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Scene Title Triage
Synopsis Alec and Liz talk some in the triage at the safehouse about what happened.
Date July 24, 2009

A Ferryman Safehouse Somewhere

Alec is everywhere. He still wears the mask, the voice altering, everything. But there's no mistaking him. Unlike most rooms filled with triage, the 'help' here isn't in the way or yelling or screaming, it seems to move like one giant mass of nearly silent intelligent assistance. Like helpful robots, never missing a beat they're actions are perfectly coordinated, which is frankly a bit unnerving. Sadly, it's not great with medical care, but for the mundane things the mass of Mystery Men are unexpendable. They carry bodies, hold down the wounded, or just hold them, they offer tools the to the trained, run errands, all while providing air tight external security in the form of nearly invisible men on a series of rooftops loaded with the latest detection gear and several lifetimes worth of experience at spotting tails, spies, and surveillance. Sure, he's not terribly great in a fight but when it comes to pure work, things that need to get done, it'd be difficult to find a substitute this efficient.

The evacuation back to the safehouse went as well as could be hoped. She didn't know at the time that she'd been hit by Arthur's lasers in the exact moment that she struck back at him, but as Elisabeth rouses toward wakefulness, she sure as hell knows it now. She comes awake screaming, arching off the bed she's lying on…. but there's no sound save the ragged sucking in of a breath to do it again. Tears instantly flood Elisabeth's eyes at the pain from the nerves around the site of the injury she sports, though the nerves right at the laser burn are dead. Arthur's attack only hit her with what might be termed 'a glancing hit', but that still means she has a laser burn on her thigh and hip that is ugly. The painkillers are starting to kick in, and the doctor's working his way through triage.

One of the robots stops as Liz suddenly sits up, and places hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her back down, "Lay still." it intones in that slightly robotic voice, "You're suffered torn vocal cords and laser burns. The doctor will get to you but your injuries are not the worst we've suffered. You're in line." Alec flicks a bit of hair from her face and pulls a pad and marker from one of the countless pockets on his suit, "Here." he hands them over. See? Always 2 steps ahead.

It's too much to grasp immediately. Elisabeth sags and lets herself be pushed back down only because she recognizes the altered voice that Alec programmed into that damn thing. She sucks in ragged breaths, trying to breathe through the pain, looking around at the room full of injured. She starts to ask him, but her throat feels raw and on fire anyway, and then she comprehends what he said. That her vocal cords are damaged. With a shaking hand, she reaches for the pad and pen. Her handwriting leaves much to be dsired as she scribbles Sitrep.

Alec nods down at Liz and takes a deep breath. In a short and very ordered tone the man lists off casualties, levels of damage, everything. She accuses him of being a sociopath, but there's an advantage to being able to not feel emotions when you don't want to. You're logic centers handle info dumps extremely well, and with Alec being /everywhere/ more or less right now, his intel gathering skills are insane. He breaks down injuries, recovery times, severity of wounds, everything that happened at Pinehearst right after she passed out (some emphasis on his level of awesome in taking down the leaping shifter creep)… everything. And he does it in a professional manner that, hopefully, she'd appreciate. Because he's a pro, just not… this kinda pro.

The litany of injuries are… pretty significant. The blonde watches him intently, and when he lists off the ones missing pieces of themselves, she looks stricken. Arthur?? she scribbles frantically. Other teams??

Alec shakes his head, "You rid us of one of him but reports are coming in that he somehow managed duplication abilities." from the mask Liz can see him frown, "But not mine." he seems annoyed by this. "And speaking from experience, I'm telling you because of that one fact, even if they come back and say he's dead, we can't be sure. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about." he seems a bit angered by this. "As for the other teams…" he unloads whatever information he has, even adding a bit one of his clones /just/ learned a moment ago. He pauses to eye her, "Honest answer is… it's to soon to tell."

Elisabeth nods slowly at him and starts to speak. A look of frustration passes across her face, and she scribbles again. Need my cell phone. She moves to get up again, ignoring the pain from her leg. There are things that need doing.

