Touched By An Angel


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Scene Title Touched By An Angel
Synopsis It's a repeating pattern, Brian makes Delia cry and Delia makes Brian angry. They both get sage advice from a common labourer.
Date February 5, 2011

The Corinthian — The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is both that as well as greenhouse, glass walls and rooftop ceiling off this little getaway from whatever weather happens to be uselessly battering at it. When the snow falls, it makes a flurry against the glass, an inverse snow dome, but right now it's clear, with a smoggy, starry night domed beyond. The outside courtyard that lies between its closed doors and the opened ones of the warm and bright hotel interior is empty of people save for those moving back and forth, a temporary and interstitial space.

It's warm in here, and smells of dirt and fragrant flowers, crowded with beds of roses, miniature explosions of colour and thorny stalks alike. Dense Indian Hawthorne hedges below the height of a knee create an artful and polite barrier between flowering displays and the gravel pathways, of which there are six coming together into a star-like pattern. The center of this starburst arrangement holds a small three-tiered fountain, bringing with it the scent and sound of trickling water. There are benches around the edges, wooden slats left naked of paint and new to look at, polished smooth.

Gravel paths plus wheelchairs do not equal love. As such, Delia is sitting on one of the benches near a rose hedge, watching the people from there. Her hair is braided into two long tails in the back and a bandana is wrapped around her head German peasant style. Her clothing? The jeans her visitor bought, of course, and a light sweater. She's not going outside, no coat.

"I dunno Brian, I don't get the whole smurf thing. I mean, who cares if there's only one female… the baby smurfs get brought by the stork on a blue moon anyway. Besides, Smurfette isn't a real smurf anyway, Gargamel made her." She's got her iPad in her hands and she's playing with one of her little games. Lately she's been doing everything and anything that's free, not trusting the credit card that her brother at put on there not to be traced. Although…

"Did you see all the new sixty-nine cent songs? Do you think I could download.. like… five dollars worth? We're close enough to Brad's place, right?"

"Until Sassette, and Granny Smurf. They came later. Which I wouldn't expect you to know, because you obviously don't pay enough attention. So until you like get to the ground floor and do some real investigative research, I don't think I'm going to entertain this malformed discussion. Not until you get your facts straight." Winters murmurs back. His arm comes up to rest over her shoulders. Gently pulling her into his shoulder.

"Uh.. Why don't you just do like the Pandora thing?" He tilts his head some, with a light frown. Glancing down at the iPad. "Or.. Listen. I'll just get you a bunch of itunes gift cards, okay? I have a friend who is like my sugar daddy. He can get me a bunch of stuff." Winters smiles lightly. Dong-tian. His gangster alter ego. The one that makes all the money for the replicator these days. "So just give me a day and you can sixty-nine cent your hear out…" Baha. Sixty nine….

"Sassette was made using Gargamel's formula by the other smurflings who were only smurflings because they got time reversed or whatever by going through one of Father Time's clocks." Delia rebutts giving Brian a know-it-all smile. It falters though, and she lifts one shoulder in a small shrug as she gazes down at the iPad. "I uhm.. I dunno where Granny Smurf came from— I bet it was from Gargamel's formula too though."

Resting her head comfortably on Brian's shoulder, she lets loose a long sign and continues to browse through all the things she thinks she really wants/needs. "Thanks for coming, and not still being mad at me… I missed you."

"Oh. As I said. You have to get your facts straight. Then come back and talk to me." He looks off to the side with a victorious smile. "Bitch gonna try to come up in here and tell me about Granny Smurf. Back up." Smiling softly as she places her head on his shoulder, his own head bends some to rest on the top of hers for a moment. "I'm still mad at you." He says softly, and gently as if he wasn't mad.

"You trusted those people you knew for like a day. Over me. Do you understand how that would make someone frustrated? I bathed you, woman." He mutters. Glancing upwards then back down at her in his periphs. "But we're friends. All is forgiven eventually."

"It wasn't that I trusted them more, I made a promise and I didn't want to break it. If I talked to them… it wouldn't have broken it. It doesn't matter anyway, Dad made the deal to keep me here." Delia's eyes glaze a little as she stares at one of the roses across the path from where they sit. The iPod rests on her lap, the screen going black after a half a minute of no use. "I think they're in trouble, Brian. They're running from something." She doesn't elaborate on anything, not yet.

"If one of you land in a coma, I'll bathe you, okay?" The redhead squints her eyes and her lips quirk as though she's trying not to smile. "So… uhm… What's been happening? Is everyone okay?"

