Trees For Summers Meadows


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Scene Title Trees for Summers Meadows
Synopsis Kaylee tracks down Delilah to help with her plan to round up christmas trees for the residences of Summers Meadow. (A Ferrymen Christmas)
Date December 13, 2009

The Rock Cellar

A comfortable place, located in the basement of 14 East 4th Street. The red brick walls are covered with memorabilia from various icons of rock and places in rock history, creating a feel similar to that of a Hard Rock Cafe.

The left wall has two bars separated by swinging doors which lead to and from the kitchen. Directly across from the entrance is a two foot high stage with all the equipment needed for acts to perform there. The right wall has three doors marked as restrooms: two for use by women and one by men.

Thirty square feet of open space for dancing and standing room is kept between the stage and the comfortable seating placed around tables which fill the remainder of the Cellar.

The lighting here is often kept dim for purposes of ambience, and when performers are onstage the place is loud enough to make conversation difficult. Just inside the door is a podium where location staff check IDs and stamp the hands of those under twenty-one with a substance visible under UV lights at the two bars and by devices the servers carry. On the podium's front is a sign with big black letters that just about explain it all: If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll, You're Too Late Now!

Midday on Sundays have always been rather slow- not just for Delilah, but most people too. The fact that the weather is crummy and the holidays are around the corner expound that as of late. More people stay inside, or find things close to home. The handful of patrons inside the Cellar are just like that; from the neighborhood, perhaps a few from the outskirts. Delilah is down at one of the barstools, after having gotten a phone call from Kaylee; Kaylee is one of those people with the Ferry that Dee would actually like to know more about, and get to know, it is just that she had gotten too much opportunity in the beginning. Now that the baby telepath has been with them a while, Delilah sees it as Kaylee simply coming out of her shell from before.

Dee's black boots do not really match the fineness of her dress, which is pale and colorful, but the shine on them means she has just been outside. Everything is very wet and very cold, and even inside the redhead hasn't quite decided to take her jacket off. Who knows what Kaylee wanted to chat about- maybe they'll go outside- and in that case of not knowing, the coat stays.

Pushing through the door to the Celler, Kaylee is huddles deep in her leather jacket, beanie pulled low, her teeth chatter slightly. She lets the door shut behind her, hands rubbing together to warm them, as her eyes scan for that familiar face. Doesn't take her long, before she's closing the distance between her and the other Ferrymen. Hat and gloves are removed and tucked away, but she shrugs off her jacket.

"Delilah." Kaylee offer as a polite greeting as she slips onto a barstool. "Thanks for meeting on short notice. I know we haven't really met yet and all.. I know those hours painting are the most we've spent in one area." Turning a bit to settle the jacket over the back of her stool, she continues a bit more serious. "I'm in a bit of a dilemma and I'm hoping I can enlist your help."

When Dee sees Kaylee remove her own jacket, she shrugs down her own to put it over her lap. The blonde gets a smile even before she sits down nearby. "You seem like one of the few people around that I haven't scared off, actually. Most of our friends are …quiet, or generally- not used to excitement." Take Doyle for example. Plus Delilah, equals something like Diet Coke and Mentos. "Dilemma, is it? Well, as long as it isn't too strange, I think I'll be able to help. Do you want something? I have a tab-" The redhead gestures to the bar, and the lone guy behind it that is currently reading the newspaper.

"I — was going to enlist Joseph's help in it, but as I'm sure you've heard by now…. Pastor Sumter has gone AWOL." Glancing at the bartender, Kaylee offers them a small smile, "A diet pepsi would be nice? I don't drink or anything." Kaylee studies the woman with an arches brow, "Scared off? If anyone scares people off it's me. Seem like once they know what I am, they take off.. Had one guy literally run like he had a pack of rabid dogs as his heel." She rolls her eyes and grins. "Anyhow.. I need someone to find and order trees in bulk for the Summer Meadows residence.. Dunno if you noticed, there is like no.. holiday cheer there."

A small frown touches her lips. "I've got this whole letter thing going on, but I've noticed that just about everyone family there doesn't have a tree. So I wanted to try and at least get everyone a small tree… hopefully with lights. Can only afford so much.. Hopefully if we say it's for the Summers Meadow and give the company billing they may just… donate the trees."

