Trading Up


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Scene Title Trading Up
Synopsis Len meets with Elle. They discuss Magnes, coming back to work and going to Canada.
Date August 15, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Since moving out to Fort Hero, life has been just a little easier for Len. If you discount the highly dangerous evolved that he and his team has to go out and hunt down, bring back and turn over to Homeland Security. If you discount the fact that he's having second thoughts about his decision to bring in a particular someone to be an agent. If you discount the fact that he going to be packing his long johns and heading up to Canada for a week or so to try and get a little investigative work done. With all the discounts, life is pretty damn good. He's up, eaten at the cafeteria and is dressed for the day and sitting in his office checking out his DVR for whatever games he might have missed last night, while scanning through his emails.

He had sent note to Elle Bishop that he'd like a word with her at her earliest convenience, though depending on her convenience leaves everything up in the air. There's plenty to talk about including her status with the Company, but Len has a few other things to consult her about. His trademarked cowboy hat sits on the corner of his desk as he points and clicks the remote towards the large television that sits across from him.

'Earliest convenience', in Elle's case, can be best interpreted as 'after she has had her morning coffee and breakfast and showered and worked out and peoplewatched from a window and one jillion other little things a human being could possibly occupy herself with,' not all of them strictly useful or necessary. It is something like late morning when the electrokinetic finally makes an appearance at Len's door, back in what she had slept in: sweatpants, a tanktop. Slippers. Ones with their protruding fronts shaped like bug-eyed sheep.

Though Elle has had little contact with the man thus far, it's something she still has to get used to— having Len as a supervisor somewhere vaguely up the chain. Buffalo Bill and boss aren't two phrases that have really clicked with her as belonging together. Not when she has previously had to deal with men much more in the style of Thompson and Bennet. "Hiiii," is her bored-sounding greeting as she lingers by the doorframe for only a moment, striding in and claiming the seat in front of Denton's desk without waiting to be asked. "So. You wanted to see me."

Len doesn't actually recall ever meeting Elle before as he rises to welcome her into the office. As he stands, he reaches nearly seven foot tall. In a move he rarely ever makes, he closes the door to his office. The chair opposite his desk is offered as he sinks back down into his. He prefers to sit when talking, just so that others to focus entirely on his size. As he reaches for the remote again and clicks the button, the television posts the announcement that is it currently muted to sound as the room goes quiet, save for the soft squeak of Len's chair as he leans back in it.

"Nice collar. That Winters thing. Can't be sure it's the right Winters, or if there is a right Winters, but hell. A catch is a catch right?" He reaches for his cup of coffee and holds it in his hands as he swivels in his chair a little to the left, then a little to the right. "What I'd like from you in an honest opinion of Varlane's usefullness to this organization. I'm considering I may have made a mistake bringing him here." For someone who doesn't like to be wrong, this is quite the admission.

As she settles herself into that chair and promptly crosses one leg over the other, Elle answers with an "It is," shrugging one shoulder as though she had been expecting the compliment all along. Her demeanor, though, melts into one of a lean, contented cat, secretly pleased by it. She focuses on combing through a lock of the hair on her shoulder with the fingers of one hand, smoothing out a kink as her eyes regard Len intently over the top of his desk. There is some surprise that comes into her expression when he mentions Varlane. "…Tell me what me about what kind of mistake you're talking about," she requests, her tone both thoughtful and interested.

Leaning back in his chair, Len considers his words carefully before he speaks. He pulls his hand from the remote and moves it over to his mouse and clicks at something on his computer. "I think what we have here is a maturity issue. I think somewhere down the line, Agent Varlane would make an outstanding agent. If he could put down the comic books, the skateboard and the video games, go out and gain some experiences, then perhaps he could be of use one day. You've spent a bit of time with him, which is why I'm asking you. Does this kid have the heart to do what we do?"

"I am so glad you're asking me," Elle states, letting her eyebrows poke upwards. She even lets her leg slip off the opposing knee, leaning inwards just for the purpose of creating the feel of conversational intimacy. "Please don't tell him. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I've been a little worried lately. I think his comic books and video game idols are rubbing off on him, and not in a good way; we almost -lost- Winters because he practically threw himself into the target and broke our cover." It is true, at least from her perspective. Magnes, no doubt, conveniently left out those details in his report. "Sooner or later, his wanting to be like some kind of manga hero? Is gonna get someone—" like herself, hint hint at Len — "killed."

Len nods as Elle speaks. "Well, shit." His mama isn't around to grab him by the ear and shake him around for cursing. He still needs to talk with Castillo and Sheridan about him, but this is pretty much aligning with his thoughts on this kid. If they do cut him loose, they'll have to keep tabs on him. He's got a powerful ability. He glances up at Elle and nods. "Thanks for speaking so candidly."

"On another note, have you given any thought of coming back in full time? Got a few things hot on the plate that could use someone with your experience." She has the clearance for this particular assignment, that's for sure. "I might even have a partner in mind for you. At least you can meet and see how things click." It also doesn't hurt that Elle is an electrokenetic. "We really could use your help."

Oh, yielding the hard truth about Magnes isn't a problem at all. Believe it when Elle gives Len a small smile of 'welcome!'. She doesn't lean back again once the new question is posed to her, but clasps her fingers together onto her lap, near her knees. "I've been thinking about it for months," she tells the man with a droll look. Even she can't remember precisely how long it's been. "Just say the word. What kind of help?" The question is casual. The expected answer is probably something in relation to needing someone stalked, offed, or a tasty combination of both.

"Need to head up to Canada to check out the death of a Dr. Fletcher." Len slides a file over towards Elle that she can view at her leisure, which is how she'd do it anyway. "Someone higher than I is pressing that I send someone to check it out, so I'm going up myself, figure I'd take a couple with me. Your passport up to date?" he grins as he is already encouraged by her response. "Probably head up towards the end of the week and take a look around. You in?" It's not a killing, but hey.. it's Canada.

"Yeah, should be." The passport issue is summarily dismissed; there are more important factors. One of Elle's hands reaches out so she can finish sliding the file the rest of the way towards her, but she doesn't make a move to open it. Not yet. There'll be plenty of time to do that later. Her gaze flickers up to Len as she tucks the folder into her possession. "Let me take a looksie at it, first," is her reply, not an out-of-place one given the situation, but one that isn't totally usual for a person who usually leaps headfirst into wild oceans of impulsivity. Not that Len knows that, though. Maybe there's something nice about having a new face for a boss after all.

Checking out a death scene, though, is completely out of the ordinary as far as an assignment goes and therefore sounds utterly fascinating. Her smile spreads; becomes a rather unmysterious grin. Her manicured fingernails come together and curl, fastidiously tapping, once, on the top of the file. "But you can probably count on a yes. ~Murder mysteries~ are a new flavor for me."

Hooked. Len nods. "When I have an intinerary established, I'll send you a copy. There is plenty of office space, so find yourself one and dig in. Whever you need, just bring me the request and I'll sign off on it. Welcome back, Agent Bishop." he grins as he stands to dismiss this particular meeting. But before she can go he offers one more suggestion. "Colby Martinez will be joining us. If you happen to see her about, you might introduce yourself."

Either Len is surprisingly brilliant.. or surprisingly evil.

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