Trouble In Paradise


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Scene Title Trouble in Paradise
Synopsis Good morning. Time for a lover's spat!
Date July 3, 2009

Isis's Apartment

The smell of fresh brewed coffee fills the apartment, Ash is up and in the kitchen… cooking? Sausage, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and the over powering smell of very strong coffee all fill the apartment as he works. He's dressed in a loose nightshirt and a pair of lounge shorts as he moves around, careful to avoid grease and splatters.

Lucky for Isis that she had chosen to date a man who could cook - lest they both starve or she burns down the apartment. The little redhead rolls over in bed with a groan. Morning person? Ha! She flops out bed with a lazy gate in her step, wrapping the black sheet from the bedspread up around her as she tiptoes out into the main area of the tiny apartment. "Ash?" she calls, rubbing at her eyes beneath a mess of slumber-tangled, crimson curls.'

Ash can hear you getting up, and can hear the groan, a light chuckle running through him as he flips the eggs over and turns off the heat beneath it, then the heat beneath the others. By the time you get into the kitchen there's two mugs of coffee on the breakfast table and he's dishing up two plates of breakfast. He's no master cook, but he can cook the basics. The eggs are ll nice and buttery, the sausage nice and done on the outside and the bacon just on the right side of chewy.

"Smells good," Isis coos, her alto tones raspy with the fading grip of sleep still clinging to her person. She shuffles into a seat before the table, grumbling as she reaches out to pull the train of the oversized sheet under her, her bare toes playing idly at the puddle of fabric beneath them. "How'd the meeting go last night? Sorry, I wasn't awake when you got home." She reaches for the mug of coffee first, taking it in both hands to let the warmth seep into her slender arms and the aroma wipe away the last haze of restless dreams. Her dreams were rarely pleasant, her nights rarely restful - she'd hurry up the process of being rid of that as quickly as she could, and takes a deep sip of the brew.

Ash watches her picking up the coffee as he brings two plates to thier table, setting them down in front of her. "Adam's giving me a job. Only problem is… here soon I'm going to have to go out of town with him for a few weeks.." He frowns a bit and picks up his fork and knife, cutting into a sausage and putting it into his mouth, chewing slowly. "I'm not happy about going out of town, but not a whole lot I can do." Ash picks up his mug of coffee and takes a sip before setting it back on the table, a bit out of sorts, but he's trying.

"You're leaving?" Isis sits more erect in her seat, dropping one hand from her mug to brace an arm across the sheet, pinning it to her chest. "Where are you going? For how long?" He was supposed to get a job, not go jet-setting off to God-only-knows where, and for the Devil-only-knows how long. She pushes her mug away and glares at the breakfast that suddenly begins to look like a bribe to ease the little redheads well known tempers.

Ash nods his head slowly to the question. "I am. It was the only way to get the job Isis. And you know… that I can't get employment in a normal location. It's pretty much this or… go back… to John…" He purses his lips and sighs, taking another sip of the coffee. "He said two to three weeks possibly… I'm not happy about it Isis, but I need work… and it won't be for a bit yet, probably three weeks or so." He liftss his eyes to look at the little redhead, a sigh coming from him. "Sorry baby… and no the breakfast isn't a bribe."

Thin brows furrow in the hints of irritation as the redhead trades her mug for a fork, using the pronged utensil to stab at the center of her egg and spill the yellow yoke-guts. Take that egg! She grunts and nods slowly. "Yeah, I know," she mumbles with a resigned sigh. "You didn't answer my question, though. - Where are you going? What're you doing for him?" Finally giving over to the fact of this arrangement, and assured that the morning meal was not a bribe, she leans in and cuts of a bite of egg, dragging it in the yoke before popping it into her mouth.

Ash eats his meal in silence, or relative silence, only the click of silverware on plate and mug on table to go with his eating. He sighs softly and lifts his eyes up to you. "No, I didn't cause I don't know. He didn't tell me." He continues to munch on his breakfast, his eyes hooded a bit as he sighs and just kind of… sits there, looking dejected and such, looking down, then lifting his eyes back up to you. "Sorry… babe.."