"It felt like you trusted them more." Brian spits back somewhat quickly. "Maybe you should make a promise to me, that you're going to tell me the truth so I can keep you safe." His eyes glance around. "Because seriously. You're being move around every two weeks, by your brother, by your dad, by your Nick. Honestly. I really feel like I am the only one capable of keeping you safe." He mutters sounding somewhat irritated. "Honestly. Jesus Christ."

He grins a little down at her. "First off. I will never be in a coma. Secondly.. Okay. You just tell Samara I gave you permission. I'm sure she would be fine with it. I don't see why she wouldn't be!" He gives a light shrug that disturbs Delia's widdle head for a moment. "Lots of stuff. Listen. Can you tell me a little about these people? Like Josh. Do you know where he worked?"

"N-Nick never moved me… He offered to, from here, but— " Delia falls silent for a while before lifting her head and looking over at Brian with something of a little frown on her face. "Brian, uhm… Do you think you could take me to church soon? I have to go to confession." She doesn't even ask to confess all of her sins to him, there's something about the replicator that makes her think that he can't exactly offer the absolution that she needs. Advice yes, maybe, but not absolution.

"Josh? No, I don't know.. I can tell you he snores… and that he kicks the covers off sometimes. He seems really nice, I mean… I never really talked to him. I didn't leave my— the room they gave me— very much. But they were really nice to me when I did." She gives him a little bit of a smile and then drops her eyes to the gravel path.

Brian lets out a groan as her voice starts to deteriorate at mention of Nick. "So when are you going to to get together with him, Jesus. Have you broken up with whatshisface yet? The tall guy with the stupid voice? If you haven't, I'll tell him for you. I would like to see his big stupid face frown." Brian starts to smile before realizing he's probably going to be making Delia sad. Oops. "Church?" Winters asks, tilting one brow. "In another life, I was a priest. Before all this started happening." It's a lie. But he was a missionary! That's close.

Winters gives a light nod, tilting his head to the side. "Do you wanna try walking?" He asks, tilting her head at her. The arm around her shoulders gives her a little squeeze.

"Jaiden? No, I don't know where he is. I've only seen him once since I woke up. I tried telling him about Nick then but… uhm.. that didn't work out so well. I was still learning how to talk again and my words were getting mixed up." There's a measure of guilt on Delia's face as she talks about the giant man and her eyebrows tweak up at the inner edges as she looks up at Brian, taking his offer of confession at face value. "I cheated on him," she blurts out, getting through the words quickly rather than dwelling on them. She's already been over and over it in her mind a thousand times.

"The worst part is, I felt guilty about Nick. I was supposed to be in love with Jaiden forever," the low emission has her jaw clenching as she stares down at the rocks again. "So I'm a big fat liar… and probably a dirty ho… Have you ever cheated on anyone before?"

"Yeah. That's what I said:Whatshisface." Brian frowns gently as she really starts to confess. His lips thin for a moment until his arms go to entwine around her. Pulling her into his chest. "With Nick?" He lets out a light sigh. "You.. You were gone from him for a while." And he's boring. "I…" Has he cheated on anyone. "I'm not sure." It's the closest answer he can give. "I did some.. bad things. When I was with someone. I justified them in my head for.. good reasons. But they probably wouldn't have flown with my girl at the time."

He tilts his head back and forth as if weighing the options. "Yes." He ffinally lets out with a groan. "You're not a liar or a ho, stop it." He commands sternly.

"No… Not with Nick. With someone else, someone Nick doesn't like very much." She licks her lips and gives Brian a weak smile and a one shouldered shrug. Placing her hands on her lap, she runs her fingers over her thin legs and grimaces. "I don't know if I'm ready to walk yet… I've been swimming every day though, and I do leg lifts. I'm getting stronger…" A dreamy expression crosses her features as she glances over at the roses again and smiles, "and I don't feel as ugly anymore."

Which, for her, is quite an accomplishment. Too bad it wasn't on her own.

"With who?" Brian asks, peering closely at her. "And by the way, why did your dad think this hotel was a good place for you to stay?" Winters asks, frowning deeply. "I can help you walk." The frown quickly turns into a bright smile. "You shouldn't feel like you're ugly at all, stupid. You're beautiful." This is punctuated with a kiss on the cheek. "And whoever is telling you you're ugly should be punched in the face.. Which I guess is you so. Brace yourself, bitch." His arm pulls back.