"I bet he just needed some time to himself. It would defeat the purpose if he told anyone he was going off- so maybe he just didn't." Delilah shrugs, the fake hopefulness showing as she remembers the last time they found him. "Hey, Jack. Get this lady a diet pepsi." A quick, loud knock on the bar calls over the young man's attention and he just nods and turns(with his paper) to go find the can of soda.

"The dollar store has lights. And tinsel. When you put colored lights with gold tinsel the shine doubles." Delilah speaks as if from experience with small, cheap Christmases. "I can help with that- It sounds fun, and compared to others working on the rebuild I really have no experience for that. How much help do you need, exactly? I guess if you get the trees, you'll need people to help deliver them?"

"I'm hoping that's all it is.. but he left Alicia behind and didn't ask Robin to care for her." Kaylee lifts a shoulder into a small shrugs. "We'll see. We're working on looking for him anyhow, just to be safe.. in case.. you know." The words trail off into a moment of silence.

"Anyhow.. the trees… Half the fun is the decorating.. so if we can get the tree group to deliver the trees site and then give the families a couple of strands and tinsel… well, the kids can have at it." She flashes the woman a bright smile. "So with a little luck… all we'll need is people to carry trees and trim to each house, shouldn't be too hard with a whole work crew. Otherwise we may have to do a plan B."

Her head tilts slightly and Kaylee arches a brow, "So I count you in and anyone else that would be willing to do some tree delivering?"

"Sure thing, Kaylee. I'll ask around and see who might want to help." Delilah watches as Jack returns with the soda, sliding it over to Kaylee with his newspaper flapping about in his other hand. "Samson can probably help carry trees- I can just tie him to a sled." Dee chuckles at the image before leaning her head on her hand, elbow on the bar. "I'm glad you brought this up- there's actually a guy I'm trying to get into some volunteer stuff- get him to meet some of the safehouse managers, you know. He's interested in what we do." We meaning Delilah and Kaylee- which means it is including Phoenix by proxy.

"Samson? Well… make sure he wear antlers." Kaylee chuckles softly. "Kids would love that." She says a soft, "Thank you." to the bartender, before taking a sip of the soda. "Any help is good really.. if anything get him to Summer Meadows if you haven't, lord knows there is enough easy labor like painting and trimming hedges and such, that's what I've been doing."

There is a thoughtful look, before she adds. "I imagine Robin would be happy to meet him.. McRae seems kind of.. well.. reclusive? There is Meredith." That last offered as an after thought, "She doesn't think much of me sadly, cause of the company I keep. But yeah.. get him involved, show him what we're about. Might be able to use him for present delivery as well. Not sure how I'm going to pull that off.. Eric is being a bit stubborn about playing Santa."

Delilah can't help it- she laughs quite loudly at that. Oh, oh, Doyle as Santa? Say it isn't so. "Don't push your luck- is he still mad about that snot-colored paint?" The redhead snickers again, partly stuck on imagining Doyle in the suit. Her hand finds her neck, palm rubbing at the corner of her jaw. "I can help with the presents too, if you figure you need the hands. And maybe Robin would be okay to meet this guy. I don't want to make him think we're all pyros or big brooding men- ease him into it. If we end up keeping him around and everyone likes him, that probably means I can get some more proactive clearance." For a moment Dee speaks to herself, thoughtful.

Delilah can't help it- she laughs quite loudly at that. Oh, oh, Doyle as Santa? Say it isn't so. "Don't push your luck- is he still mad about that snot-colored paint?" The redhead snickers again, partly stuck on imagining Doyle in the suit. Her hand finds her neck, palm rubbing at the corner of her jaw. "I can help with the presents too, if you figure you need the hands. And maybe Robin would be okay to meet this guy. I don't want to make him think we're all pyros or big brooding men- ease him into it. If we end up keeping him around and everyone likes him, that probably means I can get some more proactive clearance." For a moment Dee speaks to herself, thoughtful.

"He likes the kids.. It's just a case of giving him time to sulk about it. I even told him that he could make the suit." Kaylee comments with amusement, fingers slowly turning the glass with her soda in it. "And yeah, he's still grumping around about the paint.. I'm working on his forgiveness though." She states brightly, confident in her ability to placate the man.