Isis shakes her head and sighs. She's only taken a few more bites between the moments of silence before she drops her fork to the edge of the plate and pushes the platter away from her. "Why do you keep calling me that?" She asks, her tone soft as if to make a point that the strange query had nothing to do with her poor mood for the prior subject.'

Ash looks up at you, his eyes blinking slowly for a few moments when you ask him that. "What babe? Cause.. you're a babe… and… I care about you… uhhh… " He frowns then and shrugs his shoulders slowly. "Fine… I'll stop then." He murmurs, a bit annoyed as he begins to shovel food on into his mouth at a steady pace, just wanting to be done with breakfast now.

Isis grunts. "You don't have to get defensive, Ash. It's just a weird… /thing/." She's so eloquent in the morning. She sighs and props an elbow on the table, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Womanizing," she comments into the cup of her hand, letting the word echo, as if it had just come to her. "Femanizing. I don't care for it. Which reminds me," she pops her head up, but stops as she observes your demeanor.

Ash eats his breakfast, steadily pushing food into his mouth until his plate is bare. he lifts his mug, taking a sip, but an angry scowl makes it's way onto his face at the comments from the little redhead. He lifts his eyes towards her, then finishes off his coffee and stands from teh table, lifting his plate and his mug, walking over and putting them in the sink before turning and heading right towards the front door. "I don't know what the fuck is up your ass this morning, but you can shove it Isis." He shakes his head angrily as he steps into the bathroom and shuts and locks the door, turning on the shower a few moments later.

Isis sits back abruptly in her seat, staring blankly at the bathroom door… her bathroom door. "Give a guy your opinion," she begins to mutter to herself, throwing up her hands and beginning to move her lips in a mocking macho tone. Slowly, however, Ashs's words and fit creep up on her, sinking in and boiling about her insides like venom. She pops up from her seat and rushes to the bathroom, pounding on the door. "Really mature, asswipe!" She huffs and gives the door one swift kick, watching the wood split at the bottom. Fuck! Now she'd have to pay for that. She turns around and storms off into the bedroom, trading the lazy sheet-gown for a set of jeans and a tee.

Ash comes out of the shower a few minutes later, dressed as he steps from the bathroom. He moves over, picking up his jacket and turning to look over to Isis in the bedroom. "You've never had a problem with me calling you babe or baby before, don't know why the fuck it's a problem now." He mutters, his eyes angry, his manner stiff. "I can't help the job situation Isis. Unless you want me to end up caught and hauled abck in then I have to do what work I can find." He sighs and shakes his head, heading into the kitchen a moment before coming out again

In the few minutes necessary for the man to shower, Isis has pulled on her own jacket and boots, collected her usual 'outing supplies, and pulled up her hair, a rarity for her, into a claw clip. The updoo seems to elongate her soft features, flattering her with a less child-like appearance. "I've never like it. It was cute the first time. But, you know - once I've be treated like I can't do a damn thing for myself, it kind of dims the whole warm and fuzzy feeling for me." She gives a little sneer as she pushes past Ash as he comes out from the kitchen, marking her path towards the door. The neighbors below begin to bang on the floor beneath them. "This has nothing to do with work, Ash. It has to do with you treating me like some child. I'm not your damsel in distress - I don't want to be saved, I don't want to be anyone's baby. If you want someone to doll up and protect, go find yourself someone else." She sighs and tugs open the door, slipping out into the hall.

Ash is pulling on his shoes as you get read to go out as well. he steps over to the door, standing near it and turning to eye you as you tell him that you don't want to be dolled up. "i told you I'd protect you Isis. I promised you that I'd protect you, that's what I was doing. I'm sorr for trying to show I care about you." He shakes his head, angry, frustrated. "they were going ot fucking kill you Isis. I know John, you don't, like I said. Get the fucking stick out of your ass." He storms off down the hall in the opposite direction from you.

"Again! Real mature!" Isis yells back over her shoulder her partner cusses down the hall. One neighbor peeks out of a door in the line of Isis's sight. Poor guy. "Hey, jackass! No one's talkin' to you. Mind ya own!" She flips the guy the 'bird' and keeps walking, parting ways, where each party is off to who knows where. The question only gnaws at her frayed nerves further.

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