Toodles Indeed


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Scene Title Toodles Indeed
Synopsis Ina comes looking for Logan and instead, gets one of the gatekeepers who lips back.
Date October 6, 2010


Crown molding, white ceilings and striped wallpaper in shades of eggshell and pale gold all define this small but fashionably decorated hotel room at the Corinthian. Three hundred square feet, including the attached bathroom with claw-foot tub and shower, is not a lot of space in which to move around, but a pair of French doors painted white lead out onto a small balcony with a wrought-iron rail for guests who desire fresh air or the opportunity to enjoy a cigarette.

An armchair is situated in one corner and a small desk in another with a queen-sized bed and ornate headboard positioned against the wall between. Lighting is provided by two gold lamps build into the wall on either side of the bed as well as one that hangs from the ceiling and imitates the wan, comforting glow of candlelight.

Once again, Tess has shown up at Burlesque, in search of it's owner. It's hard to ask for a job when you never manage to see the one who can give or deny such a thing. But she looks cheery enough as she comes through the door, wearing jeans, a black tee-shirt, a black leather jacket and fingerless gloves. She fiddles with the strap of her backpack as she wanders in, glancing around in search of the elusive Logan-beast, her gaze pausing here and there on a dancer, mentally critiquing them.

"He has so got to hire some better talent," she mumbles, sighing and shaking her head.

"And it's not going to be you. You're too young" Comes from behind her, a woman in a red tailored pantsuit, patent leather pumps, clipboard, pen and looking at Tess, scarlet lips pressed tight. Ina's out and about and spotted the female walking into the bar. Not dressed like a customer. "So turn your pretty little jail bait ass around and go find a McDonalds to go work at and come back in a few years and stop insulting the employee's"

Tess half turns, arching a brow and smirking. "Jail bait? Lady, I'm twenty. I'm legal to dance, and have danced before," she says in her New Orleans drawl. "And I can sure as hell dance circles 'round the chickies on stage right now," she says, tilting her head in that direction. "You know where I can find Logan? You do work here, right?"

"How could I have missed the big twenty flashing on her forehead" Ina remarks to a passing waitress who's carrying a tray of drink, a lot of skin exposed. Ina shakes her head, dark curls tumbling this way and that. "No, I just like standing here in my suit and looking pretty waiting for underage girls to walk in and ask me questions they know better than to ask. What do you want with Logan? And don't give me lip, or I'll have you parked on the sidewalk in a heartbeat and you tell the front doors about how good a dancer you are"

"Oh no. Not enough fiber in your diet?" Tess asks, looking and sounding concerned. "And I need to talk to Logan. Why are all the women here so possessive of all the men that just talking isn't allowed? Is there something in the water that makes people all mean? I mean, first Logan, then dad, now you?" She glances around for a moment before beaming a smile at Ina. "I'll be back when he's here and you're not. You're not fun," she says, turning to start towards the door.

It takes a second, just one second.

"Tess" There's a smile rising to her face now. "I got warned about a loud mouthed harmless spawn of his that might come around, I didn't get told she'd be underaged and a dour little thing like you. Hell are you doing coming around here and looking for Logan. He's not going to hire you, if you're thinking of looking for a job here. Your dad would have his balls in a vice"

Ina doesn't make a move to stop the girl, a glance to the men around who's sole job is to stop people or kick them out will do such. "Ever stop to think, Zarek spawn, that it's you that brings about the attitude?"

"My dad doesn't care," Tess says without stopping, though she does give Ina a shrug. "It's not me though. Everyone but you, Logan and dad love me. Toodles now!" she says, continuing forward until she's out the door.

Ina watches her go like a hawk, a glance back to the dancers on the stage before shaking her head and heading off for the back rooms. Leave a note for Logan that Tess stopped by, let Kain know that his daughter was sniffing around the strip club for some reason. Toodles indeed.

Kain Zarek's voicemail:

"I have to say Zarek, when you spawn, you spawn good. She gives good lip, your daughter. Smart mouthed just like you. If she is your kid, she's sniffing around burlesque for some reason. She came in asking for Logan, and it wasn't her first time. Might want to suggest that she look for other avenues of employment, if that's what she's coming here for. She's too pretty to be shaking her ass. Find her a job in the Corinthian if that's what she's looking for, serving drinks on the floor or in the restaurant"

To: Ina Anders <xxx-xxx-xxxx>
Fm: Kain Zarek <xxx-xxx-xxxx>
Subject: <blank>

son of a bitch

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