Tragic Bus Accident In Manhattan
Date February 13, 2010
Relevant Logs Behind You

MANHATTAN — Just after 11:30pm a New York City public transit bus was struck in an intersection just outside of SoHo at the intersection of Broadway and Worth. The bus, carrying eleven passengers, was hit at a four-way stop by an approaching garbage truck. The driver of the bus and seven passengers were killed on impact.

Eye witnesses on the scene say that after the bus was struck and flipped over, leaking gasoline from the fuel tank was ignited by an errant spark, lighting the collapsed vehicle on fire. Emergency response that arrived on the scene were amazed and thankful to be able to retrieve survivors from the wreckage.

Police have stated that the driver of the trash truck, one Arnold J. Waldorf, had fallen asleep at the wheel and drove through a red light. Authorities also discovered three vials of Refrain on his person when he was recovered from the scene of the accident with minimal injuries.

The four survivors of the accident are listed in critical condition at this time, and the New york Transit Authority states that the intersection will likely be closed until tomorrow afternoon. It is not expected for this tragic accident to interrupt bus service through New York City.

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