"Dad— I don't know, he didn't want me staying with Caid's friends. So he and Mister Logan made some kind of deal." The name of her benefactor is said with a measure of breathlessness as a blush creeps to Delia' cheeks. It's not difficult for Brian to figure out who the with who might have been without her saying it out loud.

"You're not going to hit me, there's too much people hitting already." The redhead's bright blue eyes narrow to a squint as she grimaces at the replicator. Then, in a moment of spontinaety, she nods. "Okay, help me walk… Just to over there and back?" The point in the direction of the fountain is indication of where she wants to go. "I have a penny, I want to make a wish."

But the name has Brian pausing. Logan. As in John Logan. As in guy who hired him to kill one of his only friends? But how do you explain that to a friend? "Logan? Like John Logan?" Brian's brows raise neutrally. "Are you.. Are you serious?" Winters asks, glancing to the side. "Uhm.. How does your dad know John Logan?" Winters looks over at the rose bushes to stall. Delia really seems to be all into the people currently taking care of her, whoever they are. So best to play this one carefully.

"Okay. Wish time." Brian starts out, going to stand slowly. One hand going under her hand offering support. "Can you pull yourself up?"

The garden isn't empty of people by any means, but there's someone over by the fountain that happens to be their destination that might draw a closer eye than most. A woman dressed in stark gray coveralls stands tall near the edge of the fountain, short cropped hair falling into her face, and for a moment causing her to appear ambigious in gender, but the cheeks and build are definitely feminine, on a second glance. She holds a small pole with a net, fishing out debris from the fountain. The Gardens may have wind blowing things around often, but that doesn't mean flower pedals and leaves don't fall to float on the water and obscure the coins shining at the bottom.

Deanna Cash has glanced over at their small group a few times, studying them with her steely blue eyes, without much in the way of expression. Perhaps just curious why they haven't moved much in the last few minutes.

Damp leaves and wilted petals get knocked off into a bucket. Most the cleaning happens at less busy hours, to give the illusion that the garden takes care of itself, but not so today.

There's a nod and a slight smile at the name. "I don't know how he knows him." Delia admits honestly with another one shouldered shrug. "I met him last summer though, maybe he met him then too? I don't know… " Taking Brian's hand, she uses him as leverage to pull herself up, wavering a little as she stands. Her hands suddenly grip at both of Brian's arms as she tries to keep her knees from giving out on her.

"I— I don't know if I can do this." Her words are as shaky as the frail body she's trying to keep up on. Slowly and leaning heavily on Winters, the redhead takes a step forward and then another until they begin making their way toward the fountain and the gardener there. She catches the woman's gaze and blushes, lowering her eyes in shame before trying to let go of Brian to carry herself proudly. There's a falter in her first step alone that has her clinging to him again.

Snaking one arm around Delia's waist, "You can do it." He encourages her softly. "Anyways. Deebag, do you mind if I ask you some hypothetical questions? But I want your like legit answer. How would you feel if I gouged out someones eye? Or.. like got mad at someone for praying so cut out their tongue. Or if I like paid money to have people killed. What would you think of me?"

Easily taking as much of Delia's weight as she shifts over his tone quiets down as his eyes run over Deanna at the fountain. A little smile sent to her in terms of greeting. But that's about all she gets for now. His eyes returning down to the weak woman in his arms. "You're almost there." He smiles brightly.

Like a good groundskeeper, Cash only casually glances over as the two approach and moves off to the side, looking as if she's completely engrossed in her day to day work, and not at all interested in what the two of them are saying to each other. Or that's how she might be attempting to look. She can't help glancing over at them, though, those pale eyes resting on them for a moment, before she taps the net empty of debris again.

Good hired help doesn't interrupt. Not for the moment.

"Brian… You wouldn't do anything like that, would you?" Delia's tone is shocked and the expression on her face filled with pain garnered by sympathy. "You shouldn't do that, if you're thinking about it. You don't have to hurt people, there's already too many horrible things that go on."

When they reach the fountain, she digs into her pocket to pluck out the precious penny. Still leaning heavily on Brian, she lowers her head reverently and closes her eyes, holding the copper tightly in her fist before letting it fly. It twirls through the air and lands with a poit in the water before she opens her eyes again. "I think this is the best place in the whole hotel. It reminds me of my Dad's greenhouse, sort of… except he grew vegetables."

"So if I like.. did those things. You would like run away? Or be very disappointed? Like so disappointed you would want to dismiss yourself from my company?" Brian arches a brow. He sounds like he's digging. Because he is. "Like that would be revolting right? Like yuck! I wouldn't hang out with me anymore. Because those are bad things am I right? Oh yeah I would also have an ability and like manipulate people's hormones with it." He arches one brow high.

