Tried To Call


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Scene Title Tried To Call
Synopsis Claire and Magnes catch up to each other after the events at Coney Island.
Date October 10, 2009

Magnes' Room

It's noon, and once again Magnes hasn't been answering his phone, though Claire had quite a few calls from him while she was, well, 'dead'. But after that they seemed to stop for whatever reason. Of course when she comes to the back door of Panucci's Pizza and sees all the muddy foot prints, and even more going up the stairs to his room, then the incredibly ruined sneakers outside his door, it might become quite obvious that he's been out helping with the recovery efforts. His room once again has that familiar steamy shower scent, but when she walks in this time he's already dressed in his white Squirrel Girl t-shirt and loose-fitting blue jeans with a towel laying over his forehead. He's just sprawled on the bed now while the news talks about his Glenn Beck interview, some blasting him while others praise what he's saying. "Yeah but when a guy goes out there and saves thirty lives, you've got nothing to say about that." he mumbles to himself after some of the things people say on TV.

"Of course not. It's not how the new works. They focus on the bad and ignore the good." Claire says from her spot leaning against the door, arms crossed with a small smile on her face. "Good news doesn't get the ratings." Pushing away from the door frame with her shoulder, she shuts the door behind her. Leaning back against the door, she reaches back to lock it as always. "How you holding up?" She asks quietly, not moving from the door for the moment.

"Claire! You're alright!" Magnes leans up from the bed, allowing the towel to fall, then moves to wrap his arms around her and lift her into the air, holding her close. "I was worried about you, I mean, I haven't seen or heard from you since the ferris wheel fell. I tried calling you, and I wanted to go look for you, but I had to dig people out from the wreckage of the building. White escaped, I saw him escape."

Hugging him tight, Claire sighs softly. "Yeah. I'm alright." She murmurs, the words muffled by his shoulder. "I'm sorry I didn't call, my cell phone is toast after several hours underwater." She doesn't go into the fact that she had been underwater with it. Leaning back so that she can look at him, Claire studies him. "It's alright. Those people needed it more then me. I can come back, they can't. Cardinal and Shard came back and got me." Her smiles drops some at the news of White's escape. "We were wondering about that. They didn't find his body when they looked for me. You see how?"

"This black speedster girl, she saved him and they got away, I saw it." Magnes lowers them down to the bed, sitting with his legs crossed and her in his lap. He sighs in relief, briefly holding her tighter, then relaxes and asks, "If I killed White, or Emile Danko, would you hate me?"

Settling into his lap, Claire leaves an arm draped over his shoulder, the other sliding away to rest on her lap. "That's an odd question from you." Leaning away from him a bit to see if he's serious, her brows lift. Sighing softly, she leans against him, her head on his shoulder. "No I wouldn't, but I think maybe you should leave it to the others maybe? I don't want you to risk your job. There is a lot of people gunning for both of them."

"But if I ever have a shot, if I ever have one of them in the crosshairs…" Magnes doesn't make eye contact as he talks like this, as if there's a vague air of shame about what he's saying. "I wanna take it, I don't wanna let all those people die again. I tried to kill White, I tried to kill him before the building fell, but I couldn't hit him. If I just… if it wasn't raining, I could have killed him. I had my rifle on the roof."

"Your not the only one that should have shot that night.. but I was busy trying to give Shard time to get to White. That didn't work out." Claire rolls her eyes and sighs, but then she shrugs. "A lot of 'ifs' and 'should of's' that night, but can't dwell on it I think. It happened. There will be other times hopefully before he does worse damage." Her head lifts from his shoulder and she leans over to lightly kiss his cheek, then rest her forehead against his head. "But if you have the shot, don't hesitate to take it."

"Thanks… I just needed to hear you say it." Magnes swallows hard after a bit of a silence, staring at her lips, then up at her eyes. "I've got about an hour before I have to go back out and help with recovery, they've been using my ability a lot, so my other duties are on hold for a while. So, you wanna go somewhere, or…?" he leaves the 'or' hanging, cheeks reddening.

Noting the reddened cheeks, Claire smiles warmly, hand moving to rest against his cheek. Then gently the hand slides to hook behind his neck, while she leans in to kiss him quite soundly. Before her resolve fails her, Claire ends the kiss with a sigh of regret. "You need rest, not… well… you know." Her thumb lightly brushes along his cheek bone. "Besides.. only an hour?" She makes it sound like a silly idea to do what he's so obviously thinking.

"A-ah, I mean, I just meant, kissing, but…" Magnes is quickly thrown for a bit of a loop, licking his lips. Wanting to salvage the situation from absolute awkward, he runs a few fingers through his hair to see if it's done drying, and asks, "I'll take you shopping! Yeah, let's do that. I mean, how long has it been since you've gotten to storm a mall?"

"Sure you were." Claire teases him with a chuckle, giving him a quick kiss, her own cheeks a tad pink. She brushes his hand out of his hair and proceeds to try and fix the mess his made of it, as she talks. "And an hour for the mall? Not nearly enough time." her tone still teasing. "You really need the rest, Magnes. All that work your doing it's got to be tiring. I'd offer help, but I can't risk getting seen."

"I know I've got a lot of work to do, and yeah, I've been pushing my ability to the limit with some of the pieces of rubble I have to move, it's just… I don't wanna be one of those guys who works a lot and neglects his girlfriend, y'know?" Magnes gently sits her on the bed, off his lap, then lays back with a slight yawn. "At least come over tonight. I get a lot of breaks, but I should be done at around eight or nine."

"Magnes… your not neglecting me." Claire chides him softly, leaning back on one of her hands. "Far from it, we're both pretty busy with our respective lots in life." Her head tilts a bit as her eyes travel over his form thoughtfully. "The fact we've made it this long, is actually kind of amazing to me." She seems kind of reluctant to admit that.

"I… wait, what?" Magnes suddenly asks, worry rising in his tone. No, her boyfriend has not fully developed his sense of security! "Did I do something? I mean, I thought we were doing pretty alright…"

"We're fine." Claire reassures him. "I'm just saying, cause your a cop and I'm a terrorist. Probably wanted. Doesn't make for a good relationship, yet here we are still." She leans down to kiss his forehead. "Don't stress it. Okay?" Her words are soft, laced with affection.

"That's funny, we're like Romeo & Juliet, except you can't die and your father would probably put a bullet in my head before I could commit suicide if he knew half the stuff we talk about." Magnes shakes his head, raising a hand to run his fingers through her hair. "You always come before my job, I don't want you to forget that."

"Your probably right there." Claire murmurs with an amused expression. "My dad has always been protective of me, but…. we're not on speaking terms so I think your safe for now." Her head tilts into hair combing, with a soft smile. "I also don't want you to get arrested cause of me either, what good would that do?"

"I'll be fine, Claire. I mean if I really was in some sort of secret organization, I doubt they'd want me locked away for the rest of my life." Magnes shrugs, raising a hand to the back of her head. "Well, since I don't have time to take you out, and we've already had our daily serious discussion…"

"It's time to stop talking?" Claire asks with a chuckle in her voice, before leaning down to capture his lips in a rather heated kiss, with very little encouragement needed.

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