Torn Heart


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Scene Title Torn Heart
Synopsis Guilt can be heavy.
Date October 22, 2018

Cat's Place

There's a silence to Isabelle that just doesn't seem right. The moody, loud pyrokinetic stands outside of the doorway to the room, they are the only ones currently there and with a half lidded stare, hazel eyes just staring ahead until she finally gets the nerve, she's not sure she's someone of courage. She's dark. Twisted. Accident or not, she had done a horrible thing.

"Magnes?" She calls out and knocks her hand against the doorframe. There's a nervousness surrounding her, she looks devastated. She had time to process however it is you process this shit that is.

"I.." she's unsure of where to start.

"Yeah?" Magnes asks while poking at a notebook he recently found and started writing in. "Something wrong?" he wonders, looking up and staring at her. He's wrapped in a blanket at the moment, it's pretty chilly.

Izzy brings the warmth she usually has inside of her, warming the air in the room and the smell of smoke. Tendrils of smoke drift out of her nostrils and she looks to the side. "I went to Kaylee while you and Liz were gone." She's numb now, slowly it starts to show on her face, the drunk and running into Liz earlier has her spent emotionally, "I looked into my memories.. looking for clues to my past."

"I killed my parents." She flops down next to her friend and just stares into the space before them. "I burned them to a crisp."

Magnes reaches out to take her hands, looking her directly in the eye. "I'm sure it's more complicated than that…" is the first thing he says, and then patiently asks, "Tell me what happened."

Izzy goes into detail about what events surrounding her gaining her memories, the extremely early manifestation of her ability leading to her parents deaths, Shaw's uncle working with the Company, something about her being an Synthetic. "I didn't get their names.. that's what I really wanted. I want my last name. Instead I destroyed them." She sounds hopeless even the pep talk from Liz earlier is starting to lose its effect.

"They gave me this.." staring down at her hands, "My flames were blue. My hands.." they shake and Izzy shakes with them. "I'm a monster Mags, I knew before with the kids.." but that was survival, that was them or us. This was.. were they different?

"You're not a monster." Magnes raises her hands and plants them firmly onto his cheeks. "You were in a world where everyone got used to pure survival and had no hope left. And you were a baby, a child, whatever, it's not your fault what happened to them, you didn't even know what you were doing."

"I ripped a hole in reality, I might have made a bunch of worlds either better or worse, I'll probably never really know for sure. In the end, I guess you can't really save a world, you can just give it the best chance that you can." he admits, looking directly into her eyes. "Some things happen just because we're there, but that doesn't mean it's our fault. The best we can do is make the best of our presence and what that presence may have caused. We can't go back, no matter how many worlds we visit, we can't go back."

Lowering her hands, but still holding them, he finally says, "We'll learn their names, and we'll learn all about them, and honor their memory."

Isabelle stops at Magnes words and truly sees him for the first time in awhile hands planted on his cheeks she can't help but stare back into equally hazel eyes, her best friend turned adoptive cousin shows growth in this moment and it adds to the emotional outpouring she is already feeling inside. The air ticks up a notch and she closes her eyes, nodding along with him. "Maybe you're right Magsā€¦" Slowly her body stops shaking and she continues nodding, making it true. "When I think about the things I did to my parents.. to those kids back home when we were fighting Vanguard.." she never speaks of that night and the minor look of shock shows she didn't mean for it to come out now.

It took years for the nightmares of her actions that night to cease.

Sometimes it's just because you're there. it resonates with Izzy, she nods again. She nods for everyone it seems but the promise of finding their names and honoring them. Isabelle squeezes Magnes' hands, "Ah fuckin right we are. Shaw will want to help and I need him by my side." It's something Isabelle isn't use to admitting even to her best friend. "I don't know what I'd do without you guys."

"You've changed.. in a good way."

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