Travel Safe


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Scene Title Travel Safe
Synopsis A recent arrival and a soon-to-be departure cross paths.
Date March 08, 2011

Bannerman's Castle: Dining Hall

It's morning. Really early morning. Earlier than Quinn is used to, even these days. Mostly because the sun isn't even up yet, and Quinn hasn't even really been to sleep yet. Rue's to blame for that, but Quinn doesn't terribly mind. She never has in the past. Plus, she has to figure out what she should do until she has to get on the boats and head home tonight. As it is, she's missing her radio show this afternoon, which would probably get her in trouble if she didn't have a prerecorded show at the studio for explicitly this purpose. Hopefully, Kristen wouldn't murder her.

If anyone, Quinn thinks Kristen would.

But, even with how early/late it is, she's not ready to sleep. She's too busy being hungry, really. So just inside the entrance to the dining hall, Quinn sits with a half opened wrapper in her lap, chewing on a piece of a granola bar. Not typically something she likes to eat, but you make do with what you have. So, she'll just suck it up, and listen to the music coming from the old, worn ipod's plugged in speaker as she lounges against the cold stone wall. It's somewhat conceited, to be listening to her own music, but at least it's not stuff from her album.

Looking sleepy and a bit weather worn — her hair is definitely tangled and damp from the ride on the boat she just disembarked, Nora enters the dining hall. She moves directly to the thermoses of hot water and coffee on a sideboard — it may not be winter any more, but this early in the morning, the river is still damn cold, as evidenced by her ruddy cheeks.

After stirring cream and sugar into her coffee cup, she glances to the sound of the music, and she grins at Quinn. "Sounds good. That's you, right?"

Hearing the voice makes Quinn blink. She hadn’t seen Nora enter the dining room, she had been too absorbed in her thoughts for the most part. She looks up at the younger woman and quirks an eyebrow. “Nora? Y-yeah, that’s me. When’d you get here?” Sitting around listening to herself? Yeah, that’s a little embarrassing to get caught doing.

Reaching over and dialling down the sound, she looks up at her with a smile. She doesn’t really notice that Nora doesn’t seem to be groping about like she normally does. “I have a copy of the album with me, if you want.” She always keeps a few around. It costs her money, but she has a lot of friends she hasn’t given a copy to yet. “Long time no see, by the by. How’ve you been?”

"Just now. The boats just got in," the teen says, picking up the cup and carrying it with ease to the table Quinn sits at, and slipping onto one of the benches. "I'd love a copy. I don't have a CD player here, just an iPod, but I'm sure I'll come across one sometime. Sounds good, though."

The teen brings the coffee to her lips to take a sip, eyes steady — and focused — on Quinn's face. "I'm all right. You're not staying for the meeting later tonight?" Her words imply she's coming in just for that purpose.

“That sucks,” Quinn replies with a bit of a laugh as she chomps out another bite out of her bar. “If I could bring my iPad or my laptop, I’d put it on there myself. Ah, oh well.” She gives a bit of a shrug, pulling her bag up from down on the floor. Reaching inside, she pulls out a shrink wrapped copy of the CD – the seal of which is immediately open as she pries it open, followed by pulling a permanent marker out from inside her bag. She gets a bit full of herself whenever she does this, so she has no qualms about signing both CDs within and the leaflet without being asked.” With that done, she closes it, and slides the album over to Nora. “There! Now you have something if I ever manage to go national!”

Once the other woman has settled in next to her, though, Quinn eyes her for a long moment, looking down at the coffee. “You’re moving around a lot better now. Are your eyes doing better?” Her tone is hopeful, remembering the last time the pair had talked and how that had been a point of tenseness. “An’ there’s a meeting tonight? Probably not. I need t’ get home. I’m missing my show t’day, so I gotta make sure t’ be around the studio tomorrow.”

"Thanks!" Nora says, reaching for the CD and beaming at it. "That's good. I'm sure I can hawk it for some good money if that happens." She smirks a little to show she's kidding. Probably.