He continues to rabble through her moment of prayer wishing. "Which is also bad, right? I mean terrible. So if I was like that, you wouldn't be my friend right? And you definitely wouldn't sleep with me. AmIright?" He glances down to the fountain. Then hesitantly over to Cash, which has him giving another kind of awkward smile. The type of smile that says 'Iseeyoustaring'. He then looks back down to Delia. "What'd you wish?"

At that particular smile, Cash turns the tool and places it in a slot behind the bucket and begins to wheel it away, politely placing more distance between them, as she picks a pair of clippers off of her belt, moving over to one of the flower bushes and beginning to trim quietly. A sprig of pale purple lavanders is cut off at a slight angle, wrapped gently around the end of the stem, as if she's preparing a bouquet of some kind.

There's a long moment of consideration in which Delia slips from Brian's arm and slowly lowers herself to sit at the edge of the fountain. "No. I would be disappointed, but you're my friend. Leaving you alone wouldn't help at all, it would just hurt you… and when things are hurt, they lash out." She quirks her head up to peer at Brian for a moment, almost understanding who he's trying to talk about. Until he mentions the ability, then her stare goes blank again and she shakes her head. She doesn't know anyone like that.

The gardener grabs her attention with the choice of bloom that she's wrapping and a wistful smile grows on Delia's face. "Those are one of the best smelling things ever…" One of the best smelling things. Her pillow trumps it. "My favorite shampoo smells like that… and mint."

Hnngh. "Logan is a very bad bad bad man." Brian whispers in frustration. It might be a little too loud. "He's cut out tongues and eyeballs. And has paid people to kill other people. He's not a good guy. And if you're sleeping with him… That's not good!" The young man almost hisses. "And you have to get out of here. I am going to get you out of here. And I'm going to punch your dad in the throat for being a retard." Winters doesn't go to grab Delia and storm out. Or anything like that.

Delia has already proven to be stubborn. So unless he really convinces her, he's going to be dragging a screaming cripple out of a classy hotel. Which wouldn't look so classy. "Delia." His face screws up when Delia starts talking to the gardner, who he once again is giving another polite smile to. "Yeah you do great work here, it's all very nice."

While Brian tries to give negative reasons to the young woman, a few more flowers are added to the small bundle. A couple lilacs, a few purple iris, even a lavander colored rose to top it off, until Cash wraps the whole bundle up carefully and steps over, presenting it not to the young woman who made a wish, but to Brian. "Thank you," she says in a quiet voice, with a small nod of her head. Obviously dyed hair falls into her eyes for a moment, before she looks back toward Delia.

"All flowers have their own unique smell, unfortunately there is no mint growing in this garden, but I do grow some for myself at home. From the sounds of your conversation— I do not mean to intrude upon it— but it seems as if he may need those flowers soon."

For an apology? Or a bribe?

"He's always been nice to me," Delia says quietly, not mentioning the one time a catty comment hurt her tender feelings. "We played soccer, and he has the most wonderful dog. Horrible people don't have wonderful dogs, you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of dog they have. She's so pretty and nice and… you don't even know, Brian. She's the most wonderful thing ever, she's like this giant puppy and all she ever wants is someone to pet her and love her. If Mister Logan was a really horrible man, don't you think that he would have turned her into a killer? Because she's a pretty big dog… if she was trained like that, I bet she could rip someone's throat out."

When Brian receives the flowers, Delia watches them with a little bit of envy. Turning back to Cash, she smiles a little and nods in agreement, not to the last part but to the way flowers have their own unique qualities. "I can hold them for you Brian, until you go home… I bet Samara will love them. She likes purple, right?" Obviously mistaking the reason Brian might need them, thinking that the woman means his girlfriend rather than the one sitting on the edge of the fountain.

"OhmyGodyouaresodumb." Brian gushes out at the woman below him. "No wonder your dad thought this was a good idea, you guys share the same genes." Brian lets out a slow groan. "Terrible people can have beautiful things, Delia. Dogs don't change the person. I know he is a bad person. I know the people he tried to hire to kill Cardinal." Brian frowns. Himself. Then his attention goes back up to Deanna.

