Total Load of Bullshit


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Scene Title Total Load of Bullshit
Synopsis There's discussions of fading bruises, russia and nukes between Liz, Abby and Leo. That and promises from two cops to not touch Deckard.
Date November 17, 2009

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

Sometimes, when the bar is open and it's not late night, Abigail leaves the door open to the stairs and the back room so she can hear if someone needs her. Not that she's paying much attention as she's applying makeup to her cheek. Moscow.

She's never been out of the country before and suddenly, she's been handed a ticket to Moscow. Mind you, Cat's upgrading everyone so there's another first. Moscow, first class. What do they give you in first class? Better blankets? Better seats at least.

The pink haired woman sighs as she sets about to fixing her face again. All it had taken was one of the bartenders to look at her and that was it. She was covering it up. not like he'd popped her in the nose and she could say 'hey, I walked into a pole or tripped'. No. Not this.

It's her lunch break. It's a bit late for lunch, but Elisabeth hasn't exactly been keeping normal hours. And there was some kind of weird snafu at the precinct yesterday with a drug raid that she's got in the back of her head. But for now, she's merely heading to visit one of the few people she can call on and not worry about having to look over her shoulder when she sees: Abby. She finds the door open and knocks twice, calling into the apartment as she steps in, "Abby? You busy?"

There's a clatter from the bathroom at the sound of Liz. "Yeah, uh, I'm in the bathroom Liz I'll be out like.. soon…" The plain envelope rests on the coffee table and a peek into the kitchen shows all the stuff required for baking. Lots of baking. "Make uhh, make yourself at home!"

As she walks through Abby's apartment, it's not like Elisabeth snoops a lot — she doesn't pick up the envelope. But she does notice all the stuff out for baking. "Whatcha making up this time?" She glances down the hall. "Are you on your way out? I can leave if you're getting dressed to head out or something. I just stopped by to say hello."

And behind Liz is the clomp of booted feet. How Leo always walks like he weighs three times what he does is a puzzle for the ages. He's in his rent a cop uniform, hasn't bothered to change, and has a bag of groceries over his arm.

"Just stuff, you know, in the mood. Leonard might want some stuff. Francois looks at food like he's not gonna see a next meal for a few days" Abby hastily speaks, trying to cover up her cheek fast as she can before the woman gets to the door. IMpossible task, but she's gonna try. She's oblivious to her other roomie, swiftly at Liz's heels.

Elisabeth glances over her shoulder and smiles at Leo. "Hey there, stranger," she greets him and then pokes her head into the bathroom to see what Abby's doing. "Fixing your hair?" And then she stops dead in the doorway, blue eyes zeroing in on what Abby's covering. The easy smile she gifted Leo with fades as Elisabeth's gaze meets Abby's in the mirror, and the cop asks very quietly, "What happened?"

He jerks his chin up in greeting. "Hey, Liz. How's tricks?" And then he's also coming up to peer at Abby. So much for privacy.

Shit. Shit. Shit. It's fading, he hit her just hard enough that in two more days, it's gonna be a memory. bad memory, but a memory. "Nothing, I just had an accident and I didn't want people staring at me, cause you know how well it went last time something happened to my face" Felix had accused her of having a husband that beats her up. And then there's Leonard who is actually the last person she wants to see her cheek in this state and all pretense of covering it up had flown out the window. "hi.. Leo" yes Leonard, Abby's been hiding something from you.

Normally Liz would have a hooker comeback for Leo, but today she merely glances at the man meaningfully. Then back to Abby. "That's not an accident — unless you stepped into the middle of a brawl in the bar and I haven't heard about it." She raises a brow, merely waiting for Abby to elaborate.

Leo's there, dark eyes meeting Abby's in the mirror. He doesn't speak, but his gaze is smouldering. Accident. Yeah, fucking right. Try putting that one over on a couple of cops.

She could blame it on a bar brawl, oh yes she could. It's on the tip of her tongue. "Listen, it's no big deal okay. I was trying to protect someone. He didn't touch me again after and until he comes to his senses and until.. he gets his.. head on straight, he's not gonna touch me." There's a glance down to the sink and her hands that grip the edges of the counter. "Not like he can come get me in Moscow" Take a wild guess who he is.

