocent person? You're asking me to recognize a big 'if' over scientific exploits. In order to obtain the research data I require, I'll do what I have to. This whole 'protect the innocent' thing you have going on is really beginning to be a problem. You don't have the true heart for science, because— Well I've said it several times before, so.. no sense in going over it again. To answer your question, I can wipe out an entire facility by introducing H5N10 to a few select prisoners. In such a contained environment, it should spread rather quickly." That isn't what he meant of course, but still, it is how she answers.

Deciding on a dress, she steps out of the bedroom, carrying it with her on a hanger, draping it across the back of the sofa. "And no. I won't be taking him to the event, however, I am considering asking him to join me at the facility. As for this event, it's an auction of sorts. I haven't quite decided if I am attending, but I'm making arrangements." her small shoulders lift in a shrug, "Just another way to get the virus out there."

"Well, alright. I guess it's not my business what you do in your spare time at events. And I've learned to waltz." Magnes takes a seat on the couch again, away from the dress, crossing his arms. "I still don't feel right about this facility stuff, but I can't stop you." Sighing, and looking a little down for whatever reason, he asks, "So… what now?"

"What now?" she raises a brow, "I want you to focus all of your energy on tracking down the virus. The H1N1 I'm not too worried about, it is the part rabies that causes concern. You should find this person, retrieve the virus and destroy them. It is the best course of action right now." It doesn't register anywhere about Yana that Magnes might be a bit down. "And speaking of tying up loose ends. You haven't found me my blond girl yet. I'd have thought you'd have had plenty of time to at least get me a few leads."

"I haven't heard a thing about her, I'm sorry. And I will track down this virus. Since I'm not all focused on women or sex or anything, I have more than enough energy to focus." Magnes says as if he were trying to convince her as well as himself, staring at and watching her. "I have a question. What would you do if we had a child and that child came from the future to meet us?"

This brings Yana to pause, and turn her focus onto Magnes, "What?" She stares at him for several moments, not sure that he is serious. She hangs quietly, awaiting the punchline and then catches on that it isn't a joke. "Theoretically, that is impossible. For several reasons.. Hypothetically, I would be highly suspicious. What reason would they have to come back to a time before their birth? And furthermore, why would they choose to reveal themselves to you?" There is a vanity mirror sitting off to the corner, and Yana finds their way there, sitting with her legs too the side slightly and turning on the lights. She proceeds to take a brush down through her long hair, down the front of her shoulder. "It sounds as if that is a violation to some sort of continuum rules. And frankly, I would initially disbelieve that any child of mine would be as foolish."

"Going back in time doesn't necessarily change the future, only certain things change it. Much of what you do was already meant to happen, some things aren't, I'm not sure how you can tell really. I've gone to the past on two separate occasions." Magnes focuses forward again, sighing as he continues. "Let's say I died somewhere in the timeline, a doomed future, and you raised her along with someone you've moved on with. The child comes back wanting to meet me first because they're so curious, and after meeting with me they might potentially meet with you. How would you react? Would you want me to tell you?"

This is something that Yana has to think about for some time. The basis is sound enough for her to provide a logical answer, but this question requires a bit of emotional attachment to something, which she lacks. Placing herself in the position of the second party doesn't really work for her in this situation. "Quite honestly, it wouldn't matter how I'd want you to tell me. You're too concerned with the way other people will feel if you do something. Either you tell them, or you don't. How you do it is you just come forward and say it. I detest beating around the bush about such things. Also, I'd ask you not to be surprised if I didn't give a big reaction, and show much skepticism, which you might want to inform the child about." Yana begins to take the pins out of her hair, which takes it from being guided and controlled to actually flowing to it's full length. "If they're expecting some special moment from me, they'd be sorely disappointed. That's just if it were me, of course."

"Ah, alright, I'll keep that in mind. I guess that's all I wanted to know. I could use a glass of water." Magnes looks into the kitchen, pondering the idea of getting himself one. "Elvira, can I be your date to whatever it is you're going to?"

Yana of course doesn't make a move to retrieve the water. She doesn't really have to. Christopher, who is working on making dinner is already on the job. Yana continues to pamper herself, taking out her earrings one by one and then placing in different ones in one ear, just to see what they look like. Still selecting her outfit, "No you cannot. I'm not going with a date. I'll be leaving with one, or as one, depending on how the night goes. It is an auction. And the purpose of my participation is to have yet another fresh, warm body to carry my latest virus. This is something I wouldn't normal go to, but I had dinner with a work colleague of mine, who was actually a bit charming, and I was inspired with the idea."

"Oh, so it's a business thing. Alright." Magnes holds his hand out when Christopher brings the water back, just int ime for something to register in his mind. "What do you mean charming? What's so charming about this guy? And I could inspire you if we brainstormed."

Yana shakes her head, "No, it isn't a business thing. It is another phase of the experiment. I either purchase, or am purchased as someone's date, I go out with them, there is really no obligation that either of us have to like it, so I won't have to pretend for very long. I infect them, and further my experimentation." She explains, deciding on a certain pair of earrings obviously, as she likes the way it dangles and sparkles for the outfit she has in mind. She finds the matching one, and sets them both to the side. "It'll be that much more satisfying if they turn out to be a bad date." After which, she rises to her feet, and looks at him, "And you know.. Charming. Handsome, very intelligent, successful from what I could tell and possibly a bit ambitious. He was very straight forward and down to Earth, and pleasant to be around. Not to mention, he lost his spouse as well. So I found him a bit charming." she shrugs, "My father would approve of him for certain, however that doesn't mean that I fancy a relationship other than professional with him. I simply recognize his good qualities as much as I would anyone else."

