Trolling At Strip Clubs


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Scene Title Trolling At Strip Clubs
Synopsis Quinn takes Elaine and Sable the last place they'd expect to meet the band's new photographer.
Date October 20, 2010

A New York Strip Club

The club that Quinn has decided to drag her friends to is a nice one. Perhaps not up to Burlesque on the swanky meter, but still, it's nice, and most of the men within are white collar workers. Not all, but most. It makes for a nice working environment…for a strip club. But that could mainly be the big tips that get slipped into g-strings.

One of the girls wandering around, making nice with people and smiling like she feels like a million bucks is Tess. She's dressed like she should be going to some fancy shindig, in every girl's best friend, the little black dress. Her set on stage has just ended, so she's got plenty of time to smooze customers so when her next turn on stage comes, they're prepared to empty their wallets to see her shake her booty.

Would it surprise you to hear that Sable isn't totally slack jawed and drooling over the girl flesh on display? It is fair to say that those weird yellow eyes are drawn to the stages, and the hard working women shaking what their momma gave them so they can pay the bills - it would be an insult not to, really - but her gaze is more interested than avid. She's dressed nicely, or as nice as she gets, with her dress slacks and button down shirt, complete with black vest and matching leather shoes. Her thumbs are, however, hooked into her belt loops and she walks with a casual saunter. Elaine gets a brief grin before Quinn receives an expression whose keynote is a single elevated brow. "Didn't think y' went in f'r this sorta thing, hon," she says, "sorry t' see y' laid so low by this wicked city. Another soul lost, eh?"

"I am going to reserve my judgement for when all of the pieces to this puzzle are fully put together." Elaine states, peering between Quinn and Sable with a slightly surprised expression. She, honestly, wasn't sure what to expect in the first place, but whatever it was, this was not it.

“And now you know why I didn’t tell you where we were going,” Quinn replies sheepishly as she turns back to look at her two friends as they enter the door. “B-But, I promise you there’s a reason for it! I didn’t really plan on bringin’ you guys, you know, t’… just a strip club.” She blushing already as she turns back, waving for Elaine and Sable to follow her. “But Jesus, can you blame me? I can only imainge you all’s faces if I’d just walked up an’ asked “Hey, wanna go t’ a strip club with me…”

Drifting off, Quinn’s eyes finally settle on Tess, the Irishwoman waving to her friends. “Tess! You free?”

There's her name, and called by a girl, and Tess looks around then beams as she sees Quinn. The man she was talking to gets a quick smile of apology, then she's moving over towards the trio as fast as her 3" heels will let her. They were not made for running. And, like the last time Tess and Quinn met, the Irishwoman gets a big hug. "Quinn! Ooooh. Blushing already!" What she didn't get last time was a big smooch right on the lips.

"And you brought friends! Hi! I'm Tess. Does Quinn always blush this much, or is it just when she's around me? Because it would be so absolutely adorable if it was just around me, but I'm sorta doubtin' it." Without pausing to take a breath the Cajun just continues on, voice a little lower. "And just roll with the kissin'. Guys tip more if they see girl on girl action, even if it's just a kiss or two."

Woah, woah, what the hell is going on? The creature approaching them on ham-enhancing heels is blonde, and that means Sable must immediately jump to yellow alert. Blondes are always, always troub- ohhhkaaay…

Kissing is going on.

Elaine gets a sidelong glance and a huge toothy grin, like 'check this out'. Quinn's getting close with a stripper? You think you know someone. The redhead finds her hand clasped by Sable's for just a moment, squeezed for another, then released as Sable sidles forward, her smile somewhat more domesticated, though not without retaining a streak of its wildness.

"I don't think I've seen 'er blush that particular shade 'f pink b'fore," Sable says, casting a glance as if to double check on the precise hue of Quinn's flush, "so I think thass a blush that's all you, sweetheart.

"'course, mebbe she's blushin' from shame, like, seein' as she should be ashamed 'f not introducin' y' t' us first. Crime 'gainst us, 'n' crime 'gainst you, honest." Her eyes narrow with mirth. "Mebbe she's w's just tryin' t' keep y' to herself, though. Can't blame 'er. Y'all sound like yer from N'Orleans," said like 'Naaarleans', "'n' Delta women think th' world 'f me. I'm hopin' y'all won't be an exception." Sable tips Tess a wink. "Name's Sable, sweet thang. 'n' if my ears didn't deceive me, y'all have a name fits y' real good. Tess… hell, ain't no Tess born wasn't a cherry bomb. Cute but packin' a real whallop when they get fired up."