There's a moment where Elisabeth goes still, where pure rage causes just that barest ruffle of the hairs on Abby's arm as a subaudible thrum passes from the audiokinetic into the surroundings. Small bottles and tubes click together as the bass pressure wave passes over. Most people wouldn't even notice, really. "Oh, really?" Elisabeth says in a very soft, very dangerous tone. Deckard might not touch Abby, but goddamned if Deckard's not going to get touched. Because of Liz doesn't pop him in the face herself, either Leo or Richard will, damn sure. Her eyes meet Leo's in the mirror once, as if perhaps seeking silent agreement on that point without even bothering to speak further words. "And you're going to Moscow exactly when?"

"Abby." Leo's tone has a weird, metallic flatness to it. "That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard come out of your mouth." His gaze meets Liz's, and he nods fractionally. "No one gets to do that to you, for whatever reason."

"Don't touch him" Abby's hands move out to touch the moving, vibrating cosmetics and still them till Liz's anger isn't expressed through her ability anymore. "Bullshit it might be, and as much as I know how full of bullshit the words i'm saying, the ones that are coming out of my mouth are sounding, I will be very upset, even more upset than I am right now, if I come back and find out that anyone touched him. I'm dealing with it. I'm dealing with him"

Her pink tipped fingers draw back from the stuff on the counter with a frown. "You don't know what shit he's going through right now, and yes, I know how bullshit that sounds too, but he is and he's never done that before and I think it had something to do with the ability and with Francois and just.. Just a whole bunch of stuff and no, I'm not going to forgive him for what he did, condone what he did or otherwise let him get away with what he did. Cause my Dah'd have my hide faster than the both of you or others. So just drop it and let me get back to.. just.. doing something other than worry or think about him and it"

Eyeing Abby, Elisabeth listens to the younger woman. Not just for what she's saying, but the tone and the body language that goes with it. For whether Abby's telling the truth, really. In an effort to acknowledge and concede to Abby's wishes — at least insofar as she's not going to stalk out of the apartment and beat the shit out of that bastard — Liz asks again, "When and why're you going to Moscow again?"

He doesn't have to touch him. Does he? Leo's face seals over like a winter pond and he makes no promises at all. "Yeah, what's that about?" he asks, in a slow drawl, though he doesn't look away from her reflection in the mirror.

"End of the week. I'm gonna pull out from my classes tomorrow, try and see if a ferryman can write up some such letter declaring that I have a family emergency and that way I don't have to redo all the months I did already. Tamara stopped by not long ago and she.. gave Cat and teo and myself tickets, said we were expected" And if the pre-cog says you're expected… you're expected. "Brenda's gonna take Scarlett so you don't have to worry about her leo and I'm gonna see if Johan or Katherine can take Pila. I have a week to get things in order"

Time to go back to covering up Deckards soon to be death warrant.

Tilting her head, Elisabeth is not entirely diverted from the bruise on Abby's face, but she's definitely distracted. "Tamara said you were expected? In Russia." She looks…. puzzled. At best. "Uhm…. okay." She scratches her head and doesn't lose the bemused expression. "What're you going to be doing there?"

"This sounds really fucked up," Leo declares. And the fact that he swears in front of Abby without thinking is presumably an indicator of just how upset he is.

"Something to do with Nuclear bombs and the end of the world. Really, Teo and Cat have the better grasp of it. I can see why they're going. I guess I'm there to do a lot of praying?" She's calming down, and in quick order, the rest of the bruise is hidden and all there is to be seen is flawless skin. "I suspect Richard knows the better of it too. I suspect he'll be just as confused as me as to why i'm going" It occurs to her, that possibly, to lend medical support of the newer skills than the old posession ones. Maybe. Possibly.

Elisabeth jerks visibly, her eyes seeking Abby's again. "Richard's going too?" she asks evenly. Because the man hasn't told her that himself. And she frowns slightly, as if something else occurs to her, but you know…. it's just too much coincidence, right?
Leonard looks to Liz,now, then back to Abby.

