Tragic Shuttle Accident
Date October 13, 2010
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Associated Press
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reports are coming in from the Xichang Space Center in the People's Republic of China, where an accident during launch for their shuttle launch intended to send a team of scientists and researchers to the International Space Station caused catastrophic damage.

According to information released by the Chinese government, an engine malfunction in the primary booster rocket during launch preparation resulted in an explosion that severely damaged both the shuttle and the launch pad. Several people were injured in the blast and it is not certain at this time whether the scientists involved in the launch were injured.

The Chinese government is being restrictive with access to the Xichang site and reporters have not been authorized to visit the facility for "their own safety" due to alleged chemical contamination from the explosion. No further information is available at this time. Director Chen Qiufa of COSTIND has stated that more information will be made available, but did not speculate as to when.

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