"Whoa. Quinn, I didn't know you had a new girlfriend. Sable, maybe we should leave Quinn alone with her new 'friend'. They might want some 'private time'." Elaine shakes her head a little. "Tess, was it? I'm Elaine. Quinn does blush a lot. She can get downright embarrassed from time to time." The redhead peers between Sable, Quinn, and Tess, shaking her head a little bit.

“I hate all three of you,” Quinn remarks quietly, quirking her eyebrow at Tess’ instructions. Somewhat reluctantly, and clearly nervous, she complies, though with just a quick peck before looking back up at her other friends. “N-No, Elaine!” That blush? It just deepens, and shows no sign up letting up. “Not a new girlfriend. This is Tess, she’s, uh… a photographer.” That probably doesn’t help Elaine and Sable’s newly forming opinion of Quinn. “A clean photographer. I kept meanin’ t’ invite her t’ meet you guys, but with things were at home, an’ me movin’, it’s been hard. So, I figured before we start takin’ things over t’ the new place at Verb, we’d come by. I… guess I should have asked first,” Quinn says with an askance look over to Elaine.

Clearing her throat, Quinn leans down to Tess. “She the one I warned you about,” she stage whispers, motioning to Sable. “Tess ‘ere’s going t’ do a photoshoot for the band.” Quinn pauses for a moment, eyes narrowing. “A clothes on one, in case anyone was wonderin’. Plus, you know, she’s fun. Tess an’ I went t’ the Central Park bloc party the other week.”

Sable's answer has Tess grinning brightly. "It is? That is so totally awesome! An' yeah, I'm from New Orleans." Pronounced more N'awlins. "And it's nice to meet you Sable, and you're totally right about me packin' a whallop. Had a boyfriend once who said that he needed two days to recover for every hour he was with me 'cause I just go'n go'n go and he couldn't keep up. Called me Hurricane Tess!" And if this little slice of conversation is any indication, she's not exaggerating. Much.

Elaine gets a laugh and head shake. "She's not my girlfriend, she's my friend. I do girls sometimes, but they gotta be really special girls, although maybe Quinn is one of those really special girls," she muses, blonde head tilting as she studies Quinn more thoroughly than she has in the past. Then she's looking a bit sadly at Quinn. "You hate me?" There's a pause then she shakes her head and grins. "Nah, you can't hate me. Everyone adores me."

Looking back to the other two she nods. "Yep, I'm gonna be a famous photographer and you guys are gonna be my first actual photo shoot! Quinn didn't like the whole playgirl or playboy photographer, so yeah, clothes on."

Oh yeah, this one's definitely blonde. Sayin' shit like that? 'Hurricane Tess'? 'Special girls'? 'Playboy photographer'? And the real kicker: 'Everyone adores me'. In the vast, complex taxonomy of womankind Sable has spent her last five years assembling, there is a special place for beings like Tess, and it falls right in the heart of the ever-dangerous realm of Blondeness. She's keeping an eye on this one…

"Quinngirl, y' b'smirched m' reputation t' this flower 'f a gal?" Sable says, giving Quinn a look of absolute injury, "Tess, sweetie, don't you pay no mind t' nothin' she said. Girl's got a real twisted, dirty-type mind, but pretends like its everyone else what's so foul brained, as y' c'n tell from her bein' so goddamn quick t' assume we'd think y' were some kinda naught picture takin' type, somethin' that hadn't crossed my mind," which last part is actually quite honest - the idea of being nude before a camera feels utterly alien to Sable. She's a desirer, not the desired. Her is a co-opted masculine gaze.

"Sweetheart, y' couldn't've picked better f'r yer first shoot. We're gonna be famous 's well, 'n' no mistake. We'll all get famous t'gether. Plenty 'f room on th' tail 'f this here risin' star," Sable says, tapping her chest.

Elaine watches Tess with a raised eyebrow. She blinks a little bit, then she glances between Quinn and Sable before looking back at Tess. "Well, I have to say I'm a little surprised that Quinn goes trolling at strip clubs to find photographers for the band, but I'm sure things will go splendidly." She peers between the group curiously, but lets herself fall into silence.