"I thought experiments were business things, but I guess in a way that wouldn't make a lot of sense." Magnes takes a sip of his water, closing his eyes when she starts talking about that guy again. There is so much he could say, but instead he chooses, "As much as you would almost anyone else." quite bitterly.

"And in that you're wrong. It seems.." she slits her eyes a little, adopting a distant and thoughtful look, "That you're going into it believing that I compliment people this way to their face. Up front flattery really isn't my style unless I have intentions. And then it is simply a tool, hardly ever real. If I have a praise for you, you likely won't actually hear me say it. Someone else will. Christopher hears it all, for instance." She then remembers something, "Oh. Mr. Flynn does however need a bit of assistance in the Institute. He is a bit worried about job security, and he is in the same division of Dr. Sheridan. Perhaps you can speak to her, about possibly assisting Mr. Flynn. It could be beneficial to both of them."

"I'm sorry, I just get a bit discouraged when you compliment so many people, but with me you only tell me everything I'm doing wrong. Sometimes you make me feel like I'm the worst person in the world." Magnes says quite honestly, sitting his cup in the air so he can pull out a small notebook and a pen. "What exactly is it that this Mr. Flynn needs help with?"

"Magnes, you get exactly what you asked of me." Her eyes slide away from him, and over to the dress she has on the back of the couch, stepping and scooping it up, wandering over to Christopher, "Have this cleaned, if you would please?" she sides to him, handing it off and receiving a nod. Returning to Magnes, she continues her initial thought, "You asked me for correction, for refinement and change. You didn't ask me to shower you with kind words or praise. I'd have thought you'd develop the inner strength to not be downed by my methods, but you do tend to keep belly-aching about it. My father would certainly see that as a sign of weakness." And as high in regard as she holds him, that is a little bit of a big deal. "Mr. Flynn just needs to get in with some people in the Institute that can help him along. He is new to the city and this division, and of course I'll help him as much as I can, but Dr. Sheridan is in his department, so she would naturally be a first selection to assist."

"I didn't really know that was a part of your method. But… I don't know, maybe you're completely right, about a lot of what you say. I expect too much of you, and when you give me what I need, I don't accept it properly. Maybe the truth of the matter is that I have grown too attached to you to accept your opinion impartially." Magnes grabs the glass again and shakes his head, frowning. "I'll help with Mr. Flynn, but I think I may have asked too much of you. Me improving myself has turned into me wanting your approval, so I think this might be a failure in every way. Where do we even go from here?"

"That is entirely up to you." Yana states, "Naturally, I can continue to do what you asked of me as I have been. You are the only one that seems to have a problem separating things. Not to mention, you have far too much of a heart. You might not be suitable to assist me in scientific ventures if you second guess everything. You'll hold me back. So this would be the answer as to why I don't include you on various things. You don't fit. What you want to do from here is your decision. Though I do seem to recall you mentioning not quitting on this. I won't be surprised or disappointed if you do, however." As calm and serious as ever.

"How do you even get rid of a heart?" Magnes asks as the primary question from all of that, the most difficult of all issues she asks of him. What is he supposed to do? "I mean, it's not something I can learn from you simply telling me to stop. And what do I even get out of it?"

"The process is quite painful." Yana say this with a bit of amusement in her voice. "You have to be filled with so much tragedy that you eventually stop caring, to keep from getting hurt again." Yana sighs, giving her head a shake, "I can't exactly explain the whole process, I guess it just has to.. happen."

"So if I lost my heart, I wouldn't care about you or my friends or anyone?" Magnes asks, curiosity overtaking him. Who knows what he'll actually do, but right now it's better to know. "I've always felt horrible when things happen to people, but then someone usually makes me feel better and I end up listening to what they tell me to do."

"Mm. You'll care about some things. Survival being one of them. You just won't really form attachments that could possibly prove bothersome when you need to overlook them." She explains, "I'm not going to share my personal path to abandoning my heart, but it really wasn't a pleasant trip."

"I wish our situation was different, but I either have a hard path or no path when it comes to you, business or otherwise." Magnes begins to hunch, in deep thought as some things sink in, and perhaps more questions raise. "Being celibate isn't making me feel as good as I thought it would."

Yana shrugs, "It isn't for everyone. I choose to be celibate because I don't need physical pleasure, and because I refuse to accept casual physical intimacy without emotional attachment, and since I have no desire for emotional attachment, it makes it all the more easy for me." Her eyes narrow a little, "I just don't see exactly what sexual relations would do for me. It really does seem to consume much of people's time: trying to find a partner, working the angle, drawing them in and then the actual act, which you find yourself only seeking it out more after it is all said and done. It's all so.. short term. No, I'm perfectly fine without it."

"I want to be celibate because it's impossible to sleep with any woman I'd actually want, and I don't want to go down the road of sleeping with women I barely care about." Magnes stares at her for a long moment, then averts his gaze to the floor. "And being celibate would make my relationship with you a lot less bothersome on your part. Having not slept with anyone in about three months has made me a little antsy, but celibacy takes hard work, and that's what I'm gonna do."

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