Alec holds up her cell, which was in one of the pockets. Again the mask has an expression, this time it's a smile. "Just don't forget, text only gorgeous, no chatty." he hands it over and helps her sit up a bit. Hey, she can be pissed as she wants, she's half out of her mind with pain and drugs, makes for a 'i can do anything' attitude and a 'i can barely pee without help' reality.

And she really does have to pee, too. Elisbeth makes a sound that if she had a voicebox at all would be a grunt, a mix of effort and pain, and sits up to take her cell phone in a shaky hand to send a text. Taking a sick day. Fell on something. Let Capt know? Thx. —Liz Cassidy will understand that whatever happened has gone down and Liz is okay. Those are the important bits. She looks up at Alec and then gestures toward the bathroom with a mortified look.

Alec just nods his head, "Don't sweat it beautiful, been carrying people to and from the bathroom for the last couple hours. At least I think I won't have to /help/ you." He should carry her, but he knows she'd protest so instead he slings her arm over his neck and 'helps' her to the bathroom, letting her at least pretend to put some effort into it.

She hands him back her cell phone for now. Relying on Alec of all people. There are so many things she wants to say. Liz wishes she were a telepath just now. But she lets him 'help' her, fully realizing that he's humoring her; it doesn't matter. Getting to use the bathroom is a huge plus. It's a struggle — a painful one at that — to get the pants down over her hips. Though her body armor was removed and the pants sliced up to check her leg, she still has to get the things down over the burn. It takes a really long time and involves a lot of tears and silent whimpers. And still more tears when she views the damage. By the time she thumps on the wall to come back out, she's pale, shaky, and her blue eyes are starting to look a little hazy as the painkillers kick in.

Alec steps in and gathers her up, this time humor or no, he just scoops her up like a child. He carries her back to her bed, ignoring any protests she might make, and laying her back down gently. "You need rest and time and a doctor, sadly we're a little shy on the last one. Remind me when we're done here to send me to medical school, at least EMT training. I feel useless." says the guy who's doing damned near every thing /but/ medical stuff. "The perimeter is secure currently, I have a half dozen guys on gear making constant sweeps." he stops her before /that/ worry kicks in.

Elisabeth actually lets him settle her, which might be a good indicator of how damn much she hurts, and then Liz makes an imperious gesture to get her cell phone back. She can text faster and more accurately than she can scribble. She types into the screen, Someone sent for Hadley? Any sign of pursuit?

Alec shrugs, "I've no idea who Hadley is, lemme check." a dozen or so voices pick up over the room, asking various people is anyone knows if anyone sent for Hadley, "And no. So far we're clean. I'm keeping an eye on it just in case." or like 12 eyes. Whatever.

With Abigail's ability out of the mix… oh lord. Abby. Liz knows she's out of town, Richard mentioned he'd gotten her a plane ticket. But Deckard, she types into the phone. Ask about him too. She hesitates and looks up at him. You ok?

Again the echo of questions is sounded, "I'm fine." he smiles once more and musses with her hair, it's the first sign he's given that he's unnerved by anything. He's fussing over her. "I'm very sneaky and hard to kill. You should know that."

Those bright blue eyes watch him, and Elisabeth looks pensive. Then she looks down at her phone, types something… and then erases it before she shows it to him. Setting the phone on her stomach, she looks up at him. There is much she'd like to say.

Alec eyes Liz for a moment then grins under the mask again, "Might as well spill it." he points out, "In a matter of minutes you'll be to doped up to stop yourself and then you'll be embarassing. I imagine it was something about the axe thing I told you about? Awesome, I know. First murder. Took me meeting you to bring me up to an A list felony." he teases, fussing with her again, checking the leg wound. A clone walks by and hands off a tube of ointment to him in passing, he takes it without looking. "Gonna put a bit of burn cream on that, see if it'll help just a bit. Okay?"

