Tristan Bentley
Tristan Bentley
Portrayed By Toby Rand
Sex Male
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Tactile Telekinesis
Age 32
Date of Birth April 23
Occupation FRONTLINE Officer ("Artillery")
Family Parents in California
Significant Other(s) …ladies.
First Appearance The Valkyries Call, Part II

Character History:

Californian surfer, Tristan Bentley, or just Tris, was an athlete, and then a bar musician, and then when he realised he needed to earn a living and couldn't, he enlisted to the Army. It somehow didn't manage to beat out the general sunshining boisterous arrogance that is Tris, not even the year of boot camp he found himself enduring. It was the running jumping climbing trees standing still that won him over, mainly, and he managed to survive the grueling regime.

War itself was about as terrifying as a young man seeing it for the first time could be. What he remembers of Iraq was a lot of driving around, a lot of tension, and sometimes, bullets flew - many of which were his own, as the niche he found himself in was largely artillery. His automatic rifle was something he had with him constantly - one could say he almost grew attached to it, which isn't such a surprise. Tris had a habit even before that to grow attached to trinkets, objects, his home, his car. But what was surprising was the fact he actually had better aim when firing from that particular gun - he almost had an innate sense of the bullets' trajectories and found he could nudge and steer them, but chalked it up to being a great marksman.

Then came 2007, and the announcement. Tris was back on American soil during Nathan Petrelli's famous press conference. It took him a few months and understanding what Evolved actually were to come to terms with the fact he had an ability. He found that he could telekinetically manipulate items he had come into contact with - the more he was familiar with them, the more control and intuition he had.

He Registered immediately, and promptly blind sided by being discharged from the military for some bullshit reason or another, as this was still a time during which Evolved were understood to be dangerous unknowns that blew up cities. Wonderful. He probably shrugged it off better than most people could, and spent the next year or so living off his parents' sympathy money and delaying the possibility of going to college. He also practiced his ability, developed a taste for throwing knives, figured out the ins and outs.

Then, he got what every boy always wanted: the government called. They want their Evolved soldiers back. Let's see? school, or doing what he's good at for a living?

Yeahno. Let's party.

Evolved Human Ability:

This can be described as a selective telekinesis. Tris is able to telekinetically manipulate any item he has come into physical contact with, with varying degrees of control depending on how intimate (lol) he is with an item. For example, say he touches a random chair for two seconds. He is then able to haphazardly fling that chair across the room with his mind, and likely not be able to manipulate it again after that. On the other end of the spectrum, he has a favourite handgun that he constantly uses and practices with. While the bullets themselves aren't infused with his intuition, they sort of get it second hand by becoming a working part of that gun for however long they are in it. This means he can sort of bend and influence the trajectory of the bullets, whether to hit someone with greater accuracy, or open fire around a corner with substantially less accuracy.

Certain things in his arsenal includes a set of throwing knives he can skillfully manipulate, his handgun, and himself. Indeed, Tristan even has some control over himself in a telekinetic capacity, although it's incredibly distracting and difficult, considering he doesn't exactly have immunity to throwing himself around. Attempts at levitation and anything so extreme have led to fractured bones and one missing tooth. He is mostly limited to allowing himself to leap further and higher than usual, following his own momentum, and occasionally controlling how he lands as well as cutting down on the damage that falling from biggish heights might cause him.

What might make tactile telekinesis have a benefit over the usual kind is his innate intuition with the items he can control. It doesn't go so far as to knowing how things work or function, just in their movements, allowing him to have excellent aim and control when it comes to the items he is most familiar with. This is only a subtle benefit, but one that bears mentioning.


Well I Thought About The Army, Dad Said, "Son, You're Fucking High": Yeah. Tris's training began in bootcamp, and then after that, he learned all he could on the field. This includes practical elements such as endurance, ground vehicle training, hand-to-hand combat and guns, which shall be further expanded on. He was learned himself some teamwork and taking orders, and while he was in Iraq, picked up some very basic Arabic. He is a capable soldier and meets the standards for the United States Army, even if he's no special hero. Yet!!!

I Dropped Out And Joined A Band Instead: Tris originally wanted to be a musician, but never got further than being a bar singer with an acoustic guitar, mostly due to his taste in music, the fact he isn't a stand out musician, and can't really write his own stuff for shit. However, he can play a variety of guitars and has a nice singing voice. His preference is casual rock, if there is such a genre.

Guns Don't Kill People, But They Help: A lot of his time in the military has been devoted to weaponry, and so this is what Tris is good at. He can operate most weapons he gets his hands on; taking it apart, putting it back together, and using it with accuracy. He can operate mortars, various assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, and many tools of the trade when it comes to military weaponry. He has extensive years in services, and extensive time to become familiar with this skill. Semi-relatedly, he has some limited skill with throwing knives, a talent he honed during and after service as an aside, amplified by his ability.

I Am Not Quoting The Beach Boys: …surfing. :) He's not an Olympic champion but he can stand on the board, what more can you ask? This is merely a hobby and he's never surfed competitively, but it's something he enjoys and is aight at. He can also make sandcastles, bonfires, and whittle driftwood! Beaches!


Day to day, Tris is a personable, boisterous man who acts a little younger than he is, a perpetual frat boy who never actually went to college. He's smart when it comes to his skillset, but acts a little the blonde Californian athlete in general contexts. He is restless and active, never fidgeting but always moving, and also somewhat reckless. He does things for the lulz quite often, drinks a lot at parties and likes to take off his shirt and write on people, but somehow manages to keep this side of him separate from his professional life. Because he's serious about being a soldier, and manages to compartmentalise all of this excess golden retriever energy when it is required of him to be focused and militant.


To come.

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