Tragedy In Chesterfield Campaign

NEW YORK — As if the terrorist attacks and violence in New York City was not enough, tragic news comes out of the Chesterfield camp tonight. Mason Chesterfield, mayoral candidate Jennifer Chesterfield's husband of 28 years perished in a tragic aircraft accident just east of Buffalo New York. Authorities have stated that Chesterfield (55) was taking advantage of the clear weather and enjoying a trip from Yonkers to Buffalo in a personal aircraft, when a mechanical malfunction resulted in the plane crashing into a wooded area just east of the interstate. Mason Chesterfield was pronounced dead at the scene, he is survived by his wife Jennifer and his daughter Catherine.

The Chesterfield campaign stated that despite this tragedy, they intend to continue on with their efforts, and a statement from Jennifer Chesterfield's campaign manager cites that the campaign is now being run in honor of Mason's passing and untimely death. New York City Mayoral opponents Marcus Donovan and Sylvia Lockheart have extended their most sincere condolances on Jennifer's loss.

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