Triad Murder

MANHATTAN — Just one week following the discovery of the body of Ronald Ho in Chinatown, another alleged member of New York's Ghost Shadows Triad has been found dead of unknown causes. The body of Johnathan Han was discovered during a pre-dawn patrol by NYPD curfew officers in Little Italy. Han's body was discovered face down in an alley behind a residential building the patrol officers were performing a vagrancy sweep of the neighborhood, in an effort to get the city's homeless up and out of the cold and into shelters.

Han's connection with the Ghost Shadows resulted in an arrest in 2004 for heroin trafficking, however the charges were dropped due to allegations of evidence contamination. Han had been under observation by the DEA for several months prior to his death, but winter weather had cut off their investigation of his activities, resulting in a hole in the intelligence of events leading up to his demise.

An autopsy of Han's body has proved inconclusive on the cause of death, but sources within the NYPD claim that the Department of Homeland Security has taken an interest in the case, and Han's death has been classified as a homicide and being investigated.

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