“W-Wh-Elaine!” Quinn replies defensively , frowning a bit at she looks at Elaine. “I- do not go trolling at strip clubs. I met Tess at the spa I go to. An’ then again at the bookstore neither of you two has visited me at!” Quinn replies, wagging a finger in a mockingly chastising motion. A glance is given down to Tess, whom she’s kept an arm around this entire time, and she is just beet red – if she was wearing her drawstring hoodie, she’d have pulled her hood up and pulled it tight so she could hide in it like Kenny form South Park by now. Instead, she just sort of looks away and off to the side. “If, like… you’re uncomfortable, Elaine-“ and Quinn’s tone hints that she’s still not entirely comfortable – “We can step outside or somethin’”

A weak smirk is given to Sable, Quinn reaching out and ruffling the younger girl’s hair. “Can y’ blame me? I can even think of a theme song I’d give you, Sable, if the world had background music.” Allowing herself a bit of a laugh, Quinn lets her shoulders relax a bit. “Sable’s right, though. We’re gonna be big. ‘S why I asked you if you wanted t’ do it in the first place. You could be the band photog’!”

"Nah, she's not twisted. No one who's twisted could blush nearly as much as Quinn does," Tess says, grinning and giving Quinn another squeeze. "And I didn't really pick you guys, we were talkin' and Quinn mentioned the band and a photoshoot and it just sorta went from there. It's, like, fate or somethin'!"

An arm is linked with Elaine's, or at least Tess tries to link an arm with Elaine's, keeping an arm around Quinn so she can start leading the trio to a booth. It has a bit of privacy, or at least as much as one can get in the club without hitting the pricy VIP room. "But yeah, spa'n bookstore'n park'n here. We're just buds. She didn't even believe me at first when I said I was a stripper. Thought I was pullin' a prank on her!”

"Honest, gal?" Sable says, eyes flicking up and down Tess with a pretty striking casualness. A stripper's body is her work, in some great part, and Sable is assessing Tess as a woman plying a noble craft. Performance. The same kind of career as Sable's, and thus sacred - and very much 'of the people'. "I didn't think the made strippers pretty 's you. You are a fuckin' high class act, if y' don't mind me sayin'." Just an entertainer to an entertainer. Totally.

The yellow eyed girl meanders behind the link-armed trio. She continues to examine the surroundings, and doing the courtesy of watching the acts, though her eyes do occasionally flick back to Tess. "'n' it may not be no joke 'bout Fate, Tess-sweetie," she says, "I ain' fuckin' lyin', we're tied t'gether by honest t' goodness Fate. 'n' y'all might just be part of it," she grins, "I hope so. That'd suit me just fine."

But this leaves just one unanswered question: "So tell me, Quinngirl… what's m' theme song? I wanna hear this…"

Elaine finds her arm linked and she heads over towards the booth the rest of them, shaking her head a little in apparently disbelief. "You know, I dunno if I believe in Fate, more so the fact that we're just insane and stuff just keeps throwing itself at us. I'm glad you're doing stuff for the band, though, some nice photos could do well for publicity, and you can do one of those ridiculous band-cover pictures where everyone's looking in a different direction or something. Although you need a drummer, first."

“Oh, yeah, Tess, if you know a drummer, that’d be fantastic. It’s the only thing we’re missin’. I mean…” she glances at Sable, quirking an eyebrow. “We’re still a band. We have everythin’ covered because of how good I am with keyboard an’ drum machines. You should here the demo we’ve done!” All one song, but they’re working on it. “I’m not so sure it’s fate either. But musicians do have a habit a’ findin’ each other, you know? So, there’s that.” Quinn offers a shrug, before looking over at Sable, rolling her eyes at her unabashed approach at Tess. “Hungry Like The Wolf,” she says, grinning. “The original, not that… ska cover.”

"Puh-lease! Like I'm gonna do somethin' cliched? Pfft," Tess says, wrinkling her nose and shaking her head at Elaine. She ushers the trio into the booth before she slides in, next to Quinn of course. "I totally believe in fate, Sable. And damn right I'm a class act!" Her body is, as might be expected, toned, and not just from dancing, but all the parkour she does. Fun stuff to keep in shape!

"Sorry, just got into town a month ago. Haven't met any drummers," she says, giving Quinn an apologetic smile.

Sable grins to match Quinn's choice of theme, utterly lupine. "Now, if yer warnin' Tess here 'way from me, yer goin' 'bout it wrong. This ain't no gal that's scared off like that. Hell, knife sharp gal like Tess here…" Sable slides into the booth and leans forward, pointing that smile at Tess herself, "just be curious 'bout what all th' fuss 'could be about…"

Elaine slides into the booth, chuckling a little bit. "Hungry Like The Wolf… yep, I'd say that's appropro for our dear Sable." She points out. "I believe Sable once said something about me being thrown to the wolves…" She snickers, but glances back towards Tess. "Well, I hope you have great plans for the band's visual image."