The CD is stowed in the backpack she has dropped next to herself on the bench. "Oh, I … a friend of mine knew a healer, it turns out," she says a little vaguely, cheeks blushing. "I'm back to normal. Whatever that means." She smiles and nods to her. "You're probably what I pictured though. From what people said you looked like."

“Holy shit!” A healer! Who’d’ve thought, huh? Quinn’s positively beaming as she looks over at Nora. Her finger snaps, and almost like a spark from her fingers light flares out from the spot they once occupied, lighting up the immediate area enough so that they can both see a bit better. “That is so great t’ hear! I’m really glad that worked out, I mean… it really sucked, seein’ you like that.” Quinn squints, like she’s trying to get a better look at Nora’s now uninjured eyes. “Im pretty boring,” she jokes, “I think you might be disappointed!”

The excitement and the flare of light makes Nora grin and she shakes her head. "Thanks, yeah, I'm lucky. Really, really lucky. Like, I would ask her to heal Eileen maybe except I guess she never does this for people, and I get some sort of special pass, and my friend probably has to keep her in back massages and bon bons and swallows nest soup and rhinoceros horn and Tibetan opium or something for the rest of her life, I donno."

“A healer isn’t someone I’d mind owing a favour to,” Quinn notes with a grin. “Still, I’m glad t’ hear that that worked out. Been worried, you know, after the last time we talked.” Which hadn’t been unpleasant, just… unexpected. “In that case, next time you’re on the mainland, you’ll have t’ come by the Verb. Maybe you, me, an’ Elaine can jam a bit.” She’s been making that offer a lot lately. But, really, it’s her favourite thing to do with folks. “So, you said a meeting brought you back out here? I just here to drop off some books and see people. Raith was teachin’ me how t’ shoot earlier.”

"Raith's a really good teacher," Nora says with a smile around her mug of coffee. "I mean, I hear that he is," she amends, rubbing her eyes a little sleepily, and frowning slightly.

Changing the subject, Nora smiles at the offer. "Yeah, I guess there's a meeting tonight. And I'd love to jam, though I'm not nearly good enough to be professional or anything, I know. The Verb? Where's that?"

“Greenwich Village, the Village Renaissance Building. Have you heard of The Rock Cellar? It’s the buildin’ above it!” Quinn sounds pleased by Nora’s acceptance of the invitation, nodding. “It’s where me and the band get t’gether, so I try t’ people out there t’ jam, because I don’t get t’ do that often enough.”

Rolling her shoulders a bit, Quinn leans back a bit in her seat, taking a last bite of her bar, and reaching to turn off her iPod. She’s not getting up, more like she’s relaxing a bit. “Oh, I have no idea if she’s on the island, but if you see Kaylee, could you let her know that I want her t’ come by when my place when she gets to the mainland? Me an’ Elaine have some dreams t’ talk t’ her about.”

"I'm not sure either since I just got in, been off the island a bit, but I'll tell her if I see her," Nora says, reaching to tuck a lock of her still-damp hair behind her ears. Her eyes drop to study the coffee remaining in her cup before lifting it to drain the rest.

"Speaking of dreams," she says, stretching a little, a bit of a showy yawn, "Despite having gotten my caffeine on, I think I am going to try and grab a couple hours of sleep anyway. And I don't want to make you late for the boat ride."

With that, the slim girl slides off the bench, picking up her backpack and pulling it over one shoulder. "Travel safe.”

Quinn looks a bit surprised when Nora suddenly begins to make her departure, but she smiles and waves anyway. "God. I know how you feel, about wantin t' get a few hours of sleep. I wish I could get a few myself. But I'll get 'em when I get home, no harm done." A nod of acknowledgement, and Quinn's attention turns back to her iPod. "Don't be a stranger!" she calls back after Nora, even as she turns the sound back up on the music player.

"You can sleep on the boat, if you don't get sea sick. River sick?" Nora quips. "Have a good night. Say hi to the band from their fan Nora." She doubts that sentiment will be carried to the mainland, but the idea makes her smile before she disappears out the door.

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