Could she har all that? Oh bother. Taking the flowers he smiles broadly to the woman handing them to him. "Thank you.. Thank you very much Miss." Delia is glanced at for a moment. "We're just going over our lines for a script. Community theatre, you know." Looking at the flowers he smiles brightly. "My name's Brian." He offers to Deanna. "And this is my Deebag, Delia."Brian does not relinquish the flowers.

"Of course, it sounds fitting for a daytime soap opera," Cash says with the barest hint of a smile. "I admit to being a recent fan of them myself. Women, desperately in love with someone they are convinced is good, while the man himself threatens to destroy her, her family, and everything that she loves. However— often such men in soap operas change quickly, I have noticed. Adapting to what they are needed. But it is never the woman alone that changes them, no matter how she might try."

After a moment, Cash moves away again, snipping another spring of lavender off of the plant and handing it over. "Since you admire the smell so much— though that bouquet in particular, he may need sooner than you think."

Brian reduces the young redhead to silence, her head lowering to look at the rocks again as her cheeks turn a shade to match her hair. Swallowing audibly, she just nods at the ground when he makes his introduction, not lifting her head to meet the gardener's eyes.

She remains quiet through Cash's response to the obvious lie, picking up on the fact that the other woman might just be playing along. Then the sprig drifts into her field of vision and a tentative pale hand reaches out to accept it. Delia's eyes lift to meet the steely ones of the gardner. Her own cornflower ones have a sparkle of tears welling at the bottom that she's trying desperately to blink away. "Thanks," she manages in a choked whisper, tilting her head back down to stare at the tiny little flowers.

A glance down at Delia brings a large frown to his lips. He's gone off and done it again. Brian goes to take a seat on the fountain next to her. The bouquet is lowered in front of Delia's line of vision. "I'm very proud of you for making it all the way over here." He smiles brightly. "You did very well." The bouquet is settled into her lap. "I want to give them to you. Delia, I love you very much.." Changing diapers either turns into animosity or instant love. "And I'm scared for you. And I don't think that you're thinking straight. I apologize for acting like a dick.. But I want to keep you safe. And I don't think John Logan is the best option for a babysitter."

Brian glances over his shoulder to Cash, mouthing 'thanks' to her. He then looks back do Delia, his arm hugging her shoulders against him.

"I think your script needs to add something," Cash adds, as she backs away a few feet. "A woman who clings to a man to feel good about herself will only end up needing him more than he needs her. She will end up even more lost than when she started, thinking less of herself than she did when she went into the relationship. She should search here— " she taps her own chest, and then her own forehead. "And here— before searching for such things in someone's arms."

Again, it seems she is playing along, but she's looking right into Delia's sad face when she does. So maybe she's adding to the script herself.

"If yo need any assistance, I should not be very far away," she adds, as she returns to her moving bucket with various tools, and lifts it up to wander away.

"He's not my babysitter, we're not— I don't cling to him, and we're not in a relationship." The young redhead has no illusions that the man in question may never wish to see her again. It's a question he never answered. The shade of Delia's cheeks is a bright crimson by this time, as she attempts to salvage whatever shreds of her dignity are left.

Taking hold of the flowers, she cradles them between her hands before looking up at Brian with an expression that's akin to a beaten puppy. "I'm not an idiot, Brian— maybe I am sometimes— but I'm not dumb or stupid. He's nice to me, I've known him for a while… we played soccer, we've talked, I've visited his dreams… Okay, maybe he's done some things that— aren't good. But is it so horrible for someone to believe that they can do something good? There's people who've hurt me that I'm still friends with… and he's never done anything to me personally."

When Delia starts to get riled up, his hand becomes a little soothing on her back. Rubbing up and down gently. He glances over his shoulder then back to Delia. "That lady was like the Irish Lady from Touched By an Angel. I swear I've never been gifted so much wisdom by a common labourer ever before." His eyes go a little wide. "Do you think she might be God?" Brian smiles weakly at Delia.

"I don't really think you're an idiot. So, since you're not an idiot, can you recognize that people can pretend to be something they're not? Especially if there is something they want? Can you recognize that he may not really care about you? Because even though he's nice to you, his core can be… icky? And he hasn't done anything to you.. Yet." He reminds.

Following Brian's gaze to watch after the gardner, she nods in semi agreement, though he receives a sharp glance when he refers to her as a common labourer. "Brian? I— " There's a pause before Delia shakes her head and closes her eyes with a long sigh, "nevermind… I don't know. I don't think she's God though, maybe an angel… She was probably sent to make you stop hurting my feelings." Her blue eyes meet Brian's for a moment as a wry smile comes to her lips.