Quinn rolls her eyes at Sable again, shaking her head. “Maybe we should leave you two alone,” Quinn responds, flashing a weak grin over towards Tess. “Tess is gonna do a practice shoot with me once she gets herself a new camera, I figure I bring you guys the results of that, an’ we can go from there, you know. Glancing at Elaine, Quinn grins. “That was one way a’ putting it. But yeah. I just… wanted you guys t’ meet who I had lined up t’ help with publicity, before we started doin’ a lot more.” Because if Quinn ahs her way, they will be doing a lot more soon. Oh yes.

"Darlin', no one warns me away from anyone. I make my own choices," Tess says to Sable with a crooked grin, one that looks all too similiar to her father's. "Don't know you well enough to be one of the special girls though, sorry," she says, though she beams a smile to lessen the impact of her words.

She nods to Elaine. "I've got some. I'm a big picture buff. Been runnin' 'round takin' pictures of the city and New Yorkers, so I generally know what looks good. Also lookin' into some photography classes. Hopefully soon I'll have that new camera so I can start doin' real stuff."

"Aw, just break my heart why dontcha?" Sable says, theatrically, eyes still crinkled with a wicked good humor, "I s'ppose I'll have t' make th' effort t' get t' know y' now. This better be worth it, sweetheart. Y'all ask a lot from me!" Sable turns to look at Elaine and asks her, rather frankly. "So, whaddya think 'f 'er so far? Quinn seems t' like 'er," her eyes dart to Quinn, then for just an instant to Tess, "sure is cute, that's f'r sure."

"Can't judge a chick on looks alone. She's got good taste if she thinks Quinn's special, but… I'll reserve judgement until I see some of her work. Unlike the two of you, I'm not so easily distracted by a pretty face." Elaine points out, chuckling. "And the two of you clearly are."

“Hey now,” Quinn says as she looks over at Elaine with a frown. “I know you’re the straight one here,” and she doesn’t mean that in the way most might assume, given the collection of people, “but if I was swayed by just a pretty face, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have nearly as many friends as I do!” She grins, leaning against Tess a bit. “I’ve seen some of her pictures. Not… professional grade, but they were still pretty impressive! Enough t’ make me willing t’ give her a chance. Besides, she’s getting her audition soon enough.”

"Hell, I'm worth anything I ask," Tess says, grinning at Sable, even as her head tilts to rest against Quinn's shoulder. "And they weren't professional grade pictures 'cause it wasn't a professional grade camera! No touchin' up with software either. Computer's on my list right after camera. Don't worry, you'll get some damn good pictures."

"Talk's talk," Sable says, brows lifting as she gives Tess a skeptical face, but it's not one that can last. The mask slips, and she's grinning again. Nothing like mixing old friends and new friends. "'n' I ain't gonna pretend," she adds to Elaine, "like Quinngirl is, that I ain't distracted by a pretty face. I mean, lookit it," she lifts her hands and catches Elaine's cheers lightly in her fingers, framing her face, "who'd blame me, eh?"

Elaine shakes it off, reaching to playfully bite at Sable's fingers on her face before she looks at the others. "Oh, I think you're distracted by pretty faces. Both of you. No protesting, I know it's true." She glances over to Tess. "I'm sure you'll take some lovely photos of Quinn. Just make sure some of them are tasteful since my boyfriend has to take a look at them too and I don't think Quinn or I would rather he be looking at Quinn's lovely assets."

“There is no way in hell I would put those in his hands anyway,” Quinn says with a laugh. “He’d get the rest of them, sure, but I’m make sure those only ended up in you all an’ Ygraine’s hands,” Quinn responds with a quick nod. “An’ I never said I wasn’t distracted, Elaine. But I can see past a pretty face! Really! Otherwise, I would have totally hit on Colette’s sister the other day.” Nevermind that it was more fearing the Wrath of God that prevented her from doing so, that’s beside the point. “Do you have any of your photobooks here, Tess?”

"Quinn didn't want any naked pictures, so they're all gonna be tasteful," Tess says, shrugging a little. "At least, unless I can convince her otherwise," she says, giving an impish grin. "And I do, but they're all in the back in my locker. Can't really go get 'em right now. Only reason I can sit and talk to you guys is 'cause you're girls and it'll just up tips when I get on stage in a lil' bit. More tips for me means more of a cut for the club."

