Trip To The Mall


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Scene Title Trip To The Mall
Synopsis Claire and Magnes enjoy an evening at the mall.
Date October 12, 2009

At a Mall

Monday evening means that all the teeny boppers are out, in force, enjoying the holiday before going to school again. Magnes mentioned bringing her to the mall and Claire kept him to it. The boy wasn't getting off without going with her. To curb his nervousness about being out with her, she is wearing a red wig today with that faded blue Wonder woman shirt she bought for herself the same time she bough Magnes' batman one, a pair of hip hugging jeans and a pair of white tennis shoes.

A bag from one of the mall, many fashion stores, swings lightly at her side, as Clair is drags him along after her. They have already put a pretty good dent in the place, but now she's steering him towards a Hot Topic. "Come on. Maybe we can find something for you. And no pouting cause I wouldn't go into Victoria Secret."

Magnes is easily dragged along, wearing his Batman t-shirt as well, with his comfortably fitting jeans and black sneakers. He's also wearing a pair of oval silver-framed glasses, not keen on telling Claire that he usually wears horn-rimmed glasses. These aren't even prescription, he's still wearing his contacts. Yes, he's trying to throw people off that he's the guy from TV and YouTube. "Bra and panties isn't even naked though, I'm just saying…"

"Yeah well… Last thing I need to do it have you in a catatonic state." Claire teases him with a bright teasing smile. She reaches over to tug at the hem of his t-shirt. "This thing needs a break now and then. So we're going to see if we can find some other t-shirts I can buy you." Slipping past a gaggle of girls, Claire moves into the store, looking at this rack and that with a look of concentration.

"I just like the shirt a lot, I mean, you gave it to me, so I guess it's just special." Magnes places a hand on the symbol of the shirt, watching her as she stares at the racks. "I don't think I'd be that catatonic… I mean I might float a little… or a lot."

"Mmmhmm." Claire says with a smug little smirk, as she glances at him over a rack of things. Pulling aside some blue shirts, Claire suddenly grins. "We so need to get you this one." Checking the size, she pulls one off the rack and holds it up to his chest, her head tilting a bit as she considers it. It's along the lines of his batman shirt, this one is Superman's logo that looks like it's been washed a few too many times." Her eyes glance up to his face with a smirk. "Since you know… you both… fly." The last is said in a near whisper.

Magnes leans in, grinning. "And punch through walls." While he has his share of Superman shirts, he certainly doesn't have a stylish looking Hot Topic one. "We should get you a Zatanna outfit… y'know, a top hat, a suit jacket…" Then, clearing his throat, his adds, "… Fishnets."

"Oh that's practical." Claire chides with a chuckle, making him carry the shirt, while she moves through the racks again. "So your a fishnets kind of guy, huh?" Arching a brow at him over her shoulder, before sifting through a new rack of shirts.

"Well, I mean, when the legs are right…" Magnes admits, suggesting her's are right. Of course this is followed by him briefly looking down, but he quickly locks his eyes on to the racks as he holds the shirt close to him. "When a guy like me dates an ex-cheerleader, he uh, has lots of time to think."

"I'll keep that in mind." Claire comments softly, giving him a look. She gives herself a shake, "T-shirts…" She comments as if reminding herself what they are doing and flips through shirts before pulling it out and flipping it around to show him a black t-shirt with what looks like Batman fighting Godzilla, the logo in the background written in Japanese. "This actually makes me think of you." There is a lop sided smirk and she glances at the rack, pulling out another black shirt with GI Joe's Baroness on it. "I think this is definitely the store for you."

"I like that one." Magnes reaches for the Baroness shirt, keeping the Superman one draped over his shoulder. "But I think I'm the only guy on Earth who can't wear a Godzilla shirt without it being inappropriate." He snickers lightly, referring to the Shibuya Incident, then drapes the Baroness shirt over his arm as well. "Hey, when we leave here, should we get new jackets or something? I mean, it's getting cold."

"Yeah I know.. That's why it makes me think of you." Slipping the reject shirt back on the rack, Claire spots something on the wall. "Jackets? Probably right I need something function and black really." She takes what looks like a black corset with dark blue lace over the top of it, and puffed long sleeves. She holds it to her, and steps sides ways to look at it in the mirror. "I mean, the regular clothes are great when we're out on a date or something, but everything else about my life… you know?."