"Definitely, talk to Robin, give him a call." Kaylee's head nods slowly, a hand lifting to tuck loose hair behind her ear, "He's a really good guy, been helping me on this Santa stuff from the beginning. He made the box that's sitting at the work site for the letters and all. He's also trying to ease someone into the whole thing, thinks he'd be a good fit for the Ferrymen."

"Mine found me first, so I've been trying to hand-manage his curiosity; he found me tagging something and now it's almost like having a fanboy." Delilah describes Perry a little bit for now, smiling as she does so. "He's super nice, really wants to do something. Though if I asked him to jump off a bridge and told him it would change the world, he'd probably do it. There's a lot of heart and good intention there, he just needs somewhere to put it. Like most of us, eh?"

Listening to the description of the guy, Kaylee grins, nodding a bit. "Sounds like he's found the right person, huh?" Turning sideways on her chair she, rest the elbow of one arm on the bar, fingers tap on the counter top "And the right cause by the sound of it. I'd like to meet him.. when I have a chance." Blonde brows lift almost as soon as she says it, "Talk to Robin, see if he can come read letters.. or just to have a tour of one of the safe houses…." She trails off, eyes narrowing a bit, "If you really feel like he's trustworthy. Since it's putting a lot of people at risk."

"I'm familiar with the process. Went through it myself, a bit. I learned from the best. I'll see if I can drag him to Meadows sometime, but you can probably meet him anyway if I manage to take him to help with the trees. Just call me when you find someone to buy them from." Delilah's boots hover back and forth over the floor below. "I'm hoping he pans out. It'd be my first! That's kind of exciting all by itself, innit?"

"Yeah.. that would be exciting." Kaylee agrees with a grin, dipping her head down to take a drink from the straw. Straightening, she starts, her tone somewhat bland, "Me… I'm staying away from recruiting if I can help it… I think my past associations have proven that I'm not the best judge of character." She chuckles at herself, shaking her head. "But yeah, I'll give you a call once I've find out something… Oh hey.. when your art Summer Meadows, keep an eye out on a guy named Harrison? Dark skinned, I think Native American heritage.. toned. Didn't meet another Evolved until he met me.. Might be a possible candidate.. not sure. Like I said.. not the best judge." Her tone sheepish.

"Well if you were the first other one he met, he can't be too educated on us." Delilah can remember back when she first found out she was- that was when she began to first encounter the others. It almost feels like a natural magnetism sometimes, the way they all congregate to one another. "He sounds naive, which isn't so bad; I guess we should just be watching him to see what he does, is that it? I'll keep my eyes open if I see him, and if he starts getting too curious I'll probably let somebody else know."

"He does seem to share some of our views, so who knows." Kaylee comments lightly, sliding off her stool finally, jackets snagged along the way. "I need to get out to Staten.. But yeah, he's naive. I had to caution him on using his metallic form at the site." She gives a half smile as she pulls on her jacket. "Just keep an eye on."

Jacket settled, Kaylee gives a soft smile. "Thanks for the talk Dee and for your help, I'll get a hold of you about the trees. Think you can look into the lights and tinsel? I… think that's everything I can think of that I wanted to discuss." She frowns thoughtfully, as she goes over her mental list. "Yeah.. I think that's it."

"Got it. I can get those, as long as I know about how many trees." Delilah's smile is more broad and unabashed by that thing called restraint; she really is just like this all the time. "Feel free to call me anytime, I'm generally more fun than business lets me be. Especially if you're sick of being around guys all the time. Maybe we can go out or something once the holiday shenanigans start getting done." The redhead is one of the handful of girls around Kaylee's age- it is only natural that she feels she has to remind her of that. "Thanks for coming, Kalyee- I'll catch you later."

"Oh god…" Kaylee says at something Delilah says. "Your right.. I do spend a lot of time around guys." She rolls her eyes to the ceiling, "And yet still single.. Something has to be wrong with me." She gives Dee a bright smile in return. "I'll keep that in mind when I'm not buried under a ton of crap that needs to get done." She gives a little huff at that. Suddenly she turns and moves towards the door, "Right! Okay… I'm off! Take care, Delilah!" She calls out, not embarrassed by the looks she gets for the outside voice in a sparsely populated bar.

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