It falters and wanes when he brings up her non-lationship and Logan's motives toward her. With a shake of her head, she allows her shoulders to sink and gazes down at the flowers. "I don't have anything he could want, Brian. Nothing that he hasn't already gotten, at least. I have nothing, literally. I'm sure he could buy a thousand iPads without even thinking about the price… that's really the only valuable thing I have. I just— He made me feel like I wasn't the grossest thing on the planet." She looks up at Brian again and purses her lips unhappily. "Ever since I woke up, I wanted to go back and never wake up again. Because I feel so… useless and weak. It was one night that I wasn't a problem to anyone."

This has Brian frowning deeply. "Deebag~" He says sadly, going to rest his head on her shoulder for a moment. "I'm sorry if I have ever made you feel useless or weak. Or gross. Or like a problem. I think you're beautiful. And even if you never walk again, your company makes me happy. And that's not a problem at all." One hand goes to take hers gently.

"How about you come and stay with me and Sam?" His lips thin. "In a few days. I just.. You don't need him. And even if you like him.. and you think he likes you. You would be better off somewhere else. You could stay with Samara and I. Nick could come by…" He gives a hopeful smile. "You can stay here for a little bit more. Then move over. Please?"

"You're wrong, Brian. I do need him." Delia's words are cmopletely serious as she stares at her friend. "Right now I do… and not for— " She blushes a faint pink and glances away, "not for why you think." She looks down at her own legs and rubs one hand over her thigh, smoothing the fabric of her jeans. "I doubt Nick would come by even if I moved right across the hall from him…" she says glumly, shaking her head in an attempt to get rid of her own depression. "He doesn't want to ruin me by being around."

"No, no you don't. You think you need him. He's not good Delia. If you get away from him, you'll realize that. You think he would sit with you while you're comatose forever. Feed you, bathe you, change you?" That's going to be his forever guilt trip with her, apparently. "He wouldn't. I swear. I don't want to rub it in your nose, Deebag. But I'm trying to protect you."

"He'll come around. Delia. Please.. Please listen to me. I know it's very hard for you to listen to me. But I'm begging you to move in with me. You can have a few days here.. Maybe by then you can see the real Logan."

"Why do you want me to see the real Logan? I like the Mister Logan that I got to know." A quick glance toward the entrance of the garden and then toward Brian might indicate her wish to vacate the premises. "I'm not being dumb or stupid or an idiot. How do you think he's going to feel if I just up and left and suddenly didn't like him? Like one more person in his life wrote him off. Yeah, he might not care about what I think, not very many people do, but I do and I wouldn't feel good about myself. Again."

She seems to think that last point might drive it home. It's not about her benefactor, it's about her. Pressing her lips together, the redhead lets loose a sigh and looks down at the flowers. "I don't have to be scared here… I'm not going to disappear, at least that's what Dad said. I have everything I need to get better, just like at Brad's. I'm going to walk soon, I'm going to be stronger."

"Because Delia. He's dangerous. If you become an inconvenience to him, you'll be gone." He's rolling his head back now. "But fine. You were a lot more compliant when you were asleep." Letting out a groan, he motions for her arms. "I'll take you back to your room. And you can call me when you're ready to listen to me, alright? Jesus." Winters lets out, going to snake his arm around her waist again.

"I'm not planning on being an inconvenience," Delia mutters lowly, taking Brian's arm with one arm and attempting to lift herself up. "I'm not planning on being a bother or asking for any special favors… My Dad already made the deal, if I leave before I'm better it's spitting on his hospitality. I'm listening, Brian, I'm listening to you and to Nick." She turns her feet, there's a scrape of gravel as she pivots them in the direction they're about to be heading.

Attempting to be quite careful of the flowers, she holds them in her hand, keeping them well away from harm. "I'm sorry, I'm making you mad at me again… but it's not that I don't trust you or that I don't value all the diapers and baths. I want to find a place of my own… When I'm better, I want to register and be legit."

"No you're not listening. Don't say that when you're clearly not. You just do what you want to do. And I can't change that. So have a fun fucking time here with Logan the rapist." Brian goes to stand, pulling Delia against him. Starting to walk, he eventually grows tired of that and just throws Delia into a princess carry.

"You wouldn't be an inconvenience. Or a bother. Or a special favor. You would be my friend. In my home." He frowns deeply at her. "You don't have to explain yourself to me. You'll do what you want to do. I can't change that." It's repeated. It's the thing that is making him mad, apparently. And with that Winters is carrying Delia out of the rose garden.

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