Elisabeth shakes her head slightly. She's pretty sure whatever Arthur did to her leg is going to be permanent unless Deckard or Abigail, if she gets her power back, get to her. She types on the text screen, In a few minutes, I can't embarrass myself, I won't be able to type. She shows it to him with a faint smirk.

Alec ponders that and nods his head, "You're right. I need the doc to get you something to keep you just a /little/ loopey, not drooling. Where's a drug dealer when you need one." he rips open the leg of her pants and winces at the sight of the burn, at least that she can't see beneath the mask. He gingerly spreads a little soothing ointment on the worst parts of the wound. Hey, he cleaned it earlier while she was still out, this is the least he can do.

Elisabeth smiles faintly at him and watches him put the ointment on the burn. She really doesn't even want to look at it, it's scary. It's scary to know how close he came to killing her or severing her leg. Scary to know that whatever she actually did, she has done some serious damage to herself. Finally she looks at the screen of her phone and types, What actually happened? I don't remember more than feeling the power roll through.

Alec sighs, "He shot, you screamed, you got a burn, he turned into a fine red mist. Was quite spectactular and makes me very glad I'm not a better lover. I mean, jeez, soooo happy all I ever got out of you was whimpers, moans, and a couple of claw marks. Mediocrity for the win."

Elisabeth goes very still. He turned into a what? She looks somewhat stunned. Enough so that the rest of what he says doesn't register for a good thirty seconds more, and then she actually flushes slightly. Ah well, perhaps you should learn better technique, she types into the text window to show him. Is it petty? Sure. But hey, if he's going to embarrass her, she's going to shoot back.

Alec snorts, "Hell no. I had better technique and /I'd/ be a red stain on your celing." he points out. "Or kitchen wall, whatever. No thank you. I'll stay modestly skilled at best and live to tease you about seeing you naked another day thankyouverymuch." he finishes with the ointment and then eyes her through the lenses over his eyes, "You clipped a few allies with that blast too, you should hear it from me before someone blind sides you. They lived, but the injuries were severe."

Elisabeth sucks in a deep breath, her eyes wide and face leached of all color now. How bad? Who?? He can almost hear the tone of demand even in text and her hands are shaking now.

Alec stares at her, "I'll tell you, but know that if you even try to get up I'll put your ass back in this bed. Don't think I won't. Right now you can't even scream me into mist, and I out number you like a bunch to one." he pauses then gives her the estimates. He does mentions which ones were just copies though so she understands that at least one survived.

Elisabeth glares at him briefly, but the litany of damages makes her look positively ill. Tears well up in her eyes and she looks away from him. Hurt…. even hurt bad… is better than dead at Arthur's hands, but the feeling of responsibility for hurting her own friends and allies weighs heavily.

Alec snaps his gloved fingers before her eyes, "Do the math gorgeous. You versus Arthur, who would have done more damage?" he asks plainly. "It's a matter of numbers. So far as I know we havn't suffered any irreplaceable casualties, I don't think the same could have been said had things gone differently."

Elisabeth shoves herself to a sitting position, once more ignoring the pain in her leg. She hunches and rubs both hands over her face, quelling any trace of tears. Then she takes up the phone again and types, I need to get out of here. Is the worst of it burns?

Alec shrugs, "I'm not the guy to ask, but if I had to? Yeah. I'd say it's the most life threatening, though your voice could become an issue real fast." he also notes. "You can't drive like this and our flyers are busy…" he frowns. "Which means you're stuck with me."

Elisabeth makes a face that definitely indicates there would a growl coming out of her if she had a voice. I put in a sick call at work, but I need to keep on top of what's going on.

Alec nods his head, "So that means you're sticking with me." since he's faster then a cell phone and pretty much has informants all over. "Where to?" he asks simply, "It's not like you're going to drive your damned self."

Elisabeth considers, and then nods. Cat's penthouse. Sal can catch up with me there. She shoves herself out of the bed.

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