"No, no, Richards not going. Heavens, Right, like Richard'd be caught dead in Russia? No. But he knows more about Munin, and whatever the … folks are up to out there. Right? I'd think." Compacts closed, things squared away, mental lists prepared as she looks over to Leonard. "I dunno how long I'll be gone, could be a few weeks, you going to be okay? I can get one of the girls to come up and make sure your fed and such" not that Leonard can't take care of himself, but he's her pseudo-brother and she adores him madly and she doesn't want to leave him in the lurch with no support.

And she's being vague on purpose. Last she needs is someone stealing the ticket or trying to stop her from going and helping search, it seems, for some vanguardians and a nuclear weapon.

"I dunno, maybe she knows that I'm pretty good witha rifle and surviving in the woods?"

For a long moment, Elisabeth stares at Abby. Like she can't quite wrap her head around it. "Are you good with a rifle and surviving in the woods?" she asks stupidly. Because she can't exactly argue with a woman who sees the damn future, can she?! Clearly Abby is going. Whether Liz likes it or not. "Richard, so far as I'm aware, doesn't know much about the nukes either," she says quietly. "He's told me everything he knows to date, and it's pretty much bupkis." She nibbles her lip. "Is there…. anything I can do to help you?" And then she shakes her head. "God… this is insane. You're chasing down a nuclear weapon…. you, Teo, and Cat. I…. I'm sorry, forgive me for saying that list sounds more motley than any group we put together to deal with the Vanguard before."
"And why wasn't….." I invited? Leo trails off, bites his lip. He just shakes his head at this. "That's insane. And I won't be here, Abby, no need."

"I grew up in the middle of nowhere, I'm a damn good shot with a rifle or shot gun, and I can survive a few weeks out in the woods pretty much anywhere so long as I got a really good sharp knife and my brain" She may be a sweet innocent looking Baptist, but the girl has bagged and killed her fair share of animals in the woods and camped hardcore with her parents. her idea of camping is a tent and a fishing pole and a gun. Not a camper or RV or even a cabin. "I don't suspect they'll be parking it out in the red square waiting for us"

She looks over to Leonard, a pause before she wraps her arms around him tight. She could finish the sentence for him easily. "I dunno Leo. I dunno why. I'm starting to think Hokuto's a little Clairvoyant with her and her stinking cards. Maybe the city needs you more? Maybe wherever you are going needs you more?"

She pulls back, chucking him under the chin. "What you both can do to help, is to help me figure out what I need to buy to see me through my time there during this lovely winter i'm sure they're going through. Cause Lord above, I am sure it is nowhere near like here or like Louisiana and I'm not dressed for it. Maybe get a little old babushka outfit? I should, swing around to see Agent Ivanov, find out what to expect. he's Russian right?"

Elisabeth eyes Abby and says dryly, "Let's hope Hokuto's not clairvoyant, or I'm gonna be preggers sooner than we expected." She shakes her head and sighs. "You should definitely get some serious cold weather gear. We can hit the sporting goods store for what you'll need. And you should definitely see Felix — his mother is amazing, and she may have contacts you can use over there. That woman was a KGB agent." She bites her lip. "And Abby…. though it's a huge country, and even a huge city… James Muldoon's in Moscow too. So…. stick it in the back of your head in case you need the tidbit, okay? Your little Linderman friend gave me that intel, and … he was offering me Muldoon on a platter to stop chasing Logan." She frowns.

Color Leo extremely unhappy about this. He grunts at the mention of Felix - not an ounce of love lost there.

"Muldoon's in Russia" A certain Lindergoon is getting a call from Abby to make sure. Abigail frowns as she sighs. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind. If you got time now Liz, we could go get that stuff now" Leo's lightly punched in the arm, make him get out of his funk. "I'll bring you back souvenirs, if you don't kill the guy I love"

There's a nod, to both suggestions. "I have pictures to prove that as of two months ago, he was in Moscow," Liz confirms. "And sure, I'll take you shopping now." She looks at Leo… and she smiles faintly. "Hang in there, handsome. Call me if you need me, okay?" She's not as close to Leo as she might have been, but she does like the man. "C'mon, Abs. Let's get you kitted out for a Russian winter."

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