"And then there's the times when you're not on business or a date…" Magnes' cheeks go red, but he leaves it at that and reaches out to feel the fabric of the corset, tilting his head. "You're gonna wear this outside?"

"It's made for the club scene." Claire explains, looking the thing over before putting it back. "And your still not getting me into Victoria Secret." Giving a small smile, as she pulls another one of those corset tops, this one red plaid and black. Holding it against her, she grins. "Can't see me going out in something like this?" She grabs a pair of black jeans to hold with it, looking down. "Add a pair of black heels." Now she's just teasing.

"I, uh, I don't think I've ever been to a club, but I don't think I can picture you wearing that outside." Magnes walks closer to her, briefly looking around, then leans over near her ear. "You know, I could go buy the Victoria Secret stuff and you could just wear it at my place…" he suggests in a whisper, then sits up and clears his throat. "So, we're going to a club? I've never been to a club…"

Her cheeks color a bit as he whispers in her ear, "Magnes!" Is whispered fiercely, an shy smile tugging at her lips. She turns to put the stuff back and so that she can get her composure back. When she turns back her cheeks are still a touch pink. "And no.. who knows what you'd pick out. It's better I try it on. Make sure it fits right and all." She turns to start flipping through shirts again, if she looks at him she'll blush.

"So you are gonna try 'em on? Awesome." Magnes is of course teasing now, payback! He starts looking around more, though gets sidetracked from the clothes, looking over the goth comics. They're not his type of comic, but, they're comics. He is defeating the purpose of shopping for clothes again!

Suddenly reaching to take the two t-shirts the found, Claire slips past him with a sly little smile, making sure to brush by. "Come on. Lets at least get these two. Then we'll move on." Not waiting or him to follow she moves to the counter, lying the shirts down and reaching into her pocket for her money.

"Ah, uh, shouldn't I pay for that?" Magnes has been offering to pay for everything all day, already reaching for his wallet. "I mean, taking my girlfriend out and having her pay for something seems weird…"

Holding up a hand, Claire shakes her head. "These are for you. It's only right I pay for them." Her hand rests against his arm, to keep him from pulling out his wallet. She gives him a wink and turns back to the girl working behind the counter and counting out the cash for her purchase. "Only fair after all."

"Well, alright, but I get to make dinner for you tonight." Magnes insists, placing a hand against her back after his wallet returns firmly to his pocket. "Oh man, Claire, I don't think I've ever made anything at home for you."

Taking the bag from the worker, Claire turns to offer it to Magnes with a bright smile. "You cooking me dinner? That I think I can agree to." Taking his hand again, she moves to start dragging him around again. "One more stop, then you can make good on that dinner offer."

"Thanks a lot, Claire, I really like getting a gift from you." Magnes sounds genuinely thankful, having that stupid grin like when she got him the Batman shirt. "So uh, other than your favorite pizza, what kind of food do you like?"

"Surprise me." Claire says with a slight lifting of her brows, her mood seems pretty light. There is a tug on his hand as she pulls him back out into the noise of the mall. "I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to food. At long as it isn't too weird." Her path of travel becomes evident as the place she protested about so adamantly comes into view, and it's obvious she's tugging him that way. "You got an idea what you want to make?"

"I, uh, spaghetti string… I mean, spaghetti maybe, yeah, spaghetti, I'm good at Italian stuff, I can make all sorts of sides!" Magnes blurts out, trying to cover the fact that he clearly said spaghetti string. Damn his knowledge of what things are called!

Claire can't help but chuckle at his slip up, curling her arm through his and resting her head against it. She's going to enjoy this. "Spaghetti sounds really good, actually. What sort of sides would you put with it?" Clearly she's avoiding the fact that they are stepping into Victoria Secret.

"Uh, I, sides… crap I can't remember." Magnes can't remember because he never thought of one, but don't tell him that! He's looking around, eyeing bras and bikinis, not touching anything. "Uhhh…"

"See… this is what I'm talking about. You can't even think straight." Claire teases him mercilessly, giving his arm a squeeze. Directing him to a seat near the dressing room, she makes him sit down before he falls over. They won't be leaving with anything, but the look on his face during it all will be worth it.

Of course, Claire will have to suddenly leave for the evening, payback of her own.

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