"Holy God," Sable says, giving Tess a newly appraising look, "yer usin' us t' drive business. Fuckin'-A, yer a pro. I salute y'," and she does, actually, give Tess a salute. Mention of Nicole, however, draws a quick glance from Quinn. "Now, hon, in all fuckin' seriousness, 'n' knowin' I'm a damn fool in many a regard, I'm a gal with some experience, y' know what I'm sayin'? 'n', speakin' from my lifelong-type experience, I'm tellin' y' t' be careful 'round those Nichols girls, y' hear?" None of this sounds like a joke, which is atypical in a big way, "they're fine, clever and lovely, but they're trouble, I mean it. Y'all just… make sure t' play it cool, arright?"

"You know, Quinn, Tess has to earn a living… so you could always, I dunno, make out with her s'more, just to get the patron's riled up." Elaine shrugs, innocently. She glances back between the three at the mention of the Nichols. "I think they're probably as complicated as any family can get."

A sigh escapes from Quinn lips, her shoulders sulking a bit. “It was just an example,” she responds, rolling her shoulders in a bit of a prolonged shrug. Glancing at Tess, Quinn lays an arm across the blonde’s shoulders, and pulls her up close. “I’ll consider it,” she replies with a chuckle, ruffling blonde hair as she does. “Smart thinkin’ though, usin’ us t’ get better tips.” Tilting her neck to the side until there’s a loud pop, Quinn looks between Sable an’ Elaine. “At… any rate, we can head out whenever. I just wanted t’ introduce everyone. Shame your stuffs all locked up in the back, Tess. Maybe give me a call an’ come by the Village Renaissance later with ‘em, we may be there moving some things. Or I will be at least.” Quinn doesn’t seem eager to leave. More, as par for the trip, embarrassed than anything else.

"Tess grins at Sable. "I practically grew up in a strip club. I know all the tricks. Plus, I like meetin' new people and Quinn's one of my favorite people." But then she cocks her head. "Nichols? Nicole Nichols? I know her. She introduced me to my dad, sorta. Set up a meetin' anyway, which was cool of her. And yeah, I'll totally give ya a call. I'd love to hang out some more."

"Family's a fuckin' pain," Sable says, as if this is somehow just her agreeing with Elaine, "complicated is th' fuckin' word. That's why I kept it simple. Never had none 'f that nonsense." She dips her head to Tess, respectful. "That means yer a lady with good taste, t' take such a shine t' Quinn. She's a goddamn gem 'n' no mistake. But I hope y'all won't be a stranger. Y' should come by my place sometime. Y'all uh…" she glances around, "well, y' like t' party 't all?" Ah, discreet drug code. Quinn has some distinguished and respectable friends, doesn't she?

Elaine shakes her head a little bit, just leaning back against the cushions of the booth. "Is it possible to both love and hate you all at the same time?" She questions, leaning her head back and shutting her eyes. "We can go whenever. Ain't really my type of establishment, though, if you understand my meaning."

Quinn eyes Sable for a moment, before looking to Tess with a bit of surprise. “Y-yeah, Nicole Nichole. Christ, how does everyone in te city know everyone but me?” Quinn comments with a laugh, shaking her head before she lets her gaze settle on Elaine, giving the other woman. “Yeah, alright. I guess we’ll go ahead and head on. You said you had t’ go on soon anyway, right Tess?” Quinn grins, beginning to scoot over in her seat. “Definitely come by my new place sometime. We’ll all get t’gether an’ have some real fun.”

"Sweetie pie," Sable says, extending a hand, "y'all give me yer cell, I'll give y' my digits, 'n' we'll make that shit happen. Lovely fuckin' roof where I live. Got a little garden 'n' all. Play some tunes, get familiar…" and no, she doesn't say this suggestively, "I'd dig that in a real way. 'nless y'd rather go out 'n' paint th' town…" she grins, "but then I'd like t' have reinforcements, ask these two t' come 'long. Y' c'n join our little entourage."

"I'm surprised you didn't wanna stay to watch her dance." Elaine teases Quinn, winking slightly before she looks between the trio again. "We're a terrible bunch, so, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with us around."

“I’m not a total creeper, Elaine,” Quinn replies with a smirk, rising up to her feet. “Perverted, yeah, but – an’ no offence, Tess – I’m not sure I could sit here an’ watch someone I know strut their stuff while a buncha other people watch.” Not that she feels comfortable doing it with a stranger either, but…” Looking back to Tess, she politely offers a hand to help her up out of the booth. “But seriously, gimmie a call later, Tess. Maybe everyone’ll be p for hangin’ out.”

"Quinn's got my number. Call whenever," Tess tells Sable with a smile before she nods at Quinn and gives the woman a quick hug. "Totally. And now…I better go get my ass up on stage before they fire me, big tips or not!" She blows a kiss to the group in general, grins, then scampers off to strut her stuff.

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